Chapter 767 Silvereye Fish

There was an extremely secluded and peaceful pool in the northern part of the Xuantian Dao Sect. But disciples were not permitted to enter this place.

However, Long Chen stealthily slipped past the guards.

The lake was merely a few miles wide. The water was extremely clear, but it was impossible to see the bottom because it was just too deep. The rumor was that it reached the sea below the ground. But no one was clear what that underground sea was.

Within this pool was a certain kind of fish known as the Silvereye Fish.

This fish had no scales and had three red patches on its back. In truth, those red patches were its sensory organs. Its silver eyes were unable to see anything. Perhaps it was due to living so deep all the time that their eyes had degenerated.

Meng Qi had previously told him that the Silvereye Fish was rumored to be so delicious that even gods would long to eat it. It also was beneficial to the soul.

Long Chen gulped down his saliva. Just thinking about it made him drool.

It seemed he was completely different from Wilde now. Wilde didn’t seem to have any taste buds at all. He didn’t even care if what he ate was raw or cooked. As long as there was enough energy in it, he didn’t care about taste.

At first, Long Chen wasn’t used to seeing him consuming raw food like that, but now he was getting accustomed to it. Wilde ate things too quickly, and if he had to wait for food to be cooked, he would starve. So now Wilde normally ate in private.

Long Chen saw some shrubbery ahead. He thought this would be a good place to start fishing.

“Oh?” Long Chen had just pushed open the shrubbery when he saw a young maiden fishing in the pool. She turned to look at him.

She looked to be seventeen or eighteen years old. Her hair flowed naturally down to her waist. She had long, shapely eyebrows, and beautiful phoenix eyes. She was extremely graceful and natural, looking just like a child of nobility. From her cultivation base fluctuations, she was also in the Xiantian realm.

She looked at Long Chen strangely. Long Chen also found it strange that there was someone who would be secretly fishing here like him.

“Oh, little sister, hello! What a coincidence. Fishing by yourself is so boring, so how about this big brother accompanies you?” said Long Chen.

“Little sister?”

That maiden looked at him oddly. She asked, “This place is forbidden to disciples. Are you not afraid of being imprisoned if you’re noticed?”

“If you’re not afraid, why would I be afraid?” Long Chen shook his head. Wasn’t it just fishing? It wasn’t a big deal. Furthermore, they were about to move out to the Immemorial Path. Who would really be such a pain as to imprison him?

That maiden smiled. “I’m not afraid because I’m related to the sect master. But you?”

“You’re related to the sect master?”

Long Chen was startled. No wonder her temperament was so graceful and natural. Was she the sect master’s descendant?

“How coincidental! I’m the same. I happen to be the sect master’s niece’s nephew’s descendant. Although we’re not that close, it counts!” Long Chen spouted a bunch of nonsense. He took out a fishing rod and began to tie on the hook.

“Oh? How come I didn’t know the sect master had such a relative?” The maiden smiled a smile that also didn’t seem like a smile.

“Tch, aren’t you just a child still? How could the sect master tell you about such things? Getting back on topic, do you know how deep this pool is?” Long Chen hastily changed the topic.

“Around six thousand meters,” replied the maiden. She didn’t continue questioning his status as a relative.

“That deep?” Long Chen was stunned.

He looked at his little string. It was less than a thousand meters long. That was not even close to enough, as the Silvereye Fish lived at the bottom of the pool.

“Here, you can use mine. I have plenty of fishing lines here.” That maiden gestured toward her coil of string.

Long Chen received it and was stunned. “Seven Star Gold Silk!”

This was material that could be used to create soul items. If it was made into a soft armor, its value would be comparable to Treasure items. But this maiden was actually using it as fishing lines. She really was rich.

“Many thanks.” Long Chen received the string. After fastening a hook on it, he took out his bait. A burst of fragrance filled the air.

“What kind of bait is this?” asked the maiden.

“It’s a special bait I made especially for hooking the Silvereye Fish. I hear that it’s blind and relies on the feelers on its back to sense things, and it also uses its nose to differentiate food. This is something I made from the oil of seventh tier Magical Beasts. It will definitely be able to draw it over,” said Long Chen confidently.

He gave her some bait as well. “It would be rude for me not to reciprocate. You can try my bait.”

She received it but didn’t immediately switch out her bait. That was because pulling out her line was an extremely troublesome thing.

Long Chen slowly released his line. But in such a deep pool, it required a long time to reach the bottom. He asked, “How long have you been fishing here? How many have you caught? How’s the taste?”

“I come here to fish every now and then. But I don’t do it to eat fish, but to calm down my heart. As for the taste, I have eaten it seven or eight times. The taste is even better than you think. Once you catch one, you’ll know.” She smiled.

“I’ve reached the bottom.” Long Chen felt his line lighten. He adjusted the height slightly, leaving it three meters above the ground.

“You’re Long Chen?” The maiden suddenly took the initiative to speak.

“Yes. And you?”

“Me? Ouyang Qiuyu,” she replied after a moment’s hesitation.

“Ah, that’s right, why weren’t you at the trials?” said Long Chen suddenly.

“I’m not strong enough. Even if I’m the sect master’s relative, I can’t get preferential treatment,” she said helplessly.

“That’s fine. Don’t worry, your big bro will look after you in the future. If anyone bullies you, just say my name. I’ll immediately come and smack their heads around.” Long Chen patted his chest.

“Hahaha, that’s good. Keep your promise!” she laughed.

“Don’t worry, with me present, even the Four Heavenly Geniuses wouldn’t dare to bully you. Don’t think that just because you’re related to the sect master that everything will be easy. After all, someone with status always has to carefully consider all their actions. Even if it’s for you, the sect master will still have to consider how to keep it fair. But me? If anyone dares to bully you, I’ll immediately slap them in the face.” Long Chen even made a slapping gesture with his hand, causing Ouyang Qiuyu to smile.

“Ah, it took the bait, and so fast!” Long Chen suddenly felt his line go heavy. He almost ended up being pulled into the water when he was caught off guard.

Ouyang Qiuyu hastily pulled him back, shocked. “It seems it has to be a big fish this time!”

Long Chen stabilized himself. He was incredibly excited.

“Don’t send your divine sense into the pool. There are special stones that will immediately exhaust your Spiritual Strength!” warned Ouyang Qiuyu upon seeing his actions.

Long Chen hastily retracted his divine sense. Now he couldn’t see how large the fish was, or whether he was pulling up a Silvereye Fish or something else.

The only thing was that Long Chen found that whatever it was, it was extremely strong. “How big were the Silvereye Fish you caught before?”

“The small ones were half a foot, while the large ones were three feet. The only reason the pull is so strong is because of how deep they are,” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

“No matter how big it is, it couldn’t possibly be this strong. This power is on the level of a sixth rank Magical Beast.” Long Chen was speechless. This powerful pulling force was too strong. If it was anyone else, they would probably be injured by how strong it was.

“How about you let me try it?” asked Ouyang Qiuyu.

“It’s not a matter of who. Now isn’t the time to use brute force. Whatever this thing is, it’s constantly trying to dig its way into the ground below. If you use brute force, the string will break. We can only fight a battle of endurance with it. Hopefully the silk can hold on long enough.” Long Chen slowly released the line.

When he released the line, the pull on the line lessened. He then slowly began to pull it back. This fishing rod was something Guo Ran had made from the fragments of a Treasure item. Long Chen had absolute confidence in it.

The only thing he was worried about was the silk. After all, he only had one strand, and he was worried it might break if it was pulled against a rock or some such.

After two hours, he felt that whatever he had hooked, its power had weakened. He gradually pulled the line in more and more. Seeing an enormous figure surface in the water, both Long Chen and Ouyang Qiuyu jumped in shock. It was a huge fish ten meters long. A golden light shone from it, and its eyes were not silver, but gold. In fact, the whole fish looked like it was made of gold.

“Is this really a Silvereye Fish?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes, it is. But it’s a fish king. Heavens, in all my years, I’ve never eaten a fish king,” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

Long Chen knocked the fish unconscious with his hand. Pulling it ashore, both of them were incomparably excited.

“Little sister Qiuyu, let’s go. I’ll treat you to some roasted fish,” laughed Long Chen as he patted the fish. Ouyang Qiuyu laughed. Her smile was a bit odd, but Long Chen never noticed.

“I’ll secretly bring this fish away for now, and then we can find a secret place to eat it,” said Long Chen.

“There’s no need for all that. There’s a nice lawn not far from here with beautiful scenery. And with me present, other than the sect master, no one would dare to make things hard on us.” Ouyang Qiuyu waved her hand.

“That’s also good. Then we’ll cook it right here. Here, I’ll leave the fish with you for now. Prepare some good firewood. With this kind of fish, we’ll need some peak grade firewood to match its taste!”

After handing the fish king to Ouyang Qiuyu, Long Chen went back to get Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. 

Once she saw Ouyang Qiuyu, Tang Wan-er cried, “Long Chen, I really admire you. While catching fish, you also caught a little sister. You really know how to multitask!”

“Wan-er!” Meng Qi glared at her.

“Haha, it’s fine. We’re all members of the Xuantian Dao Sect, so there’s no need to be restrained in front of each other. I’m actually pretty happy to hear such a joke.” Ouyang Qiuyu smiled.

“Wow, what a nice smell!”

At this time, the fish had already been cooked by Long Chen. The fragrance that came from it could make a person go crazy. The four of them began to devour it without leaving any time to speak.

This large fish was quickly consumed. In the midst of their feast, space suddenly twisted and the vice sect master appeared.

Long Chen and the others were startled, their hearts immediately sinking. This time they had been caught in the act. But the vice sect master merely looked at Ouyang Qiuyu, his jaw dropped as low as possible.

“Sect master!”

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