Chapter 766 Seclusion Break

The group they had encountered had been experts from the Corrupt path. The two sides had started a fierce battle, but they had been startled to find that there were countless experts that continued to surge out without end.

Shui Wuhen guessed that Wilde and Cang Ming had accidentally found one of the Corrupt path’s strongholds.

The Corrupt path had many secret strongholds that were hidden throughout the world. The Righteous path had fought them for so many years, but they had been unable to locate their true hive.

Other than their main stronghold, they had countless others spread around. In truth, these strongholds were all transportation formations.

They could transport people from their main stronghold to these smaller ones. That allowed them to stretch their sinister claws all over the land. Most likely, the Corrupt path had been thinking of undergoing some kind of operation when Wilde ran into them.

According to Wilde, there had been too many people. They had only been at the Xiantian realm, but then, more and more of them had come. In the end, not only had Sea Expansion experts come, but even experts above Sea Expansion had come.

Although Wilde wasn’t able to tell their cultivation bases, Long Chen could guess from his story that three Ancestor experts had actually come.

Cang Ming had been killed. At that moment, buzzing had filled Wilde’s head, and then, he didn’t know what had happened afterward.

When he woke up, he saw that everyone around him was dead, and the land had been completely destroyed. There were also countless large footprints that appeared extremely frightening.

A feeling of indescribable hunger had filled him. He felt like he had no energy at all. In that extremely weak state, he struggled to hunt in the forest to replenish his energy.

Cang Ming’s death filled Wilde with grief for a long time. He had searched the battlefield many times, but he hadn’t found his corpse. In the end, he could only try to think of some way to return home.

But Wilde didn’t know his way back at all. He couldn’t even tell east from west. Even if he had a map, he couldn’t read it.

As a result, he could only wander around within the forest, constantly killing Magical Beasts to replenish his energy. In the end, he finally encountered a group of adventurers who were in a crisis. He killed the Magical Beast attacking them, saving their lives.

They were extremely grateful to him, and so they stopped their adventure and sent Wilde to the first monastery. Since the first monastery was still under construction, he had been sent on to the thirty-sixth supermonastery.

There, the temporary monastery head had finally learned his lesson because his Zhou family head had been killed. He no longer dared to cause any trouble, and he obediently gave Wilde an identity badge and sent him to the transportation formation.

Thus, Wilde arrived at the Xuantian Dao Sect. Upon arriving, a crowd had formed around him, as his stature was truly shocking.

Someone asked him if he was looking for someone, and Wilde obediently said he was looking for his brother Long. When someone else asked him who his brother Long was, he responded that it was Long Chen.

As a result, that idiot Zhao Wuji had come and said that Long Chen was already dead.

In truth, he was just speaking from anger. But these words had been taken as the truth by Wilde. Having just lost Cang Ming, he couldn’t hold back his rage. That had resulted in the incident.

Shui Wuhen was speechless. There really wasn’t a single normal person beside Long Chen. This terrifying giant possessed such immense power but was still such a child.

“Foolish brat, what did I tell you? Your brother Long is the strongest and will never die,” said Long Chen.

“I know, but master, he… I was afraid.” Wilde’s eyes reddened.

Back when he had encountered Long Chen in his starving state on the street, Long Chen had become his only family. No one had ever treated him so well.

Later, Cang Ming had become his master, and had raised him like he was his child. That unstinting care had deeply touched him. Then having lost his master, he had been filled with terror that his only family would also be taken away.

“Alright, let’s not talk about that. Where did you get this club?” asked Long Chen.

“My old club broke in battle. This is something I found deep in a cave. It’s just the right size, and it’s heavy enough. It’s really great!” Wilde passed the bone club to Long Chen.

Long Chen received the club and found that it was extremely heavy. It didn’t feel like bone at all, more like cold metal.

It looked like it was covered in cracks, but those were actually runic lines that gave off strange fluctuations.

“This bone is extremely powerful. It possesses natural runes that can be used for activating magical arts. Furthermore, it also seems to be in the midst of absorbing some kind of energy and awakening!” Shui Wuhen looked at the bone with shock.

After all, as a monastery head, she had much more experience than rookies like Long Chen. She immediately saw through the strangeness of the bone.

“To be able to merge its core runes and essence blood into the bone marrow, and to have countless years pass without its spirituality fading, whatever beast this bone is from was definitely exceedingly powerful! Wilde really has a fool’s luck!” praised Meng Qi.

Hearing her praise, Wilde laughed foolishly. Now that he was together with everyone, he returned to his simple and honest self.

“Monastery head, can Wilde attend the Immemorial Path?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course. All Celestial-level experts can attend; you don’t necessarily have to be a Celestial. As long as your combat power has reached that level, you can attend. Furthermore, our supermonastery has quite a few extra spots from your display during the trials. You can even bring in others,” said Shui Wuhen.

“Boss!” Hearing that, several squad leaders stood up. Obviously, they also wanted to enter the Immemorial Path.

But Long Chen shook his head. “You’re thinking about it too simply. If those spots really were such amazing things, you wouldn’t even be able to get them. Even Celestials won’t necessarily be able to survive in the Immemorial Path. If ordinary disciples entered, they really would be less than cannon fodder.”

“That’s correct. The danger inside far surpasses your imagination. Even if you were a Celestial, you would have to be extremely careful all the time, or you might lose your life,” said Shui Wuhen.

Those squad leaders couldn’t help being disappointed. But they definitely wouldn’t ignore Long Chen’s orders.

“Don’t worry, once we get back from there, we’ll definitely bring you all treasures. Don’t make things hard on boss. Boss wasn’t even thinking of bringing me in because it’s just too dangerous. If any of you died, wouldn’t our legion become forever incomplete?” said Gu Yang.

Only then did everyone nod. Even someone on Gu Yang’s level was someone Long Chen was reluctant to bring in. They didn’t have any qualifications to complain.

“There’s still some time until the Immemorial Path opens. We should focus on increasing our cultivation bases. Especially me; I’m the one with the lowest cultivation base now.” Long Chen bitterly smiled.

After all this time, Long Chen’s cultivation base had only reached the fifth Heavenstage. As for the rest of the Dragonblood Legion, even the weakest person had already reached the eighth Heavenstage. The majority had already reached the ninth Heavenstage, while the captains like Gu Yang had already touched the border of Sea Expansion.

Wilde excitedly celebrated with everyone for a long time upon returning, but after a while, he ended up falling deeply asleep.

After setting up a room for Wilde, Long Chen also began to cultivate. He began to refine pills to increase his cultivation base. Although consuming the Enlightenment Palace Pills could also increase his cultivation base, it was just too slow.

The majority of the medicinal energy of the Enlightenment Palace Pills was absorbed by the star. Less than a tenth of it went to increase his cultivation base.

Furthermore, Long Chen had more levels to advance than others. Others could advance upon breaking through nine levels, but he had thirteen levels to advance through.

Although condensing the Enlightenment Palace Star was important, cultivation base was also important. Shui Guanzhi and the others were already at the peak of the Xiantian realm and had begun to touch the Sea Expansion barrier.

If they all advanced and expanded their qi seas, allowing their spiritual yuan reserves to multiply by over a hundred times, then his current superiority would vanish.

Long Chen couldn’t help bitterly smiling. His cultivation base and power had clearly continued to grow, but he still was unable able to get a break. He didn’t even have time to take a breath.

In order to not be devoured, he could only put his life on the line. Long Chen had no choice but to slow down condensing the Enlightenment Palace Star. He decided to increase his cultivation base along with condensing the star.

With Huo Long helping him, all Long Chen needed to do was make sure he filled his stomach. Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, over a month had gone by.

Long Chen had consumed so many pills that he had almost vomited. He felt like when he hiccuped, it was medicinal fragrance that came out. But after smelling that medicinal fragrance for so long, he didn’t even smell it anymore.

Despite his willpower, he felt like he was about to go crazy. But he had truly made some great gains.

The Enlightenment Palace Star was fully condensed and had undergone the second of the nine star transformations.

His cultivation base had continuously advanced, and now he was at the ninth Heavenstage. To advance four minor realms so quickly was truly shocking.

However, Long Chen wasn’t afraid of his foundation becoming unsteady. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he really was unable to continue eating pills, he still could have continued advancing. He had to prepare himself to eat pills like they were candy in the future.

Once Long Chen left seclusion, he found that Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er had also returned. During this time, they had been out raising the two Azure Scale Horned Eagles. They had already reached the fourth rank. Long Chen had no choice but to praise the power of Beast Tamers. They had actually been able to raise them so quickly.

Long Chen thought about it, and he decided to give the Nine Spike Lizard’s corpse to Tang Wan-er. She could use it as feed for her birds. As for the matured Azure Scale Horned Eagle, Long Chen decided to give its corpse to Wilde. That child needed flesh.

Counting the days, the Immemorial Path would soon be opening. Long Chen decided to not continue cultivating and relax a bit. After all, having such tense nerves wasn’t good for cultivation.

Through some small channels, Long Chen learned that there was a pool in the northern part of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Within that pool was a kind of precious fish that was incredibly delicious. Long Chen decided to stealthily get a few of those fish for a good meal.

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