Chapter 765 Wilde Returns

“Speak, how did my brother Long die?!” That furious roar was incredibly imposing. It was like the roar of a god, and it shook the entire Xuantian Dao Sect, even echoing several times.


Long Chen forced his way through powerful astral winds. Countless disciples cried out in shock and were blown back.

He saw a huge fellow over three meters tall carrying a bone club in his hand. In front of him was a large crater.

At the bottom of that crater was a shocked Zhao Wuji. The lower half of his body had completely disappeared now. He looked at that giant in absolute terror.

“You won’t say?! Then you’re definitely the one who killed brother Long! I’ll get revenge for him!” That giant was precisely the long-missing Wilde.

Wilde’s hair trailed over his shoulders, and he wore beast hide. He had an immense bone club in his hand, one that was four meters long and as thick as a man’s thigh. Its whole body was like jade, and it was covered in strange lines. It was impossible to tell what beast that bone came from.

Wilde was releasing killing intent. He seemed like a ferocious tiger, and he simply swung his club down. Whistling winds erupted, and Zhao Wuji was horrified to find that he was completely locked down by a terrifying power. He didn’t even have the chance to dodge. He could only close his eyes and wait for death.

“Wilde, stop!” Long Chen jumped in fright. He hadn’t expected Wilde to be so terrifying. Zhao Wuji didn’t even have the ability to retaliate.

“Brother Long?”

Wilde hastily stopped his attack. Seeing the person in front of him, he began to sob. He directly charged over and tightly embraced Long Chen.

“Brother Long, you’re not dead, you’re not dead. This bastard dared to trick me!”

Even with Long Chen’s powerful physical body, he felt like he was about to be crushed by Wilde’s huge muscles.

At the same time, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This fellow had gotten so much stronger, but his intelligence hadn’t grown at all. He was still like a child.

“Yes, your brother Long is still alive. Your brother Long will always be alive and here for you. What happened?” Long Chen patted Wilde. He really would be unable to endure if this continued for too long. Wilde’s strength was just that terrifying.

Only then did Wilde let go. He pointed at Zhao Wuji. “I came to find brother Long, and he asked me who my brother Long was. When I said Long Chen, he tricked me and said you were dead. Just looking at him, I knew he wasn’t some good person. When I asked him who killed brother Long, he refused to say, so I smashed him with my club. As expected, this bastard really isn’t a good person! He actually lied to me!”

Although his story was a bit muddled and unclear, Long Chen could guess the gist of it. Most likely, when Wilde had arrived, his huge stature had drawn over all the surrounding people.

Then he had most likely asked about him and Zhao Wuji had sarcastically said that Long Chen was dead. As a result, this little joke ended up with him almost dying to Wilde.

Zhao Wuji had already used the Heavenly Dao Recovery to regrow his lower half. But his face was pale as paper. One reason was due to the exhaustion of his core energy, while another was fright.

When Wilde attacked, there were no spiritual yuan fluctuations, so it was impossible to tell when he would strike. As a result, when Wilde’s club had landed on him, despite doing his best to dodge, the lower half of his body had still been destroyed.

Furthermore, Wilde’s second attack had come before he could even raise any defenses. If it weren’t for Long Chen, Zhao Wuji would be dead.

Long Chen was startled by Wilde’s power. He knew Wilde didn’t get stronger through cultivation. He didn’t even know how to circulate spiritual qi. Even now, he didn’t know what the five meridians in his body were for.

All his power was focused on his physical body. Others couldn’t tell his next move through his aura because there were no spiritual qi fluctuations. When someone fought Wilde for the first time, they would definitely end up suffering.

“Where is senior Cang Ming?” asked Long Chen. He didn’t see Cang Ming anywhere.

“Master he… he…” Tears began to leak from Wilde’s eyes again.

The surrounding people all looked at this oddly. A giant as powerful as Wilde would actually cry so much.

“What?” A bad feeling filled Long Chen.

“What happened here?” Suddenly, the vice sect master’s voice rang out. Long Chen jumped. He hadn’t expected this matter to end up disturbing the vice sect master.

“Reporting to vice sect master, this is my brother who only just returned. Zhao Wuji made a joke toward him, but my brother has a child’s character, and he’s unable to understand that kind of joke. And as a result… hehe, well, it really is embarrassing.” Long Chen shrugged helplessly.

This matter couldn’t be blamed on Wilde. If someone had to be blamed, then it would have to be Zhao Wuji for having such a wretched mouth. Wilde’s nature was pure and simple. He believed whatever someone said. The fact that he hadn’t killed him should be enough for Zhao Wuji to thank his ancestors for their protection.

The vice sect master looked at Wilde in shock. He had never seen such a huge person. He was over three meters tall and had bulging muscles filled with explosive power. It was like he was a beast in human form. Even the vice sect master felt a great deal of pressure.

“Wilde, greet the vice sect master,” said Long Chen.

“Greetings, vice sect master!” It was a good thing Long Chen had taught Wilde some simple manners and that he still remembered. That was already amazing for him.

“Go back for now. Don’t cause so much trouble.” The vice sect master looked from the large crater to the pale Zhao Wuji.

Right now, he had too many things on his mind and no time. He had already realized that Long Chen was a bringer of trouble. Either he found trouble for others, or others found trouble for him. But in the end, he would be the one who handled the aftermath.

Only then did Long Chen bring Wilde back to their camp. Looking at their backs, everyone understood that the thirty-sixth supermonastery was perhaps about to launch a thorough counterattack.

Long Chen was already terrifying enough. Now, there was someone even more terrifying than Long Chen who had almost killed Zhao Wuji with a single smash of his club.

Once Long Chen and Wilde arrived, the entire Dragonblood Legion cheered and went over to give Wilde a hug.

But when Gu Yang was hugged by Wilde and almost coughed up blood, they decided to change how they expressed their delight. Wilde was also extremely happy, so happy that his tears once more flowed.

Long Chen felt a burst of emotion. Wilde might be a giant, but in truth, in terms of mental development, he was still a child.

This child had definitely suffered quite a few hardships on his trip. Once everyone finished celebrating, Long Chen gathered all the Dragonblood Legion to hold a welcoming feast.

Even Shui Wuhen had come. Shui Wuhen had calmed her heart and accepted the changes to the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Long Chen asked Wilde about what had happened during this time. Wilde told everyone a muddled explanation that shocked them all.

Although there were definitely problems with how Wilde recounted stories, they were able to figure out most of it. When Wilde and Cang Ming left the first monastery, they had gone to a wild forest to hunt.

This wild forest was truly barren. There were no cultivators at all. But there were plenty of Magical Beasts. It was said that there were even higher rank Magical Beasts deeper within.

Cang Ming had brought Wilde there precisely for those Magical Beasts. This was the best place for Wilde to grow.

With a Xiantian expert guarding him, Wilde would also be safe. At first, Cang Ming directly hunted down Xiantian Magical Beasts for Wilde, and Wilde ate as many as he killed.

With each day, his power rapidly grew. In less than a month, his power had reached the level of a Xiantian Magical Beast. Occasionally, when they encountered some weaker Magical Beasts, Wilde could kill them by himself.

After two months, Wilde was entirely capable of hunting by himself. Only when they encountered late Xiantian Magical Beasts would the two kill them together.

Wilde’s rapid advancement made Cang Ming incredibly excited. In less than half a year, the amount of Xiantian Magical Beasts that Wilde had eaten could form a huge mountain.

Others really were unable to understand just what was inside Wilde’s stomach. It was like a bottomless pit. He could consume three Xiantian Magical Beasts in one go.

After half a year, Wilde’s strength had far surpassed Cang Ming’s understanding, and his skin had become a bronze color. His strength was growing greater and greater.

The two of them began to place their sights on Sea Expansion Magical Beasts, otherwise known as seventh rank Magical Beasts. But those were naturally just ordinary Magical Beasts that couldn’t compare to the Azure Scale Horned Eagle. In fact, they couldn’t even compare to the python that the eagle had killed.

After all, this world’s Magical Beasts didn’t possess pure bloodlines, and their power had fallen greatly. This was also why Long Chen had brought Meng Qi to the Spirit World to capture housepets. Most of the pure bloodline Magical Beasts in this world had already gone extinct.

Although their first time hunting a seventh rank Magical Beast had been dangerous, when Wilde released his full power accompanied by Cang Ming, they had still managed to kill it.

Hearing that, everyone was shaken. At that time, they had only just entered the Xiantian realm. But Wilde had already been capable of killing a seventh rank Magical Beast.

With the flesh of seventh rank Magical Beasts, Wilde’s power grew explosively. By then, Wilde was no longer interested in Xiantian Magical Beasts. He only treated those as snacks.

He started to become picky about his food. The flesh of seventh rank Magical Beasts simply tasted too good to him.

As a result, the two of them entered deeper into the forest in search of more seventh rank Magical Beasts. But there were few seventh rank Magical Beasts, and they only managed to find three of them.

One of them was incredibly powerful. Unable to defeat Wilde, it actually fled. While chasing after it, Wilde and Cang Ming encountered a group of people. That had been the most painful day of Wilde’s life. His memories of that day would never be forgotten, because that was the day that Cang Ming had left him forever.

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