Chapter 764 That Fellow Finally Returns

There were four new large trees in the primal chaos space now. One of them was the especially large tree whose leaves were covered in runes.

Although the trees hadn’t completely matured yet, when Long Chen tested their life energy, he found that the three large trees had over ten times the life energy of his old trees.

But when he tested the runic tree, he was shocked to find that its life energy was absolutely enormous. Furthermore, as he drew out its life energy, it absorbed the soil’s energy to replenish itself.

Just in terms of life energy, it had dozens of times more than the other three large trees combined. That was both startling and delightful to Long Chen. As expected, fortune existed within danger.

Long Chen directly tossed away the three large trees and his old ones. He began to rapidly plant the runic tree’s branches with set distances between them.

Thinking of a three-thousand-mile primal chaos space filled with this species of towering trees, Long Chen was delighted. He would practically have an undying body. Even if he was injured by a Celestial’s Heavenly Dao energy, he would still be able to recover.

After a day of work, Long Chen had planted three thousand trees within the primal chaos space. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to plant more, but simply that he only had this much space. Once these trees matured, their crowns would be over ten miles wide. Growing them too packed in an area wasn’t a good idea. Increasing the amount to lower the quality wasn’t a good idea.

Now, other than one big tree, the rest were all tiny little sprouts. Long Chen knew that his bitter days had come again.

“Oh, I forgot.”

Long Chen suddenly recalled that he had four Magical Beast corpses.

He directly tossed the Magical Beast he had killed underwater into the black soil. It finished devouring the corpse in just a few minutes.

It was like the corpse had dissolved and endless life energy spread throughout the primal chaos space.

The sprouts began to rapidly grow. One meter, ten meters, a hundred meters…

In the blink of an eye, the three thousand sprouts grew to a height of three hundred meters, and they continued to rapidly grow.

Long Chen was delighted. It seemed he would need to gather some stronger Magical Beast corpses in the future. When fighting others, if he exhausted the trees’ life energy, he could rely on the Magical Beast corpses to heal.

Those trees grew until they were over six hundred meters tall and thirty meters thick. They appeared incredibly majestic.

But Long Chen was curious why they didn’t possess any of their own consciousness. They seemed like ordinary trees now, but back in the Spirit World, it had been filled with a berserk will.

“It really is strange.”

These trees had to have secrets he was unaware of. Or was it that the primal chaos space’s duplicated trees were different from the originals?

After a moment of hesitation, Long Chen also threw the python’s corpse into the black soil. As the primal chaos space grew, so did the area of the black soil. It was now thirty miles wide and could even fit in such a large Magical Beast.

Once the python’s corpse was absorbed, the trees once more grew, reaching a height of a thousand meters. But it was still a far cry from the huge, towering forest he had seen in the Spirit World.

However, in terms of life energy, these trees could already offer Long Chen hundreds or even thousands of times what his original trees could. In the end, he decided to temporarily not use the Azure Scale Horned Eagle and Nine Spike Lizard’s corpses.

He already had plans for the Nine Spike Lizard’s hide. If he could make some leather armor for the Dragonblood warriors, it would become a powerful defense for the Dragonblood Legion.

Currently, he still had a few Heavenly Dao Fruits. But it wasn’t enough for all the Dragonblood warriors to become Celestials.

Rather than having them advance one by one, it would be better to develop in a low-profile manner while they properly built their foundation. When the time came, they would all become Celestials. Right now, Long Chen didn’t dare to continue drawing attention, as he was worried about drawing more trouble.

The Immemorial Path was on the verge of opening. It was better for them all to calmly cultivate here. In truth, Long Chen hadn’t even been planning on allowing Gu Yang and the other captains to become Celestials yet. But then, he thought to himself that true experts had to face danger, or they wouldn’t be able to grow. He didn’t have the right to strip them of those opportunities.

Most importantly, they were strong enough. They definitely wouldn’t be cannon fodder in the Immemorial Path. 

Retreating from the primal chaos space, Long Chen stretched. Little Snow quietly grumbled when he saw Long Chen awaken.

“Hahaha, good, then let’s go take a look.”

Little Snow said that Meng Qi had come to tell Long Chen to go see the vice sect master. The vice sect master had come to see him two days ago, but because Long Chen had been in a meditative state, he hadn’t disturbed him. In truth, at that time, Long Chen had been hard at work being a farmer.

“Little Snow, you can stay here. You can play with sister Meng Qi.” Long Chen hugged Little Snow’s head.

He felt a bit sorry for Little Snow. The majority of the time when Long Chen was out, Little Snow stayed in his spiritual space. He rarely got a chance to accompany him.

It had to be known that Little Snow was still young and still very much had a child’s temperament. Having him stay in the spiritual space for so long was definitely not good.

But luckily, Little Snow’s body wasn’t extremely large. Ordinarily, he could run around within the camp. As long as he didn’t go out, no one would bother him.

Long Chen went directly to see the vice sect master. The first thing the vice sect master said was, “How were your gains in the Spirit World?”

“Not bad. We were lucky and obtained two Azure Scale Horned Eagle chicks.” Long Chen smiled. But he didn’t bring up the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

Long Chen had also told Meng Qi not to mention it and not to bring it out unless she was forced to. If she was to bring it out, then she had to kill her opponent. The Blood Phoenix would be her greatest trump card and the greatest assurance of her safety.

If an expert wanted to live longer, they couldn’t allow others to know their strongest trump cards. No matter how strong the trump card was, once others were on guard and knew how to counter it, it wouldn’t possess any threat. In fact, once they came up with a plan to use against your trump card, it would be dangerous for you.

“Oh? The Azure Scale Horned Eagle possesses the ancient dragon eagle’s bloodline. It’s extremely powerful. Once matured, even a Foundation Forging expert would have to run if they didn’t have a Treasure item on hand! Your luck’s not bad.” But after the vice sect master said that, he felt like he had misspoken.

That was because he saw Long Chen’s expression had become a bit odd. He immediately realized that with Long Chen’s heaven-defying bad luck, perhaps they had run into quite a few twists and turns to make such gains.

It could be said that whether it had been to capture Magical Beasts or to find stronger trees, Long Chen’s luck had been extremely lacking. That was especially true when that unimaginably terrifying existence had ended up coming out just because he had taken a branch off the runic tree. How could he accept the praise that his luck was not bad?

Long Chen didn’t want to discuss this topic any further. “What about the Zhou and Shui family heads…?”

“They’re both dead. Not only them, but seven monastery heads were also executed with them.” A dim light appeared in the vice sect master’s eyes. If only he had been more strict, perhaps there wouldn’t have been such an ending.

“A person has to know how to feel reverence and gratitude, or they will have no bottom line to hold back their own depravities. In the end, they’ll simply be devoured by their desires and become a walking corpse. Although it’s a bit regretful, at least the two of them ended up comprehending everything in the end,” said Long Chen.

The vice sect master looked at Long Chen for a long while before sighing, “Even a child can see things more clearly than us old fellows. It really is too ironic!”

“Vice sect master, you overpraise me. I’m just spouting nonsense,” said Long Chen hastily.

“How regretful that their comprehension came too late. I also understood what I should have done too late.” The vice sect master shook his head. It could be said that the loss of two family heads and seven monastery heads was a large blow to the core strength of their branch sect.

“Vice sect master, you’re overthinking it. A sect has its own fate just like how a person has their own fate. You can’t change someone else’s fate. In this world, the only one capable of helping someone is themselves. Using myself as an example, although I might have bad luck that makes it so I have to put in more effort than anyone else, I don’t complain. A person’s luck is fated.

“But fate is not something that cannot be changed. It just depends on whether or not you want to fight against the heavens. If you want to change your own fate, you don’t only have to struggle against the heavens, but you also have to struggle against yourself. Regretfully, those two family heads and seven monastery heads weren’t able to overcome the demons in their hearts and were devoured.” Long Chen shrugged.

“Hahaha, well said. Wuhen said you were pretty smart. Now I realize what she meant. If your soul didn’t match your body, I’d even suspect your body was being controlled by some old demon,” laughed the vice sect master.

He was surprised to hear that Long Chen’s theory was very similar to what the sect master had told him. Although the specifics were different, what they expressed were shockingly alike.

“Vice sect master, did you have something you needed me for?” asked Long Chen.

“That’s right. You have done a great deed. By killing four Corrupt Foundation Forging experts, our Dao Sect was gifted a huge reward. As for you, you can choose any Treasure item in the Dao Sect as your personal reward. Don’t blame me for being stingy, as the sect’s reward is still in the application process. Once the head sect sends down the reward, you’ll be given quite a bit more,” said the vice sect master.

In truth, killing four Corrupt Foundation Forging experts would definitely shake the Righteous path. This matter had already been reported, but they had to wait for the higher-ups to approve the reward before it came.

The reward for killing those four without spilling a drop of blood was definitely immense. But the vice sect master was rather conservative, choosing to only give Long Chen a Treasure item for now. But once the reward came, the surplus would be given to Long Chen.

“Then I’ll pick that spear.”

Long Chen chose that spear for Gu Yang. After all, Gu Yang was one of the leaders of the Dragonblood Legion, and he needed a good weapon.

As for Yue Zifeng, Long Chen decided not to give him such a good weapon so early. The most important thing for sword cultivators were their hearts, not their weapons.

On his way back from the vice sect master’s, Long Chen was passing through the plaza when he suddenly heard a heaven-shaking roar. He saw a large crowd up ahead.

Hearing that voice, Long Chen was startled and delighted. That fellow had finally returned. He rushed over.

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