Chapter 764 That Fellow Finally Returns (Teaser)

There were four new large trees in the primal chaos space now. One of them was the especially large tree whose leaves were covered in runes.

Although the trees hadn’t completely matured yet, when Long Chen tested their life energy, he found that the three large trees had over ten times the life energy of his old trees.

But when he tested the runic tree, he was shocked to find that its life energy was absolutely enormous. Furthermore, as he drew out its life energy, it absorbed the soil’s energy to replenish itself.

Just in terms of life energy, it had dozens of times more than the other three large trees combined. That was both startling and delightful to Long Chen. As expected, fortune existed within danger.

Long Chen directly tossed away the three large trees and his old ones. He began to rapidly plant the runic tree’s branches with set distances between them.

Thinking of a three-thousand-mile primal chaos space filled with this species of towering trees, Long Chen was delighted. He would practically have an undying body. Even if he was injured by a Celestial’s Heavenly Dao energy, he would still be able to recover.

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