Chapter 763 Would They Still Have Done It

“Vice sect master, please spare my life!”

Zhou Tianyi directly knelt on the ground. He knew there was no way for him to argue his way out of this. The four Corrupt experts’ souls were in the vice sect master’s hands. All he could hope was that he wouldn’t be killed.

“Zhou Tianyi, why would you be so foolish? Not even the lesson from the chaos region taught you anything. You should accept the punishment for your sins,” said the vice sect master coldly.

Although the chaos region matter had been led by the Pill Tower, the Zhou family had also participated. When the vice sect master had learned about the disturbance within the chaos region, Zhou Tianyi had already made ample preparations and left behind no evidence.

If Long Chen’s photographic jades hadn’t appeared, there would have been no way to prove that the Zhou family had been involved at all. Because the Zhou family had then been forced to sacrifice Zhou Qingyu and her son, as well as paying a huge amount in compensation, the vice sect master had thought that the Zhou family would reserve themselves a bit.

Most importantly, he had also warned them all several times during the trials that they could fight, but they had to keep it within the limits. However, Zhou Tianyi had clearly not taken his words to heart. He had actually colluded with the Corrupt path.

Even if it wasn’t to target Long Chen, just the sin of colluding with the Corrupt path was enough for him to die a hundred times.

“Vice sect master, please spare me! Disciple was just muddleheaded!” cried Zhou Tianyi through tears. He really was afraid now as he didn’t want to die. It was always people who were older that longed for life more.

“Fool, what you committed wasn’t a mistake but an absolute taboo. Even the sect master wouldn’t be able to protect you.” The vice sect master shook his head.

Although he was a solemn person, he actually was very softhearted. It was precisely because the four family heads had realized his nature that their inner battle became increasingly intense.

But today, there was clearly no way for him to let Zhou Tianyi off.

“Fine, since that’s the case, then I won’t make it hard on you. I wish to report that it was Shui Yuncong who incited me to do this!” What no one had expected was for Zhou Tianyi to suddenly pull in Shui Yuncong.

“Zhou Tianyi, don’t slander others!” raged Shui Yuncong.

“Hmph, Shui Yuncong, if it weren’t for you, how could I end up like this? If I’m dying, then don’t think about getting to live happily. If it weren’t for what you did to the World Piercing Jade Talisman, how could I have found Long Chen’s position? And then how could I leak the information to the Corrupt path? I’m sorry to tell you that I recorded our conversation, so you can accompany me in death!” Zhou Tianyi laughed crazily and took out a photographic jade.

That was a very high level photographic jade and an extremely expensive one. When it was activated, the fluctuations were practically impossible to sense. Even Sea Expansion experts were unable to sense it.

Shui Yuncong’s expression completely changed. He suddenly charged over and snatched the photographic jade away. Right in front of the vice sect master, he destroyed it.

“Do you think a rotten stone can frame me? You’ve gone crazy!” Shui Yuncong put on an expression of fury. He wanted to display the anger of a person who had been wrongly accused.

The vice sect master indifferently watched them and sighed. “You’ve really disappointed me. It seems you’ve been in power for so long that your heads have rotted. You’ve even forgotten the Xuantian Dao Sect’s rules. Did you think you could stand above the rules with your statuses? Anyone who colluded with the Corrupt path will be taken in by the law enforcers and soulsearched. Even those who were involved will be soulsearched. Did you think destroying the proof would save you? You really have gotten old, so old that your head no longer works! Where are the law enforcers? Bring them away!”

Law enforcement disciples came over and icily said to Zhou Tianyi and Shui Yuncong, “Please.”

After all, they were two family heads, and so they didn’t use force against them.

But the law enforcement disciples were neutral within the Xuantian Dao Sect. No matter what their statuses were, they still had to listen to their orders, or they would be immediately arrested.

“Vice sect master, my family head was just muddleheaded in his old age. I wish to take his punishment.” Suddenly, Shui Guanzhi stood out, startling everyone.

The vice sect master icily glanced at him. “Don’t think that a rank three Celestial is above the Xuantian Dao Sect’s rules. Even a rank nine Celestial isn’t, let alone you. Pray that this matter didn’t involve you, or the law enforcement hall’s blade will also take your head.”

The vice sect master was already infuriated because the two family heads had committed such a disgraceful act. As the person in charge, he was also responsible.

Then, this pampered brat Shui Guanzhi had actually vainly thought to use his newfound status as a rank three Celestial to save Shui Yuncong. That made him even more furious, because he already loathed people like that who thought themselves to be so important.

Long Chen and Meng Qi were startled. Although they had been prepared, they hadn’t thought that Shui Guanzhi would advance so quickly.

It was also surprising that the vice sect master would actually not give a rank three Celestial any face at all.

Shui Guanzhi hadn’t expected that his advancement would be valued so little in the eyes of the vice sect master. He clenched his teeth furiously.

The two family heads were also panicked. They hadn’t expected this matter to have blown up this big. Although they normally fought against each other constantly, it was like a chess game. It wasn’t a fight to the death.

But now the situation was grave. The Qu family head and the Wang family head looked at each other and then walked out and directly knelt in front of the vice sect master.

“Please be lenient, vice sect master. Although the two of them committed a taboo, they’ve worked for the Xuantian Dao Sect for so long. Even if they didn’t make contributions, they still toiled for the sect. Please spare their lives.”

After all, they had known each other for so long, and they didn’t have that many years left. The two of them ended up feeling pity for them, like a fox that grieves when the rabbit is dead.

They definitely had to receive a heavy punishment, but as long as it wasn’t the death penalty, they would feel better. A generation’s family head, that was a dignified position. If they were killed just like this, they really would be unable to accept it.

Zhou Tianyi and Shui Guanzhi looked at the two of them in shock. At this time, these old fellows they had fought against for countless years had actually knelt and begged for leniency for them. They couldn’t help feeling emotional. Their hearts also became a bit clearer.

Zhou Tianyi suddenly said, “Vice sect master, in truth, I was lying just now. Everything was done by me. Shui Yuncong is innocent!”

Shui Yuncong looked at him in surprise. In that instant, he thought of many things. The resentments and grudges from many years instantly resolved.

“This matter truly was done by me,” said Shui Yuncong.

“Brother Yuncong…” said Zhou Tianyi.

“Say no more. We’ve fought for a lifetime, so if you die, I won’t have an opponent. Let’s go together. At least we’ll have an opponent on the way,” said Shui Yuncong, patting Zhou Tianyi’s shoulder.

“Family head!”

The Shui family and Zhou family’s disciples all knelt on the ground at the same time.

“What are you doing?! Get up!” shouted Shui Yuncong. “Don’t make things harder on the vice sect master. A mistake is a mistake. As the family head, I have even more responsibility to face the consequences of my actions.”

The disciples didn’t say a word. There were several of them who quietly sobbed.

Long Chen had never thought that things would progress like this. The specter of death had given them a moment of enlightenment. Their resentment from years of fighting had actually disappeared.

“Vice sect master…” Long Chen opened his mouth. In any case, he hadn’t taken any loss this time. This matter could end like this.

“Long Chen, don’t plead for leniency for us,” said Shui Yuncong suddenly. “We thank you for the thought. Just this magnanimity of yours has shown us how worthless our lives were. An hour ago, even we definitely wouldn’t be able to put aside our hatred after someone had entrapped us like we did to you.

“We’re sorry to you, and we’re sorry to the Xuantain Dao Sect. Even if the vice sect master agreed to spare us, we wouldn’t have the face to continue living. All disciples listen to my orders: no one is allowed to bear a grudge against Long Chen. Otherwise, even in the nine springs, I wouldn’t acknowledge such an unfilial descendant!”

Shui Yuncong looked at Shui Guanzhi when he said his final sentence. He was clearly warning him not to do anything.

“Brother, let’s go,” said Shui Yuncong to Zhou Tianyi.

Zhou Tianyi nodded. He merely smiled slightly and waved his hand to the Zhou family’s disciples before going with the law enforcers.

Everyone was silent for a moment. All their hearts were heavy. Even the vice sect master’s delight in killing four Corrupt experts faded.

Long Chen sighed. If they had known this day would come, would they still have done what they had done? Was it really true that people could only open their eyes once they reached the end and were about to depart from this world? Was that the only way for them to understand the truth about the world?

“Long Chen, now you should be happy!” Shui Guanzhi clenched his teeth.

Everyone turned to look at him in surprise. Shui Guanzhi had clearly placed all his hatred on Long Chen. Was he going to target him now?

“It’s still the same thing. When you want to die, come find me at any time,” said Long Chen icily. He brought Meng Qi over to Shui Wuhen’s side and regrouped with Tang Wan-er and the others. They returned to their camp.

Shui Wuhen’s heart was clearly a bit heavy. After all, that was her uncle who had just been sent to his death. Although she normally hated how her family head was only full of schemes, looking at his back, she felt a bit of pain. No one celebrated, even though Long Chen had returned safely.

Long Chen also knew that now wasn’t the time to make any large movements. He had everyone continue to cultivate normally. Also, Meng Qi gave Tang Wan-er her new housepets.

Long Chen returned to his private room, and his mind entered the primal chaos space. He was going to check his harvests.

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