Chapter 762 Catching a Turtle in a Jar

“Corrupt experts?”

Long Chen’s expression changed. These four people possessed an extremely powerful aura, one that he had only ever sensed from the vice sect master.

“Ancestor experts? What a trap.” Fury crept across Long Chen’s face, and he even ended up crushing the World Piercing Jade Talisman in his hand.

“Hahaha, yes, a trap. Unfortunately, you realized it too late,” laughed one of the Corrupt experts.

“Long Chen, we really put in a lot of effort to deal with you. Four Ancestor experts! You can die without regret!”

Meng Qi stealthily made some small signs to Long Chen, but Long Chen shook his head. “There’s no need to waste the effort. They’re all Foundation Forging experts, people on the level of the vice sect master. We have no ability to resist.”

Meng Qi was startled. She had wanted Long Chen to prepare himself while she summoned the Blood Phoenix to handle them. Even if it wouldn't be able to kill them, both of them should be able to flee. But now that he said this, she had no idea what he was planning.

“You’re pretty smart, little fellow. Yes, if you don’t struggle, you won’t have to suffer so much. Hehe, come with us without struggling. Don’t force us to fight with an amateur at the Xiantian realm,” said one of the Corrupt experts.

Obviously, a Foundation Forging expert had a Foundation Forging expert’s pride. Experts in this realm were the masters of large sects. That was why they were called Ancestor experts, because they possessed the qualifications to start their own renowned sects.

So for a Foundation Forging expert to target a Xiantian rookie was truly a loss of status, especially when it was four against one. It was clearly too much.

But the Corrupt path viewed Long Chen too importantly now. In the chaos region, they hadn’t killed him, but they had lost five Sea Expansion experts, nine Celestials, and eighty thousand elite disciples. Even now, this incident was still a mystery for the Corrupt path.

And the only one who could resolve that mystery was Long Chen. So the Corrupt path didn’t dare to be the slightest bit careless now. They had to capture him; thus, they had sent out four Foundation Forging experts at once.

“Wait a moment! I, Long Chen, am a grand and heroic figure. How can I just allow myself to be taken without a struggle? You have to first agree to one of my conditions,” said Long Chen.

“Conditions? Hmph, what qualifications do you have to discuss those?”

“You want to know who sold you out? Don’t bother!” The Corrupt experts looked at him disdainfully.

Long Chen disdainfully looked back. “Tch, have your brains been eaten by maggots? I already know who sold me out, so why would I have to ask you?”

The four of them were enraged. His tone was completely unacceptable. One of the more patient ones asked, “Then what is your condition?”

They naturally hoped to capture Long Chen alive. Not only did they want his memories, but they also wanted to obtain what he had on him. Just in terms of the physical body, he had to have some sort of secret for him to be so strong.

“My condition is extremely simple. Kneel on the ground and call me daddy. Then I’ll immediately leave with you!” Long Chen suddenly laughed.

“Bastard, you dare to trick us?!” The four of them all realized Long Chen was playing around with them. He had never had any intentions of discussing things with them.

“Tricking you? You’re right. I’ll tell you the truth now. I am also a Foundation Forging expert, so come and test your daddy Long’s true power!”


Long Chen’s aura erupted and his divine ring appeared. A powerful pillar of qi soared into the sky. The four of them jumped.

Long Chen was also a Foundation Forging expert? Even if he beat them to death, they wouldn’t believe such a thing. They all watched with rapt attention, wanting to see whether Long Chen was just trying to act mystical or whether he really had any power.

But suddenly, a formation under Long Chen’s feet lit up. Spatial power erupted, and the four Corrupt experts suddenly found that they were unable to move.


The world around them twisted. They were horrified to find that they had appeared on a large platform. Countless figures were watching them like they were rare species.

“Welcome to the Xuantian Dao Sect. It really was rude for us to not welcome you at the door.” The vice sect master stood in the air, smiling lightly at the four of them.


Their expressions completely changed. They looked around and saw a sea of people around them. They were the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples.

Everything had already been prepared by Long Chen. He had felt that his trip to the Spirit World wouldn’t be so simple. Therefore, he had borrowed a transportation formation disc from the vice sect master.

It had to be known that the Xuantian Dao Sect had only had two such large-scale transportation formation discs. At first, the vice sect master hadn’t even wanted to lend it to him. But Long Chen guaranteed that either he wouldn’t use it, or in the case if he did, he would rake in an unimaginable profit.

If he didn’t use the disc, then it wouldn’t use up any of its energy, so there would be no loss. Furthermore, Shui Wuhen had also spoken up for him, allowing him to finally obtain it.

As soon as they arrived in this world, he had crushed a jade seal. That seal had activated the formation disc as well as the photographic jades on the mountain peaks.

Long Chen estimated that if they really did target him this time, there would be some big fish. So he had set up those special photographic jades to project their images on the Xuantian Platform.

The Xuantian Platform was the center of the Xuantian Plaza. When the projection had appeared, the disciples there had all been startled. Long Chen was actually surrounded by four Corrupt Ancestor experts.

As for when Long Chen had crushed the World Piercing Jade Talisman in his panic, he had also crushed the jade seal he had used to activate everything. Furthermore, when the jade seal was crushed, the vice sect master received a message. He had rushed over to the Xuantian Plaza to see everything.

He had hastily ordered the activation of the grand formation, as well as activating the trapping formation and killing formation on the Xuantian Platform.

Then he watched as Long Chen calmly talked nonsense with them. He knew Long Chen was stalling for them to set up the formations. But in truth, he had already finished the preparations in just a few breaths’ time.

Then when the formation disc was activated, Long Chen released his powerful aura to conceal the fluctuations. As a result, the four of them really cooperated with him perfectly.

Long Chen and Meng Qi were by the vice sect master’s side. He had activated the formation to pull them out as soon as they had appeared.

“Hehe, you really are idiots. Do you know how united our Righteous path is? Did you really think we would harm ourselves? It seems you still don’t understand what happened within the chaos region! You idiots really never learn, no matter how many times you’re tricked.” Long Chen laughed with a pleased expression.

The four Corrupt experts were completely enraged. His words made them suspect that what had happened within the chaos region had all been planned by the Righteous path. Now, they had been tricked once more.

“You bastard Zhou Tianyi, even as ghosts, we won’t let you off!” roared one of the Corrupt experts as he began to crazily attack the formation. Zhou Tianyi turned pale and sat on the ground.

The Xuantian Platform was merely a mile wide. It was usually used by the higher-ups as a place to lecture on the Dao. Many disciples hadn’t known that the Xuantian Platform was so powerful.

The entire Xuantian Platform was covered in runes. They formed a powerful defensive barrier that trapped the four of them. No matter how they tried, they were unable to break through it.

“Activate the killing formation!” ordered the vice sect master.

Countless flying swords condensed in the air and shot toward the four of them.

One of them punched out, destroying a dozen flying swords. That caused the monastery head experts’ expressions to change. Just one of those flying swords would have the power to kill them, but these Corrupt experts were able to destroy a dozen of them with a single punch.

“Work hard, work hard! You can do it!” Long Chen cheered for them as they struggled bitterly.

The four of them were fuming with rage. One of them ended up getting distracted and hit by a flying sword. It pierced through his shoulder, bringing with it a spray of blood.

“Oh, you’re bleeding? Is this your legendary first time?” asked Long Chen in shock.

“Long Chen!” Meng Qi finally couldn’t bear it anymore. She didn’t have Long Chen’s thick face, and she hastily pulled him away, not letting him continue to spout nonsense.

“What?” Suddenly, one of the Corrupt experts took out a soul banner. But he found that he was unable to activate this Treasure item. An invisible energy here blocked his connection to it.

“Sorry, the rules here are that no one can use weapons above the Enchanted level on the Xuantian Plaza!” said the vice sect master. His normally stern face was lit up in a smile.

It had to be known that the deed of killing four Corrupt Foundation Forging experts along with gathering their corpses and souls would be greatly rewarded by the head sect.

In all his years running the Xuantian Dao Sect, the number of Corrupt Foundation Forging experts they had cut down was pitifully low. Now four had come at once. If he didn’t care about his status, the vice sect master would probably be dancing in delight. This was definitely the Eastern Wasteland’s branch sect’s greatest battle achievement.

The disciples watched in shock as the four of them struggled desperately. Finally, after two hours, they were killed by the formation.

Once they were killed, runes lit up on the formation and gathered their souls and corpses. It would be possible to see some of their secrets through their souls.

The vice sect master’s smile then disappeared as he turned to look at Zhou Tianyi icily.

“Zhou Tianyi, you better give me a satisfactory explanation this time!”

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