Chapter 761 Charmingly Beautiful

A bang came from the bottom of the river. Within the muddy river, blood splashed and then rapidly dissipated.

Killing a seventh rank Magical Beast from inside its body was extremely easy. That was especially true since most water Magical Beasts were weak to thunderforce. So Long Chen easily killed it.

However, it was surprising that even Meng Qi didn’t recognize it. It was strikingly similar to a catfish with four limbs. But Beast Tamers didn’t usually take fish housepets. Other than using them as rations, what were they useful for?

After killing it, Long Chen and Meng Qi didn’t immediately leap out of the water. They stealthily spread their Spiritual Strength to probe the situation. Finding that there was nothing strange, they crept ashore.

In truth, since Long Chen had the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s intuition, he didn’t really need to do this. But he was still afraid. He didn’t dare to be the slightest bit careless anymore. Whatever those unknown existences were, they were far from what he could currently handle.

At the same time, he couldn’t help finding it odd. How was it that the forest divinity had been so kind and easy to get along with, but now they encountered berserk killers wherever they went? Each living thing here wanted their lives.

Long Chen even suspected that this wasn’t the Spirit World. It was on a completely different extreme from the peaceful and tranquil world he had seen before.

Once they stealthily went ashore, they began to race back along the path they had come in. With the spiritual marks they had placed on the way, they didn’t get lost.

After traveling further and finding that nothing was off, Meng Qi summoned the Blood Phoenix and they continued back to their original location.

When they finally saw the spot that Long Chen had destroyed with his flames, they finally relaxed. They could finally return home. This Spirit World was too stifling.

According to the hourglass, they still had three days before it was a month.

“Meng Qi, let’s take a bath together,” said Long Chen suddenly.

“Tch, don’t be so indecent.” Meng Qi blushed. She hadn’t expected Long Chen to make such a rude request.

“Hehe, as my future wife, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Furthermore, we have to completely cleanse our bodies. At the same time, we’ll have to destroy our clothes,” said Long Chen.


“Because this place is the Spirit World. The species here are completely different from our world. There are definitely all sorts of pollen and even invisible larvae stuck on our bodies. If we return like this, those species might end up destroying our whole world!” said Long Chen.

“What? It couldn’t be that terrifying,” said Meng Qi.

“Meng Qi, you’re a Beast Tamer. You’ve only studied Magical Beasts and not vegetation. I really am not trying to frighten you. If the vegetation here is brought back to our world, then on the off chance that it can manage to survive in that soil, it will begin to rapidly multiply because it has no natural predators. It could break down the entire ecosystem of our world.

“Haven’t you heard about ‘wild desolate land’? That was something that was sealed into a minor world by experts during ancient times. The ecosystem there was so badly damaged by foreign species that those almighty experts were helpless to do anything other than to seal that land away.

“Each world has its own survival rules. But creatures of different worlds aren’t within those rules. It’s like a killer was suddenly thrown into a group of peaceful people who don’t know how to fight. The results are obvious. 

“So we have to completely cleanse our bodies. I will make a flame barrier to create a space for us.” Long Chen smiled naughtily. He took out a large wood bathing cask. It had already been filled with water.

Long Chen began to disrobe. Meng Qi hastily turned away. Although her heart had already become completely devoted to Long Chen, her face was still as red as an apple.

Suddenly, she let out a startled cry as Long Chen grasped her waist. They jumped into the bath, and Long Chen began to take off Meng Qi’s clothes.

“Don’t!” Meng Qi let out a sharp cry and tightly held onto her clothes.

Long Chen smiled mischievously at the panicked Meng Qi. Meng Qi had always been the warm and calm kind of girl. She gave off a different kind of beauty now.

“I… I’ll do it myself.” Meng Qi blushed bashfully, not daring to look at Long Chen as she slowly removed her clothes.

“How about I help you? Don’t worry, I won’t force you. You’re my woman, and in this world, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do, myself included,” said Long Chen softly.

Long Chen knew that Meng Qi was shy, but another reason was that she was afraid Long Chen would take advantage of her. Then she would become someone who broke her promises, and she naturally wouldn’t want something like that.

“Long Chen…” Meng Qi trembled slightly. She looked at him with warm and tender eyes. A burst of warmth filled her heart, and she wrapped her arms around Long Chen’s neck and gave him a kiss.

Long Chen didn’t have the slightest wicked thought right now. Meng Qi was like a fairy that couldn’t be blasphemed. She was like a flawless jade, so perfect that a person couldn’t bear to touch her.

He lost himself in the feeling of her lips, in that connection between them. After an unknown amount of time, Meng Qi suddenly escaped from their embrace with a startled cry, her face even redder than before.

“Cough, sorry, it was just excitement. However, if I didn’t get excited while holding such a beautiful woman in my hands, I definitely wouldn’t be a man,” laughed Long Chen. He awkwardly shifted, as pointing at someone was rude.

“Meng Qi, let me tell you a story.” Long Chen began to tell a story to relieve the awkwardness.

As for Meng Qi, she hadn’t recovered from that unique feeling and still couldn’t look at him.

“There was a man who was bathing in a bathtub. Nothing strange happened, but suddenly, the water level began to rapidly rise. Do you know why?” asked Long Chen.


“Hehe, it was because he suddenly saw his beloved woman.” Long Chen suddenly began to laugh mischievously.

At first, Meng Qi didn’t comprehend. But following Long Chen’s mischievous laughter, along with what had just happened, she immediately rebuked, “You scoundrel!”

She slammed the water, and a pillar of water shot at Long Chen. Long Chen was laughing, and as a result, the water surged into his nose and mouth, making him appear incredibly miserable while Meng Qi laughed.

“Come, let me clean up my wife.” Seeing that Meng Qi was no longer so nervous, Long Chen held her hand.

Now, Meng Qi didn’t refuse him. She allowed him to take off the rest of her clothes, completely revealing her flesh to him.

Meng Qi’s body involuntarily trembled as Long Chen’s hands touched her skin. Her eyes were half-closed, and some faint sweat began to collect on her nose. Her gaze was blurred, bashful, and extremely moving.

When the final piece was taken off, Long Chen couldn’t help being filled with praise. The heavens really did possess supernatural sculpting abilities to make such a beautiful woman.

“Meng Qi, you really are beautiful,” praised Long Chen.

His praise caused her to become a bit more clear-headed. Shaking off what had happened, she caressed Long Chen’s cheek and asked, “Long Chen, back when we first met in Phoenix Cry, did you intentionally put on an act because you wanted to obtain me?”

Long Chen nodded. “Yes, I did it on purpose. I deliberately made you feel guilty and feel pity for me. I used your kindness to seduce you.” He didn’t hesitate or try to cover up the truth at all. Caressing Meng Qi’s face, he looked into her eyes and said, “Because I know that in this world, no one else can love you more than I do. No one else can devote their heart and soul to protect you like I do. Through the countless battles I fought, whenever I faced death, I always told myself that I couldn’t die. Because if I died, then no one else in this world would be able to love you the way I do.”

“Long Chen…” Meng Qi wrapped her arms around Long Chen and tightly embraced him.

Long Chen took a deep breath and did his best to suppress his hot blood. He felt like something hot was flowing through his nose and about to burst. He hastily suppressed it.

He now slightly regretted this. He shouldn’t have chosen to bathe together with Meng Qi, because she was truly too attractive. At the same time, he had also overestimated his self-control. Wasn’t he an idiot? Why had he decided to torture himself?

Originally, he had just been planning on helping Meng Qi clean herself off. Now he found that all his energy had to be focused on suppressing his own desires. It was Meng Qi who had to help him clean his body.

After a bitter trial, they finally finished bathing. Long Chen circulated the Earth Flame and used it to scour the space around them before forming a barrier. In this space, there would be nothing from this world to stick to them.

They also did a thorough examination of their bodies. After checking with their Spiritual Strength and confirming there was nothing suspicious, they took out new clothes from their spatial rings.

After putting on new clothes, they looked at each other with anticipation. They were finally about to be freed from the feeling of suppression here. They smiled at each other. Although they couldn’t take another step in their relationship, bathing together had brought their hearts closer.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Meng Qi tightly held onto Long Chen, and Long Chen also wrapped an arm around her. With his right hand, he crushed the World Piercing Jade Talisman. A spatial portal appeared in front of them.

Long Chen jumped in with Meng Qi. Their vision twisted as they appeared in the original mountain valley.

“Hehe, Long Chen, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

Long Chen had only just appeared when four red-robed experts surrounded them.

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