Chapter 760 Terrifying Existence

Long Chen’s heart shook. Countless branches began to coil around him.

“Careful, Long Chen!” warned Meng Qi through a spiritual transmission. Something was clearly happening down below as well.

“Time to run.” Long Chen threw the branch in his hand into the primal chaos space. With a slash of his saber, he tore through those coiling branches.

Red liquid splashed through the air. Long Chen immediately realized things were worse than he had thought. This tree actually possessed its own consciousness.

He immediately summoned his lightning wings and rushed away.

Suddenly, more branches came for him. This time, it wasn’t those slender branches, but branches several meters thick. He also felt a berserk feeling coming from the tree. It wanted to kill him.

“Split the Heavens!”

Long Chen directly slashed his way out of the branches, finally escaping their clutches.

Only then did he see that Meng Qi was in danger as well. Countless roots were surging over her, like monstrous serpents trying to devour her.

Long Chen broke those roots with a single slash of his saber. Holding Meng Qi, he rushed out of this strange forest.


Shockingly, the ground erupted and that huge tree flew into the air. Countless roots came flying toward Long Chen like a heaven-shrouding claw.

The thing that shocked Long Chen the most was that following the first tree, more trees began to fly into the air and chase him.

He had no idea what energy they were using, but they were actually able to fly. Long Chen felt like the world had gone crazy.

Those trees were incredibly quick. In the air, they were like huge, black clouds. Countless roots stabbed toward him.

They were clearly several miles away, but those roots seemed to be able to grow limitlessly. The reached him in an instant.

Long Chen once more slashed down his saber, breaking those roots. A blood-like substance filled the air.

A strange, chilling cry came from the giant tree.

“Damnit, they really want my life!” Long Chen had only just forced back one tree when he saw that thousands of giant trees had filled the air, completely blocking out the sun.

Meng Qi had already summoned the Blood Phoenix now. But the Blood Phoenix was unable to throw off these trees with its speed.

Then, in front of Long Chen’s shocked eyes, these trees merged together. Their crowns combined and their roots intertwined. They transformed into one enormous creature that rapidly chased after them, and their speed actually increased. Long Chen had never seen such a bizarre thing. These trees were actually working like an army.

Meng Qi’s face was pale. After the trees had merged, their aura had become even more sinister and chilly. But she kept her mouth shut, not wanting to disturb Long Chen.

“Explode!” Long Chen tossed out a ball of flames, and it exploded in front of that monster. The trees let out that strange cry once more. Their branches and roots were immediately ignited. Ashes began to fall from the sky.

Although it wasn’t a heavy injury, it still made Long Chen feel relieved. As expected, fire was extremely effective against wood.

Suddenly, the sky trembled. A terrifying pressure came from the depths of the forest, one that it made it feel like space had frozen.

Long Chen immediately felt like some ancient monster had set its gaze on him. An unprecedented feeling of danger filled him.

Even Meng Qi was affected. Whatever that thing was, its aura surpassed their imagination.

“Long Chen, what are we supposed to do?!” Although she knew she shouldn’t ask such a question at this time, Meng Qi couldn’t help it.

“Don’t be afraid. Have the Blood Phoenix fly as fast as possible. I remember we crossed a huge river on our way here. We should be able to get there fast enough,” said Long Chen.

No matter how big Long Chen’s guts were, in front of something unknown with unprecedented power, he was still on edge. But after walking on the border of life and death for so long, the more dangerous the situation turned out to be, the calmer he became.

When running into danger, panic and fear wouldn’t save anyone. It would only cause you to die faster. Long Chen had long since gotten into the habit of being cool-headed in the face of danger.

Long Chen sensed a terrifying fellow rapidly approaching from the depths of the forest. These trees must have alerted that existence.

However, that terrifying fellow was still extremely far. They still had some time. Long Chen constantly released flame spheres to hold back the trees.

But he was also starting to get more nervous. That terrifying existence was rapidly getting closer.

“Long Chen, the river is ahead!” called Meng Qi.

That river was extremely wide. It was several hundred miles long. The water roared fiercely.

“Little Snow, come out. We’ll release a combined wind-flame attack. Don’t concentrate the attack; we want the largest scope possible!”

Long Chen summoned Little Snow. At the same time, a huge flame sphere was circulating in his hand. Long Chen had Huo Long send all its energy into it.

The flame sphere was already three hundred meters in size, and that was after Long Chen had compressed it as best as he could. Little Snow’s white hair stood on end as endless wind energy began to circulate. He immediately released all his power.

The flame sphere shot out. Little Snow opened his mouth and also shot out a huge sphere of wind blades. It wrapped around Long Chen’s flame sphere and shot forward.

The instant those two spheres collided, they rapidly grew, instantly becoming ten miles wide.


Flames erupted, filling everything within ten thousand miles. The entire world seemed like it had been ignited.

The trees let out mournful cries upon being enveloped by the flames and wind. After those flames passed, their tree crowns had been completely destroyed, and the majority of their roots had also disappeared. Their trunks were charred black.

As for Long Chen, he directly put away Little Snow. Meng Qi also put away the Blood Phoenix. The two of them charged into the river.

Once they were in the river, Long Chen spread his divine sense and found a large fish rapidly swimming over to them.

This fish was forty meters long, and its aura marked it as a fifth rank Magical Beast. Seeing Long Chen and Meng Qi, it opened its mouth and swallowed the two of them.

“Control it!” Long Chen had Meng Qi take control of the fish. As it swam, Long Chen said, “To the left!”

Meng Qi hastily sent the fish to the left. A powerful beast appeared in front of them and began to swim over with its mouth wide open.

Meng Qi sent the fish directly into its open mouth. The beast hadn’t even understood what had happened before it naturally devoured the fish.

At that very moment, a terrifying pressure flew over the sky. The beast immediately burrowed its way into the mud and didn’t dare to move.

Long Chen tightly held Meng Qi. Meng Qi was trembling. That terrifying existence was flying right over them. Even Long Chen was extremely nervous. Whatever it was, that existence had already surpassed the scope of his understanding. He didn’t even have the courage to probe it with his divine sense.

That terrifying pressure flew by. Then, countless other powerful auras flew over them. They were like locusts, completely innumerable.

Those auras only disappeared after over two hours. Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. How had taking a branch drawn out such terrifying lifeforms? And from what had just happened, it seemed like there was something even more terrifying that was controlling this huge army. Hadn’t he just taken a single branch? Did they need to muster such a force?

Long Chen couldn’t help cursing inside, but he couldn’t move right now. Whatever those things above were, they were slowly returning. They obviously hadn’t found anything and so were flying back. His heart clenched.

He noticed a terrifying divine sense sweeping through the river. At first, it had started in the corner, but now it had reached the beast that they were in. It swept through the stomach of the beast. Long Chen’s nerves were stretched taut as he was worried about being noticed. But the divine sense merely swept through that beast’s stomach, and it didn’t search the fish’s stomach. Long Chen relaxed. Thankfully, he had set up two layers of protection. Otherwise, they really would have been doomed.

That divine sense searched around several times, but it left in the end. The sensation of pressure finally lifted. 

“How dangerous.” Meng Qi was still filled with fear.

“It was close. Perhaps I really did go a bit too far this time.” Long Chen bitterly smiled. He really had been too overconfident. In the future, he definitely couldn’t play around like this, or no number of lives would be enough.

He finally looked inside the primal chaos space. The tree branch was still there. He stuck it into the soil and saw that the branch began to grow roots. That made Long Chen sigh with relief. Although it had been incredibly dangerous, he had at least obtained this tree branch. If it hadn’t worked, he would probably have coughed up blood.

The tree which this branch came from was completely different from other trees. Previously, the trees that had come to attack them had all been especially huge. The other trees, whose seeds he had previously collected, hadn’t moved. In other words, it was the especially huge trees that were not ordinary.

They stayed within the beast’s stomach for a full day until the sensation of danger had completely faded. But they couldn’t stay any longer as the beast’s stomach juices had already corroded the fish to the point of melting it.

“I’ll kill this Magical Beast, and then we’ll leave this place.” Long Chen summoned a lightning spear. 

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