Chapter 759 Mysterious Giant Tree

That was a huge serpent. Its body was over three miles long, and it was pitch-black. It had a pair of wings on its back, and upon seeing the Blood Phoenix, it immediately shot over.

This was clearly a foraging Magical Beast. According to the Blood Phoenix, there weren’t such powerful Magical Beasts on this path.

“It’s the Blackscale Soaring Serpent!” said Meng Qi.

That serpent had been quite a distance from them, but in the blink of an eye, it had reached them. This was the Blackscale Soaring Serpent’s unique ability. It could pierce through the void to launch a sudden attack before its prey could raise any defenses.

Long Chen directly took out the dragon scale. It released its dragon might, and the Blackscale Soaring Serpent immediately came to an abrupt stop. It let out a strange cry and actually turned and fled.

“Hey, where are you going? I still have some things I want to talk about with you!” Seeing that the Blackscale Soaring Serpent wasn’t completely suppressed and could flee, Long Chen became anxious. He began to shout and chase while holding the dragon scale.

Seeing Long Chen chasing, the Blackscale Soaring Serpent’s cry became even more mournful. Its voice was full of terror. Suddenly, its two translucent wings shook and its body twisted. It was like it was swimming in the air as it rapidly fled.

“Hey, I won’t hurt you! Let’s discuss this! Brother, wait! You dropped your money!”

Despite knowing that this was a serious situation, Meng Qi couldn’t help laughing. This evil person didn’t forget to talk rubbish even at this time.

Meng Qi only summoned the Blood Phoenix again once Long Chen was far away. She followed from a great distance because the Blood Phoenix was afraid of the dragon might.

After an hour, they finally caught up to Long Chen. The Blackscale Soaring Serpent was already gone, but Long Chen was cursing, saying something about how the serpent didn’t know how to appreciate kindness and how it had lost its chance to serve him. Meng Qi was speechless.

“Alright, don’t get mad.” Meng Qi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If the outside world knew that Long Chen had chased away an eighth rank Magical Beast, perhaps the world would go crazy.

“I’m not mad. I just feel like it’s a pity. It lost its chance to become famous. If it followed you, its power would shake the world. Isn’t that far better than staying in this damn place?” said Long Chen. He might say he wasn’t angry, but his tone didn’t match his words.

He had noticed a certain fact just now: continuing to activate the dragon might would exhaust the essence blood’s energy inside the scale.

The green dragon essence blood was what he needed to rely on to cultivate the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art. He didn’t dare to continue using it.

It was because of this that Long Chen was completely infuriated. If only he could have subdued the Blackscale Soaring Serpent, wouldn’t he be able to dominate any enemies? Having to watch as that opportunity slipped away, he naturally was irritated.

“Let’s go. Have the Blood Phoenix fly slower. We can’t use the dragon scale again unless we have absolutely no other choice,” sighed Long Chen.

They no longer could use the dragon scale. In other words, they wouldn’t have any chance of subduing a seventh rank Magical Beast again.

Let alone one on the level of the Blood Phoenix, even if they simply placed their sights on Magical Beasts like the Azure Scale Horned Eagle or the Nine Spike Lizard, they would have to rely on special methods. Those kinds of special methods would be too time-consuming.

So now, they would not only find it difficult to subdue other Magical Beasts, but they would also have to be afraid of them. The Blood Phoenix was still healing, and its combat strength was less than half of its peak state.

Furthermore, Long Chen needed to factor in the time to travel back to their original location. He needed to factor in enough time for accidents or being stalled by other Magical Beasts. Otherwise, they would be stuck here forever.

As a result, they were even more nervous. But there was no way around it. Long Chen could only fly around slowly as he searched for larger trees.

Whenever he saw a large tree, he would take a few seeds and try growing them in the primal chaos space. He found that although many of those trees possessed greater life energy than his old trees, they were still extremely limited. They hadn’t reached the requirements Long Chen wanted.

But he still kept those trees in case he couldn’t find anything better. Just a slight increase was better than nothing.

After flying several more days, the hourglass said that they had already been in the Spirit World for ten days. But he still didn’t find any suitable trees.

Some huge trees might not possess that much life energy. It was on the eleventh day that a huge forest suddenly appeared in front of them.

The Blood Phoenix immediately came to a stop. It told Meng Qi that this was an extremely terrifying place. If it entered, it would be killed.

Long Chen was shocked by what he saw. Each of these trees soared into the sky. Each one of them was several miles high. They soared above the clouds and blocked the sun.

That made Long Chen think of the forest divinity. But this forest was a bit terrifying. The huge leaves blocked the sun, making the forest appear dark and sinister.

“Meng Qi, does the Blood Phoenix know the origin of this forest?” asked Long Chen.

Meng Qi tried communicating with the Blood Phoenix, but after a long while, she sighed. “It can’t say anything clearly. All it knows is that this forest is terrifying, and if you enter, you will be killed. Even when I asked it about what would kill you, it wasn’t able to describe it.”

Long Chen was speechless. How could a seventh rank Magical Beast be so stupid? Meng Qi put it away, and the two of them stealthily approached the sinister forest.

The two of them appeared incredibly miniscule compared to the forest. Long Chen quickly noticed that things were off. This place was too quiet, practically deathly quiet. A dense aura of death filled the air.

Long Chen felt a chill. But he needed these trees’ branches or fruits in order to limitlessly duplicate them.

The two of them didn’t make a sound as they slowly approached. They had completely concealed their auras. They had even closed their pores, afraid of releasing any odor.

As they approached, Long Chen realized that these trees were even larger than he had thought from afar. Furthermore, they weren’t all one kind. But each one of them was incredibly huge. Long Chen was like an ant in front of them.

Long Chen found a pit that was the size of a basket. It looked like a huge walnut. But he was disappointed to find that there was no life within it. It was just an empty shell that he couldn’t plant.

He didn’t continue deeper into the forest. His intuition told him that there was something exceedingly terrifying within the depths of this forest. This feeling made his scalp numb, and he felt a chill in his bones.

He had never felt such a terrifying premonition before. The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s senses had never tricked him. There had to be something incredibly terrifying within the forest.

Even in the face of the eighth rank Blackscale Soaring Serpent, he hadn’t felt such a thing, even when he hadn’t taken out the dragon scale. And it had to be known that without the dragon scale, the Blackscale Soaring Serpent could kill him in one blow.

In other words, whatever was within this forest was hundreds of times more terrifying than that Blackscale Soaring Serpent, or perhaps thousands of times more terrifying.

Long Chen had Meng Qi wait for him on the fringe. If something happened, they could immediately communicate spiritually.

He climbed to the top of one of the trees. Because it was so tall, the dense foliage blocked his sight, and he couldn’t see Meng Qi anymore. But he could still sense her soul.

At the top of the tree, he found a large fruit. That fruit was three feet wide and shaped like a coconut. Long Chen didn’t dare to use his saber. Instead, he gently broke it off with his hands.

When he tossed the fruit into the primal chaos space, he was startled to find that the resulting sapling was incredibly large.

While it was still just a soft shoot, it had already reached a height of dozens of meters. It only began to harden and mature upon reaching a height of three hundred meters. He hastily snapped off a branch and planted it as well.

The primal chaos space didn’t disappoint him. The branch also began to slowly grow. That relieved him, and then he stealthily climbed down the tree.

He saw Meng Qi waiting for him worriedly. She felt extremely uneasy. This forest was too strange. If they stayed here for too long, they would go crazy.

Long Chen gently touched her face to comfort her. He pointed to another huge tree and the two of them quietly walked over. Meng Qi once more stayed down to keep watch.

This tree was different from the previous one. It was actually covered in azure scales.

Since they had arrived here, Long Chen wanted to get as many seeds as possible. These trees were too big, and he didn’t have enough time to grow them to their limit in the primal chaos space. He could only tell how much life energy they had in their sapling state.

There was no way he could wait longer. Danger was everywhere here. Staying even an extra minute might be fatal. So Long Chen was only planning on getting the seeds from the closest trees before leaving.

If the trees he picked had less life energy in them than the others in the forest, he could only resign himself to his bad luck. He definitely couldn’t stay here for too long.

Long Chen took seeds from three more large trees. Then looking around, he saw another kind of huge tree.

This tree had natural lines on its leaves that looked like runes. Furthermore, this tree was even larger than the others. It looked ten times wider than them.

Long Chen’s heart immediately began to quicken. Originally, he had been planning on leaving now. But now that he saw this huge tree, he couldn’t move.

In the end, he clenched his teeth and walked over. His greed had won. He began to climb the tree.

Once he reached the top, he suddenly found that this tree had no fruits. Was it a male?

Helpless, Long Chen looked around. He saw a small branch around the thickness of an arm. He pulled but found that this branch was extremely sturdy. It didn’t immediately break.

That made him extremely startled. With his current power, he could snap an Enchanted weapon with his bare hands. But he was unable to snap a branch.

He didn’t try any harder. Such a strong branch would cause a loud noise if he broke it with brute force. In this deathly silent forest, that was definitely not good.

He stealthily took out Blooddrinker. Blood-red light flashed as the branch was cut off. But where it was cut, a red liquid began to flow out like blood.

“Not good!”

Long Chen’s expression completely changed. The large tree suddenly shuddered, and countless branches gathered around Long Chen, forming a cage.

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