Chapter 758 Irreplaceable

Even though the chicks had only just hatched, their bodies were bigger than a house. However, their appearance was truly a bit ugly.

There wasn’t a single feather on their bodies. They looked like plucked chickens, and an extremely sour scent came from them.

“Long Chen, you should keep one of them, and then we should save the other one for Wan-er. Using Beast Tamer methods, they’ll grow quickly,” said Meng Qi.

Both Long Chen and Tang Wan-er possessed their own spiritual spaces for housepets. With the Azure Scale Horned Eagles’ assistance, their power would rise a great deal. In an intense battle, a housepet could launch a fatal blow if it caught someone off guard.

Now, Meng Qi had the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix. Even if an opponent could block her spiritual attacks, they wouldn’t be able to block the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix. It could be said that she had immediately become the strongest member of them all. Her power now far surpassed Long Chen.

If Long Chen were to fight Meng Qi with the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix on her side, he wouldn’t even be able to last an incense stick’s worth of time. That was the most terrifying aspect of Beast Tamers.

Ordinary Beast Tamers would control multiple Magical Beasts, sometimes even dozens. With Meng Qi’s powerful Spiritual Strength, she could control over a hundred powerful Magical Beasts.

But Meng Qi had always been cultivating, and so she hadn’t had time to capture Magical Beasts. Otherwise, if she were to unleash one hundred Xiantian Magical Beasts in addition to her spiritual attacks, it would even be possible for her to kill a rank two Celestial.

However, Meng Qi didn’t like controlling weak Magical Beasts, because weak Magical Beasts were just cannon fodder, and the odds of them dying were too high. Meng Qi didn’t like that kind of fighting style.

She preferred a powerful Magical Beast that would always stay by her side. She would feel bad about sending Magical Beasts to their death. Now that she had the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix, she was perfectly content. She didn’t have any plans of capturing other housepets. And so she wanted Long Chen and Tang Wan-er to take these two Azure Scale Horned Eagles.

Tang Wan-er was a wind cultivator, so when combined with the Azure Scale Horned Eagle, her attacks would become even sharper.

“You should keep both of them. When we get back, give them both to Wan-er. I don’t need them.” Long Chen shook his head.

Currently, the two chicks were still in an extremely weak, confused state. Meng Qi could simply lock their souls with her soul energy. There was no need to place a spiritual imprint on them right now.

“Long Chen…” Meng Qi was startled.

“I have Little Snow, so I don’t need any other housepets. Little Snow is my companion who has gone through life and death with me. No one can replace him.” Long Chen smiled slightly.

Ever since Little Snow had reached the late sixth rank, his cultivation base hadn’t progressed in the slightest. Long Chen also knew that sometimes effort couldn’t make up for things. Little Snow had already reached his absolute limit.

After all, Little Snow had originally just been a third rank Magical Beast. After a mutation, he had continuously broken through, but now, he had reached a barrier. Long Chen had tried various medicinal pills, but they had all been ineffective.

Long Chen had no choice but to accept that Little Snow’s cultivation stopped here. But it was as he said: Little Snow was his companion, a companion he couldn’t abandon.

Back in Phoenix Cry, when he had been chased down by Marquis Ying to some nameless village, Little Snow had only been a foot long. But he had gone through countless dangers to search for Long Chen. That was something Long Chen had never forgotten about.

On the cultivation path, Little Snow had also helped him out countless times. He had fought shoulder to shoulder with him, fighting against death. The emotions between them could not be comprehended by others.

“But you can also have two extra housepets,” said Meng Qi.

Long Chen shook his head and sighed. “Meng Qi, forgive my stubbornness, or perhaps you can call it foolishness. Little Snow is enough for me. I have my own power to face the upcoming dangers!”

Long Chen had also once thought of obtaining a stronger Magical Beast to assist him. But no matter how he tried to reason it, he still felt that it was a betrayal to Little Snow. He couldn’t do it.

Although he felt that this kind of thinking was very stupid, he didn’t mind. In any case, he had done quite a few foolish things, so an extra one didn’t mean anything.

While Long Chen and Meng Qi spoke, Little Snow silently cried in his spiritual space.

“Alright, I won’t force you.” Meng Qi knew that no one could change Long Chen’s decisions once he had decided on something.

Furthermore, Meng Qi also felt a burst of emotion. Long Chen’s heart hadn’t changed at all. Although he was normally a rascal who needed a beating, his emotions weren’t fake. Meng Qi sighed. Perhaps it was those emotions that had so deeply moved her.

She put the two chicks into her spiritual space. At the same time, she gathered the fragments of the eggs. Those egg fragments seemed to be food for them. It seemed they needed to finish eating those fragments before they could eat flesh. The adult must have captured the python as rations.

“Meng Qi, can you communicate with the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix?” asked Long Chen. Beast Tamers first learned ways to communicate with Magical Beasts. Expressing emotions should be no problem.

“Ugh, I really didn’t expect for its intelligence to be so low. It’s even below the average fifth rank Magical Beast in the outside world. The only thing in its head is craziness and slaughter. Communicating with it is extremely difficult. Perhaps it’ll take a long time to completely calm it down,” said Meng Qi.

Usually, the higher the rank of the Magical Beast, the higher its intelligence would be, which made communication easier. But Meng Qi found that the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was too berserk, and their mental frequencies were difficult to align.

“Perhaps it has to do with the environment. The vegetation, insects, and now even the Magical Beasts are all so berserk. Even a tiny rabbit will crazily attack us if we step into its territory. It really doesn’t make sense,” said Long Chen.

The Spirit World’s environment was strange. The two of them had been continuously attacked upon arriving.

However, when the Azure Scale Horned Eagle had been flying, it had crossed many Magical Beasts’ territories, and none of them had even moved. Was this a case of bullying outsiders?

“This world really is strange. I feel like I’m constantly being stifled, and I can’t help feeling nervous and afraid.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Let's rest for a few days. I’ll refine some more pills to help the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix recover faster. Even if it can’t fight, we need it to be able to fly. Otherwise, we’ll find it difficult to move an inch here,” said Long Chen.

“Good idea.” Meng Qi assented. It really was too dangerous for the two of them to walk in the forest. It would be much safer to fly on the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

In any case, according to the hourglass, this was only the seventh day. They still had time to continue looking for some treasures.

This proved Long Chen’s suggestion to use an hourglass to be right. Meng Qi found out that according to the hourglass, seven days had passed, but here, it had only been one day.

Because they were too nervous, because they had to be constantly on guard, they hadn’t sensed the flow of time. Meng Qi had no choice but to admire how dependable Long Chen was, despite how crazy he sometimes was.

Long Chen began to refine pills. This time, he refined giant pills because they were more effective. However, refining them was also more taxing.

Three days later, he had refined ninety-eight giant pills. The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix had recovered a great deal. The majority of its injuries had healed. Other than the scar on its head being a bit ghastly to look at, the rest of its body looked fine.

However, its internal injuries were still very heavy. Its core had been injured by the dragon might, and it would need a long time to fully heal. Long Chen hadn’t expected the dragon might to be so powerful. As time passed, his admiration for the dragon expert only rose.

“Long Chen, the Blood Phoenix can already fly. What should we do now?” said Meng Qi. She now called the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix just the Blood Phoenix to make it easier.

“Ask the Blood Phoenix if it knows anywhere with large trees, the bigger the better. It would be best if it was that kind of tree that can break through the sky!” said Long Chen.

“Nonsense. How could there be something so exaggerated?” Meng Qi rolled her eyes. Long Chen was once more starting to be unreliable. But she still asked the Blood Phoenix.

An incense stick’s worth of time later, Meng Qi sighed. “The Blood Phoenix says something about being tired if it flies forward. There’s a forest ahead that might be very frightening!”

Long Chen’s expression was odd. “This bird speech really is a pain. What does it mean, it gets tired flying? Does that have to do with how far it flew? The forest might be frightening? What is that supposed to mean?”

Meng Qi bitterly smiled. “There’s no way around it. I’ve only been in contact with it for such a short time, and its intelligence is just too low. It’s very difficult for me to understand what it’s saying.”

“Fine, then we’ll just go in that direction. We’ll go slowly and put down markers on the way so we can find the way back. We can also see if we can find some more suitable Magical Beasts for you. Then you’ll really be unmatched!” Long Chen smiled.

Meng Qi smiled sweetly. While Long Chen had also come to the Spirit World for other reasons, in truth, the main one had been for her safety.

The two of them jumped onto the Blood Phoenix’s back and traveled according to its memories. As they slowly flew, Long Chen was filled with anticipation. He wondered if he could see that forest divinity again.

They had only just advanced a bit when they saw a seventh rank Magical Beast. Long Chen asked, “Do you want it?”

“Uh, no. That black tortoise is a bit… ugly,” said Meng Qi with embarrassment. It really would be difficult for such a Magical Beast to attract her interest.

Long Chen laughed. Such a Magical Beast really was a bit useless. Would someone really fight while hiding in its shell?

“What? An eighth rank Magical Beast?! Meng Qi, quick, put away the Blood Phoenix!”

A huge figure suddenly covered the sun. Long Chen was delighted and he hastily prepared the dragon scale.

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