Chapter 757 Matchless Dragon Might

“Soul Drawing Lock!”

Seeing Long Chen’s saber slashing down, Meng Qi completely unleashed her Spiritual Strength. Spiritual chains locked onto the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s head, instantly immobilizing it.

This technique came from the Soul Drawing Art she had obtained on the Netherworld Heaven Staircase. It was an extremely marvelous magical art.

But to use this kind of magical art against a seventh rank Magical Beast like the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was clearly a bit undependable. Its effect would be extremely limited. It definitely wouldn’t be able to hold it for more than a single breath, if even. But all Meng Qi wanted was that one breath of time.


The huge blood-red saber-image slashed onto the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s head. It was blown into the ground, and a huge wave of earth erupted.

This attack had landed solidly on its head. Long Chen couldn’t help being delighted. Meng Qi really had worked together perfectly with him.

Suddenly, the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s wings slammed onto the earth, and it stood up. Long Chen’s heart immediately sank.

The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s eyes seemed to have become even redder than before. There was a long, bloody cut on its head. It was even possible to see its skull.

But he was startled to see that his saber had ended up deviating from the center of its head by a bit. How had he missed it?

“It was the true feather. I really am stupid!” Long Chen suddenly thought of its true feather. That was where the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s whole life energy was condensed. It was what had caused his saber to slant to the side.

That filled him with regret. If he hadn’t been so greedy and instead aimed for one of its wings rather than trying to take its life, he might have managed to cripple it.

That way, he and Meng Qi could have escaped. But now, it wasn’t dead, and this couldn’t even count as a particularly heavy injury. From its gaze, it was obvious it had become completely infuriated.

“Double Dragon Attack!”

Long Chen had used up all his energy on Split the Heavens. Now his last technique was Lei Long and Huo Long.

This time, he was a bit smarter. He didn’t vainly think of using this attack to kill it. He just hoped for this attack to injure it while he stealthily slipped away with Meng Qi.

Lei Long and Huo Long both let out roars. They intertwined as they flew. Endless pressure descended onto the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix. Their goal was its wings.

But the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s true feather once more rose, transforming into runes. It formed a huge spiritual arrow hundreds of meters long, one that shot toward the two dragons.


This collision was even more explosive than the last one. It felt like the entire world was crumbling. Long Chen vomited a mouthful of blood and was blown back. Meng Qi might be further away and had the protection of the Brilliant Feather Dress, but she was also sent flying, blood trickling out of her mouth.

Long Chen’s arms shook. Lei Long and Huo Long had been both automatically returned. He was shocked to find that they were extremely dispirited. This attack had actually ended up exhausting a huge amount of their core energy.

The dust slowly scattered. Long Chen stared closely and let out a regretful sigh.

Seven-colored feathers were scattered throughout the air. The incomparably grand and majestic Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was now in a miserable, naked state. The majority of its feathers had been destroyed, revealing its blood-stained skin.

It went without saying that the power of the two ‘dragons’ was too terrifying. It was even stronger than the second form of Split the Heavens. If the attack had directly struck its body, it definitely would have been killed.

However, the two dragons’ auras were too powerful. To strike someone off-guard was essentially impossible.

A miserable cry came from the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix. That cry was full of hatred and grievance, as well as killing intent.

Its wings suddenly shook, and it shot toward Long Chen. As it moved, countless feathers fell to the ground.

But now it was truly furious. Even its skin was starting to turn red, and countless runes lit up on it. A terrifying pressure crashed down on Long Chen. He felt like a mountain had fallen on him, and even taking a single step became laborious.

Just as his head was rapidly trying to think of something of whether or not he still had any trump cards, a green light covered his body. A scale had appeared over his head.

This was the green dragon scale. Originally, it had been lying in the primal chaos space. But when the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix had become furious and berserk, when it had activated its bloodline pressure, the scale had appeared.

It was still only the size of a palm. Floating in the air, a majestic dragon might spread. That was an arrogant dragon’s will that looked down on everything and everyone.

The furious Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix immediately prostrated itself on the ground, and it didn’t even dare to move. It was trembling in terror.

Long Chen immediately began to laugh crazily. What kind of joke was this? Dragons were the emperors of all beasts. What Magical Beast would dare to resist them?

He cursed himself. When had he become this stupid? To capture Magical Beasts, he should just bring out the dragon scale. When the dragon might appeared, who would dare to resist?

“Don’t you like to be a badass? Don’t you like showing off? You shameless thing, just who are you showing off to?!” Long Chen rushed right up in front of the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix with the dragon scale in his hand. He unleashed a flurry of punches and kicks, but it still continued to cower, not daring to move. Meng Qi was stunned.

“When did I even provoke you? Didn’t you want to kill me? Come and try it again!” Long Chen once more kicked it a few times. But these kicks ended up landing on its beak, and its beak was so hard than it was his foot that was hurt.

“Long Chen, what’s going on?” Meng Qi ran over. She still couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Hehe, we’ve struck gold. Meng Qi, place the slave mark,” said Long Chen.

“Will it be alright?” Meng Qi hesitated.

“Don’t worry, in front of dragon might, it won’t dare to resist,” said Long Chen confidently. This dragon scale contained true dragon’s essence blood. That power was unquestionable.

Only then did Meng Qi nod and carefully form a spiritual seal. Using her strongest soul energy, she condensed a slave mark that planted itself in the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

As expected, it merely instinctively struggled a few times, but after that, it didn’t dare to move. It allowed Meng Qi’s slave seal to land on its soul.

“Alright, put away your dragon scale. It’s already my housepet!” Meng Qi’s voice was shuddering slightly.

She felt like she was dreaming. She now controlled a housepet on the Ancestor level. This was unbelievable to her.

Only then did Long Chen carefully put away the dragon scale, but he was still on guard. He was prepared to summon it again at any moment to avoid a sneak attack.

Although Long Chen was confident in Meng Qi’s abilities, this involved their lives, so he naturally had to be careful. But apparently, he was being overly cautious.

The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix had been completely terrified. Even after Long Chen put away the dragon scale, it continued to tremble.

Meng Qi was constantly using her Spiritual Strength to comfort it. This was a method Beast Tamers often used.

If a Beast Tamer wanted a powerful housepet, it was often the master that brought the disciple hunting. The master would beat the Magical Beast half-dead. It would be best if it was on its last breaths. Then the disciple would subdue it, then comfort it. That would make it easier to gain the trust of the Magical Beast.

Although once a slave mark had been placed on it, a Magical Beast would be forced to listen to its master’s orders, a Magical Beast could still rebel and attempt to kill its master to regain its freedom.

But if you were nice to your Magical Beast and didn’t make it go through too much pain, it would come to adapt to its new life and accept its master.

However, the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was absolutely terrified. That hadn’t just been a bloodline suppression, but also a spiritual suppression. It was completely unable to resist.

It only stopped trembling an hour later. It slowly stood up, but it was now in an extremely weak state. After all, Long Chen’s saber had cut a long wound on its head.

Its feathers had also been destroyed, and it was covered in blood. The worst thing was that when it had activated its bloodline power, the dragon might had completely suppressed it in the most domineering way, which had shaken its core.

Hearing Meng Qi’s description of its injuries, Long Chen was speechless. To the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix, he said, “Really, why didn’t you submit earlier? Now we’re all in such a state.”

Currently, Long Chen, Meng Qi, and the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix had been injured. The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s injuries were the heaviest, and with its huge body, complete recovery would require an ocean’s worth of medicinal pills.

“Open your mouth. Eat some medicine to stabilize your injuries.” Long Chen helplessly took out a pile of healing pills. There were over a hundred pills in this pile. These were things he had stockpiled, but he normally was unable to find a use for them.

These were all nine-ring pills, and they could ease its injuries. Furthermore, a Magical Beast’s constitution was powerful. Its innate recovery abilities were also amazing.

After that, Long Chen took out a barrel of healing medicine. He and Meng Qi began to apply it to the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s injuries. This way, it would recover faster.

After all, in this terrifying place, having more trump cards was better. But this project was too huge. Long Chen’s barrel was used up after just applying it on its head.

Long Chen was extremely vexed. Hadn’t he done this to himself? If he had taken out the dragon scale earlier, he wouldn’t have to do all this.

Originally, he had been thinking of having Meng Qi place it into her spiritual space and have it slowly heal. But Meng Qi felt extremely sorry for her new housepet, and so Long Chen could only alternate between refining more medicine and applying it. They only finished after half a day’s work. Only then did Meng Qi slowly place the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix in her spiritual space.

“Alright, let’s go. There are still those two little fellows.” Long Chen directly absorbed the three corpses into the primal chaos space and rushed off toward the bird nest at the peak of the mountain.

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