Chapter 756 Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix

“How come nothing is going according to plan?!” Long Chen felt a headache coming on.

Originally, they had only been planning on subduing the Azure Scale Horned Eagle. But then, the Nine Spike Lizard had appeared out of nowhere. At last, an even more terrifying bird had appeared. Now things had progressed completely out of Long Chen’s control.

“This Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix is a descendant of the immortal era’s divine phoenix. The divine phoenix is an existence as famed as the true dragon. It seems this Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was sleeping underground, but their intense battle disturbed it. It’s angry now.” Meng Qi was pale.

Within that seven-colored light, the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was releasing a terrifying pressure. The Azure Scale Horned Eagle and Nine Spike Lizard no longer dared to move.

“The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix is also a seventh rank Magical Beast. But it possesses a trace of the divine phoenix’s bloodline. Although that trace is truly just a trace, this kind of bloodline pressure can subdue all other Magical Beasts,” explained Meng Qi.

Suddenly, the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix shot into motion. The runes on its wings flickered, and its huge body shot forward like a seven-colored meteorite. It left behind a beautiful rainbow in its path.

But neither Meng Qi nor Long Chen were in the mood to appreciate the beauty. They didn’t even dare to breathe and concealed their auras as best as they could. If the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix noticed them, then it really would be over for them.

The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix had only just moved when the Azure Scale Horned Eagle fled. It didn’t even have the courage to fight.

The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s wings spread, and the runes on its feathers lit up. Countless feather arrows shot toward the Azure Scale Horned Eagle.

Holes riddled its body, and blood splashed from the sky. Long Chen was shocked to see that these feather arrows contained metal energy within them that made them extremely powerful.

The Azure Scale Horned Eagle let out a mournful cry and fell to the ground. Its head had been pierced, and after struggling a few times, it no longer moved. A terrifying seventh rank Magical Beast had been killed just like that.

Meng Qi and Long Chen’s hearts were pounding. The Azure Scale Horned Eagle had easily killed that huge python. And now the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix had also easily one-shotted the Azure Scale Horned Eagle.

The Nine Spike Lizard also fled for its life. Although its speed wasn’t fast, as long as it wasn’t struck on its head, it would still have a chance to flee.

But suddenly, a certain feather on the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s head lifted. That feather was covered in runes, and they all lit up, causing a rumble in the sky.

“That is the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s true feather. Its bloodline power is concentrated in that true feather. It is rumored that its power is enough to overflow the earth and decimate the heavens.” Meng Qi covered her mouth in shock

This information was something she had seen in some ancient texts. Who knew whether it was true or false? But seeing it activate its true feather, her heart pounded.

Rumbling came from the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s head. Its true feather disappeared, transforming into a sky full of runes. They gathered together to become a seven-colored arrow that shot toward the Nine Spike Lizard.

Its speed was too fast. Long Chen and Meng Qi had only just seen the arrow form when it arrived right in front of the Nine Spike Lizard.

Shockingly, the Nine Spike Lizard’s head instantly exploded. It didn’t even have a chance to make a sound.

Long Chen and Meng Qi tightly held each other. Both of them could hear the other’s pounding heart.

This Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was too terrifying. It had killed two seventh rank Magical Beasts in one shot each. Furthermore, those seventh rank Magical Beasts were both extremely powerful existences.

“Don’t see us… don’t see us… don’t see us… Damnit, it sees us!” Long Chen was in the midst of praying when he wrapped his arm around Meng Qi’s waist and lightning wings appeared on his back. He rushed off.

He had only just flown out when feather arrows caused the python’s tail to explode. Despite fleeing in advance, the scope of those arrows was too great, and the two of them were still struck.

Buzz… A dress of feathers suddenly appeared on Meng Qi. It released a barrier of light.


The barrier shattered. Meng Qi’s feather dress’s defense might be able to block the attack of a Sea Expansion expert, but it was unable to block the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s attack.

It was a seventh rank Magical Beast. That was the same level as human cultivators’ Sea Expansion realm. But this referred to ordinary Magical Beasts against ordinary Sea Expansion experts.

The huge python could be considered an ordinary seventh rank Magical Beast. It might be considered slightly stronger than average, and so it would require three to five Sea Expansion experts to defeat it.

As for Azure Scale Horned Eagle, it possessed an ancient bloodline and had innate divine abilities. Even Ancestor experts would only be able to flee if they didn’t have a Treasure weapon.

As for this Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix, even though its bloodline was not pure, it was still a descendant of the divine phoenix. Its bloodline contained innate techniques, and without Treasure items to protect themselves, even Ancestor experts would be in danger of being killed in one shot.

So Meng Qi’s feather dress’s defense was shattered. However, her Spiritual Strength was extremely strong, so she summoned three barriers one after another. On the third barrier, the arrows also disappeared.

“Meng Qi, hide further back. I’ll handle it!” Long Chen pushed Meng Qi further away.

“Long Chen!” Meng Qi immediately panicked. This Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix was incredibly powerful. There was no way they could defeat it.

But if they couldn’t defeat it, what were they supposed to do? Run? Run in the face of a Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix? That was an absolute joke. Even the Azure Scale Horned Eagle, a wind attribute Magical Beast, didn’t have the qualifications to flee from it. They had even less chance.

“Long Chen, we’ll handle it together!” Meng Qi formed a hand seal. An illusory figure appeared behind her. That was a sign of her Spiritual Strength completely erupting.

“Good, but not now. Support me from a distance for now. I’ll need your help later.”

With a furious roar, Long Chen activated his divine ring and Four Star Battle Armor. Endless energy surged within his body, and his confidence grew a great deal.

Blooddrinker appeared in his hand. He found that Blooddrinker had reached a whole new level of power, but it also seemed to still be in the mending period.

It still hadn’t completely recovered. But during this time, it could help Long Chen out.

In front of this incomparably terrifying Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix, he couldn’t hold back the slightest bit. He pushed his power to his peak. This strength filled him with battle intent.

Not waiting for the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix, Long Chen shot forward. A saber-image slashed down on it.

But the saber-image didn’t even land on the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s body before being shattered by a barrier. That barrier was an automatic defense from its feathers.

Long Chen’s attack wasn’t even able to break this kind of automatic defense.

“Damn, it really is skilled in offense and defense.” Long Chen was shocked. Its attacks were incomparably sharp, and now its defense was so monstrous. It was no wonder the Azure Scale Horned Eagle and the Nine Spike Lizard hadn’t even had a desire to fight it before fleeing. The Azure Scale Horned Eagle had even abandoned its children.

Suddenly, the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix let out a bird cry. Its eyes were like two blazing suns. They suddenly shot out a ray of light that instantly reached Long Chen.

Long Chen jumped. This attack had come without any warning, without it having to accumulate any energy. His lightning wings hastily flapped, and he managed to just barely dodge it.

The red light pierced through the ground so deeply that no end could be seen.

Long Chen felt a chill. This attack was too bizarre. He had never seen such power. It wasn’t brute force that broke through the ground, but that any ground that touched the red light mysteriously disappeared.

“I can’t continue like this. It specializes in long-range attacks. I have to close the distance.” Long Chen’s wings flapped and he shot forward like a shooting star. Dodging the feather arrows that filled the sky, he arrived right in front of the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

Its body was huge, so it shouldn’t be very agile. Long Chen’s plan was to get close and find one of its weak points. Otherwise, fighting head-on against such a terrifying beast was truly courting death.


Long Chen had only gotten close when the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s wings slammed down on him, ripping through space.

“Damnit, space is being compressed!” Long Chen was appalled. The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix didn’t just have long-range attacks, but its close-range attacks were also so terrifying. This attack had compressed space, making it so he couldn’t move. It was very similar to when the vice sect master had stopped him from fighting Zhao Wuji.

However, the vice sect master had used a kind of magical art to compress space. That power had been even greater than this.

Although the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix’s attack wasn’t as concentrated as the vice sect master’s, Long Chen felt like he was moving in the mud. His speed dropped sharply, and the range of its wings was too large. There was no way he could dodge.


Long Chen was blown into the ground. He pierced straight through a huge mountain that directly collapsed.

“Long Chen!” cried Meng Qi.

“I’m fine! Meng Qi, distract it for a bit. I’m going to use Split the Heavens!” Long Chen began to concentrate all his energy into Blooddrinker. A huge saber-image soared into the air.

Meng Qi nodded. She knew that Split the Heavens required some build-up time. Although that time wasn’t long, Long Chen couldn’t be disturbed during that period.

“Departed Spirit Arrows!”

Meng Qi’s hand seal changed. Endless soul energy condensed into tens of thousands of arrows. They rained down on the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix had no way to block these spiritual attacks. It could only endure them. It let out a furious bird cry then shot toward Meng Qi.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

Just at that moment, Long Chen finished his preparations. His huge saber-image ruthlessly slashed down on the Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix.

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