Chapter 755 Battle of Magical Beasts

That Azure Scale Horned Eagle flew directly to the lake. Its wings suddenly spread, and one of those huge wings slashed onto the water.

The surrounding mountains shook, and water erupted into the air. A fierce astral wind destroyed the nearby boulders.

A huge head suddenly shot out of the water. It was the head of a python. It was huge, practically the size of a small mountain.

Long Chen hadn’t expected that this serene and calm lake would be hiding such a huge python. Furthermore, from its aura, it was also a seventh rank Magical Beast.

The python had only just appeared when it spat out some black mist. A strange sound filled the air, almost like squeaking. It was as if space was being corroded.

The Azure Scale Horned Eagle flapped its wings and soared directly into the clouds. It was incredibly quick, easily dodging the poison mist.

After that, its horn began to shine. A ray of light shot out, piercing toward the python like a sword.

“This is an innate ability.” Long Chen was completely shocked. This attack contained a locking power. It was impossible to dodge.

The ray of light was incredibly fast, and it directly struck the python’s head. Its head instantly exploded. It was killed in one hit.

The eagle grabbed the python’s corpse and began to fly back in Long Chen’s direction. The python’s body was trailing along the ground.

“A good opportunity!” Long Chen pulled Meng Qi out of the eagle’s eyesight and then jumped onto the python’s tail.

Meng Qi turned pale. “Long Chen, what are you doing?!”

Long Chen pulled open a scale and the two of them hid beneath it. He then took out a sword and stabbed it into the python’s body.

What startled Long Chen was that this python was truly powerful. Even without the protection of its scales, its flesh was extremely tough. He was almost unable to stab into it.

He fixed the sword into its body, using it as a handhold. And as expected, he had only just finished when the eagle flew higher into the air, and the python’s body also left the ground. But with this handhold, Long Chen wouldn’t be thrown off.

“This Azure Scale Horned Eagle is a seventh rank Magical Beast. It’s perfect for you. How could we just let it off so easily?” laughed Long Chen.

“You’re crazy. This seventh rank Magical Beast possesses an ancient bloodline. Even an Ancestor level expert would be forced to run if they didn’t have a Treasure item. You really want to subdue it?” Meng Qi didn’t know what to say. Long Chen always did such crazy things.

“Foolish wife, you’ve forgotten that I am an alchemist! Since it’s carrying this python, it’s definitely planning on eating it. Hehehe…!”

Long Chen took out a dose of medicine. He rubbed it into the wound he had made with his sword. This medicine was quickly absorbed into the flesh and disappeared.

“Do you think I came without any preparations? I made all kinds of medicines to use. Poisons, laxatives, anesthetics, corrosives, aphro-... cough, in any case, I have everything we could want.” Long Chen almost blurted out something inappropriate.

Long Chen had truly made ample preparations before entering the Spirit World. As he added more medicine to the wound, he whispered, “I’m adding all kinds of medicines this time. As long as it eats this python’s flesh, even if it's just a bite, with the current dosage I’ve used, it’ll immediately get diarrhea and find that it is unable to use any energy. Its body will go limp and weak. At that time, it’ll be much easier for you to place a spiritual imprint on it.”

“Will… will that really work?” Meng Qi might have confidence in Long Chen, but she still couldn’t help but feel that this was a bit crazy. This was a seventh rank Magical Beast. She had never even thought about subduing one. Compared to Long Chen, she really was conservative.

“You’ll hurt your future man’s ego if you keep questioning him,” said Long Chen with a hurt expression.

“Leave this kind of act for Wan-er. I’m talking seriously. Are you really confident?” Meng Qi rebuked.

“Of course. As long as it eats this flesh, it’ll immediately collapse. I’ve used ten times the dosage. There definitely won’t be any problems.” Long Chen patted his chest.

“Then hopefully the heavens will have it eat it quickly,” prayed Meng Qi.

Praying to the heavens? Long Chen rolled his eyes. If the heavens didn’t cause some extra trouble for him, he would have to light incense in thanks.

They flew for over six hours. Long Chen and Meng Qi didn’t dare to look outside, afraid of being sensed by the Azure Scale Horned Eagle.

Suddenly, a sharp bird cry rang out from the Azure Scale Horned Eagle. Long Chen felt himself falling. The python’s corpse was rapidly falling out of the sky.

He was extremely startled. What was going on? The Azure Scale Horned Eagle’s cry had been full of fury. At the same time, he heard a loud rumbling. 

Long Chen hastily looked outside. When he saw what was going on, he was shocked.

At the peak of a large mountain, there was a huge bird nest. However, the nest was covered in blood now. A huge lizard was crazily devouring a chick’s corpse.

There were four shattered remnants of eggs here. It seemed like the chicks had only just hatched. Their eyes had yet to open, and they didn’t have any feathers.

There were bloodstains not far from the eggshells. Obviously, one chick had already been eaten, and the lizard was on the second.


The Azure Scale Horned Eagle directly charged over. Its huge claws viciously slammed onto the lizard. But when it landed on the lizard’s skin, sparks flew and an ear-piercing sound rang out like iron on iron.

Although the claw hadn’t harmed the lizard, the immense force caused it to be sent flying. It flew off the nest and crashed down the mountain.

“Nine Spike Lizard?” Meng Qi let out a startled cry.

This Nine Spike Lizard’s body was huge, around the same size as the Azure Scale Horned Eagle. It was covered in thick scales, and its short limbs seemed extremely powerful.

“Is this Nine Spike Lizard powerful?” asked Long Chen. Meng Qi was the one who was the true expert in Magical Beasts.

“Yes. Well, it’s not particularly amazing. The main thing is that its defensive abilities are too monstrous. It has no natural enemies as only a few Magical Beasts can break its defense,” explained Meng Qi. “However, it is a despicable robber, and its favorite thing is to eat the younglings of other Magical Beasts. Even if it’s noticed, other Magical Beasts can’t do anything to it with its defense. However, because its attack power is limited, it is basically just a troublemaker. It’s not suitable as a housepet.”

“How marvelous. Even the Magical Beast’s world has such fellows that don’t walk the common path.” Long Chen found this extremely unexpected.

The two beasts were crazily fighting now. Explosions rocked the heavens. The Nine Spike Lizard’s defense was too strong, and it could ignore the Azure Scale Horned Eagle.

It clearly wanted to eat the remaining two chicks. But the Azure Scale Horned Eagle was crazily blocking it.

Long Chen couldn’t help sighing. “Magical Beasts are so berserk, but a mother has her instincts. It actually won’t allow it to reach its children. As for humans…”

A tiger, though cruel, would not devour its cubs. Magical Beasts were even more berserk, but when they encountered danger, they would still risk their lives to protect their children.

But as for humans? Incidences of families fighting each other, even sons killing fathers, were common. Just which side was the truly cruel one?

The Azure Scale Horned Eagle was unable to do anything to the Nine Spike Lizard. It was forced to fall back over and over. Suddenly, its horn began to shine, and a ray of light shot at the lizard.

Blood splashed. A bloody trough had been cut into the lizard’s head. But the wound wasn’t fatal. It hadn’t broken past the bone.

“The Nine Spike Lizard’s defense is absolutely monstrous. Its first layer of defense is its hide, while its second defense is its bones. Furthermore, its skull is especially hard to protect its vitals. That’s why it has practically no natural predators,” said Meng Qi.

The Azure Scale Horned Eagle continued to let out a furious barrage, and it used its innate ability several times. Although it caused injuries on the Nine Spike Lizard, they weren’t fatal.

Furthermore, as it released more of its attacks, its core energy rapidly dropped. Its attacks were no longer as fierce as before.

“Long Chen, let’s stealthily go take those two chicks,” said Meng Qi.

From the current situation, in a while, the Azure Scale Horned Eagle wouldn’t be able to stop the Nine Spike Lizard from climbing back up the mountain and devouring the remaining two chicks. After all, those were two new lives, and Meng Qi didn’t have the heart to let them be eaten just like this.

“We can’t. If we want to get over there, we’ll have to go over that cliff. If we go directly, they’ll notice us, and the Azure Scale Horned Eagle will assume we want to eat its younglings, so it’ll attack us. And detouring would take too long.” Long Chen shook his head.

Meng Qi sadly shook her head. Long Chen gently comforted her. “Let’s just keep watching. Perhaps something unexpected will happen.”

The two of them continued to hide and watch. As expected, the Azure Scale Horned Eagle’s power was rapidly dropping. The Nine Spike Lizard had already taken the advantage.

Its hide was thick, and as a cold-blooded creature, it wasn’t extremely sensitive to pain. Its wounds didn’t affect its combat abilities. The two Magical Beasts’ crazy battle had already destroyed the surrounding forests for thousands of miles.

Just as their fight was about to reach its end, a seven-colored light flashed, lighting up the sky. A terrifying pressure descended.

As soon as that pressure appeared, the two Magical Beasts stopped fighting. Looking up, they saw a figure blazing with seven-colored light.

“Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix!”

Meng Qi was filled with shock, her body involuntarily trembling. An existence from legends had appeared here.

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