Chapter 754 Azure Scale Horned Eagle

“Long Chen, we’ve already been flying for three days. Why do we have to go so far?” Meng Qi couldn’t help but ask him in the end.

“Of course it’s for safety. Once the World Piercing Jade Talisman is activated, we’ll be in the Spirit World for a month. When we return, we’ll return to our original location. So it’s best for us to get further away from the Xuantian Dao Sect. However, this distance should be enough. Let’s find a good place. Oh, that mountain valley’s not bad!”

Long Chen suddenly noticed a huge mountain valley. The craggy terrain was filled with boulders and extremely large. It was a good place.

Descending onto the ground, Meng Qi frowned. “Isn’t this place too eye-catching?”

“Hehe, if no one followed us, then considering how desolate this place is, whether or not it’s eye-catching is fine. But if there are people following us, then they have plenty of ways to find us. Even if we find a hidden place, they would still find it.” Long Chen smiled.

“You mean…”

“Pretty much. That old ghost Shui Yuncong definitely hates me to the bone. I’m ninety percent sure he’s plotting something,” said Long Chen.

“Ah? Then what should we do?”

“It’s fine. If he wants to play a game of wits, I’ll play with him to his death. Just wait a moment while I set things up!”

Long Chen got to work. On the peak of four surrounding mountains, he set up a few things. Meng Qi didn’t know what those things were, but she knew Long Chen’s head was full of the strangest thoughts.

After setting those up, he took out a certain thing. It was the size of a chessboard and covered in lines.

“A formation disc?” asked Meng Qi.

“Yes, a formation disc. I got the monastery head to shamelessly borrow it from the vice sect master.” Long Chen smiled. That smile was a bit wretched. Or perhaps extremely wretched.

“Long Chen, you are…”

“Hehe, it’s nothing. It’s just in case of a certain possibility. We can’t carelessly let others scheme against us.”

Long Chen carefully buried the formation disc deep underground and then erased any marks of what he had done. Everything looked extremely normal.

He then took out sixteen rocks that emitted fierce fluctuations. He buried them in a circle several miles wide around the formation disc.

Once he buried the final rock, those powerful fluctuations immediately vanished. Even with Spiritual Strength, it was impossible to sense them.

“Alright, everything’s set up. Hopefully it’ll be useful.” Long Chen patted his hands. “Let’s activate the World Piercing Jade Talisman.”

The talisman appeared in his hand. Using his Spiritual Strength, he activated it. The jade’s runes lit up, and a powerful spatial strength erupted.

A translucent portal appeared in front of Long Chen. It was like a vortex, and it was impossible to see what was on the other side.

“Meng Qi, hold onto me.”

Meng Qi was a bit nervous. She held tightly onto Long Chen, while Long Chen wrapped an arm around her waist. Taking a deep breath, he charged through that portal.

When the two of them entered the portal, they instantly disappeared. The portal also slowly disappeared; everything returned to calm.

The next day, three figures appeared here. One of them was holding a flashing device.

“Yes, he activated the World Piercing Jade Talisman here. Hehe, Long Chen, you’re definitely dead now.”

After saying that, that person left behind a mark on the ground. Then the three of them left. They didn’t realize that on some distant mountain peaks, four photographic jades were recording them.

Long Chen didn’t feel any powerful spatial tearing force. As soon as he stepped through the portal, he found himself in a huge forest.

Before he could carefully size up his surroundings, his heart shook and he hastily dodged to the side with Meng Qi.

Bang! A huge flower viciously bit down where they had just been.

That flower’s petals actually had sinister thorns on them. A green liquid came out of the thorns.

While Long Chen was dodging, countless vines suddenly shot out like poisonous vipers at him. They were incredibly quick and numerous. It was impossible to dodge them all.

Long Chen snorted and a flame blade turned all those vines to ash.

The vines seemed to have been frightened, and in front of Long Chen’s dumbfounded gaze, they vanished underground.

Then looking back at the flower, he found that it had disappeared as well. This place was incredibly strange. He felt a chill.

“Long Chen, didn’t you say that the Spirit World is peaceful? That the experts here are all easy-going? But this is…” Meng Qi was shocked. This fierce vegetation didn’t seem very easy-going.

“I… I don’t know. I previously encountered an expert from the Spirit World, and she really was easy to get along with!” Long Chen was looking around with a bewildered expression.

The trees here were huge, and the spiritual qi was incredibly condensed. It was the same as the scene he remembered from when the Spirit World expert had left.

The difference was that the world that expert had gone to had been full of peace and tranquility, while this place was strange and dark. It gave him a feeling that killers were everywhere, making his nerves taut.

“It really is strange. Is this not the Spirit World? It couldn’t be that Shui Yuncong tricked me!” wondered Long Chen.

Suddenly, a mosquito flew by Long Chen, and a golden petal killed it. That was Meng Qi’s soul item.

That mosquito had been the size of a chicken egg. Once it was cut in two, its mouthpiece continued forward, piercing a large tree as if it were steel. The spot where the tree was pierced immediately began to corrode.

Long Chen and Meng Qi’s expressions changed. An ordinary mosquito actually possessed such terrifying poison.

“Meng Qi, we should activate our Spiritual Strength to find a path. This place is too strange,” said Long Chen as he began to carefully advance.

This place was too dangerous. They might be injured from the slightest carelessness. This wasn’t a good omen.

“Ah, crap, I almost forgot to leave a mark. We still have to return here!” Long Chen clapped himself on the head. He had almost forgotten such an important thing. “The forest here is too dense. Without an extremely conspicuous mark, we won’t be able to find it again.”

Long Chen summoned a flame sphere. He tossed it into the forest, and it erupted, incinerating everything within several miles.

Although this action was a bit excessive, there was no way around it. If they couldn’t find this place again within a month, they would never be able to return.

“Meng Qi, have you started the hourglass?” asked Long Chen.


The hourglass wasn’t in her spatial ring, because space was static there. It was in her spiritual space and currently counting down the time they had left.

Although there was also a sun in this world, who knew whether a day was still twenty-four hours here?

After incinerating a large space and also leaving a spiritual mark, the two of them once more began to carefully advance.

This place was full of high mountains and thick forests. They couldn’t see clearly here, and Long Chen didn’t dare to activate his wings and fly into the air. It was far too easy for a powerful Magical Beast to lock onto him up there.

As they advanced, Long Chen found the forest to be too terrifying. Even the insects here were berserk, and the majority of them were poisonous. As soon as they saw Long Chen, they would crazily attack.

Furthermore, even the vegetation here possessed extremely high attack power. Occasionally, they would send out attacks from underground.

It was fortunate that Meng Qi and Long Chen were both spiritual experts. They managed to avoid countless attacks as they advanced. Eventually, they got to the top of a tall mountain.

“Wow, how beautiful!” Meng Qi let out a startled cry upon seeing the scenery.

Ahead of them was a huge lake. On one side of the pool was a cliff ten miles high. A waterfall crashed down, releasing endless mist. Under the sunlight, a large rainbow was reflected in the mist.

The lake was over a hundred miles wide. It was surrounded by mountains, and it was truly incredibly beautiful. Long Chen even forgot about the previous danger and relaxed a great deal.


Suddenly, the sky darkened. Long Chen and Meng Qi both jumped in fright and hastily looked up. A huge figure was flying over the sky.

“A seventh rank Magical Beast!”

Meng Qi and Long Chen felt a chill. It was a good thing they had kept their auras concealed this entire time. If they were noticed by such a powerful Magical Beast, they would be doomed.

“It has a horn on its head, and its claws have scales. This should be the ancient Azure Scale Horned Eagle. It is rumored that it possesses the dragon eagle’s bloodline, and it is incredibly powerful, almost unrivaled within the same realm!” said Meng Qi.

“So you mean it’s extremely powerful?” Long Chen was enticed.

“Yes, it truly is powerful. Its wings are like iron and its claws like steel. It can tear through space, and most terrifying of all, as a wind attribute Magical Beast, its speed is unrivaled. This is an offensively powerful Magical Beast,” praised Meng Qi.

“If it’s this strong, then let’s capture it as a housepet for you.” Long Chen clenched his fists.

Meng Qi jumped. “A seventh rank Magical Beast that possesses an ancient bloodline is an existence that can even challenge the vice sect master! Long Chen, don’t mess around. Even if we can defeat a seventh rank Magical Beast, with my current Spiritual Strength, I can’t possibly subdue it!”

“Hehe, didn’t I manage to seduce a heavenly fairy like you? Nothing’s impossible. Trust me, we can definitely do this!” said Long Chen.

“We should first see what it’s doing. Perhaps its lair is nearby.” Long Chen and Meng Qi kept a close eye on the eagle. They saw it fly directly to the lake.

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