Chapter 753 Leaving For the Spirit World

When Shui Yuncong left with his gloomy expression, Long Chen suddenly laughed, “I’m rich, I’m rich!”

Long Chen had originally been planning on trading. The only reason he had brought up so many shortcomings was to con Shui Yuncong out of more money. Guo Ran had said that he never had enough money for his use.

“You’re both a pair of old foxes,” sighed Shui Wuhen helplessly.

Previously, she had really thought Long Chen had been unwilling to trade. But now she realized that even she had been tricked by his act.

“Hehe, that old fox isn’t anything good. This Heavenly Water Pearl is something Shui Guanzhi had to have, but I also needed that World Piercing Jade Talisman. I’ve heard that the Immemorial Path is a place where the Eastern Wasteland’s peak experts will gather. It really will be very dangerous for Meng Qi!” said Long Chen.

Shui Wuhen nodded. “The danger of the Immemorial Path far surpasses that Jiuli secret realm you entered previously. That secret realm is merely a speck of dust left behind by the destruction of a world from the ancient era.

“But the Immemorial Path is a true minor world. There is a whole new set of laws there. It is rumored that the Immemorial Path possesses the foundation for a cultivator to become an immortal or god.

“Of course, the Immemorial Path has long since crumbled. It is a severed path that no one can reconnect. So no more gods or immortals ever appeared in the Martial Heaven Continent. However, the Immemorial Path is its own world, so you have to be careful. Not only do you have to be careful of the Righteous and Corrupt experts, but you have to be careful of experts from other races!”

“Other races?” asked Long Chen.

Shui Wuhen solemnly said, “Yes. The Eastern Wasteland might be a desolate place, but there are still countless sects and hundreds of races. Some of those races are even stronger than our Xuantian Dao Sect!”

“Really? They’re even stronger than the Xuantian Dao Sect?” Long Chen was shocked.

“Yes. More precisely, they’re stronger than our Eastern Wasteland’s branch sect. Our branch sect’s power is a drop in the ocean compared to the head sect in the Central Plains.

“As for those races, there are some who have inherited bloodlines from the immortal era. They rarely interact with the rest of the world. In order to keep the purity of their bloodline, they never marry outside of their race.

“There are many races, and it’s very easy to recognize them. If you can avoid it, don’t provoke them. Their clans are very protective, in addition to being domineering and unreasonable!” warned Shui Wuhen.

“As long as they don’t provoke me, I naturally won’t be so bored as to provoke them. But if they try to bully me, well, you know my temperament. If it’s bearable then I’ll bear it, but if it’s not, then there’s no way around it!” said Long Chen.

Long Chen never considered himself to be someone who provoked others. But when others provoked him, he definitely wouldn’t retreat. 

The cultivation path was one where if you compromised, your enemies would continue to force you back. If you wanted dignity, then you had to reveal your fangs to show others that you weren’t prey.

“Those races possess ancient bloodlines, and they inherit special abilities. You have to be careful about them. However, it’s not the Righteous path, the Corrupt path, or those races that are the most terrifying. The most terrifying ones are the aboriginals of the Immortal Path!” Terror flashed across Shui Wuhen’s eyes.

“There are people still living there?” Long Chen was stunned.

“Yes. That place is a world that exists beside our world. It is said that those people are the earliest protectors of the Immemorial Path. But later, for some unknown reason, the Immemorial Path was destroyed and it became ownerless, becoming a separate entity from the Martial Heaven Continent.

“The Immemorial Path is said to be the foundation to becoming an immortal or god, so countless cultivators wish to explore those mysteries inside. Every thousand years, experts will forcibly open the Immemorial Path and send their disciples in as a trial.

“Due to its destruction, the Immemorial Path was turned into quite a few separate sections. The Eastern Wasteland has an opening to one of those sections. Be careful, because when I entered the Immemorial Path, I was in a group of seven people, and we ended up running into an ambush from the aboriginals. As a result, I was the only one to escape with my life.

“The aboriginals treat the disciples undergoing the trial as invaders, as enemies. At the same time, they are also viewed as prey, and so they will slaughter you the second they see you.”

Shui Wuhen fell back into her memories of back then. That had truly been a desperate struggle. Those aboriginals were too vicious.

“It seems that Shui Yuncong’s World Piercing Jade Talisman actually came at a perfect time. If I couldn’t find some powerful Magical Beasts, I feel like Meng Qi shouldn’t take on this danger,” said Long Chen. A Beast Tamer without powerful Magical Beasts was too weak.

“Other than those threats, the Immemorial Path itself is filled with dangers. You absolutely can’t be careless!” warned Shui Wuhen.

“Big sister, don’t worry. I’m not the kind of person who would play with my life,” laughed Long Chen.

Leaving Shui Wuhen’s residence, he returned to his own room. What Long Chen hadn’t expected was for there to be a guest waiting for him. That guest was currently chatting with Tang Wan-er.

“Sister Biluo?”

“Oh, didn’t you call me wife back then? Do you refuse to own up to the truth?” laughed Hua Biluo.

“No, you definitely can’t joke around like this. It might be fatal.” Long Chen hastily waved his hand. In front of an easily jealous girl like Tang Wan-er, how could she make such a joke? He wouldn’t be able to endure the cost to his life expectancy.

“Just look at your foolish expression. Do you think she would be so unreasonable? Sister Biluo has already explained what happened between you two to me. For you to be this nervous, does that mean you have a guilty conscience?” Tang Wan-er rolled her eyes.

Oh, Tang Wan-er actually understood what had happened without getting jealous? How rare. Long Chen smiled toward Hua Biluo. “How are things with your family?”

“Hua Jinrong is dead. I personally killed her! As a result, I become the future inheritor of the family. I came here to find you and pull you into my Hua family,” said Hua Biluo.

Long Chen was startled, but then seeing the slight curl at the corner of her mouth, he realized she was joking. “Then what about the Immemorial Path?”

“Yes, that’s what I came to talk to you about. I won’t be participating in the Immemorial Path. I’ve also given up on the struggle of the martial path,” said Hua BIluo.

“Why is that?” Both Long Chen and Tang Wan-er were startled.

“Because I’m tired. After what happened this time, I’ve found that I am just a leaf floating on an angry sea. That’s what the cultivation path is. Nothing is within my control. But if I withdraw from the martial path and just calmly focus on being a family head, I’ll be able to live a relaxed life. I’m a Celestial, and once I reach Sea Expansion, then with my family’s Treasure item maintaining our karmic luck, I can live a carefree life.” Hua Biluo smiled a content smile.

But Long Chen and Tang Wan-er couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed. It seemed they had lost a companion.

“Then I’ll have to congratulate you. From now on, you’ll be free,” said Long Chen with a smile.

“There’s no way around it. Compared to you two, I’m lacking talent, as well as a certain confidence. And the thing I’m most lacking in is luck. Wan-er has it good, and Meng Qi also has it good. They’re both your women. But you’ve only ever treated me as a friend!” said Hua Biluo with a bit of disappointment.

“Cough, isn’t is good being friends?” said Long Chen awkwardly.

“Alright, let’s not talk about that. I just came here to tell you this so you won’t worry about me when the Immemorial Path opens. Other than that, remember to go see the wife you snatched away when you have time. Perhaps you could leave something behind for me? You understand!” said Hua Biluo. Although she did her best to act natural, her face reddened slightly.

After sending off Hua Biluo, Long Chen couldn’t help feeling uneasy inside. A genius that had been incredibly grand back in the Jiuli secret realm had now turned out like this. Her sharpness and arrogance had been ground away by the merciless passing of time. She had lost a martial artist’s ambitious heart.

“Are you thinking about when to go see that sister and leaving something behind inside her?” said Tang Wan-er extremely frankly.

Long Chen was speechless. This girl was becoming more and more corrupt under his influence. How could she say something so directly?

“Hehe, what kind of joke is that? Do you think I’m stupid?”

Tang Wan-er laughed and wrapped her arm around Long Chen’s arm. “I’m just teasing you. Don’t you like beautiful women? Sister Biluo is very beautiful, and…”

Tang Wan-er gestured at her chest with her hands, meaning that Hua Biluo was also a woman with a grand chest.

“In truth, I’ve always felt that liking someone is completely dependant on the feeling they give me. I don’t have that kind of feeling toward her, nor would I feel an impulse to risk my life for her, so you can be sure that I don’t like her!” Long Chen shook his head.

Putting it like that made Tang Wan-er smile. “Alright, since you’ve put it that way, I’ll allow you to go find sister Biluo when you absolutely can’t hold back anymore!”

Long Chen raged, “You foolish girl, without feelings as a foundation, wouldn’t it be no different than beasts mating? Since you like it when I leave behind things, how about I leave something behind for you right now!”


The next day, Shui Yuncong returned with three million middle grade spirit stones and the World Piercing Jade Talisman. Only then did Long Chen hand over the Heavenly Water Pearl. After the exchange, both sides smiled sinisterly.

After obtaining the World Piercing Jade Talisman, Long Chen called Meng Qi out of seclusion. Meng Qi had completely placed her mark on all the spiritual crystals, and it was no longer taxing for her to keep them in her spiritual space. She could easily refine them over time, and it wouldn’t affect her combat ability.

Once he arranged a few things with Shui Wuhen, he brought Meng Qi out of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Meng Qi summoned her Violet Phoenix Sparrow, and they rushed into the distance.

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