Chapter 752 World Piercing Jade Talisman

“Long Chen, come, sit!”

Shui Wuhen smiled and pointed toward a prayer mat.

There were three prayer mats in the room. Shui Wuhen was sitting on one, Shui Yuncong was sitting on another, and the last one was for Long Chen.

According to normal rules, as a disciple, Long Chen didn’t have the qualifications to sit here. But Shui Wuhen had never treated Long Chen as a disciple. Well, the main point was that Long Chen had never treated Shui Wuhen as a monastery head. They were already used to having no seniority between them.

Long Chen immediately sat. Without even looking at Shui Yuncong, he asked Shui Wuhen, “Monastery head, you wanted to see me?”

“It wasn’t Wuhen who wanted to see you, but me.” Shui Yuncong was a bit irritated.

“Oh, isn’t this the Shui family head? Didn’t the vice sect master say you were to face a wall and ponder your misdeeds? You’ve already transcended?” Long Chen intentionally use transcended in a way that sounded like he was saying he had died.

Shui Yuncong was infuriated when this topic was brought up, but he indifferently said, “I came to find you to discuss something.”

“I have nothing to say to you.” Long Chen shook his head.

“You… you’re not even going to listen to what I have to say?!” raged Shui Yuncong.

Seeing this wily old fox being incomparably infuriated just from a few words from Long Chen, Shui Wuhen couldn’t help laughing inside. As she had thought, evil people were best handled by evil people.

Shui Wuhen had countless grievances with this family head of hers. When Shui Yuncong had asked to see Long Chen, she had actually thought of refusing. But then she also wanted to see what drugs he was on to want to see Long Chen now.

There had been one thing she had been sure of: there would definitely be a good show to watch when the two met. And as expected, Long Chen had only opened his mouth three times, and Shui Yuncong was on the verge of exploding.

“What is there to listen to? You want the Heavenly Water Pearl. What else is there to discuss?” said Long Chen disdainfully.

Shui Yuncong took a deep breath and suppressed his rage. He told himself he had to endure. He had to endure.

“I brought something that you urgently need. When it comes to value, it is definitely above the Heavenly Water Pearl…” said Shui Yuncong.

“Then you should keep it. What does it have to do with me? With your miserly character, would you really do something that would cause you to lose out? Even a ghost wouldn’t believe your story!” Long Chen rudely interrupted him.

Seeing Shui Yuncong’s enraged expression, Shui Wuhen couldn’t hold back a chuckle. She rebuked, “Long Chen, properly discuss this!”

Although she was chiding him, her shoulders were trembling from the effort of holding back her laughter.

Shui Yuncong might be the Shui family head and was used to verbal sparring with others, but Long Chen never acted according to standards. His mouth would say anything, and Shui Yuncong had never encountered such a person. That was because there had never been a person who had dared to speak to him like that, so he had no experience.

“Alright, to give face to my monastery head, I will speak frankly. Bring out whatever you have and let’s see if it’s satisfactory or not,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen also wanted to see just what he had brought. He clearly knew that Long Chen didn’t want to trade, but he had still come. He must have some confidence, or he wouldn’t have just come to embarrass himself.

Shui Yuncong didn’t say any more and took out an elegant case. Opening the case, he revealed a jade talisman.

The jade talisman was the size of a fist. Light could be seen dancing within it, and a majestic spatial strength slowly filled the room.

“World Piercing Jade Talisman.”

Although she had known that Shui Yuncong must have brought something amazing, Shui Wuhen couldn’t help but let out a startled cry.

A slightly pained and unwilling expression appeared on Shui Yuncong’s face. “Yes. This is something that was passed down from ancient times. That mark on it is an immortal character: Spirit. In other words, this is a World Piercing Jade Talisman that connects to the Spirit World. It is able to break through the barrier between worlds, and allows you to travel back and forth.”

“The Spirit World?”

Long Chen was extremely startled. Wasn’t that where the forest divinity had come from?

“You know about the Spirit World?” Now it was Shui Yuncong’s turn to be startled.

“I’ve heard of it. How is this World Piercing Jade Talisman used?” asked Long Chen.

“You can activate it at any place you please. It will allow you to break through space to enter the Spirit World. But within a month, you must rely on the talisman to return. You have to activate the talisman at the same spot as where you arrived in the Spirit World. If you miss that one month’s time limit, you’ll never be able to return!” said Shui Wuhen.

“Yes, that is correct. You should know that the Spirit World is filled with countless ancient Magical Beasts. Those Magical Beasts mostly possess pure bloodlines that give them limitless potential and great power. That Meng Qi has vast Spiritual Strength, but she doesn’t even have one good Magical Beast. For a soul cultivator like that to enter the Immemorial Path would be extremely dangerous. You should be very clear on that!” said Shui Yuncong.

Shui Wuhen’s expression changed slightly. Old foxes really were old foxes. He knew that Long Chen was someone who cared deeply about his relationships. He would be willing to do anything for the people beside him.

That was especially true of Meng Qi. By using her safety to entice Long Chen, it could be said he had truly struck Long Chen’s vulnerability.

“Family head, you really were willing to put in the capital for Shui Guanzhi. It seems our Shui family’s Nine Yang Battle Halberd has been tossed away by you,” said Shui Wuhen.

That Nine Yang Battle Halberd was a rare Treasure item. It contained a fierce Yang energy inside and was extremely precious. It was the Shui family’s most valuable treasure.

It was something every expert in the Shui family knew about. For Shui Yuncong to suddenly have a World Piercing Jade Talisman out of nowhere, it was clear he had traded the Nine Yang Battle Halberd.

Long Chen wouldn’t agree to trade for the Nine Yang Battle Halberd. But this World Piercing Jade Talisman was something that would definitely entice him. He wouldn’t let Meng Qi face danger.

Shui Wuhen was saying this to make sure Long Chen was careful. He had to be clear about everything, because once Shui Guanzhi obtained the Heavenly Water Pearl, the chance of him becoming a rank three Celestial was extremely high. And for the Shui family, they definitely wouldn’t make an investment for money.

If Shui Guanzhi advanced to become a rank three Celestial, then once they entered the Immemorial Path, the first person he would kill was definitely Long Chen.

“That really is enticing. Then let me ask, how many people can use this World Piercing Jade Talisman?” asked Long Chen.


Long Chen couldn’t help being disappointed. If only two people could use it, then he couldn’t bring Tang Wan-er and find her a good housepet too. Currently, their housepets could only be used as mounts. They weren’t strong enough to fight alongside them anymore.

Long Chen truly was moved, because on the border of the Phoenix Cry Empire, in a nameless village, he had seen the forest divinity break through the void to return to the Spirit World. And from that spatial channel, he had seen a shocking scene.

There were huge, ancient trees, birds as large as mountains, and countless precious beasts. There would definitely be powerful Magical Beasts to capture there.

First, Meng Qi needed a powerful Magical Beast to protect herself. Otherwise, he really would worry a great deal for her. Although her soul energy was powerful, figures as important as Celestials would all be given soul items to protect themselves if their own Spiritual Strength wasn’t strong enough.

Second, Long Chen also needed to go to the Spirit World to find some trees that could hold more life energy to replace his current trees. Otherwise, he would be suppressed when fighting against Celestials in the future.

Third, he wanted to see if he could find some clues about the forest divinity. Last time, the divine life drops it had given Long Chen had saved him and the people by his side several times. That debt was enormous, and he had to find some way to return it.

“This thing’s not bad, but it seems like I would be at an immense disadvantage if I accepted!” Long Chen shook his head.

“Oh? Why do you say that?” asked Shui Yuncong lightly.

As a wily old fox, he knew he had found Long Chen’s weak point. He knew Long Chen definitely wanted to trade, but he was just trying to haggle and increase the price. He had seen such a thing many times now.

So, he was very calm. He felt that the initiative was now in his hands. He wasn’t worried about Long Chen not trading. 

Long Chen smiled slightly at Shui Yuncong. “I know what you’re thinking. I can’t help worrying about your intelligence!”

“Oh? I’d like to hear more about that.” Shui Yuncong merely smiled slightly. He had long since been prepared for this.

“I really do want this, but there are a few key points. First, have you ever gone to the Spirit World?” asked Long Chen.

“No, but-”

“Don’t bother telling me there are records. If just theories were useful, what would be the point of practice? You haven’t gone to the Spirit World, so how do you know I won’t just be immediately killed by a rank seven or even rank eight Magical Beast as soon as I enter?” asked Long Chen.


“Second, even if I can get there safely, the legends say that the forest there is so huge that it swallows the sky, and that huge beasts roam the land. Won’t we find it difficult to take a single step in any direction?” continued Long Chen.

Shui Yuncong was speechless. Long Chen’s words were reasonable, and he couldn’t retort. He was about to say some theoretical words when Long Chen opened his mouth again. 

“Third, even if there aren’t any Magical Beasts blocking our path and everything goes smoothly, do you think a powerful Magical Beast will allow itself to be captured by us as easily as a pig? In just a month’s time, we have to look for and capture powerful Magical Beasts, and then also return to our original location. Just how high do you think our chances are?

“If we aren’t able to capture any powerful Magical Beast, it would be better for us to just capture a few weaker Magical Beasts in this world. Then, I won’t have to waste this Heavenly Water Pearl.

“So, respected family head, tell me, with your wisdom, just how big do you think my heart would have to be to agree to your proposal?” asked Long Chen.

Shui Yuncong was immediately speechless. According to Long Chen’s analysis, it truly seemed like he was the only one losing out.

“But the Spirit World is filled with countless treasures and unlimited opportunities. If your luck is good-” quibbled Shui Yuncong.

“Don’t you think talking to me about luck is a provocation?” Long Chen pointed to the belt he was still wearing on his waist.

Shui Yuncong immediately thought of Long Chen’s heaven-defying luck. His heart sank, but he maintained a calm expression. “Then let me hear your suggestion!”

“My suggestion is very simple. I will exchange with you,” said Long Chen, causing Shui Yuncong to be delighted.

“But, you have to pay me an additional three million middle grade spirit stones.”

Shui Yuncong’s smile disappeared.

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