Chapter 751 Instantly Killed

Four heads flew into the sky. The people around them were all shocked. Quite a few people didn’t react fast enough and blood splashed on their bodies.


Long Chen and Tang Wan-er clapped hands. This time, everything really had gone perfectly.

Previously, Long Chen had already pointed out the four assassins to Tang Wan-er. Then Tang Wan-er had put on a play. That play had turned into a tragedy for the four of them. They had been beheaded without even understanding what had happened.


Suddenly, countless Heavenly Dao runes appeared. Those flying heads were pulled back toward their bodies.

“Don’t waste the effort. Goodbye.”

Long Chen smiled slightly. Blooddrinker appeared in his hand, and he slashed it down. Those Heavenly Dao runes were blown to smithereens. There was no time for them to activate the Heavenly Dao Recovery.

At this time, everyone finally reacted. These four had clearly been wearing ordinary disciple robes; how had they suddenly become Celestials? Celestials had their own robes to differentiate them.

Long Chen picked up one of their heads and lightly said, “Your Bloodkill Hall really doesn’t know how to give up!”

“Long Chen, you destroyed our Killing God’s statue, a blasphemy. Get ready to be chased down to the ends of the world by the Bloodkill Hall! Repent with your endless terror, hahaha-”

Although the only remaining part of them was their heads, as Celestials, they didn’t immediately die. Only after saying these final words did that person’s soul completely dissipate.

“Tch, even in death, they want to frighten me. But my guts aren’t so small!” Long Chen disdainfully tossed the head aside. Just who were they trying to frighten?

Hearing that they came from the Bloodkill Hall, the surrounding disciples’ expressions completely changed. Looking at the four corpses, they felt a chill. Four Celestials. Those were the Bloodkill Hall’s violet gold rank assassins.

They had actually sent four violet gold rank assassins! That was too frightening!

As for Long Chen, he was even more frightening. These four assassins hadn’t even had a chance to attack before being killed. Just who was the real assassin? Everyone looked at Long Chen with horror.

“There’s no need to look at me. If others tried to assassinate you so many times, you’d also be the same as me,” laughed Long Chen.

Everyone was speechless. The same as him? If they were targeted by a violet gold rank assassin, it was unknown how many times they would die. They weren’t monsters like him.

“Oh, that person was a man?” Suddenly, one disciple realized that the woman’s face had transformed to become a man’s after dying. It was actually an extremely manly man with a beard.

Thinking of how he had acted like a coquettish woman before, their hair stood on end.

“What happened?” A group of law enforcers charged over. Seeing these corpses, their expressions completely changed, thinking that disciples had killed each other here.

“It’s nothing big. Four of the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins managed to sneak in,” explained Long Chen.

“The Bloodkill Hall’s assassins?!” The law enforcers’ expressions became exceedingly ugly.

“Don’t worry, this matter has nothing to do with you. If this level of assassin wants to sneak in, then our defenses exist in name only. The vice sect master won’t punish you. However, I’ll have to trouble senior apprentice-brothers to clean up these corpses and report this matter.” Long Chen knew they were worried about the responsibility. After all, they were in charge of this place’s security.

“Many thanks, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen! We’ll clean up these corpses right away!” In truth, these law enforcers were much older than Long Chen. But they didn’t dare to act as the seniors.

Long Chen brought Tang Wan-er away. Seeing there was no one around, she laughed, “Long Chen, how was my act?”

Long Chen was speechless. He disdainfully said, “Why didn’t you act according to the script? I didn’t even know how to respond. Furthermore, when did I ever say I like big chests?”

“Hmph, don’t bother. Although you like to fake being a proper person, sister Meng Qi has already told me the truth. Each time a big-chested woman appears, there’s a clear change in your spiritual fluctuations.

“Although you might be able to hide it from me, you can’t hide it in front of a soul expert like sister Meng Qi! You might not look with your eyes, but your Spiritual Strength was stealthily sizing them up. Sister Meng Qi was simply giving you face by not bringing it up!” Now it was Tang Wan-er’s turn to look disdainfully at Long Chen.

Long Chen had never imagined his stealthy actions had long since been noticed by Meng Qi. Despite how thick his face was, he felt a burning sensation on his cheeks.

“Ah, Wan-er, you also know, as a man… A man should be energetic and eager to study, eager to gain experience. That is what drives humanity to progress-” explained Long Chen.

“Say what you want to say more directly. Stop speaking in such a roundabout manner!” Tang Wan-er wanted to get right to the point.

“Uh… Well, what I wanted to know was the exact difference between a man and a woman’s chest. That is very important to my future cultivation. Wan-er, can you help me?” Long Chen looked at Tang Wan-er’s chest with great longing.

“Bastard, you absolute scoundrel!” raged Tang Wan-er. She raised her fists, aiming to beat him.

But Long Chen laughed and dodged. “Don’t be so petty! Just touching won’t cause you to lose any mass! Furthermore, weren’t we just discussing the possibility? If your answer is no, then that’s fine. How can you become hostile so quickly!?”

Long Chen was chased all the way back to their camp by Tang Wan-er. However, at least that relieved the awkwardness of him being seen through by Meng Qi. In the future, he would have to be more careful. He would have to see if they were around before looking.

In truth, even Long Chen didn’t know why he liked women with big chests. But whether it was Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Tang Wan-er, or even Yue Xiaoqian, their movements would all cause huge waves.

As for Zi Yan, she had always worn her special dress, making it so that Long Chen couldn’t clearly see her figure.

And then as for Zhong Wuyan, he had gotten a bad impression of her as soon as he had seen her… Cough, who had asked her to have a chest flat enough for a horse to gallop across it? At this time, Long Chen had almost confirmed a certain theory: women with big chests were nicer.

For example, the Xia Baichi he had met in the Phoenix Cry Empire, or the Yin family’s Yin Wushuang, Zhou Qingyu, Zhou Tianyi, etc. They were sharp and unkind, and their other shared trait was their flat chests.

So Long Chen had come up with his theory: if their chest was flat, their heart was also flat; if their chest was bursting, then their heart was also bursting.

Although this principle was not necessarily applicable to everyone, Long Chen’s experience told him that this was how it was. This theory definitely wouldn’t trick him.

Women with big chests were often nicer, but sometimes they didn’t use their heads enough. Women with flatter chests were more rational, making them shrewd and like to scheme to control everything.

Of course, there were no absolute rights and wrongs. But there was one incontestable fact that made Long Chen like big chests. That was that, at the very least, they felt good.

But this didn’t mean that he would like every woman with a big chest. For example, Yao Niqian’s could no longer be just described as big. It would be at least described as huge, and once it had surpassed the limits that Long Chen could ‘grasp’, he didn’t like it so much.


Long Chen had just returned to his camp when Gu Yang came to greet him. “You should go see Yue Zifeng. That little fellow seems to be stuck on something. Ah, the monastery head came looking for you. It seems that the Shui family’s head is waiting to see you. You should go see the monastery head and then go see Yue Zifeng!”

“What would I see Shui Yuncong first for? He looks just like a zombie that crawled out of its grave. I’ll go see Yue Zifeng first.”

Seeing that Long Chen had real matters to attend to, Tang Wan-er obediently returned to her own room. At the very least, in front of the Dragonblood warriors, she had to give Long Chen some space. That was what Meng Qi had taught her. All men needed face.

When he arrived at Yue Zifeng’s room, Yue Zifeng hastily poured a cup of tea for him. Long Chen drank a mouthful. After his argument with Tang Wan-er, his throat was a bit sore.

“What, have you been influenced by that idiot Yue Qianshan?” asked Long Chen lightly.

“Boss, how did you know?” asked Yue Zifeng.

“Tch, as a sword cultivator, your Dao-heart must be firm. But your gaze is clearly adrift now, and even your spiritual fluctuations are no longer steady. Even that spiritual idiot Gu Yang managed to sense it. You must think that I am an idiot!” said Long Chen.

“I really was affected by him. I’m also thinking of how to merge Heavenly Dao runes into my Sword Dao. But after trying countless times, I’m still unable to do it,” said Yue Zifeng bitterly.

“It’s only been a short time, so it’s natural that you are unable to do so. If you had, then you would be crippled for the rest of your life.” Long Chen once more drank a mouthful of tea.

Yue Zifeng’s expression changed. He didn’t understand why Long Chen would say such a thing.

“Let me tell you, that idiot Yue Qianshan has already tread upon a path of no return. His sword cultivator path has already reached an end. Although he has merged his Heavenly Dao runes into his Sword Dao, making it appear mighty, in truth, that is purely stupid. You were actually influenced by such an idiot. I really am speechless.” Long Chen shook his head.


“Listen to me. There are countless cultivation paths. Whether you choose a major Dao or a minor Dao, as long as you can reach the peak, it is a correct path.

“You two are both sword cultivators. And so the Sword Dao is the correct path for you. Once you merge Heavenly Dao runes into the Sword Dao, will you be cultivating the Heavenly Dao or the Sword Dao?

“Why did Yue Qianshan merge his Heavenly Dao runes into his Sword Dao? It’s because he wasn’t confident enough in his Sword Dao. What is a sword to a sword cultivator? It is not a weapon, nor is it something to depend on. It is your faith. You have to have faith in it.

“When you have confidence in it, it can bring forth miracles for you. If you believe it can cut apart the river of stars, then it will be able to. If you believe it can destroy a world, it will be able to. But this is predicated upon whether or not you truly believe in it.

“So, the fact that you haven’t merged your Heavenly Dao runes into your Sword Dao is lucky for you. If you had really done so, you would never be able to reach the peak of your Dao!” said Long Chen solemnly.

Yue Zifeng turned pale. He had almost committed an irredeemable mistake. His back was covered in sweat. But he had also gained more confidence in his Sword Dao now.

“I understand,” he said gratefully.

“Good. Remember, faith is more important than you think. Countless miracles stem from faith. Alright, I’ll leave now.”

In truth, Yue Zifeng had simply been impacted by how powerful Yue Qianshan’s attacks were. But with Long Chen’s explanation, he immediately understood the truth.

Long Chen went to Shui Wuhen’s room. He wanted to see just what plot Shui Yuncong was brewing now.

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