Chapter 750 They Still Haven’t Given Up

“Long Chen, hurry and get up. You’re a grand hero. How can you be such a rascal?” Seeing Long Chen rolling about senselessly, Tang Wan-er hastily pulled him up.

“How could you make such an agreement without telling me? You’re too inhumane! Furthermore… Ye Zhiqiu and I… we…” Long Chen originally had been about to say that he and Ye Zhiqiu hadn’t reached that point, but then thinking of how Ye Zhiqiu had sacrificed her life to save him, he knew just how deep her feelings for him were. Thus, he swallowed his words.

In truth, he also very much liked Ye Zhiqiu. Ye Zhiqiu possessed a kind of sacred beauty that an ice goddess would possess.

That kind of sacred beauty was one that would make a person ashamed of their own inferiority, but it would also give one a strong desire to conquer them. Long Chen kept his adoration for her inside. He had thought that a girl like Ye Zhiqiu would never form romantic feelings with anyone. Because she was always so icy, no one could tell what she was thinking.

“In truth, we managed to sense that sister Zhiqiu liked you back in the Jiuli secret realm. It’s just that she doesn’t like to reveal her emotions.

“However, a woman has her woman’s intuition. That’s more sensitive than any expert’s perception. Back then, sister Chu Yao proposed this agreement just to probe her, and as a result, she agreed,” said Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen felt a burst of emotion. Thinking of that poignant, final smile of Ye Zhiqiu’s right before her death, pain welled up within him. That previous desire of his vanished.

“Long Chen, don’t be impatient. We… we will sooner or later be yours,” comforted Tang Wan-er. But she was completely red when saying this.

“Wan-er, you really are beautiful,” praised Long Chen.

“Even if you say that, it’s useless. We sisters have already made our agreement, so don’t bother. If you really want it so badly, then work hard at cultivating so that we sisters can unite again. At that time, your dreams will naturally come true!” laughed Tang Wan-er. She clearly thought that Long Chen had his own goal for praising her, and she wouldn’t get duped.

“Alright, that’s also good. At that time, we can all be together… That really would be satisfying. There’ll be you, Meng Qi, Chu Yao, Zhiqiu, and then Yue[1]…” Long Chen hastily shut his mouth.

“Yue? Yue what?” Tang Wan-er immediately grabbed Long Chen’s throat. That gentle, bashful expression instantly changed, making her appear like a tigress.

“Cough, you’re just too nervous. What I was saying was, I was wondering how many months until we can be together.” Long Chen stealthily wiped away some sweat. He had almost called out Yue Xiaoqian.

And he didn’t just think about Yue Xiaoqian. For some unknown reason, he also thought of another name: Zi Yan. The impression that the zither-playing fairy had left him was extremely deep.

“Let’s hurry up. I want to exchange the Heavenly Water Pearl for something useful to us. Hopefully we can get something good.” Long Chen hastily changed the subject. He pulled Tang Wan-er outside.

Hearing that Long Chen wanted to exchange the Heavenly Water Pearl, Tang Wan-er’s interest was piqued. She also wanted to see what treasures were on the same level as the Heavenly Water Pearl in the Dao Sect.

She even thought about calling over Meng Qi, but she was stopped by Long Chen. Meng Qi was in an important period.

He told Tang Wan-er that there were just too many spiritual crystals in her spiritual space. The crystals had her mark on them, and they needed to be refined one by one. Although there wouldn’t be many gains in the short term, the long term effects would be worthwhile. Currently, Meng Qi was exhausting a huge amount of Spiritual Strength just to seal them within herself. If she were to fight someone at this time, she would be at an immense disadvantage.

Even in times of safety, it was best to be wary of danger. Tranquility didn’t represent safety. There was no such thing as absolute safety in the cultivation world. So it was best not to delay her work.

Long Chen asked to see the vice sect master. Only the vice sect master had the authority to access the treasures on the level of the Heavenly Water Pearl.

When the vice sect master handed him the list of treasures, Long Chen was disappointed.

There were only eight items on that list. Four of them were weapons on the Treasure item level. Seeing those, Tang Wan-er was stunned. Those were weapons for Foundation Forging experts.

Since the Heavenly Water Pearl could be exchanged for Treasure items, it meant it was on the same level as them. It was just regretful that this treasure was useless to the Dragonblood Legion.

Of the eight items, the ones that drew Long Chen’s attention were a sword and a spear. If he could get one of them for Yue Zifeng or Gu Yang, their power would increase to the point that they would be able to fight a rank two Celestial.

“Vice sect master, can I choose not to exchange it?” probed Long Chen.

“Of course. The Heavenly Water Pearl is yours. The sect won’t force you to do anything,” said the vice sect master.

“Then many thanks.”

Long Chen left with Tang Wan-er. He was a bit depressed. The Heavenly Water Pearl was a priceless treasure, but useless to him. As for the sword and spear, they would be a better fit for him and the Dragonblood Legion’s growth.

However, he chose not to trade for it. That was because he knew that once he traded the Heavenly Water Pearl, it would end up in the Xuantian Dao Sect’s treasury. Then, others would be able to exchange equivalent level treasures for it. 

The thing that Long Chen wanted to avoid the most was for the Heavenly Water Pearl to end up in the hands of Shui Guanzhi. The final move that Shui Guanzhi had used on the Netherworld Heaven Staircase had raised his guard.

If Shui Guanzhi obtained the Heavenly Water Pearl, he would advance to become a rank three Celestial and his combat ability would undergo a heaven-toppling change. Long Chen definitely wouldn’t do something so foolish. So without something suitable, he decided not to trade it. He would rather let it rot in his hands than for it to benefit Shui Guanzhi.

“Alright, don’t be so depressed. Even if you didn’t trade it, it’s not like you lost anything. Think about how mighty you appeared when you defeated the Four Heavenly Geniuses!” Tang Wan-er tried to cheer Long Chen up upon seeing how depressed he was.

“To me, fame is useless. Only gold and beauties can draw my attention. Cough, of course, I already have beauties, so I’m only lacking money.” Long Chen’s reactions were quick. Tang Wan-er withdrew the hand she had been about to pinch him with.

“Speaking of money, Guo Ran has spent quite a bit during this time. Zheng Wenlong seems ready to cry because of him,” laughed Tang Wan-er.

“That’s fine. Zheng Wenlong isn’t an outsider. We just have to remember this favor in our hearts. I already gave Guo Ran a batch of middle grade spirit stones when I returned. He told me he’s about to finish his new armor. I also look forward to that little fellow’s new invention!” Long Chen smiled. He really had to admire Guo Ran’s bold imagination.

He had entered seclusion to study the Weapon Forging Diagram. According to him, that tome was a treasure that he had desperately needed. With it, his forging arts were rapidly soaring.


While they walked, Long Chen suddenly sent Tang Wan-er a spiritual message.

Tang Wan-er was startled, not knowing why he would do such a thing. She replied, “What is it?”

“Keep acting normal. There are four assassins up ahead. They should be from the Bloodkill Hall. They still haven’t given up. Those four are all Celestials, but they’re wearing ordinary disciple robes, and they’ve also changed their appearances. In a bit, pay attention to my eye signals. We can’t let them run.” Long Chen continued to chatter with Tang Wan-er while he used spiritual transmissions to tell her his plan.

“There are so many disciples here. How can you tell that they’re assassins? Will we end up killing the wrong people?” Tang Wan-er was a bit worried.

“Don’t worry, I’m old friends with Bloodkill Hall’s assassins. They can’t hide their auras from me. Just continue to walk nonchalantly. Don’t look at them, and don’t start looking around, or you’ll raise their guard. Killing people is different from fighting people. Let me teach you…”

Long Chen brought Tang Wan-er through the plaza. They immediately drew people’s attention. Long Chen’s fame had risen above the Four Heavenly Geniuses now in the Xuantian Dao Sect. He was acclaimed as the strongest member of the Dao Sect’s junior generation.

“Greetings, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

Quite a few disciples’ gazes were worshipful. After all, this was an era where power was the most respected.


Long Chen smiled back at these fellow disciples. Suddenly, a female disciple ran over with a red face. She was carrying a handkerchief and a brush.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, can I have your autograph? Senior apprentice-sister, please don’t misunderstand, I just want an autograph!” said the woman nervously.

“That’s fine. Even if you said that you liked him, it would be fine. As long as you have the ability to seduce him, I wouldn’t mind!” laughed Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen’s face immediately darkened. This girl was once more teasing him. He took the handkerchief and signed his name. His bold and powerful strokes were truly majestic. They were both domineering and grand.

“Thank you, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!” That woman was incredibly happy, and after saying thanks, she disappeared into the crowd.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I also want an autograph!” Suddenly, another woman ran over, also holding a handkerchief.

Long Chen was just about to take it when Tang Wan-er icily said, “Absolutely not!”

“Why not?” asked that woman, disappointed.

“Hmph, if I say no, then it’s a no! Why do I have to give you a reason?” said Tang Wan-er icily.

“Don’t be so petty. She just wants an autograph.” Long Chen smiled.

“Hmph, don’t think that I don’t understand you. I know the thing you like the most is women with big chests. As soon as she ran over, you went to greet her. You’re clearly intentionally trying to take advantage of her. You think I can’t tell?” Tang Wan-er raged.

Everyone was stunned, and they looked at Long Chen oddly. It was unexpected that this number one expert actually had such an interest. Then, looking at that woman’s chest, as expected, it was truly a pair of immense mountains, boundless and grand. That woman looked at her own chest and couldn’t help being disappointed.

“What are you talking about? Am I such a person? How can you not give me face?” raged Long Chen.

“You dare to shout at me?!” raged Tang Wan-er. She grabbed Long Chen’s neck in front of everyone’s stunned gazes. Would they really fight here in public?

Suddenly, four sharp wind blades silently flew out, piercing four necks. That included the woman with the incomparable chest. Everyone let out startled cries.

[1] Yue can mean month.

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