Chapter 750 They Still Haven’t Given Up (Teaser)

“Long Chen, hurry and get up. You’re a grand hero. How can you be such a rascal?” Seeing Long Chen rolling about senselessly, Tang Wan-er hastily pulled him up.

“How could you make such an agreement without telling me? You’re too inhumane! Furthermore… Ye Zhiqiu and I… we…” Long Chen originally had been about to say that he and Ye Zhiqiu hadn’t reached that point, but then thinking of how Ye Zhiqiu had sacrificed her life to save him, he knew just how deep her feelings for him were. Thus, he swallowed his words.

In truth, he also very much liked Ye Zhiqiu. Ye Zhiqiu possessed a kind of sacred beauty that an ice goddess would possess.

That kind of sacred beauty was one that would make a person ashamed of their own inferiority, but it would also give one a strong desire to conquer them. Long Chen kept his adoration for her inside. He had thought that a girl like Ye Zhiqiu would never form romantic feelings with anyone. Because she was always so icy, no one could tell what she was thinking.

“In truth, we managed to sense that sister Zhiqiu liked you back in the Jiuli secret realm. It’s just...

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