Chapter 748 Heavenly Water Pearl

The Dragonblood warriors immediately raised their weapons. As long as these fools dared to charge over, they would be mercilessly slaughtered.

They definitely wouldn’t have mercy on anyone who dared to insult Long Chen. In that instant, terrifying killing intent soared out of the Dragonblood warriors.

“Have you had enough?”

Suddenly, a calm voice rang out. The voice wasn’t loud, but it caused their hearts to tremble.

“Vice sect master, it was Long Chen who broke the rules and mercilessly killed someone from the same sect! Please, get us justice!” cried Shui Yuncong.

Shui Wuhen calmly watched without saying anything. But ridicule and disappointment could be seen in her eyes. She hadn’t thought that her family head was such a person.

Normally, he acted so dignified. But now that he had lost, he was like a wild shrew, willing to do anything.

Although she hadn’t clearly seen him do anything with the first female disciple, the gazes he had cast to some other people after she had been killed had been caught by her.

She couldn’t help but wonder, had he gone senile? If even she had managed to catch his actions, then how was he thinking of hiding them from the vice sect master? It seemed Shui Yuncong had already lost his calm, and begun acting stupid.

“Shui Yuncong, where is this place?” asked the vice sect master.

“This place… is the trial region.” Shui Yuncong’s expression immediately became ugly.

“Since it’s the trial region, then monastery heads are unable to interfere in the struggle between disciples. Are you unable to even remember this simple rule? Even the sect master wouldn’t dare to break this rule. Even if disciples want to slaughter each other, you can only advise them. Do you really think you can act as the sect master? Then I’d have to congratulate you on advancing a whole realm!” said the vice sect master calmly. But the ridicule in his voice was not at all concealed.

After saying that, he turned to the disciples with their raised weapons. “In the trial region, disciples are permitted to exchange pointers without being held accountable. Please, continue. I’ll cheer for you!”

The vice sect master actually took a few steps back, taking on the attitude of a spectator wanting to watch the fun. The disciples immediately became flabbergasted.

They had only acted like this because of Shui Yuncong’s encouragement, as well as the fact that they had more people on their side. 

Furthermore, Zhong Wuyan’s supermonastery’s people were also joining. Although Long Chen had won, they couldn’t allow him to hog all the glory.

But now the vice sect master said that disciples could kill each other here without punishment. Their faces immediately became green.

The Dragonblood warriors weren’t a group of people, but a pack of wolves. If they went over, then without the rules to protect them, would they be able to leave alive?

“Boss, this a good thing. Let’s hurry up and kill these bastards!” said Guo Ran, his eyes shining.

“Let it go. Bullying the weak won’t make you a hero. If you have the energy, go kill Corrupt experts. That’s the best way to gain fame!” Long Chen shook his head. He had long since seen through the essence of the Righteous path’s despicable methods. Their motto was that even if they couldn’t beat you, they would wipe their snot on you. Nauseating you was a good reward too. That was too low grade, and he couldn’t be bothered with it.

“What? You’re not fighting anymore? Then let’s hurry up and leave. In the Xuantian Dao Sect, there will be rules against killing. But if there are any unresolvable enmities, you can go to the life and death stage. There are 380 life and death stages in the Xuantian Dao Sect, and you can go to them at any time. You can pick one with good feng shui, and choose a good day for yourself.

“Of course, the life and death stages aren’t limited to just disciples. Even monastery heads can fight against each other. Recently, I’ve found that your passion has diminished as you fight amongst yourselves. It’d be better to learn from your disciples and fight with your fists!” said the vice sect master. His gaze swept over everyone.

Their hearts shook. The vice sect master was venting his rage. The ridicule in his voice could not be more obvious. Obviously, he was very clear as to what was going on.

If he had used a furious voice, that would have actually been better. Now that he said these words with a calm voice, their significance was a bit different.

The vice sect master was truly infuriated. Shui Yuncong and the Wang family head’s little actions hadn’t been hidden from him.

Normally, the two of them were at least a bit smarter and wouldn’t make such mistakes. But today, the two of them had been infuriated by Long Chen and had used this kind of trash method to smear Long Chen’s glory. Thus, the vice sect master was on the verge of going berserk.

But his many years of training allowed him to control himself. He didn’t explode. Instead, he spoke in such a calm voice.

“Don’t you all like to fight? Rather than fighting amongst disciples, a fight between monastery head experts should be much more interesting. Plus, the death of a monastery head would be able to shake the entire Eastern Wasteland.”

Seeing everyone lower their heads and not responding, the vice sect master couldn’t be bothered to continue. These people’s heads had already been corroded. He wasn’t a god, and he couldn’t change them. He could only give them a proper warning and make them reserve themselves.

Furthermore, if a monastery head really died, he would have a pile of work to do. He would need to report that to the higher-ups.

After all, the deaths of monastery head-level experts all needed to be reported to the head sect. That work was up to him, and he was busy enough. 

With a wave of his hand, spatial strength circulated. The light of the sun pierced their eyes as they appeared in the Xuantian Plaza.

There had been no sunlight in the trial region. Now, the warmth of the sun elevated their moods, making them feel more relaxed.

“The trials are over. I trust that you understand just how beneficial they were to you. The next thing is the most significant matter. The Immemorial Path is scheduled to open three months from now. However, this Immemorial Path has no relation to ordinary disciples. Only Celestial-level experts can enter.”

Hearing this, everyone was startled. Just what was the Immemorial Path? Only Celestial-level experts had the qualifications to enter?

“Regarding the Immemorial Path, I will give more information to your monastery heads later, so ask them for explanations. 

“Long Chen, according to the rules, the final treasure of the Netherworld Heaven Staircase must be publicly revealed. One reason is for the report to the higher-ups, while the other is to encourage the other disciples,” said the vice sect master.

Encourage? Are you sure it’s not to provoke them? Long Chen was speechless. But since the vice sect master had ordered him, he could only take out the case.

When that case appeared, all the disciples immediately stopped breathing. As the trial’s ultimate reward, this had to be a supreme treasure.

Shui Guanzhi, Zhong Wuyan, Yue Qianshan, and Zhao Wuji were all conscious now. They were being supported by other disciples.

Seeing that case, they let out helpless sighs. They had already done their best. But Long Chen had still taken the final reward. Was this fate?

As for Shui Guanzhi, his eyes were scarlet. He could have accepted anyone else obtaining the final reward, but the fact that Long Chen had obtained it infuriated him. He had an urge to charge over and break it.

The case opened. Long Chen was dumbfounded. Inside was another case.

Opening the smaller case, Long Chen’s expression sank. Inside was yet another case. His heart clenched.

On the Netherworld Heaven Staircase, he had obtained a pair of shabby boots, a belt, and an elegant blouse.

If this reward was also trash, Long Chen didn’t know whether or not he would die from rage. But that wasn’t possible. This was not a problem of luck anymore. The reward had long since been determined. It couldn’t be possible that the treasure would turn into trash the moment he picked it up, right?

On the seventh case, Long Chen’s expression became exceedingly ugly. Now, the case was only the size of a fist. Had they given him a quail egg?

The case opened, revealing an egg-sized pearl. As soon as it appeared, space trembled.

Endless mist surged out of it, and majestic water energy gave off a stifling pressure. Shui Guanzhi’s eyes almost popped out.

“Heavenly Water Pearl!”

The vice sect master couldn’t help being emotional. That was a priceless treasure. It was a natural treasure for water cultivators, one that would be equivalent to an Earth Flame to alchemists.

Shui Guanzhi’s heart pounded. This was the treasure that he needed. If he could refine it, he would be able to advance to become a rank three Celestial.

A rank three Celestial was a supreme genius qualified to enter the Central Plains’ head Xuantian Dao Sect. Shui Yuncong’s heart immediately clenched. He had to obtain it for Shui Guanzhi.

“Long Chen, this Heavenly Water Pearl is useless to you. We would be willing to exchange other priceless treasures for it,” said Shui Yuncong.

“How is it useless? Do you think I’m stupid? The pearl contains endless water energy. Whether it’s for taking a bath or washing my feet, it’s extremely convenient. It’s very useful.” Long Chen coldly smiled.

In truth, Long Chen was filled with rage. He had obtained a priceless treasure, but it was absolutely useless to him. In fact, it was useless to the entire Dragonblood Legion as there was no water attribute expert amongst them.

“You… you’re going to use it to wash your feet?!” raged Shui Guanzhi.

“It’s mine, so I can do whatever I want with it. Even if I wanted to throw it away, it would have nothing to do with you. I definitely wouldn’t let some despicable little person get an advantage like that,” said Long Chen.

“Long Chen, if this pearl is useless to you, you can exchange it with the sect for other treasures free of charge,” reminded the vice sect master.

“Many thanks. This disciple understands!” Long Chen actually had quite the favorable opinion about this impartial vice sect master, so he was extremely respectful to him.

Now everyone had seen the treasure. Everything was over. Shui Wuhen brought everyone back to their camp.

Watching as Long Chen left, Shui Guanzhi was filled with rancor. He was going a bit crazy. This treasure that he urgently needed had actually been taken away by the worst possible person.

“Don’t panic. We’ll definitely obtain the Heavenly Water Pearl. Let’s go for now.” Shui Yuncong brought Shui Guanzhi away.

The others also left. The trials were over, but the atmosphere in the Xuantian Dao Sect was growing more and more tense.

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