Chapter 747 Defeating the Heavenly Geniuses

Long Chen was delighted. Blooddrinker had actually come to him of its own accord. His spiritual yuan immediately charged through eighteen acupuncture points.

This time, Long Chen didn’t go through the first nine and then go through the next nine.

It was true that the second form of Split the Heavens required activating the first form first, because the second form’s power was added on top of the first. Previously, he had used the first form first and then used its power to activate the second form.

But when using the first form, he had used up seventy percent of its power and then used the remaining thirty percent to activate the second form. Now that he was using one hundred percent of its power to activate the second form, its power was unprecedented.

It was precisely because of this immense power that Split the Heavens had high requirements on a user’s physical body. If your body was too weak, it would just explode before you could unleash your attack.

Now that Long Chen had condensed the fourth star, he could use the second form without expelling so much of the first form’s power. Furthermore, he had to go all-out now, because the attack coming for him was just too powerful.

But as a result of not holding back, Long Chen’s body was unable to bear the impact. His meridians almost cracked and intense pain radiated throughout his body.

Runes lit up on Blooddrinker. A blood-red saber-image pierced into the clouds. Heaven and earth trembled in front of this saber.

“Heaven Decapitating Sword!”

BOOM!!! Yue Qianshan’s sword-image and Long Chen’s saber-image collided. Cracks began to appear in the sky from the power.

The cracks continued to grow. It was like cracked glass that might explode at any moment.

“The barrier is being torn apart!” The vice sect master was shocked. The protective barrier of the Netherworld Heaven Staircase isolated the outside from the inside so that no one could interfere in the trial.

But this barrier actually shattered from this collision. Astrals winds erupted and some disciples were blown into the sky.

This world-shaking collision had completely destroyed the platform. Dust filled the sky.

“Cough.” Long Chen felt like his bones were about to shatter. That attack just now had been too vicious. He vomited blood.

He hastily circulated the primal chaos bead, using its life energy to heal. But he suddenly realized that the healing speed was now incredibly slow.

“Fuck, I forgot. This attack contained Heavenly Dao runes,” cursed Long Chen. Injuries containing the power of the Heavenly Daos were the most irritating to heal with the primal chaos bead.

Long Chen was kneeling on the ground, so exhausted that even raising his head was difficult. But when he managed it, the scene he saw allowed him to sigh with relief.

In the distance, four people were lying on the ground like dogs. Shui Guanzhi in particular had almost been cut in two. Both ends of him were lying together. It was unknown if he was still alive. 

Yue Qianshan was unconscious, blood dripping out of his mouth. Some shattered bits of his organs were also around him.

Zhao Wuji and Zhong Wuyan were further than him. Zhong Wuyan didn’t even twitch, but Zhao Wuji tried to get up several times. However, he didn’t succeed.

Everyone was deathly silent. No one had expected that the final exchange would end up in a bitter situation where both sides suffered such heavy injuries

Suddenly, a light sound rang out. It wasn’t loud, but in this deathly silence, it was incredibly ear-piercing.

“No! The treasure is disappearing!” cried someone. Everyone hastily turned to look at the table. It was slowly descending. Time was up. Since no one had come to take the treasure, it was being recollected.

“How could this happen? They’re all too injured to move!”

“The Four Heavenly Geniuses have exhausted all their Heavenly Dao energy and can’t heal. Heavens, will the treasure really get away?!”

“After that huge battle, the end result is that they’re all heavily injured and can’t move while the treasure disappears? Will they end up going insane from rage?”

Everyone watched as the table slowly sank. If it wasn’t so far, they would have had an urge to charge over themselves.

“Vice sect master…” One monastery head couldn’t help opening his mouth.

“No. Rules are rules. Even if the barrier has broken and we have a high chance of getting in there without activating the laws, does that previous person’s death not dissuade you enough?”


“There are no buts. Everything is fated. The fact that they couldn’t open the treasure only means that they had no fate with it,” said the vice sect master.

In truth, even the vice sect master was completely focused on the table. He wanted to confirm something, and so he was waiting for the final result.

“Tch, good thing I still have a backup plan. Little Snow, quick, help me get the treasure!”

Long Chen smiled. Little Snow appeared out of his spiritual space. His sudden appearance stunned quite a few people.

“Ah, I remember. Long Chen seems to be a dabbler Beast Tamer!”

Little Snow shot forward. Just as the table was about to disappear, Little Snow managed to capture the case in his mouth.

Just as he did, the table disappeared beneath the platform.

“Yes!” Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi cheered. In the end, it was Long Chen who obtained the final reward.

Little Snow came back to Long Chen and placed the case beside him. He then let out an angry roar at the distant four people.

“Let it be. The cultivation path is just like this. There are never enough resources to go around, so competition is a must. There’s no need to take it to the point of murder,” consoled Long Chen.

Little Snow’s meaning was that he should immediately go get rid of these people. They had already clearly been intent on killing Long Chen.

To tell the truth, Long Chen had felt an intense urge to kill them at the time. But now seeing these ‘heavenly geniuses’ lying on the ground like dead dogs, he really was a bit unable to be so ruthless.

Furthermore, even if he did want to kill them, the vice sect master definitely wouldn’t just watch as he slaughtered them. The result was obvious, so he naturally wouldn’t do something so stupid.

“Little Snow, bring the treasure into the spiritual space.”

Long Chen returned Little Snow and the case into his spiritual space. After all, he didn’t know what was inside the case, so he didn’t want to immediately bring it into the primal chaos space.

Many treasures were unable to enter spatial rings, especially lower grade spatial rings. Directly absorbing the case into the primal chaos space might expose that he had another space on him, one that was capable of storing special treasures. 

Suddenly, specific runes lit up on the platform. Long Chen felt his body lighten, and he was teleported off the Netherworld Heaven Staircase.

“Long Chen!” As soon as Long Chen was teleported off, Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er came up and embraced him. The Heavenly Dao runes had invaded his body, making it so the primal chaos bead’s life energy took an extremely long time to heal him. Long Chen didn’t even have the strength to stand right now.

But with two peerless beauties supporting him, he managed to get up. Acting extremely unsteady, he fell into their embrace. That was truly a feeling of rapture.

“Long Chen, are you alright?” Meng Qi took out a handkerchief and wiped off the dust on his face.

“Just look at his expression. He’s definitely fine!” Tang Wan-er looked at Long Chen’s expression and found it both funny and infuriating. This scoundrel really never knew how to be proper.

The crowd was chaotic now because Shui Guanzhi and the others had also been teleported off. Each of them had frightening injuries, and the only one still conscious was Zhao Wuji. The others had all fainted.

“Long Chen, you bastard, how could you be so vicious?! Look how heavily you injured Guanzhi!” One woman stood out and cursed him right in front of his face.

“Long Chen, are you even a man? How could you be so cruel to a woman? To be so vicious to a woman, are you even human?” A male disciple also cried injustice.

The Dragonblood warriors couldn’t help being infuriated. They really were unreasonable. The Four Heavenly Geniuses had teamed up against Long Chen, and these people hadn’t said a thing in such an unfair situation. Now that Long Chen won, they actually began to curse him?

Guo Ran was about to shout back and start a battle when he was stopped by Long Chen. “Don’t bother cursing back at them. It’ll just lower your status. If cursing people had a use, the Corrupt path would have been exterminated ages ago. Let them do as they please. Just remember, when you’re infuriated, don’t curse people. Now, you’re all people with status, so don’t start such a bad habit.”

Guo Ran was still displeased. “But they’re too hateful.”

“That means they still aren’t hateful enough. If they really were hateful, you’d have long since just directly killed them. Why would you waste words on them? So, when you can move your fists, don’t move your mouth!” laughed Long Chen.

Hearing his words, quite a few disciples sucked in a cold breath of air. It was no wonder the Dragonblood warriors were so vicious. It had all been because of Long Chen’s instructions.

“Who do you think you’re trying to scare? You think we’re scared? You think just having some ability makes you amazing? Is just one win enough to be so arrogant? You’re just a bumpkin, a-”


Blood splashed. A head flew into the sky. That woman defending Shui Guanzhi was beheaded in a single blow.

“Bastard, you dare to kill people?!”

The fifth supermonastery’s people were all enraged. They took out their weapons, about to charge forward.

That woman was one of Shui Guanzhi’s worshippers. Seeing Shui Guanzhi heavily injured, she had been enraged. At that time, she had suddenly received encouragement from a certain someone, and so she had immediately begun to curse Long Chen.

The person who had encouraged her was Shui Yuncong. He was more infuriated than anyone else here. Although he couldn’t do anything to Long Chen, he didn’t want him to be seen as a hero.

Originally, he had just been thinking about humiliating him and making him lose face. He had never expected Long Chen to actually kill someone. He was delighted and he began to secretly encourage more people to charge over. He would use this opportunity to make Long Chen completely fall from grace.

“Brothers, prepare yourselves. As many that come, as many we'll kill!” Long Chen coldly smiled.

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