Chapter 746 Space Lock Talisman

Long Chen snorted. His lightning wings shook, and he slashed his saber at the earth giant’s fist.

This was a collision of pure power. The earth giant was forced back a dozen steps, and with its huge body, those dozen steps equated a mile, which instantly exposed Zhao Wuji.

Long Chen was also knocked back, but with a flap of his lightning wings, he shot toward Zhao Wuji.

This earth giant had been summoned by him. As long as he cut down Zhao Wuji or injured him, he would be powerless to control the earth giant.

Zhao Wuji suddenly took out a huge hammer. It was a treasure he had obtained from the Netherworld Heaven Staircase. Although it was only a middle grade Enchanted item, it had earth runes on it. In his hands, it would be able to release the power of a high grade Enchanted item.

Saber and hammer collided. Despite the hammer, Zhao Wuji was sent flying. He vomited a mouthful of blood.

Now that Long Chen had summoned the Four Star Battle Armor, Zhao Wuji was no longer able to challenge Long Chen in physical strength. He could only rely on his earth giant to fight for him.

Long Chen was just about to chase and completely remove Zhao Wuji from the fight when chilling Sword Qi came at him. His wings flashed, and he dodged to the side.

Yue Qianshan’s attacks were too sharp. He didn’t want to face him head-on. That was because his weapon wasn’t good enough. If he fought with him for too long, his weapon would probably shatter.

As for Blooddrinker, it was in a critical state. Long Chen didn’t want to interrupt its healing process. He could only use this black saber.

So Long Chen could only dodge Yue Qianshan’s attacks. Now that his attacks contained Heavenly Dao runes, ordinary weapons weren’t able to block it.

Surrounded by the four of them, Long Chen’s saber danced. He did his best to dodge Yue Qianshan’s attacks and focus his own attacks on Zhao Wuji.

Zhao Wuji’s offense and defense were both purely physical. To Long Chen, who specialized in physical strength, he was the best target.

As for Zhong Wuyan, the figure behind her was rather hard to deal with. It was different from the earth giant and seemed to possess its own consciousness. Whether it was in terms of offense or defense, it possessed very few weak points.

Shui Guanzhi was hiding behind his water dragon, and Long Chen was unable to do anything to it for now. If it was a one on one, he could easily unleash a sudden attack to destroy the water dragon, but the other three would block him now. He had no chance. So Zhao Wuji was his best target.

Atop the platform, Sword Qi raged, saber-images slashed, and explosive sounds echoed out. The all-out battle between the five of them was truly a world-shaking one.

All the monastery heads and disciples were watching closely. This was the disciples’ first time seeing such a fierce battle.

However, over eighty percent of them were focused on Long Chen.

The Four Heavenly Geniuses were the idols of countless disciples in the Xuantian Dao Sect. They considered them true geniuses, legendary figures that couldn’t be defeated.

But these four were actually unable to do anything to Long Chen. Zhao Wuji was even repeatedly blown back and appeared extremely wretched. This scene was deeply shocking.

“This Long Chen really is heaven-defying!” sighed one of the monastery heads. The Four Heavenly Geniuses had even used self-mutilating techniques to unleash their greatest power, but they were still unable to do anything to Long Chen. This had turned into a battle of attrition.

Let alone the other monastery heads, even Shui Wuhen was stunned by Long Chen’s combat prowess. She hadn’t expected there was such a terrifying monster in her hands.

The most hateful thing was that this monster spent all day laughing and joking without even one proper thought. He didn’t possess the slightest mannerism of an expert. Like a ruffian, his coarse mouth spouted whatever it wanted. Everyone had been tricked by this outer appearance.


Suddenly, Long Chen was forced into an impossible position. He had to use his saber to block Yue Qianshan’s sword. As a result, his saber was cut in two.

“His weapon’s been destroyed! Attack!” shouted Shui Guanzhi. His water dragon shot toward Long Chen.

Now, Long Chen had no suitable weapon for himself. He had no Enchanted level sabers left, and he wasn’t suited to using other weapons.

As for lower grade weapons, they were useless to him. If he used a spirit weapon, then with each clash, it would cause his spirit weapon to explode. Now that the four of them had released their greatest power, they were just too strong .

With the four of them charging at him, Long Chen had no other choice. His arms shook and two lights flew out, one blue and one violet.

“Lei Long, Huo Long, destroy them!”

Two mile-long dragons roared. One was made of lightning, while the other was made of fire. A terrifying pressure shook the sky.


“That lightning contains the destructive will of the Heavenly Daos! That’s clearly tribulation lightning!”

“That flame… it contains the ability to ignite the heavens! Isn’t it an Earth Flame? How could Long Chen possess an Earth Flame?!”

Everyone was stupefied. No one had thought that Long Chen was still hiding such terrifying trump cards.

In the thirty-sixth supermonastery, the fact that Long Chen possessed an Earth Flame was no longer a secret. Shui Wuhen had already told her family head that since Long Chen could subdue an Earth Flame, he was definitely someone blessed with karmic luck, and he should be raised with their full resources. At the very least, he should receive a Celestial’s treatment.

But at that time, Shui Yuncong was completely focused on Shui Guanzhi. He hadn’t paid too much attention to her request, and all he had said was that they could discuss it later.

As a result, now that Long Chen summoned an Earth Flame, it shocked everyone. Shui Guanzhi and the others’ expressions completely changed. These two huge dragons were too terrifying.


The two dragons intertwined. Lightning and flame raged. The four of them hastily retreated. Shui Guanzhi’s water dragon, Zhao Wuji’s earth giant, and Zhong Wuyan’s ancestral spirit went to block it.

But under the two dragons’ attack, they all exploded. Shui Guanzhi, Zhao Wuji, and Zhong Wuyan coughed up blood.

A portion of their souls and minds were connected to their attacks. As a result, they also received a backlash.

“How powerful!” Even Long Chen was stunned. He hadn’t thought that Lei Long and Huo Long had grown to such a level.

Suddenly, the world trembled. A sharp sword appeared in the sky and slashed down on the two dragons.


Lei Long and Huo Long instantly crumbled. This immense power caused the world to tremble.


While everyone else was stunned, the vice sect master said, “This power is not a part of him. They will be extinguished by the laws here!”

Lei Long and Huo Long had transformed into runes after being destroyed, but they once more condensed. They let out furious roars as they charged up at the sky.

They had been enraged by the laws here. Both lightning and fire were berserk existences. Now that they had been provoked, they almost went berserk.

As the two dragons soared, energy began to condense in the sky. Long Chen jumped in fright. Although he didn’t know what was happening, he knew that the rules here didn’t allow him to summon the two dragons’ true bodies.

“Get back here!” Long Chen hastily shouted at them through his soul. He didn’t know exactly how terrifying this Netherworld Heaven Staircase was, and who knew whether or not it really would exterminate the two of them.

Those two berserk fellows still listened to Long Chen’s order and returned to his arms.

The huge vortex of energy that was forming in the sky dissipated. Everything returned to normal.

It had happened so suddenly that people felt like they were dreaming. But the water dragon, earth giant, and ancestral spirit had disappeared as well. That told everyone that they weren’t dreaming.

As for Shui Guanzhi and the others, they felt like they were in a nightmare. Other than Yue Qianshan, they were all heavily injured.

“Yue Qianshan, we’ve all paid such a heavy price. The treasure doesn’t matter anymore. Killing Long Chen is the most important thing, and the only one that can kill him now is you,” said Shui Guanzhi. He took out a talisman and crushed it. Light suddenly enveloped Long Chen.

Long Chen suddenly thought of the talisman Shui Guanzhi had obtained from the Netherworld Heaven Staircase. 

“Hahaha, Long Chen, how is the taste of my Space Lock Talisman? Do you feel imprisoned?” laughed Shui Guanzhi. The rancor in his voice was chilling.

Long Chen found that the space around him had been turned into a prison. It was a bit similar to how the vice sect master had immobilized him previously, but the difference was that he could move. He was simply unable to change locations.

“Yue Qianshan, it’ll be up to you.” Shui Guanzhi came up behind Yue Qianshan and poured in the little remaining energy he had into his body.

The others immediately understood. The three of them were heavily injured, and their combat power had dropped sharply. Only Yue Qianshan still had the majority of his combat prowess.

Furthermore, he was a sword cultivator. His attacks were the sharpest.

Zhao Wuji and Zhong Wuyan both placed their hands on Yue Qianshan’s body. Their spiritual yuan poured into him. They had staked everything on him. They were unable to accept that the four of them would fail to defeat their opponent even when they worked together. If that happened, they would have no face left to call themselves the Four Heavenly Geniuses.

“Alright, then let’s unleash a full-strength attack.”

Yue Qianshan no longer hesitated. Holding his sword with both hands, he poured all their energy into it.

Sword-light blossomed turbulently. A huge sword-image slashed down on Long Chen.

Long Chen was appalled. This was their combined power, and it was definitely strong enough to instantly kill him. But he was unable to dodge.

Just at this moment, his hand sank. A blood-red saber had appeared in his hand of its own accord. Long Chen became ecstatic.

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