Chapter 745 Win At All Costs

A three-hundred-meter water dragon slowly condensed and let out a furious roar. It was as if it was a true dragon.

The dragon was comprised of water runes, but now two red eyes appeared on it that made it look extremely sinister.

Most terrifying of all, when he summoned this water dragon, Shui Guanzhi’s originally handsome face withered, making him appear like a zombie.

Everyone was shocked, and the most uneasy one was Shui Yuncong. Only he knew that Shui Guanzhi had increased the power of his water dragon through his life energy. He was using up his essence blood in exchange for ten times the power.

This was an incredibly vicious technique that would shorten his lifespan. Now that things had progressed to this point, it was no longer an ordinary competition, but a battle to the death.

“This Long Chen really is abominable. If he wasn’t here, things would have never progressed to this point. Since he had ‘already died’ outside, he should never have returned!” Shui Yuncong was clenching his teeth. In his fury, he ended up accidentally saying what he was thinking.

The vice sect master’s expression sank. His gaze was like a blade stabbing into Shui Yuncong. A formless killing intent crashed down on him.

Shui Yuncong suddenly felt all his energy being stripped from his body. He no longer felt any connection to his spiritual yuan. It was like he was an ordinary mortal, and he instantly fell on the ground.

Even the monastery heads around Shui Yuncong were affected. They felt their souls almost flee from their bodies. The Grim Reaper’s sickle was pressed right up against their throats.

“Do you want to say that again?” The vice sect master looked icily at Shui Yuncong.

“Vice sect master, please spare me. Disciple let his mouth go out of control.” Shui Yuncong was absolutely terrified. He knew the vice sect master was truly angered. If he said something wrong again, there really was a real danger of him losing his life.

The vice sect master icily said, “As the head of your family, as well as the leader of nine supermonasteries, don’t you feel ashamed about being so biased and envious? Were all your years wasted? Don’t you like to pose as a brilliant sage with far-reaching foresight? If you have that much ability, why don’t you use it against the Corrupt path? All you know how to do is poison your own people. Why do you want to kill your own disciple just because he is talented? When did your heart become so twisted?” 

The vice sect master’s gaze was as sharp as a blade. It looked like he had an urge to immediately kill Shui Yuncong. Shui Yuncong’s sweat instantly drenched his robes.

“When this is over, go into seclusion and reflect upon yourself.”

Shui Yuncong’s expression changed. This was clearly telling him to give up his position as the family head. But he didn’t dare to argue. Who asked him to be so loose-lipped? He had actually said things he should have kept to himself.

“Yes, many thanks for vice sect master’s wisdom!” said Shui Yuncong.

“Then congratulations brother Yuncong. In the future, you’ll be able to live a carefree life of freedom. I truly envy you!” Zhou Tianyi was the first to offer his congratulations. Shui Yuncong almost died of rage.

But he didn’t even have an urge to say anything back. He was incomparably furious, but he didn’t dare to release his fury on the vice sect master. All of this hatred would have to be placed on Long Chen.

Originally, things had been going well. But as soon as Long Chen had appeared, everything had changed. He had even lost his position as the family head.

Although he had already been planning on abdicating his position, there was a large difference between voluntarily and involuntarily giving up his position. 

Shui Yuncong didn’t just hate Long Chen, he also hated Shui Wuhen. The only one he didn’t hate was himself.

“Hahaha, good. Then everyone can go all-out. Great Earthen Spirit!” Seeing Zhong Wuyan and Shui Guanzhi release their greatest power, Zhao Wuji laughed and squatted down. Blood-red runes lit up on his hands, and he slammed them onto the ground.

The ground shook as endless runes surged. 

A mound slowly rose out of the ground. It continued to rise until it was three hundred meters high.

A head suddenly appeared on that mound, then limbs and a torso. In the end, it became a huge earthen giant.

That earth giant was covered in shining earth runes. All the earth’s energy was drawn into it. The solid platform even broke around it.

“Since you’ve all brought out your trump cards, I won’t be so shameless as to hold back.” Yue Qianshan’s expression was cold. He focused on his sword. Suddenly, the Heavenly Dao runes behind him disappeared.

His sword began to shine like the sun. A ray of Sword Qi soared, one that made people’s hair stand on end.

“How did he manage to merge the Heavenly Daos with the Sword Dao?!”

No one had ever heard of such a technique. This was definitely something Yue Qianshan had developed himself.

“Apologies, Long Chen. This is my heavenly sword art. You should feel honored to be the first person to die to this technique!” Yue Qianshan pointed his sword at Long Chen. The light from it was blinding, making it so people couldn’t even see his figure anymore.

Long Chen hadn’t expected the four of them to still possess such terrifying trump cards. He was truly shocked. But now he was a bit irritated that the four of them were looking at him as if he were already dead.

“I’ve had enough of your little show-off act. I’ll bring out my true power as well.” Long Chen sneered and put away his lightning blade. A black saber appeared in his hand. This was a middle grade Enchanted item that had come from a Corrupt expert.

A fiendish aura came from it. Although he found it dislikable, it was both heavy and long enough. After all, spirit weapons were not as easy to use as true weapons.

In front of the Four Heavenly Geniuses’ strongest trump cards, he had no choice but to use his full strength. He was slightly nervous, but he was also a bit excited. A boiling battle intent surged within him.

“Kill him!” The four of them had the same thought.

Yue Qianshan was the first to move. His blinding sword stabbed toward Long Chen.

Long Chen’s heart trembled. He finally had to admit that Yue Qianshan was truly terrifying. He had condensed his Heavenly Dao runes into his sword, and his Sword Qi had merged with his sword intent. His power was limitless.

He didn’t take it head-on. The lightning wings behind him flapped, and he rapidly retreated. The lightning wings pushed his speed to the peak, making it so others couldn’t lock onto him.

BOOM! That Sword Qi ended up slashing onto the ground.

“Heavens, the platform was cut apart!” Shocked cries rang out. Up until now, the intense battle hadn’t caused much damage to the platform. But now, a huge ditch was cut into it. It could be seen just how terrifying this Sword Qi was.

But the ditch had only just appeared when it rapidly fused back together. The runes on the platform had completely healed the damage.

Long Chen had only just dodged Yue Qianshan’s attack when a roaring water dragon came at him. It was too big, and Long Chen couldn’t dodge it. He slashed his saber at it.

BOOM! The water dragon was forced back, but it didn’t explode. That shocked Long Chen. It was truly worthy of being an ultimate trump card. Its power was at least ten times greater than before.

Red light split the void. Long Chen had only just forced back the water dragon and had yet to stabilize. There was no way he could dodge this red light.

“Lightning Finger!”

This attack had come from Zhong Wuyan. The red light was not just a physical attack, but a terrifying spiritual attack. An ordinary block would be ineffective.

A bolt of lightning crashed into the red light, releasing blinding light. Their attacks ended up canceling each other out.


Long Chen had only just blocked the red light when a huge fist appeared behind him. This huge fist, which was even bigger than a whole house, ruthlessly smashed into him.

Such a powerful attack had come without any sound or warning. By the time Long Chen noticed it, he couldn’t dodge. He could only circulate his spiritual yuan and use his back to receive it.

BOOM! He smashed into the ground like a shooting star. Intense pain radiated from his back, and he felt like his bones were about to break. He couldn’t help being startled. If he hadn’t summoned the Four Star Battle Armor, such a terrifying attack would have at least heavily injured him.

“Heavens! They really are all monsters! How can he act so nonchalant after receiving such a terrifying attack! Is… is he really a human like us?!”

The disciples felt like they were going crazy. The five of them possessed inconceivable power, which had already surpassed their imaginations.

Let alone them, even the rank one Celestials were pale. They had done their best in cultivating, and although they knew they wouldn’t be able to defeat a rank two Celestial, they had thought that they would at least possess some ability to fight them. At the very least, they should have been able to endure a hundred exchanges.

But as this battle grew more intense, the number of exchanges they estimated they could handle dropped. It went from a hundred, to ten, to three, to one.

Now, they had completely given up on even that. They found that let alone exchanging blows, just the aftershocks from this battle could kill them. They were not even on the same level.

“Just how did Long Chen train his physical body?” The monastery heads were all shocked. This kind of physical body was something they had never even heard of, let alone seen.

Even Zhao Wuji, who claimed to possess a monstrous physical body, the one said to possess the greatest strength in the Xuantian Dao Sect, couldn’t compare to Long Chen.

Long Chen stood up. He saw Shui Guanzhi smiling sinisterly. He immediately realized that the reason he hadn’t noticed Zhao Wuji’s attack was because of Shui Guanzhi. He had used his water runes to isolate his perception.

Seeing that he hadn’t killed Long Chen, Zhao Wuji shot forward. Following him, the earth giant charged. At the same time, the other three also attacked.

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