Chapter 744 Ancestral Spirit Blessing

Four stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. Although one of them was faint, it was definitely there.

Long Chen’s aura erupted like a volcano. Endless pressure spread. A pillar of qi soared out of him and into the sky. 

Long Chen felt that the energy inside him was boiling. If he didn’t release it, his own body would explode. In the face of their four attacks, he slammed his lightning spear forward.


The land trembled. The collision released a blinding light, and it was as if the very space they were in was about to be torn asunder.

The blinding light was actually Heavenly Dao runes. They shattered in the air, turning into multi-colored dust and light before disappearing.

Five figures flew out of the dust. Even when the four of them were going all out, they still didn’t have an advantage. All five of them were blown back into the distance, and Shui Guanzhi even vomited blood.

Everyone was deathly silent for a moment; all their shocked gazes locked onto Long Chen. They had never seen such a monstrous person before.

When the Four Heavenly Geniuses joined hands, then even the monastery heads would be instantly killed if they didn’t have Enchanted items to protect themselves.

But Long Chen had managed to fight evenly against them. That was even more shocking than when he had previously suppressed them, because he had only done that through his battle experience and technique, making it so that they couldn’t release their power.

But this time, there had been no technique to speak of. It had been entirely a competition of brute strength.

Although they felt this result to be unbelievable, the reality was before them. Long Chen’s power was enough to contend against the four of them.

In other words, if they continued like this, then with his profound combat experience, the four of them wouldn’t have a chance of winning!

Who would have believed such a result? But after seeing this, who wouldn’t? Other than the Dragonblood warriors, everyone was completely shocked.

As for the Dragonblood warriors, their blood was boiling with battle intent. They had an urge to immediately charge over and fight as well. Each time they saw Long Chen fight, they couldn’t stop their blood from boiling.

Each of them watched him worshipfully. This god-like person had given them the ability to fight for the peak of the martial path and to stand on the same level as other geniuses.

If it weren’t for Long Chen, they would be nameless nobodies in the 108th monastery. If it weren’t for Long Chen, they would most likely be ordinary Bone Forging disciples. If it weren’t for Long Chen, then they would never be able to participate in the Xuantian Dao Sect’s trials.

They had a thirst to always follow Long Chen and fight alongside him. Even if they had to spill their blood, even if they had to die, they could die with smiles on their faces.

Of everyone present, only the vice sect master was expressionless. He had thought of a legendary existence, but he wasn’t sure.

Long Chen raised his spear at the four shocked people. “Since you’ve given me a gift, it’s only right for me to reciprocate. Take care!”

Suddenly, space trembled. Long Chen’s spear became a blade which he pointed toward the sky.

“Split the Heavens!”

A huge lightning blade slashed down on the four of them. This blade seemed like it could cut apart the clouds, break apart the stars, and destroy anyone who was struck by it.

The four of them were horrified. They were all locked down by his power. If they tried to run, it would just draw the attack to them first.

“Block together! Profound Water Thousand Layer Shield!” shouted Shui Guanzhi. He hastily formed hand seals and summoned an immense water shield. Runes superimposed in hundreds of layers.

This was Shui Guanzhi’s strongest defense. It combined hundreds of water shields. Previously, he had been too careless and hadn’t used it.

That was because he was also worried about handling the others after killing Long Chen. After all, with his water element techniques, he still had a high chance of obtaining the treasure.

But now Long Chen had displayed power that had far exceeded his expectations. Let alone fighting for the treasure, they might not even be able to keep their lives. He had no choice but to use his strongest technique.

Although this was just the first form of Split the Heavens, both techniques looked the same physically.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s aura was terrifyingly powerful. They all smelled the scent of death from this move. If they were on their own, they would definitely die.

“Great Earthen Wall!”

Zhao Wuji slammed his hands on the ground, summoning a huge wall dozens of meters thick. Its hardness surpassed steel.

The two of them had only just set up these defenses when Long Chen’s lightning blade fell.

Shui Guanzhi’s water shield had the ability to slowly reduce an attack’s power. It released countless ripples to exhaust any attack.

But his shield was torn apart easily. The lightning blade landed on the earthen wall.


Zhao Wuji’s expression completely changed. His wall shattered and Long Chen’s attack still possessed enough energy to kill him.

“Flying Star Slash!” Yue Qianshan struck. As a sword cultivator, the only techniques he knew were offensive ones. He used an attack to break Long Chen’s attack.

His Sword Qi slashed onto Long Chen’s lightning blade. But his Sword Qi instantly exploded upon colliding.

“Great ancestor, hear your descendant’s call! Bestow me with your bloodline power! Awaken, Ancestral Spirit Blessing!”

Just as Long Chen’s blade was about to reach them, a large hand protected the four of them. 

BOOM! Long Chen’s terrifying blade actually shattered upon striking the hand.

“Heavens, what is that?!” Startled cries rang out from the disciples. A huge figure had appeared behind Zhong Wuyan.

This figure was three hundred meters tall, and its body was translucent. It was what had protected them.

Zhong Wuyan’s face was as pale as paper. A blood crystal had appeared on her forehead, and light shone from it.

“This child Wuyan, how could she be so foolish!” The Wang family head was both startled and infuriated.

“This should be a secret art to overdraft her bloodline power, correct?” asked the vice sect master.

“Yes. This technique is extremely harmful to her body, and she can’t maintain it for long. It’s one of her life-protecting techniques, and she absolutely can’t use it unless her life is in danger! This child, when did she become such a fool!” The Wang family head sighed. This child had definitely been spoiled rotten. She didn’t even think about the consequences of her actions.

“You don’t need to be angry. If they always considered every single thing before acting, they wouldn’t be youngsters. They need to mature in desperate straits, or no matter how good their talent is, they won’t be able to grow. Committing mistakes isn’t bad. It’s a must for growth. The real thing to avoid is to have a peerless genius that doesn’t dare to make any mistakes. Then their talent would just be wasted,” said the vice sect master.

The other three family heads didn’t say anything, but inside, they sighed with relief at his words. Although their act could trick others, it couldn’t trick the vice sect master. He merely smiled a bit. That smile was a bit ridiculing.

Long Chen stared closely at that figure behind Zhong Wuyan. He was extremely shocked. How was this technique so terrifying?

Zhong Wuyan icily said, “This is the activation of my bloodline. Although my ancestor has already passed away, through my Spiritual Strength and my bloodline power, it has come to protect its descendants. With my ancestral spirit here, you should know the difference between us!”

Long Chen shook his head. “I really can’t understand you children. Is relying on your ancestors’ power really so worthy of pride? They’ve already died so long ago, but they still have to worry about you like this. You can’t even let their soul rest in peace. If you weren’t even able to defeat me in this kind of situation, would you go back to your family’s ancestral tomb, dig up your ancestors, and then beg them to go fight for you?”

Long Chen didn’t have the slightest good opinion of Zhong Wuyan. Although she might not look bad, she had some screws loose in her head.

“Fuck off!” raged Zhong Wuyan. The huge figure behind her moved. It pointed its palms toward Long Chen, and a scarlet light shone from it.

That light enveloped all the space around Long Chen. Furthermore, it came so quickly that it instantly enveloped him as soon as it moved.

Long Chen felt an immense threat from that light. He slashed his lightning blade at it with his full strength.


The light exploded along with his lightning blade. Long Chen was blown back dozens of meters away. 

“What a terrifying attack.” Long Chen was shocked. That attack had been similar to a spiritual attack. His thunderforce was the bane of Spiritual Strength, but his lightning spear had still been destroyed.

“His thunderforce restricts my ancestral spirit. Are you guys just going to watch?” Zhong Wuyan suddenly turned to look at Shui Guanzhi and the others. Their expressions changed slightly. They knew that continuing to conceal their power was impossible.

“Since we can’t keep concealing our power, let’s join hands. We’ll kill Long Chen in one attack.” Shui Guanzhi suddenly smiled sinisterly. He bit one of his fingers and wiped the blood against his forehead. A blood-red mark covered his entire face.


Shui Guanzhi’s water runes seemed to come alive, and they released a torrential battle intent.

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