Chapter 743 Four Star Battle Armor

Long Chen suddenly disappeared, startling them. His speed was too fast.

When they finally caught sight of him again, he was already in front of Shui Guanzhi. Shui Guanzhi hastily fell back, water runes forming a huge shield in front of him.

Thunder filled the air. Long Chen no longer was fighting with his fists. A three-meter lightning spear had appeared in his hand.

The water shield was pierced as easily as paper by the lightning spear.

The lightning spear continued toward Shui Guanzhi after breaking through his defense. Shui Guanzhi did his best to dodge, but he was still struck in the shoulder.

Blood splashed along with Shui Guanzhi’s miserable cry. His shoulder had been smashed to bits. His arm flew into the air.

Long Chen’s gaze was like blades. Endless lightning swam around him from his lightning spear.

“Of the four of you, you’re the weakest. But your mouth is the most wretched. Who can compare to you in terms of wretchedness?” sneered Long Chen.

Shui Guanzhi’s mouth was truly loathsome. Combined with his disdainful expression, Long Chen’s fury was ignited.

Previously, Long Chen had fought them barehanded and thus they had gotten used to his attack range and tempo. But now that he had suddenly changed to a lightning spear, he almost one-shotted Shui Guanzhi.

That attack had been aimed at Shui Guanzhi’s heart. If he hadn’t reacted fast enough, it would have killed him.

Everyone was stunned. The fellow who had once cursed Guo Ran kept his mouth tightly shut now.

“Long Chen is a lightning cultivator?!” Last time, Long Chen hadn’t used any thunderforce when fighting Shui Guanzhi. Had he been holding back?

In truth, Long Chen hadn’t been holding back. It was just that Lei Long and Huo Long had rushed off to eat.

As for the Lightning Rushing Hand he had used, that had been shocking, but there were quite a few Battle Skills that could transform a person’s spiritual yuan into elemental energy. It wasn’t so rare.

But this lightning spear was no Battle Skill. Only an elemental cultivator would be able to condense a spirit weapon like this.

“Everyone, don’t hold back! Attack!” Zhong Wuyan was the first to recover from her shock. She formed a hand seal, and a strange mark appeared in her eyes. “Ancestral blood support!” 

Her Heavenly Dao runes actually transformed, taking the same shape as the mark in her eyes. Those runes slowly condensed into a pair of blood-colored wings. She slowly rose into the sky, looking down on Long Chen.

Her aura had erupted to a completely new level. A powerful pressure descended. Even the distant disciples felt like the blood in their bodies was about to solidify.

“This is the might of King’s blood. Long Chen, now you should understand the difference between us. In front of this absolute pressure, there’s no way for you to fight back.” Zhong Wuyan arrogantly looked down on Long Chen.

“King’s blood? What’s that used for? Making blood tofu? Blood sausage? Blood pudding?” sneered Long Chen.

This was another bloodline suppression. Perhaps against others it was useful, but with the circulation of his divine ring, he could essentially ignore that suppression.

“You dare insult my grand bloodline? You really deserve to die!”

Zhong Wuyan’s wings flapped and she shot toward Long Chen, her speed incomparable. Others were unable to even see her.


Long Chen slammed his lightning spear forward. Despite digging his feet into the ground, he was knocked back hundreds of meters away.

“How powerful. This isn’t the power of her physical body, but the support of her bloodline runes. Curious.” A solemn expression appeared on Long Chen’s face. As expected, none of the Four Heavenly Geniuses were easy to deal with.

Although Shui Guanzhi was on the same level as the rest of them, that was just because his element restrained the other three. In truth, Shui Guanzhi was the weakest of them.

“Ten Thousand Sword Formation!”

The sky darkened. At some unknown point, over ten thousand swords had appeared beside Yue Qianshan. Those weren’t true swords; they were condensed from his spiritual yuan. Each one of them contained the will of the Sword Dao. They turned into rays of light that shot toward Long Chen.

“Heavens, that’s Yue Qianshan’s supreme technique! He’s trying to kill Long Chen!”

Some of the disciples recognized this move because they had borne witness to its power before. In one of the Righteous and Corrupt battles, Yue Qianshan had used this move to slaughter countless Corrupt experts.

The move’s power was terrifying, and its scope was huge, making it almost impossible to dodge or block. A person could only wait to be killed once he launched this move.

Sword cultivators were claimed to be number one in terms of attack prowess. Seeing these swords shooting forward, it truly seemed like this was a power no man could block.

Long Chen was instantly swallowed by the horde of swords. Shockingly, the ground, which had endured such a bombardment previously without being harmed, now began to crack. Even this powerful platform was unable to bear such a fierce attack.

Everyone finally understood why sword cultivators were praised as number one in terms of offense. Perhaps only sword cultivators could instantly release a power several times greater than their own like this.

“Was Long Chen’s corpse destroyed?” When the dust faded, people couldn’t see any sign of Long Chen. But there was no blood on the ground.

“Where is he?!” Even Shui Guanzhi and the others were startled. Long Chen had actually disappeared.

“Are you looking for me?” A voice rang out from the sky. Everyone hastily raised their heads. Their expressions involuntarily changed.

Long Chen was floating in the sky. A pair of huge wings had appeared on his back.

Those wings had been formed from endless lightning runes. The berserk aura they released made it seem like they wanted to destroy the world.

Lightning wings on his back, and a lightning spear in his hand. Up in the air, overlooking them all, he seemed just like an arrogant lightning god.

Everyone felt themselves to be so miniscule in front of the destructive will coming from his thunderforce. The current Long Chen seemed like the ruler of the world. Whoever he wanted to exterminate would be immediately exterminated without being able to resist.

“He was actually able to condense lightning wings. That would require incredibly vast thunderforce. No wonder even I almost lost sight of him,” muttered the vice sect master to himself.

When those swords had been about to reach Long Chen, he had suddenly summoned these lightning wings. These were lightning wings he had condensed based on the Flamecloud Wings’ principles.

Long Chen had found that these lightning wings were much faster than the Flamecloud Wings. They were able to break through spatial resistance, and so they were more suitable for combat.

His speed had been so fast that many people had thought they had seen him devoured by the swords. But that had just been an afterimage.

Suddenly, he shot toward Zhong Wuyan. People could only see a brilliant ray of light. They were unable to see Long Chen’s figure.

Zhong Wuyan had not expected Long Chen to possess such a powerful trump card. He was even faster than her.

BOOM! Zhong Wuyan’s palm blocked the tip of his spear. Long Chen was knocked back, while Zhong Wuyan didn’t even move.

“Although you might be faster than me, I can suppress you in terms of power with my ancestral blood support. Today, you’ll definitely lose!” Zhong Wuyan took the initiative to attack Long Chen. A rune lit up on her palm, giving her attack immense strength.

At the same time, Zhao Wuji also attacked. Covered in his earthen armor, he smashed his fist toward Long Chen.

Yue Qianshan also moved. His sword pointed toward the sky, and a ray of Sword Qi soared. Everyone felt a chill.

The three of them all attacked at the same time. Shui Guanzhi, who had only just recovered from his injury, was filled with rancor. Clenching his teeth, a blood-red mark lit up on his forehead.

The water energy around him formed into one supreme water dragon that charged toward Long Chen.

The four of them had attacked together. Furthermore, Shui Guanzhi’s water dragon also possessed a water elemental force field. No matter how Long Chen tried to dodge, he would be stuck in his force field, which would cause his movements to slow. He couldn’t possibly dodge their attacks.

His hatred of Long Chen had already reached a peak. This hatred also contained envy, as he was unable to accept that Long Chen was this powerful.

He was unable to accept that a bumpkin without any backing could be even stronger than him, someone whose family had gone all-out to groom into the greatest genius. He wanted to kill Long Chen. Even if he couldn’t obtain the final treasure, he wanted to kill him. So he no longer held back and released his strongest attack.

The monastery heads all stood up with grave expressions. Perhaps the Xuantian Dao Sect was about to lose a genius.

His retreat path had been blocked, and the Four Heavenly Geniuses’ attacks were about to reach him. Long Chen suddenly smiled, battle intent soaring out of him. When had he ever been afraid of someone in the same realm?

“Four Star Battle Armor!”

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