Chapter 742 The Great Earth’s Protection

Long Chen’s fist didn’t just contain his own power. When Yue Qianshan had attacked him, he had also stealthily absorbed a small part of his sword’s power.

Unlike some magical arts, he couldn’t absorb fifty percent or more of his opponent’s power. He was only capable of absorbing a trace of it. But just that trace was enough. Long Chen was just borrowing that trace of energy to release a long-range attack similar to Sword Qi.

However, this attack wasn’t perfect. The Heaven Trapping Water Prison had blocked seventy percent of its power, so Shui Guanzhi had only been struck by thirty percent.

But if Shui Guanzhi hadn’t summoned the Heaven Trapping Water Prison, then in his careless state, even if he wasn’t instantly defeated, he would still be heavily injured.

The spectators were stunned to see Shui Guanzhi be injured and vomit blood. “Why… why can’t I understand any of it?” muttered one disciple. Most of them were unable to tell what had just happened.

At the start, everyone had assumed Long Chen was fated to have a miserable ending from being attacked by all of the Four Heavenly Geniuses. There had even been quite a few people who had felt pity for him, outraged by the injustice.

But as soon as they exchanged blows, that thought became nonexistent. It wasn’t Long Chen being miserably suppressed, but the four of them.

“How is this happening? Just how terrifying is Long Chen?” One of the monastery heads couldn’t help but open his mouth to express his shock.

The most shocked ones were Shui Yuncong and the other family heads. It had to be known that the Four Heavenly Geniuses were the four families’ strongest junior generation disciples. The fact that they would be suppressed by Long Chen was unacceptable to them.

Long Chen should have technically counted as an expert on the side of the Shui family, but it seemed that up until now, Shui Wuhen had no intention of pulling him into the Shui family.

Ever since her falling out with her family, Shui Wuhen had already become completely disappointed in them. What had happened in the Xuantian Sea had made their relationship even worse.

Once Shui Guanzhi had taken the lead to kick Long Chen out, their relationship became even worse. The disharmony was gradually escalating. Although Shui Wuhen hadn’t said anything, everyone could already see that she would no longer stand on the side of the Shui family.

The current Shui Wuhen no longer possessed any loyalty to them. With a talented disciple like Long Chen and the favor of the vice sect master, Shui Wuhen could not be touched by the Shui family.

Now Shui Yuncong was slightly regretting having Shui Guanzhi suppress Long Chen to force Shui Wuhen to lower her head to him. If he had known Long Chen was so powerful, he would have formed a better relationship with Shui Wuhen and pull Long Chen to his side.

At that time, his Shui family would have had two peerless geniuses. Amongst the four families, who would be able to contend with them then?

But now that was too late. Both Shui Guanzhi and Long Chen viewed the other as an enemy. Although it hadn’t reached the point of either you die or I die, it seemed it wasn’t that far off either.

“In truth, the power Long Chen has displayed isn’t much stronger than any one of them,” said the vice sect master.

“What?” Everyone was startled. If he wasn’t so much stronger, how could he suppress the four of them?

“The power he is displaying is truly not that much different than them. Even if it’s greater, it’s only by a slight amount. It’s just that his battle experience gives him a huge advantage. Each time they use any technique, he immediately sees through their weak points and launches a sharp attack. So the four of them are completely flustered.

“Can you not see that the four of them clearly are too immature compared to Long Chen? Yue Qianshan and Zhong Wuyan attacked at the same time. Theoretically, Long Chen would have had to use his back to receive one of their attacks. But what actually happened? As soon as he saw them attacking, he took the initiative to break their rhythm.

“Before they could even launch their attacks, he charged at Zhong Wuyan, forcing her back, and then went to handle Yue Qianshan, who possesses the greatest offensive strength.

“Now look. Zhao Wuji and Shui Guanzhi’s water dragons are about to attack him. Long Chen takes a single step back, dodging the attack of the water dragon. Now the water dragon blocks Zhao Wuji’s line of sight, making his movements slower. He has pulled back his original attack. Before he prepares a new attack, Long Chen attacks him.

“The four of them have no idea how to cooperate. Long Chen is easily grasping their openings. He’s playing with them in the palm of his hand.

“This doesn’t show that Long Chen is particularly powerful, but simply that their cooperation is chaotic. Having more people isn’t necessarily a good thing. They aren’t able to bring out their true power.”

Hearing this, everyone came to a sudden realization. They managed to see the crux of the matter. The rhythm of the battle was entirely under Long Chen’s control.

“Although Shui Guanzhi, Zhao Wuji, Yue Qianshan, and Zhong Wuyan have also fought with the Corrupt path, it was only a few times. But you all know that Long Chen has experienced more life and death battles than anyone.

“He can rely on just his battle instincts to dodge their attacks. Thus, they are suppressed. Have you noticed that many attacks coming for his back are accurately blocked by him without him even looking? This is the difference between geniuses raised behind a fence and a demon produced by the wilderness!” said the vice sect master.

Everyone smiled at the final joke. But then, they were lost in thought. Long Chen had shown them many shocking things. They had to slowly digest them.

“Hahaha, do you see? This is our boss! Even one against four, he can still defeat them. Who was that brat who wanted to show off just now? Come out here and fart again!” sneered Guo Ran at the opposing crowd.

Those people naturally didn’t dare to say anything anymore. They were all intimidated by Long Chen’s terrifying combat abilities. They had never imagined that the undefeatable heroes in their hearts would still be suppressed when they worked together against one person.

“Does this mean Long Chen will win?” probed a monastery head.

“How could it be so easy? The Four Heavenly Geniuses aren’t stupid. They’ll sooner or later find the crux of the problem,” said another monastery head.

Bang! Zhao Wuji was kicked in the stomach by Long Chen and sent flying, vomiting blood. He furiously roared, “Fuck, I don’t care. I’m not cooperating with you bastards anymore!”

Zhao Wuji felt too stifled. In this kind of battle, he wasn’t even able to bring out half his power. Either he was afraid of injuring his own people, or he was afraid of his own people’s attacks landing on him. He had been blown back by Long Chen several times now, infuriating him so much that his teeth creaked.

“The Great Earth’s Protection!”

A set of yellow armor appeared on his body. Long Chen’s heart shook. He sensed endless energy surging into Zhao Wuji from the ground.

“Die!” Zhao Wuji charged. The ground shook with each step he took. Long Chen was startled to find that he had been locked in place by the earth. He was unable to dodge this attack.


Long Chen blocked with his full strength, but he still felt like a wild bull had rammed into him. He vomited blood and tumbled back, landing hundreds of meters away. Pain radiated from his arms. They had actually broken.

He was shocked. Zhao Wuji was actually this powerful. 

“Hahaha, Zhao Wuji has finally released his full strength. Hmph, who does Long Chen think he is? The four of them were just playing with him before. Now that they’re serious, Long Chen will be completely suppressed.” One disciple laughed. That was the disciple whose nose had been broken.

He had already recovered now, and he had also grown smarter. He said his words while hiding in the crowd, not letting the Dragonblood warriors get close.

“How stupid. Boss’s strength isn’t something you ants can comprehend,” sneered Guo Ran.

Currently, Guo Ran was a rank two Celestial. He could also count as a heavenly genius. However, he didn’t have any awareness of that status and started cursing that lowly disciple.

Long Chen slowly stood back up. He wiped some blood from his mouth. Looking at Zhao Wuji, he said, “Looks like you’re the stupidest one here. The others are all holding back to fight for the final treasure, but you’ve already revealed your full strength. When the true fight starts, you’ll still lose the final reward. The reason the others haven’t done the same as you is because they were waiting for you. And as expected, you really didn’t let them down!”

Long Chen’s voice was full of ridicule. He had long since guessed what the four of them were thinking. They wanted to maintain their peak condition for the fight amongst themselves. That was the only reason he had suppressed them.

One reason was truly because of his profound battle experience, while the other reason was that they were intentionally maintaining this kind of situation. Although he didn’t know if this was what they had been thinking of at the beginning, after he had released his strength, he knew that they had begun to think this.

Long Chen’s words caused the spectators to be greatly disappointed. If this was true, then these heavenly geniuses were truly embarrassing.

“What nonsense. Don’t try to drive a wedge between us. You sinister wretch, just shut your mouth!” sneered Shui Guanzhi. To the other three, he said, “Everyone, let’s all not hold back. The warmup is over. Let’s immediately kick Long Chen out and then have a fair fight for the final treasure.”

Warmup? The spectators couldn’t help being stunned. This kind of terrifying fight was just a warmup?

“You’re right, the warmup should end. Let’s start the real fight.” Long Chen smiled and then disappeared.

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