Chapter 741 Fighting Against Heavenly Geniuses

The four of them roared furiously and attacked at the same time. Their killing intent was soaring as they all went berserk.

As peerless geniuses, being slapped in the face made them feel even worse than being killed. Of course they went berserk.

Countless runes appeared around them, and a powerful pressure caused space to twist. Just their aura was enough to terrify rank one Celestials.

“It just so happens that I can use you to test my power. Divine ring!”

Long Chen’s divine ring appeared behind him, causing a loud rumbling. Astral winds raged as it seemed like heaven and earth were trembling.

But this time was different from before. There was a faint green color within the three-color ring. Its color was faint, but it was still visible.

This was Long Chen’s first time summoning the divine ring after condensing the Enlightenment Palace Star. His spiritual yuan gushed forth from his body.

Long Chen roared thunderously, and it was like he was possessed by a battle god who arrogantly looked down on them. With a single punch, a terrifying pressure locked down the four of them.

The spectators were all shocked. Just how heaven-defying was Long Chen? Even in the face of the Four Heavenly Geniuses, he still didn’t take a single step back.


The platform shuddered, but the runes carved into it made it extremely stable. It wasn’t the slightest bit damaged.

Five figures blew back. Long Chen was blown back a few dozen meters before stabilizing while Zhao Wuji and the others were blown back by just ten meters. They looked at him with shock.

“He… he can actually manage to fight all four of them?” stammered a shocked disciple.

Long Chen had only just stabilized his body when he once more shot forward nimbly, arriving in front of the closest one, Shui Guanzhi.

“Skywater Shield!”


Shui Guanzhi’s water shield exploded. He was sent flying by Long Chen’s fist.

He was completely shocked. It had to be known that he was no longer the same Shui Guanzhi that Long Chen had previously defeated. Within the Xuantian Sea, his comprehension over the water element had increased to a whole new level. His water energy was much purer.

Furthermore, on the Nine Netherworld Path, his Spiritual Strength had been improved to an unprecedented level. His Skywater Shield was at least twice as powerful as before.

But it was still unable to bear a single punch from Long Chen. How could he not be shocked?

Long Chen had just sent Shui Guanzhi flying when he felt the wind behind him. Without even looking, he smashed his arm backward.

His elbow ended up colliding with a huge fist. That attack had come from Zhao Wuji. Both of them were blown back.

Because Long Chen had only had time for a hurried block, he had been unable to use his full strength. As a result, he had been at a slight disadvantage. But Zhao Wuji was appalled. Long Chen was absolutely terrifying. This was his first time running into someone with such a powerful physical body.

Zhong Wuyan’s hands suddenly blossomed with light. With simple waves of her hand, dazzling fist-images slammed toward him.

At the same time, a chilling Sword Qi rose. Yue Qianshan also attacked.

Long Chen didn’t even look at Zhong Wuyan’s fist-images. He directly slammed his fist toward her flat chest.

“Lightning Rushing Hand!” 

Zhong Wuyan directly switched from offense to defense. Seeing him come at her in such a suicidal way, she naturally was not willing to be injured.

As a result, she was forced back by Long Chen’s punch, feeling an ache from her hand. She couldn’t help being shocked by his powerful thunderforce.

As soon as Long Chen forced back Zhong Wuyan, he spun around and clapped his thunderforce-shrouded hands together.

He caught a simple sword between his hands. The tip was less than an inch from his heart.

Yue Qianshan hastily tried to pull back his sword, but when it came to physical strength, he couldn’t compare to Long Chen. His sword was stuck in Long Chen’s grasp.

“My brother is also a sword cultivator. Compared to him, you’re just trash. Scram!”

Long Chen suddenly slammed the sword’s hilt into Yue Qianshan’s chest. He was blown back and almost coughed up blood. But he clamped his mouth shut and swallowed it back down, not letting others see that he had been injured by Long Chen.

Although he hid it very well, the monastery heads all saw through it. Long Chen’s attack just now had shaken his organs. That injury was negligible and could be instantly healed, but it was still shocking. 

Shui Guanzhi’s water dragons suddenly appeared and attacked him. This time, hundreds of them appeared at the same time while Shui Guanzhi himself was hiding in the distance, not giving Long Chen a chance to attack him.

Long Chen smiled coldly. Last time, these water dragons had given him a headache. But now, his power had risen to a point that these water dragons were unable to threaten him.

Furthermore, he saw that Shui Guanzhi was acting craftily. These water dragons weren’t to attack him, but to give him some pressure. He was leaving  attacking to the others.

Zhao Wuji and Zhong Wuyan both charged at him. Long Chen met their torrential attacks with his fists.

“Long Chen, let’s see just how you survive today!” Zhong Wuyan ground her teeth.

“There are many people who want my life, but I’m still alive. Who do you think you are to threaten me?” sneered Long Chen.

“Bastard, you-!”


The distant spectators let out a cry. Long Chen suddenly used his back to receive Zhao Wuji’s fist. With a muffled bang, Long Chen borrowed Zhao Wuji’s punch to shoot like lightning toward Zhong Wuyan. The thunderforce on his fists brightened as he smashed his fist at her.


Although Shui Guanzhi had given her a warning, Zhong Wuyan was still sent flying. She was not Long Chen’s match in strength.

The only reason she was able to exchange blows with him was because of the light on her hands. That was her bloodline energy. It was different from ordinary spiritual yuan and extremely powerful.

But even so, when Long Chen attacked her with full strength, she was unable to completely block him. Before she could stabilize, Long Chen’s fist had arrived.

This fist was even stronger. He didn’t give her any breathing room. Zhong Wuyan was shocked by Long Chen’s attack power. Once Long Chen grasped an opening, he would attack until his opponent was defeated.

She no longer had any room to counterattack. She could only focus on defense. But Long Chen had taken the advantage, and she would definitely be heavily injured by blocking this fist.

“Annihilation Slash!”

Just as his fist was about to reach her, Sword Qi came slashing toward him. Without even turning back, Long Chen knew it was Yue Qianshan’s attack. Even before the Sword Qi reached him, he felt a chill in his bones. A sword cultivator’s attack was just that terrifying.

Now if he wanted to attack Zhong Wuyan, he would have to take Yue Qianshan’s attack directly. Although he was confident in heavily injuring her and making her lose her ability to fight temporarily, a sword cultivator’s attack couldn’t be received lightly. Even Long Chen didn’t dare to do so rashly.

He spun on his left foot, and the attack meant for Zhong Wuyan was used to block a three-hundred-meter Sword Qi. That Sword Qi was incredibly powerful, and it seemed as if space was being directly sliced apart by it.


Long Chen was actually sent flying by Yue Qianshan’s Sword Qi.

“Sword cultivators are truly worthy of being the number one attackers. They’re terrifying.” The disciples were all shocked. Long Chen’s display so far had shocked them. His power was enough to fight the Four Heavenly Geniuses. 

But previously, Yue Qianshan hadn’t used his strongest attacks. Now that he was finally releasing his full strength, it was enough to send Long Chen flying.


After sending Long Chen flying, Yue Qianshan’s expression suddenly changed.

Long Chen was sent flying. But he was sent flying straight toward Shui Guanzhi.

Just at that moment, Long Chen stamped his foot on the ground and increased his speed, shooting like a cannonball at Shui Guanzhi. The light on his fists became blinding.

“You absolutely can’t block it! Dodge!” shouted Yue Qianshan. He knew Long Chen had allowed himself to be blown back intentionally. Furthermore, he realized that Long Chen had used some unknown technique to absorb a portion of his strength.

In other words, Long Chen’s fist didn’t just contain his personal power, but a portion of Yue Qianshan’s power. That was why Yue Qianshan gave him such a solemn warning.

“Heaven Trapping Water Prison!”

Even without Yue Qianshan’s warning, Shui Guanzhi could sense the terrifying power contained in Long Chen’s fist. He directly summoned a huge water prison that surrounded Long Chen.

Long Chen sneered and directly sent forth a fist.


That huge water prison instantly exploded. But Long Chen’s attack continued onward to strike Shui Guanzhi.

Shui Guanzhi was directly sent flying, wildly vomiting blood.

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