Chapter 740 One Against Four

As soon as that small table appeared, Long Chen and the others charged over. They all knew that was the Netherworld Heaven Staircase’s final and top reward.

Although they didn’t know what was inside, for it to appear now, even an idiot would know how important it was.

“Water Dragon Twister!”

Long Chen had only just gotten to the top of the platform when a huge water dragon condensed and shot towards him.

Long Chen snorted. Circulating his spiritual yuan, he directly punched the water dragon.

The powerful water dragon was directly blown apart. Water droplets splashed everywhere. After condensing the Enlightenment Palace Star, Long Chen’s strength was incomparable to his previous self.

Back then, this water dragon had been difficult for him to deal with. The main reason was that the water dragon absorbed his energy.

But after condensing the Enlightenment Palace Star, even though it was just an initial form, his power had reached a point where the water dragon was unable to do anything. In his punch just now, he had concentrated his power, making it so the water dragon wasn’t able to absorb much of anything. It was directly blown apart.

That startled Shui Guanzhi. He had never expected Long Chen’s power to grow by so much in just a few days. Had he been hiding his power?

“Great Earthen Wall!”

Zhao Wuji slammed his hands on the ground. A huge earthen wall blocked Long Chen’s path.

Long Chen was just about to test the power of this wall when the sound of whistling wind came at him. He hastily punched out to meet it.

BOOM! This wind, which was released by a punch from Zhong Wuyan, knocked him back three steps. Long Chen was startled by how powerful she was.

Suddenly, cold Sword Qi stabbed at him from behind. It came so quickly that Long Chen had no time to react. The tip had almost reached his back when he instinctively dodged to the side. But the tip still tore through his robes.

Clamor erupted outside. How was it that the Four Heavenly Geniuses were all targeting Long Chen together?

“What are you doing?” Long Chen icily stared at the four of them.

“At this time, do you still have to ask such a stupid question? Are you a pig? I’ve already said that this battlefield is not yours. A bumpkin is a bumpkin. Although your luck might be good and you’ve managed to crawl to this height, that doesn’t represent that you have the qualifications to stand shoulder to shoulder with us, understood?” sneered Shui Guanzhi.

Zhao Wuji said, “Long Chen, if you’re smart, you’ll immediately scram. Although I really want to beat you up, now’s not the time. So if you don’t want to get beaten, get the fuck out of here!”

Zhong Wuyan also icily said, “If you leave now, you can still maintain a bit of your despicable dignity. The treasure here has no fate with you, so you can leave now.”

Even the always silent Yue Qianshan opened his mouth. “Just now, I was already merciful. If I had wanted to kill you, you wouldn't have been able to dodge!”

The four of them had actually decided to work together to get rid of Long Chen from the competition before deciding who would obtain the final treasure. Seeing this, the spectators were all shocked. Against the four of them, Long Chen would only be able to leave.

But this result was unacceptable to many. This was going too far. The Four Heavenly Geniuses were the apex figures in the Xuantian Dao Sect. How could they work together against someone in the same realm?

“Isn’t this going too far?!” raged the thirty-sixth supermonastery’s disciples.

“Idiots, how is it too far? Doesn’t Long Chen like to show off? It’s normal for people to find him irritating and want him to fuck off as soon as possible,” ridiculed a disciple from another supermonastery.

Suddenly, the sound of bones breaking rang out, accompanied by a miserable scream. That person had barely finished speaking before a Dragonblood warrior had charged over and punched him in the nose.

“Pay attention to your words. Don’t insult our boss again. If it weren’t for the robes you’re wearing, you would already be a corpse,” he said coldly.

“Intolerable! How dare you attack others!” An outraged crowd gathered.


One of the monastery heads shouted, “Now you have the strength to fight? Why didn’t you have this strength on the Netherworld Heaven Staircase? Scram!”

The Dragonblood warrior snorted and returned to his camp. As for the person with the broken nose, although there was no danger to his life, his blood and tears intertwined, making him appear incredibly wretched. But this wasn’t the place to fight, and he could only swallow his anger.

“Will… will Long Chen be alright?” asked Tang Wan-er worriedly.

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry. That’s our boss. Boss is unrivaled. So what if he’s fighting the Four Heavenly Geniuses?” said Guo Ran completely confidently.

In the Dragonblood warriors’ eyes, Long Chen was no longer a human, but a god, an undefeatable battle god. They had more trust in Long Chen than anyone. That deep-rooted trust said that their boss was undefeatable.

Guo Ran’s words caused quite a few disdainful snorts from the other supermonasteries’ disciples. The Four Heavenly Geniuses had countless worshippers.

The only reason they didn’t say anything was because the thirty-sixth supermonastery had those unreasonable ‘country bumpkins’. They might get attacked just by saying something. The Dragonblood warriors felt that talking to these hypocrites who only knew how to use their mouths was a humiliation to them, so it was better to just directly use their fists.

The vice sect master didn’t say anything, nor did he reveal any expression. He simply watched those figures, lost in thought.

At this moment, the four of them had blocked Long Chen’s path forward. He sneered, “The reason you’re working together against me is because you’re afraid of me. This is the Four Heavenly Geniuses? What happened to your dignity?”

“Afraid of you? Tch, you’re nothing!” shouted Zhao Wuji.

Long Chen ignored him, continuing, “The four of you understand each other much more than you understand me. You know each other’s techniques, cultivation techniques, and fighting styles. But you know nothing about me or my true bottom line. The fact that I was the first to step onto the 999th stair has made you afraid.

“If you really had any confidence, if you really had any pride, you would never have done this. If you really believed you were unrivaled, how could you worry about that?

“Dragons give birth to dragons, phoenixes give birth to phoenixes. Having been raised by those wily foxes, you’ve also become so hypocritical.

“The cultivation path is inherently a path of struggle. It’s understandable that you would do this, so why must you refuse to admit it? You clearly want to cheat, but why do you still want to act so grand? Why bother with this act?

“This is all I’ll say. The treasure is mine, and anyone who fights over it with me will have their fives limbs broken- cough, well, some people will only have four limbs broken.”

Long Chen suddenly realized he had misspoken, but it was too late to take back those words.

The outsiders looked at Long Chen oddly. His previous words had actually made sense, but then they ended up being so wretched.

“Scoundrel, rogue, shameless to the peak!” Zhong Wuyan gnashed her teeth. She had naturally realized that his correction was because of her.

“At least it's better than you sanctimonious hypocrites. At least I accept what I do,” sneered Long Chen.

Shui Guanzhi, Zhao Wuji, Zhong Wuyan, and Yue Qianshan’s expressions were exceedingly ugly. Long Chen’s words were extremely insulting and clearly a slap to their faces.

Furthermore, his words were right. The reason they wanted to kick Long Chen out first was because they were intimidated by him. They knew too little about him.

The four of them knew about each other’s abilities, and so they felt more confident against each other. Long Chen was an unknown variable that made them uncertain.

Although Long Chen’s words had been the truth, they didn’t want to admit it. Thus, having been exposed by Long Chen, they were infuriated. They glanced at each other and immediately came to a consensus. They weren’t going to just kick him out of here. They were going to take his life.

If just one of them killed him, he or she would receive a heavy punishment. But if Long Chen was killed in a brawl between the five of them, there was no way the Xuantian Dao Sect could punish them so heavily. Killing intent immediately formed in their hearts.

“What the fuck, you’re actually plotting to kill me?!”

Suddenly, Long Chen’s figure disappeared as the four of them looked at each other. Just like a specter, he appeared in front of each of them, his hand slapping across their faces.


A crisp and clear sound rang out. His speed was so fast that the four slaps sounded like one.


From the disciples to the monastery heads, their jaws could not be lower. It was practically possible to see the food in their stomachs from their open mouths.

How could they not be shocked? Long Chen had actually slapped all four of them at the same time, and not one of them had managed to block.

This face-slapping art had reached a supernatural level. How could he slap the faces of the Four Heavenly Geniuses at the same time?

Although his face-slapping divine ability had been trained and refined to a supernatural level, to slap four people at the same time was still a challenge for Long Chen. He had only managed to accomplish it because of their cooperation.

When the four of them had communicated with their eyes, they had never imagined Long Chen would dare to take the initiative to attack them. Furthermore, Long Chen’s control over the Netherworld Ghost Steps had reached the pinnacle.

As for his face-slapping art, there was no need to say anything. There was no killing intent or killing power, so of course the four of them hadn’t sensed anything. As a result, they had all been slapped at the same time, allowing them to go down in history. It could be said that this was a milestone for the cultivation world’s face-slapping arts.

The slap didn’t really hurt. After a brief, stunned moment, they suddenly roared, their auras surging. Their Cries of the Heavenly Daos erupted, and their terrifying killing intent soared into the sky.

“Long Chen, you’ll definitely die!”

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