Chapter 739 Heaven Defying Karmic Luck

Everyone awoke, both the group of disciples on the 999th stair and the ones on the stairs below.

When the ones below crawled up and saw that the 999th stair was full of people, they were incomparably shocked.

“Hahaha, you guys really didn’t let me down! It was worth me doing my best to encourage you!” shouted Guo Ran unashamedly when he saw all the Dragonblood warriors had reached the 999th stair.

The other disciples on the 666th stair glanced at him. They couldn’t help but feel admiration. The thickness of his face was practically unrivaled beneath the heavens.

The staircase trembled as a huge platform rose from the 999th stair. It was dozens of square miles, and the ancient runes carved into it released a majestic pressure.

Just as everyone was wondering what to do, they were suddenly teleported off from the staircase.

“What? Why are we teleported off? What about our rewards?” asked Gu Yang.

Everyone except Long Chen and the Four Heavenly Geniuses had appeared on the same stage as the monastery heads and the vice sect leader. They could only watch the Netherworld Heaven Staircase from a distance.

“You should be content. If it weren’t for Long Chen and the Four Heavenly Geniuses, do you really think you could have gotten to the 999th stair? The benefits you’ve gained from the 999th stair far surpass your imagination, so be happy!” sighed one of the monastery heads.

It really was a case of humans never knowing when enough was enough. They actually wanted to gain more treasures? These monastery heads didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Balls of light appeared beside Long Chen and the Four Heavenly Geniuses. There were only five treasures for the five of them.

Shui Guanzhi took out a scale armor, and each scale was the size of a nail. There were natural lines on it that sparkled with divine light.

“Damnit, all the good stuff is taken up by pigs. A dog’s luck really is good!” Long Chen couldn’t help cursing. That armor looked incredibly powerful. It seemed like a high grade Enchanted item.

Shui Guanzhi was delighted. Suddenly, he bit his finger and dripped a drop of blood onto the armor. The armor’s runes lit up for a moment before dimming again.

Long Chen knew that this level of Enchanted item needed blood to recognize a master. This left a brand on the item, and only then could you release its power. This idiot had clearly struck gold.

The next person to reach in was Zhao Wuji. He took out a long whip eight feet long. It was unknown what material it was made of, but a red light danced along it that made it seem alive. With just a glance, it was obvious it was no ordinary item. It was also a high grade Enchanted item.

Zhao Wuji tested the whip, and a simple flick caused space to tremble. That power was truly shocking.

But Zhao Wuji had clearly never used this kind of weapon before. After swinging it a few times, he ended up striking his own toe. The skin broke and Zhao Wuji clenched his teeth in pain.

People were shocked by how powerful the whip was and how easily it broke his defense. But it was funny that a grand Celestial would end up injuring himself with his own weapon.

Zhao Wuji’s expression was ugly. This was a good weapon, but unsuitable to him. It was also a red color, clearly for a woman.

Zhong Wuyan’s expression was also a bit ugly as she took out an incomparably huge hatchet.

Although she had been prepared, its weight caused it to clang onto the stair. Sparks flew.

The hatchet was too big. It was also a high grade Enchanted item, but it was completely useless to Zhong Wuyan. She could only go to see if she could trade it for something better in the Xuantian Dao Sect afterward.

It was the same as Zhao Wuji. Both their weapons might be high grade, but only a few people used them. The odds of them managing to trade for weapons on the same grade that they could use were low, so they were unhappy.

As for Yue Qianshan, everyone was startled to see him pull out a stalk of grass.

The grass was two feet long and half an inch thick. It looked just like a dagger. Its edges were sawtoothed, and strange marks were present on it.

“Heavenly Sword Grass!” Yue Qianshan suddenly burst into laughter. He seemed like a completely different person from his previous icy, arrogant self.

Long Chen immediately recognized it. This Heavenly Sword Grass was a strange item. It innately possessed the will of the Sword Dao and could help people comprehend it. It was a priceless treasure to a sword cultivator like Yue Qianshan.

Even the distant Yue Zifeng looked at it enviously. This grass possessed a fatal attraction to any sword cultivator. If you could comprehend the energy inside it, it was said that you could gain a chance to become a god.

Although gods were just legends that no one had ever seen, it still didn’t change the fact that the Heavenly Sword Grass was a treasure that sword cultivators would long for even in their dreams.

Seeing three of them obtain high grade Enchanted items and Yue Qianshan obtain a treasure perfectly suited for him, Long Chen was much more at ease. It seemed all the rewards here were top grade treasures.

He reached his hand into the last ball of light. Despite knowing that he was picking from the highest grade rewards of the Netherworld Heaven Staircase, he was still a bit nervous. He didn’t immediately pull it out.

It definitely wasn’t boots. It also definitely wasn’t a belt. It felt soft and flexible. He felt bumps. It should be from complicated runic marks. Long Chen was delighted, thinking he had finally obtained a treasure.

When he pulled it out and revealed the treasure, everyone became deathly silent.

It was red, woven from the finest silk. Two exquisite birds flapping their wings were embroidered onto it.

“A… blouse?”

Everyone was dumbfounded. That was clearly a woman’s garment, not some treasure. It was not an Enchanted item, and no fluctuations could be felt from it. It was clearly just an ordinary piece of clothing.

After a moment, laughter broke the stunned silence. A grand genius like Long Chen had actually obtained a blouse as a reward for the 999th stair? That shocking scene was too comical.

Everyone was laughing. The only one not laughing was the vice sect master. Looking at the blouse, he was filled with shock.

It had to be known that the chance of obtaining trash on the 999th stair was less than one in a hundred thousand.

He had run this trial many times. He had seen millions of disciples pick out their treasures.

But he had never seen such a scenario. Experts had to possess karmic luck, or they would die prematurely.

Even the ordinary disciples, as long as they had the qualifications to attend this trial, they had to be people blessed with karmic luck. And the Netherworld Heaven Staircase innately bestowed karmic luck onto the disciples on it. The percentages for obtaining treasures was based on having no karmic luck. But in truth, it was almost impossible for geniuses, people blessed by the heavens, to pull out trash.

In all his years, after seeing millions of disciples attending, he had only ever seen one disciple pull out trash, and that had been on the 333rd stair.

As for on the 666th stair, he had never seen anyone pull out trash. He had also gone through the history books. In hundreds of generations, no one had ever pulled out trash on the 666th stair.

By the 999th stair, the rewards were all peak treasures. The odds of trash were basically nonexistent. Although he didn’t have the qualifications to go through the other four regions’ records, he trusted that trash had never appeared on them. 

One time was a coincidence, and twice was a miracle. But then what about the third time? Heaven-defying?

“Then could it be that Long Chen… But that’s impossible. Such people can’t live this long…” The vice sect master was completely bewildered.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, this blouse is not bad. Didn’t you get a belt previously? You should put the blouse on too!” Zhong Wuyan suddenly laughed, delighting at his misfortune.

“I’ve never worn such a thing. Can sister Zhong help me by demonstrating how to wear it?” Long Chen directly tossed the blouse to Zhong Wuyan.

Her expression sank. With a wave of her hand, the blouse was blown apart. “You despicable peon, shameless to the peak!

Long Chen was infuriated. How was she any better than him in this situation? “Why be so temperamental? I just wanted you to try it on. Furthermore, I didn’t even ask you to take off the rest of your clothes to do it. You could have just put it on over clothes, but you were too embarrassed about your chest. You could have worn it backward. In any case, your back is just as flat as your chest, so the effect would be the same.”

Everyone was startled. Long Chen’s mouth was a bit too vicious, wasn’t it? But quite a few people ended up looking toward Zhong Wuyan’s chest. As expected, it was a flat plain, a plain so flat that a horse could gallop on it.

Tang Wan-er was laughing uncontrollably while Meng Qi was shaking her head. Long Chen was like the ancestor of all scoundrels. Zhong Wuyan really had been asking for it by insulting him. Even if you cultivated for a hundred years, you wouldn’t be able to beat him in this aspect.

“Die!” Zhong Wuyan erupted in fury and punched Long Chen. She appeared in front of him without anyone even seeing how she had moved. As expected, none of the Four Heavenly Geniuses was weak.

A faint layer of light covered her fist. Space seemed as if it was being torn apart, and an ear-piercing sound rang out.

Long Chen saw that her fist was strange, so he didn’t take it head-on. He dodged, appearing several meters away. His movements were strange. They looked as if someone had tied an invisible string to him and had pulled him. His dodging movements didn’t make any sense physically to others, and Zhong Wuyan’s fist ended up hitting nothing but air.

“If a flat woman like you is still alive, why should I go to die?” Long Chen shook his head.

Zhong Wuyan was ashen with rage. She was just about to erupt with her full strength when a small table rose from the center of the platform in front of them. There was a foot-high jade case on the table.

“The final treasure has appeared!”

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