Chapter 738 The Younger Generation Will Surpass the Previous Generations

This sudden attack had come without the slightest warning. Even the vice sect master hadn’t had the slightest opportunity to save him.

A metallic tag clattered to the ground. There was a line of words on there, but the writing was incomplete.

“Idiot. What did I just say? You can’t record anything about the trial, or you’ll be exterminated by the laws,” cursed the vice sect master.

Obviously, this monastery head had tried to secretly record information about the final trial. But after just a few words, he was destroyed.

The other monastery heads were pale with terror. That flying sword had come so suddenly that it was practically unblockable.

Quite a few of them had been tempted to secretly record this information as well before their memories about this portion of the trial were wiped away.

If they were aware of the final test beforehand, it would be extremely beneficial to the disciples.

Two monastery heads were even covered in cold sweat. They were both holding a steel tablet in their hands and had been about to do the same as the first one.

“You really are idiots. What do you think this trial is? Have you become addicted to cheating? You’re truly beyond cure,” said the vice sect master gloomily.

These people were too stupid. They had actually treated his words of advice as nonsense. This trial was the greatest foundational trial within the Xuantian Dao Sect. How could it be so easy to tamper with it?


Suddenly, a loud explosive sound cut off the vice sect master’s chiding. Following the source, they saw Shui Guanzhi’s group of four had once more attempted to charge onto the 999th stair.

But as a result, they had only just taken one step onto it when endless swords once more forced them back. This time, they appeared even more miserable than before.

“Impossible!” roared Shui Guanzhi. Why could Long Chen get up there, but they couldn’t?!

Unfortunately for them, the ones watching them with the vice sect master couldn’t tell them anything. They also realized why it had been so many generations since someone had managed to reach the 999th stair. Only someone as crazy as Long Chen and used to risking their life could get up there.

In truth, everyone, including the vice sect master, had misjudged Long Chen. The reason he had managed to charge up to the 999th stair wasn’t because he was so used to risking his life.

Instead, it was the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s sharp perception and intuition that told him that the 999th stair’s formation might appear to be a killing formation, but its killing intent was fake. It was able to trick other people’s spiritual perception, but it was unable to trick the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

Furthermore, through some clues, he understood what the formation’s purpose was. That was why he had charged up.

This kind of formation would suppress you the more you resisted. Normal people definitely wouldn’t dare to bet their lives.

If Long Chen didn’t have confidence in the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, he also wouldn’t have dared. Even though he had been sure, he had still been apprehensive. This formation’s deceptive ability was truly shocking.

Swords once more shot out with the Four Heavenly Geniuses failing once more. The four of them were miserable to the peak and completely covered in blood.

They had tried four times, but no matter what they tried, they were unable to break through the formation. Their confidence was greatly shaken.

Furthermore, in their perception, that terrifying sword Long Chen had been attacked with was the true attack, but they were forced back by the most preliminary attacks. That made them especially dejected.

The most hateful thing was that they could see Long Chen on the 999th stair wrapped in endless energy. His aura was rapidly rising, and his injuries were also recovering quickly. That made them even more anxious.

The final reward was on the 999th stair. They were afraid Long Chen would directly take it after recovering. It was just that right now, they didn’t even know where the final reward was.


Once more, they charged, they were injured, and they were blown back miserably. Their confidence had received an unprecedented blow.

That was especially true of Zhao Wuji and Shui Guanzhi. Seeing Long Chen on the 999th stair, flames almost burst from their eyes. They were unable to accept that Long Chen was stronger than them.

After they were once more blown back, Yue Qianshan stood up with a determined light in his eyes. This time, he didn’t release his aura. Just like Long Chen, he directly charged up.

Sharp swords mercilessly pierced through his body. But Yue Qianshan ignored them decisively.

“Haha, this child Yue Qianshan has finally made his resolve.” The Wang family head smiled. Only like this could he reach the 999th stair.

At this time, the three others also thought of a certain possibility. But they didn’t immediately move. They just watched.

As expected, when Yue Qianshan completely stepped onto the 999th stair, that huge sword once more appeared, bringing with it endless pressure as it slashed down on Yue Qianshan.

Everyone’s eyes were wide open. Yue Qianshan had no defenses up. Suddenly, the light became blinding, completely blocking their sight. After a loud explosive sound, the light disappeared and Yue Qianshan appeared not far from Long Chen.

“I understand!”

The three of them celebrated. Yue Qianshan had tested out a crazy theory, allowing them to understand the rules of the 999th stair. They all charged forward. This time, they didn’t raise any defenses. In fact, they had to hold back their instincts, or they would die.

By controlling their instincts, they managed to do the same thing as Yue Qianshan and step onto the 999th stair.

As soon as they did, a ball of energy wrapped around them, and their heavily injured bodies rapidly recovered.

Suddenly, rumbling filled the air, and the Netherworld Heaven Staircase trembled. Tang Wan-er and the others who were struggling on the 958th stair suddenly felt the majority of the pressure disappear.

Everyone was startled, but they quickly charged up as fast as they could. Although they didn’t know what was happening, they knew they had to take advantage of this opportunity to climb to the highest place possible.

The Dragonblood warriors behind them also felt that the mountain-like pressure had lightened a great deal. They immediately began to charge up.

“What’s going on?” The monastery heads were dumbfounded. Had the Netherworld Heaven Staircase lost its effect? How was this possible?

“The rules of the Netherworld Heaven Staircase say that only four people are allowed on the 999th stair at the same time. Now that there are five people, it has caused a strange change.

“If my guess is right, this is perhaps an encouragement to the others. After all, it’s fundamentally impossible for those ordinary disciples to reach the 999th stair. If their will is strong enough that they can still endure even after an expert reaches the 999th stair, then that means their will is truly shocking.

“Perhaps this is the encouragement of the Heavenly Daos. Even the heavens have no choice but to show special consideration to them. This is an opportunity bestowed to them by the heavens, but this kind of opportunity is something only people like them can grasp!” The vice sect master knew a few more rules about the Netherworld Heaven Staircase than the others.

The other experts looked from the ordinary disciples who had begun dropping out even before the hundredth stair, to the Celestials fallen on the 830th stair. Then they looked at the Dragonblood warriors. As expected, the heavens only gave opportunities to the strong. The weak didn’t even have the power to take advantage of opportunities.

“They’ve reached the 998th stair!”

They were all shocked. Meng Qi and the others had surged all the way up to the 998th stair. But in truth, they were unaware that ninety percent of the pressure had disappeared, which was the only reason they had managed to charge up there.

The other Dragonblood warriors also reached that height. They were completely exhausted, but that couldn’t conceal their excitement.

“Brothers, it’s the last step. Our Dragonblood Legion followed our boss out of seas of blood, and today we’ve fought another fierce battle!” Gu Yang stepped onto the 999th stair.

The secret of the 999th stair was no longer a secret. Wasn’t it just some pain? That was nothing to the Dragonblood warriors.

As for braving the sensation of death? Each of them had crawled out from a pile of corpses. If they really were afraid of death, they wouldn’t have charged their way into the first monastery to fight with Long Chen when they had clearly known it was just sending themselves to their deaths.

Sharp blades pierced through their bodies, and blood dyed the stairs. But none of them made a sound. They didn’t even frown. Instead, they were filled with pride.

They had finally followed in Long Chen’s footsteps. They were on the same stair as him. That was their glory.

The sight of all of them standing on the 999th stair was deeply imprinted in the experts’ heads.

Over three hundred and sixty people were now enveloped in light that was healing their bodies. Furthermore, they all entered a special state, and to them, it was like time was standing still.

“This is the blessing of the Netherworld Heaven Staircase. It contains the principles of innumerable Daos. Although they will only comprehend a trace, it will bring them endless benefits. This is the true reward. The fact that they can obtain it means that these people really are geniuses amongst geniuses!” praised the vice sect master.

“Perhaps the only truth of the Heavenly Daos is that there is no absolute right and wrong,” said Shui Wuhen as she looked at a rank two Celestial lying on the 666th stair.

Three days later, the Netherworld Heaven Staircase trembled and everyone was suddenly awakened from their special state. They saw that a large platform had appeared at the top.

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