Chapter 738 The Younger Generation Will Surpass the Previous Generations (Teaser)

This sudden attack had come without the slightest warning. Even the vice sect master hadn’t had the slightest opportunity to save him.

A metallic tag clattered to the ground. There was a line of words on there, but the writing was incomplete.

“Idiot. What did I just say? You can’t record anything about the trial, or you’ll be exterminated by the laws,” cursed the vice sect master.

Obviously, this monastery head had tried to secretly record information about the final trial. But after just a few words, he was destroyed.

The other monastery heads were pale with terror. That flying sword had come so suddenly that it was practically unblockable.

Quite a few of them had been tempted to secretly record this information as well before their memories about this portion of the trial were wiped away.

If they were aware of the final test beforehand, it would be extremely beneficial to the disciples.

Two monastery heads were even covered in cold sweat. They were both holding a steel tablet in their...

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