Chapter 729 Failure to Refine





Although Long Chen had done his best, he had been unable to control it. The instant the cyclone reached its peak, an earth-shattering power erupted and the mountain below him crumbled. Boulders were sent tumbling away, followed by a loud rumbling.

“Damn, I still ended up causing this much of a ruckus. I have to slip away.”

Long Chen had no time to examine the changes in his body. He immediately fled a dozen mountains away. When he turned to look back, he saw several people had already appeared there.

This disturbance was too great, and so some disciples had come over to take a look. Luckily, Long Chen had slipped away fast enough and they hadn’t seen him.

Sighing with relief, Long Chen examined his hand. The cyclone had disappeared, and a small star had taken its place.

Although it was just the size of sesame seed and just an embryonic form, he felt a resonance with the FengFu, Alioth, and Life Fate Stars. He felt endless energy surging out of him.

He punched the air. A loud bang rang out and it was like space was about to be blown apart.

“The Enlightenment Palace Star really doesn’t let me down. Just the power of my physical body is over ten times greater. Once the star is completely condensed, just how powerful will I be?” Long Chen was filled with delight at his new strength.

Last time, he might have managed to defeat Shui Guanzhi, but he knew that his victory had been a bit lucky. If Shui Guanzhi hadn’t been so careless, it would have been difficult to say who would win.

Moreover, Shui Guanzhi and the others had definitely gained huge benefits in the Xuantian Sea and Nine Netherworld Path. But he hadn’t gained anything.

Although Lei Long and Huo Long had gotten stronger, they were his strongest trump cards, and he couldn’t easily reveal them. If he did reveal them, then it had to be for the goal of killing his opponents.

Previously, he had still been worrying about fighting Shui Guanzhi and Zhao Wuji during the third trial. If he didn’t want to reveal Lei Long and Huo Long, then he would have been suppressed. But now, he no longer had to have that worry.

“Hm, now that my strength has increased this much, my physical body should be able to endure one thousand catties of force. Should I try it?”

Long Chen took out the green dragon scale. He closed his eyes and aligned himself with its fluctuations in an attempt to use his soul to open the seal on it.

The dragon expert had refined the essence blood within the scale and also placed a seal on it. The seal was to preserve as much of the essence blood’s power as possible.

As his Spiritual Strength circulated, the seal was slowly opened. There was a single drop of green blood inside the scale, and Long Chen drew it into his palm.


Long Chen screamed. He was blown back, wildly vomiting blood and his flesh flying off him.

He collapsed on the ground, filled with indescribable pain. Looking down, his soul almost fled in terror. Almost all his flesh had exploded just now. There was only a thin layer of flesh on his bones, and even his internal organs were about to slip out.

“What’s going on?!”

Long Chen was appalled. He hastily circulated the primal chaos space, and his flesh began to rapidly restore. In an incense stick’s worth of time, his body was recovered.

He was completely pale. That had been too dangerous. He had just been the slightest bit away from a terrible death.

He hastily examined the scale. The essence blood had once more been sealed.

“What… what is going on? Didn’t it say that I could try refining the blood once my body could endure one thousand catties of force?”

Suddenly, he slapped his leg. “Damnit, what a conner! So that’s what try meant!”

He could try to refine it once he could endure one thousand catties of force. In other words, if he had reached that level, he could try it without instantly dying!

“Ugh, thank goodness I didn’t try this earlier. Otherwise, I would no longer exist.” Long Chen felt a burst of fear. At the same time, his reverence for the dragon expert increased.

The dragon had said that this dragon scale was from the molting of its infancy. A baby dragon was a green dragon. For just one drop of its essence blood to be this terrifying, that was practically against the natural order. It was thousands of times more terrifying than the legends.

“Fine, I’ll admit you’re amazing. Without fully condensing the fourth star, I won’t touch you.”

Long Chen had an urge to cry as he placed the dragon scale into the primal chaos space. Currently, the primal chaos space was a land of death.

As his physical body grew stronger, the energy of the trees inside was clearly not able to keep up with him.

One complete recovery had exhausted all the life energy in the trees. Furthermore, his body was still very weak. His flesh might have returned, but he was only at sixty percent power now. He needed to find some kind of stronger vegetation to replace his trees.

Long Chen wearily returned to the Dao Sect. Perhaps it was because of what had happened in the Nine Netherworld Path, but the third trial, which should have come right after the second trial, only began half a month later.

During that time, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples transformed, each of them becoming full of enthusiasm and energy.

When Gu Yang appeared in front of everyone after he awakened as a Celestial, they were once more shocked. Now, the thirty-sixth supermonastery had seven Celestials, one of which was a rank two Celestial, as well as a monster like Long Chen.

When it came to strength, the thirty-sixth supermonastery was no longer lacking compared to the supermonasteries of the Four Heavenly Geniuses. This metamorphosis was truly shocking.

Previously, Gu Yang, who hadn’t attended the Nine Netherworld Path, had said that he wouldn’t come out of seclusion until he became a Celestial.

At that time, many people had sneered. Did he think someone could become a Celestial just because they wanted to?

But now that Gu Yang was standing in front of them, those people practically went crazy. He had actually succeeded.

However, it wasn’t just the five of them who had awakened as Celestials after the trials. There was one other ordinary disciple who had become a Celestial.

But when the odds were compared, they were completely different.

Other than Gu Yang’s awakening, another shocking matter was that the Four Heavenly Geniuses had all advanced, going from the eighth Heavenstage of Xiantian to the ninth Heavenstage.

Each of them was like a sharp blade, and their auras had completely transformed. Not even rank one Celestials could get close to them, as that aura would push them away. Their gazes seemed to shine, but when they looked at Long Chen, they couldn’t help being somewhat disappointed. He was still at the third Heavenstage, and his complexion didn’t look very good. He almost seemed like he had been ill.

Of course he didn’t look good. Only when he had returned had he realized that his meridians had been damaged by the green dragon essence blood.

The only pleasant surprise was that when he had healed his meridians, he had found an extremely weak Dragon Qi within them.

That was the aura that the dragon blood had left behind. Although that aura had wreaked havoc on his body, this Dragon Qi was slowly strengthening his body.

Long Chen hadn’t expected to obtain such a blessing. Now, it should be easier for him to refine the dragon blood in the future. He had laid down a solid foundation.

However, he didn’t try refining the dragon blood again. Although trying again and again could slowly refine the blood, each time he released the seal, he would lose a portion of the blood’s energy. That wasn’t worth it.

Currently, Long Chen’s meridians had only recovered by around eighty to ninety percent. So his complexion was definitely not so good.

“It couldn’t be that he overindulged in alcohol and women?” muttered one female upon seeing Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er.

When others heard that, they came to a sudden comprehension. That look made Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er blush with both bashfulness and anger.

“Don’t lower yourself to their level,” comforted Long Chen.

Their expressions became a little better, but his next words made them want to beat him up.

“If you want to play that kind of game, we can do it any time. It sounds like it’s very fun and challenging!” Long Chen said in a voice only the three of them could hear. Tang Wan-er had an urge to bite him.

Seeing Long Chen flirting with Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er, Zhao Wuji was infuriated. “Long Chen, pray that you don’t encounter me during this trial! If we meet, I’ll crush you to a pulp!”


Long Chen merely snorted. He couldn’t be bothered to say anything more. Such a person had definitely been spoiled into an idiot by the grownups around him.

He was someone who was not in touch with reality. Whatever he wanted, he got, and so he never cared about angering others. But when others angered him, it was like they had to pay with their lives.

In his eyes, and also the other heavenly geniuses, they were the pride of this world. Others were only there for them to trample on and play with. They were strong, and they had powerful backers, so they had no need to respect others.

Long Chen had already seen many such people, and he had also killed many of them as well. Only when they were about to die did they finally understand what terror was. But regretfully, Long Chen never gave them much time to feel it. He directly sent them to be reincarnated.

So, he was too lazy to bother with such people. If they truly provoked him, then he would directly kill them.

At this time, the vice sect master appeared. Everyone became silent and straightened their backs. Quite a few of their hearts tensed. The third trial was about to begin.

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