Chapter 726 Warmth, Then Blood

“Nine-line Soul Calming Jade?!”

That illusory figure was surprised by this jade.

“Does senior know the origin of this jade pendant?” asked Long Chen.

The figure didn’t reply to him. It was silent for a while, as if it was trying to gather its determination. “You want to use Future Lake to divine this thing’s origin?”

“Can it do that?” Long Chen was delighted. He had thought that Future Lake would only be able to divine the future. Now that he knew it could divine the past, he could no longer remain calm.

“You don’t even know the origin of this jade, so you definitely don’t know the things related to it. I’ve watched over Future Lake for countless years, and I’ve managed to find out a few secrets about it. Activating the lake in one way will divine the future, while activating it the other way will divine the past. Do you want to know this thing’s future or past?”

“Can I first see its future and then see its past?” asked Long Chen.

“No.” The illusory figure gave him a direct reply. This soul was a monster who could shock both the Righteous and Corrupt paths. Even with its soul shattered, it had managed to gather again in the Nine Netherworld Path. That was enough to prove what a terrifying existence it had been.

The other souls were all turned into spiritual beasts in the Nine Netherworld Path. The strength of the spiritual beast was based on the strength of the soul back when it had been alive. But no matter how strong the soul had been, once it was transformed into a spiritual beast, it had no true consciousness. It could only attack the disciples instinctively.

But this person was completely different. It was far too powerful. It had recalled some of its memories and was even planning on using Long Chen to escape this place.

It had noticed that Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was incredibly powerful. Only such a person could leave this place with it without being immediately noticed. This was the only chance it had run into in countless years, so it had to make a deal with him.

It had advised Long Chen not to look at his future because it was worried that he would see the scene of himself dying.

The final scene that Future Lake showed people was the end of their life. Any genius who saw the scene of their demise would become dejected, and their Dao-heart would receive a huge blow. Perhaps their martial heart would be instantly destroyed.

This was also why the vice sect master had so solemnly warned everyone not to go see their future.

Future Lake was the core of the Nine Netherworld Path. It was something that controlled the entire trial, so there was no way to seal it. He could only ask the disciples not to go there. And even if they were to go there, they shouldn’t get close to the lake.

When a person’s reflection appeared on Future Lake, it would automatically show them their future. But Long Chen didn’t need to see his future. What he wanted was to know his past.

And that required this mysterious existence’s help. Having relied on Future Lake to survive for all these years, it had definitely figured out a few ways to use it.

“Then just the past,” said Long Chen.

Meng Qi saw that Long Chen was involuntarily trembling. Even in the midst of battle, Long Chen had never been this nervous. She gently held one of his hands and found that it was covered in sweat.

That figure placed the jade into the lake. Ripples immediately began to emanate from it.

Those ripples eventually stopped, returning the lake to calm. A scene appeared on the mirror-like surface.

The jade pendant was in a large hand. A brush left behind two bold and powerful lines.

“Hahaha, The Dragon roars at the Heavens, Looking down arrogantly on the mortal world of dust. My son Long Chen possesses a special Spirit Root, a divine Spirit Bone, and supreme Spirit Blood. He’ll definitely become a peak figure above the nine heavens, one who will arrogantly look down on all else! Hahaha…”

It was impossible to see the owner of that hand, but it was possible to hear his domineering and happy laugh.

“Don’t be so loud. Chen-er is still sleeping. Furthermore, Chen-er is also my son, and I don’t want him to be fighting all day.”

That was a woman’s voice. That voice was full of warmth and pampering. A pair of jade hands took the pendant and brush. After a moment’s thought, she left behind some graceful words: Live peacefully and happily, Never to be parted.

That man grumbled, “Ningshuang, look at how domineering my lines were! Don’t you think your lines are a bit out of place?”

“Hm? He’s my son too, and I don’t want him to become some hero. I just want him to be able to live happily. And let me warn you, don’t treat our son as a tool to fulfill your dreams,” she said.

“Fine, fine. I’ll listen to you.” The man didn’t argue. Threading a red string through the pendant, he gently placed it over a sleeping baby.

A pair of jade hands and a large, coarse hand gently rubbed the baby’s cheeks. Those soft actions made it seem like they didn’t even dare to touch the baby’s skin, as if they were afraid of harming him.

Long Chen couldn’t hold back his tears. Those were his parents. He felt like he had once heard those words before. Hearing them again, a sour feeling filled him.

That scene suddenly disappeared to be replaced with a new one. The baby was still there, and so was the jade. But those tender hands had disappeared. 

A pair of slender hands appeared and they could only be described as extremely beautiful. One particular finger wore a ring that had been carved into the shape of a dragon.

But these beautiful hands were carrying a sharp knife which cut open the baby’s stomach, causing blood to spurt. The baby let out a wail.

“Ah!” Meng Qi let out a startled cry. She had never seen such a cruel scene. Who could do such a thing to a baby?

The hands didn’t stop because of the baby’s cry. They cut out a soybean-sized bone from the baby’s stomach.

That bone was very small, but somehow, it wasn’t tainted by the slightest bit of blood. It shone brilliantly and even possessed some sparkling natural lines.

Following that, a bottle appeared in one of the hands, and swiftly, a small ball of gas was sealed inside it. That ball of gas was the baby’s Spirit Root, the foundation of a cultivator.

Soon after, a syringe appeared in the other hand, piercing the baby’s heart. Fresh blood filled it.

This blood didn’t look the same as ordinary blood. Instead of being scarlet, it was multicolored like a rainbow. That abnormal blood was the baby’s Spirit Blood.

Once the Spirit Blood was extracted, the baby’s body immediately dimmed as if a shining jade vase had suddenly turned shabby and cracked.

“How cruel!” Meng Qi covered her mouth. She turned away, crying.

Long Chen continued to watch. He seemed to be trying to recall his memories.

Those memories were incredibly indistinct. But seeing this scene, it was as if he was experiencing that pain again. However, his expression was completely calm. Nothing could be seen from his face.

“He’s useless now. You can get rid of him,” said a voice. It was impossible to see the voice’s owner, but from the actions of the hands, it was possible to tell that this was the owner of those slender hands.

The voice was extremely moving and feminine. It sounded just as beautiful as her hands looked.

“Master said to leave him alive. Perhaps he might have some use in the future,” said another voice.

“Up to you. I just feel like leaving him alive is just leaving behind a scourge. Of course, this is just my opinion. The decision is up to you…” The scene began to move. The unconscious baby was brought away.


When a new scene was about to appear, an explosive sound suddenly came from the lake. The image disappeared and his jade floated to the surface.

Long Chen picked it up and asked, “What happened?”

“It was disturbed by some unknown force. This Future Lake is just a projection of the Reincarnation Mirror, and the powers behind your jade are too terrifying. The karma involved is too great, so it’s normal for the divination to be cut off,” explained the illusory figure. “Alright, I’ve fulfilled your request. I’m going to enter your mind-sea.”

“Wait a moment!” said Long Chen.

“What? You want to go back on our deal? You should know that even just my discarnate soul possesses enough power to instantly kill you.” The figure instantly turned hostile.

“Hmph, don’t try bluffing with me. If you kill me, no one will be able to bring you out. When will you ever run into someone with Spiritual Strength as strong as me and capable of concealing your spiritual fluctuations?” sneered Long Chen. “Furthermore, I asked for your help divining my past. We’ve only just started. If this is how you tell other people’s fortunes, then your fortune-telling booth would have long since been destroyed by others. You actually want to demand payment from me this quickly? Have you stayed here so long that your brain has rotted?”


The surrounding space began to fluctuate intensely. All the Spiritual Strength around Future Lake began to gather, forming a huge cage that imprisoned Long Chen and Meng Qi.

That terrifying spiritual pressure caused Meng Qi to turn pale as paper. This mysterious figure was too terrifying. It could easily crush her.

“Don’t use such a childish ploy to scare me. I don’t believe you’ll kill me. It’s not like I said that I wouldn’t bring you out,” said Long Chen.

Hearing Long Chen could still spout such words at this time, Meng Qi was speechless. Did he not know how to be afraid?

“What do you want?” asked the figure.

“That previous divination can only count as half complete. Help me divine another thing’s origin, and whether or not it succeeds, I will bring you out,” said Long Chen.

“Are you sure?”

“I swear on the name of the Righteous path,” said Long Chen solemnly.

“The Righteous path’s oaths are all dogshit. But, I will trust you this once. If you’re tricking me, I’ve decided I won’t kill you. I’ll make you accompany me here for eternity.”

“That’s no problem. Then I’m going to start. I want to divine the origin of my cultivation technique, so prepare yourself.” Long Chen squatted and placed a hand in the water. He began to circulate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

He was filled with anticipation. If he really could learn some of the secrets of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, that would be excellent.

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