Chapter 724 Goofing Off (Teaser)

The mountain valley appeared both real and illusory at the same time. It seemed like a painting that was constantly fluctuating. It was clearly there, yet it somehow felt unreal.

Mist filled the valley, making it impossible to see what was inside. But it somehow felt like endless mysteries were waiting to be explored inside.

“This is the Nine Netherworld Path. It is different from the first trial. This trial is focused on a person’s soul and will. Furthermore, there is great danger inside, and there is the possibility of dying at any time. So I would advise people with weak Spiritual Strength to not participate.”

Hearing the vice sect master’s words, the Dragonblood warriors all looked at Gu Yang. Gu Yang sighed. It seemed this trial had no affinity with him.

His Spiritual Strength was too lacking. To avoid him being instantly killed by even an ordinary soul cultivator, Guo Ran had made him a protective soul item, and Meng Qi had personally poured her soul energy into it.

The vice sect master continued, “The Nine Netherworld Path is filled with countless dangers. Illusions...

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