Chapter 723 Nine Netherworld Path

“What? It’s over?” asked a startled monastery head.

Previously, the Xuantian Sea would stay open for at least seven days each time it was activated. But this time, it disappeared after just three days?

Even the vice sect master’s expression was grim. After a moment of silence, he sighed, “Perhaps countless monsters are soaring within the Xuantian Dao Sect!”

“Vice sect master, what’s going on?”

“The Xuantian Sea is activated at all five regions at the same time. Their energies are connected. In all the previous trials, it had enough energy to last seven to ten days. When the Xuantian Sea’s energy is exhausted to a certain point, it automatically disappears.

“Now it disappeared after just three days… In other words, the Xuantian Sea’s energy has already been used up.”

Everyone was startled. Their Xuantian Dao Sect had entered an unprecedented flourishing period. With the Four Heavenly Geniuses and Long Chen, they had thought they would be able to rival the other branch sects.

But this scene before them made their hearts sink. The energy that should have taken seven days to exhaust had all been absorbed in just three days. That meant that other regions had also given birth to many monsters that had absorbed the energy.

“HAHAHA! I, Guo Ran, am unrivaled beneath the heavens! No one is my match! Let go of me! Get back, I’m going to start showing off!”

When the tide retreated, Guo Ran began to laugh as if he had gone insane. Gu Yang and the others hastily grabbed him.

Long Chen patted Guo Ran on his forehead. His Spiritual Strength poured into his mind-sea.

After undergoing that inhuman torment, Guo Ran had almost gone insane. That was very normal, as his will was the weakest of the five of them. He had only managed to endure with the thought of being able to stand in the limelight. Now that the pressure suddenly disappeared, signs of insanity appeared.

“It’s over. All the suffering you went through was worth it. Your light will blind the whole world. The name Guo Ran will shake the hearts of others. No one will be able to eclipse you!” Long Chen used an extremely soft voice, using something similar to hypnosis to calm down Guo Ran’s taut nerves.

“Can I surpass you, boss?” asked Guo Ran.

“You little brat, you were just acting!” Long Chen kicked Guo Ran into the distance. “Beat him up for me!”

“No!!! Boss, I was just joking. Don’t take it so seriously!” begged Guo Ran upon seeing Gu Yang and the others rub their fists and pull up their sleeves.

Long Chen was about to say something when his arms shook slightly. Lei Long and Huo Long had stealthily returned. It seemed no one had noticed them.

The two of them both expressed their excitement. The general meaning was that this was their first time being so full.

But Long Chen knew that this wasn’t Lei Long’s first time. It was just that what it had eaten before was just bones, while now it was eating meat. However, it truly was the first time for Huo Long. Long Chen finally sensed a berserk power from it. That was the true level of power an Earth Flame should possess.

“Huo Long, since you’re full, don’t just laze around. Help me refine pills.” Long Chen needed a huge amount of Enlightenment Palace Pills. No, not a huge amount, an ocean’s worth.

He had only just given Huo Long its mission when Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, and the other Dragonblood warriors walked over.

“How do you feel?” Long Chen smiled.

“Amazing. I feel like a completely different person.” All the Dragonblood warriors were excited by their gains. Not only had their physical bodies been tempered, but even their spiritual yuan had become purer and vaster. Furthermore, some of them had even gained a somewhat impure elemental energy.

The tide was actually able to give them such immense benefits. They could almost count as elemental cultivators now. 

“A completely different person? Yes, that’s right. I feel like I’ve shed several layers now.” Guo Ran bitterly laughed.

“But it was all worth it. I feel like my body has undergone a heaven-toppling transformation.” Gu Yang clenched his fist. When he beat himself in his chest, a drum-like sound rang out.

Yue Zifeng, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan were also smiling excitedly. Although they had experienced a hellish torment just now, the profit was worth it.

“Guo Ran, although your constitution is very ordinary, after undergoing that suffering, your will has become much firmer, and although your physical body can’t compare to Gu Yang, it’s now many times stronger than an average Dragonblood warrior. Don’t forget your profession. If your base power has multiplied this much, then you’ll be able to… Hehe, you understand!” laughed Long Chen.

“I understand, I understand!” Guo Ran’s head was still in a muddled state from the pain, but with Long Chen’s reminder, he couldn’t help feeling ecstatic. His strongest point was his armor, and that armor multiplied his strength. However, that was based on his base strength.

If his physical body had increased in power this much, then with the multiplication of his armor, his current strength must have reached a point that even terrified him.

“Then wouldn’t I be able to dominate Celestials?!” Guo Ran was incomparably excited. His eyes were full of anticipation, as if he could already see himself wearing his golden armor, trampling a Celestial under his feet.

“There really is no curing you.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Long Chen!” Suddenly, a cold cry rang out.

Long Chen looked in the direction of that voice to see Shui Guanzhi icily staring at him.

“Do you dare to have a life and death battle with me?!” People were startled. Shui Guanzhi was actually challenging him so quickly after his loss.

Zhao Wuji, Yue Qianshan, and Zhong Wuyan were the first ones to comprehend why he would do this. They watched from a distance, expressionless.

Long Chen suddenly laughed. “I’ll accompany you in a life and death battle any time you want. I know you must have obtained some benefits from the core of the storm zone, benefits that have made your power increase quite a bit. However, you should get your affairs in order first, because when you are defeated by my hands again, I will take your life!”

His words were arrogant, but having already defeated Shui Guanzhi once, no one thought he was just boasting. If Long Chen had wanted to kill Shui Guanzhi at that time, and if no one had stopped him, there would no longer be a Shui Guanzhi.

Shui Guanzhi’s expression was incomparably dark. This was his greatest humiliation. A grand rank two Celestial had actually been defeated, and by someone that wasn’t even a Celestial.

Long Chen was correct. Shui Guanzhi had gained a more profound understanding of the water element. Even his water runes had changed slightly, making them stronger than ever.

He was still unconvinced by his defeat. He had been careless. If he had treated Long Chen seriously from the start, perhaps the conclusion would have been reversed.

Now, his power had increased, while Long Chen had wasted his time helping others. He was confident in being able to kill him, so he immediately challenged him to a life and death battle, wanting to kill him to wash away his humiliation.

How could Long Chen not understand Shui Guanzhi’s thoughts? So he wanted Shui Guanzhi to go ask for the Dao Sect’s permission. That was to avoid still not being able to kill Shui Guanzhi at the end.

Even Long Chen had to use his full strength to fight Shui Guanzhi. Furthermore, he had already revealed so many of his trump cards. Shui Guanzhi was definitely prepared now.

If they fought again, and Long Chen was forced to reveal every last one of his trump cards, then it would be completely not worth it if he still couldn’t kill Shui Guanzhi. But if no one stopped him from killing Shui Guanzhi, then obtaining a rank two Heavenly Dao Fruit would be worth exposing his trump cards.

“All disciples gather. We’re moving on to the second trial.” The vice sect master’s voice rang out and everyone hastily gathered to where they had originally arrived.

“Hmph, count yourself lucky, Long Chen. But remember, your life is mine. I might take it any time,” said Shui Guanzhi icily.

That infuriated Gu Yang and the others. They all took out their weapons. Shui Guanzhi really knew how to boast.

Long Chen waved his hand, stopping them. “It’s still the same phrase. Whenever you want to die, come find me. I will send you on your way free of charge!”

Although his expression was calm, Shui Guanzhi had truly infuriated him. Long Chen had now completely seen through his temperament.

This idiot was precisely a spoiled brat. He had been pampered from a young age, and now he thought of himself as the center of the world. Everything was supposed to revolve around him.

Such a person was an idiot, but such an idiot would always do many idiotic things. For example, previously, he had been unable to do anything to Long Chen, so he had targeted the Dragonblood Legion.

He had no scruples about doing something so despicable. He had no taboos, and if he allowed this idiot to continue living, he would very likely do something like that again. Long Chen would prefer to not give him that chance.

Originally, with the primal chaos bead’s power, Long Chen should do his best to go slaughter Celestials and gather Heavenly Dao Fruits. But he did his best to avoid that. That would make him a greedy killer, and eventually, he would become captive to his greed. If he couldn’t keep his heart clear, then one day, he would do something he would regret.

But Shui Guanzhi was definitely an exception. Killing him wouldn’t make him feel the slightest bit bad. Looking at his back, Long Chen smiled icily.

Six hours after they had all gathered, the world suddenly trembled. The scenery around them changed and they appeared at a large mountain valley. Mist completely obscured the inside of the valley.

“This is the second trial: the Nine Netherworld Path!” announced the vice sect master.

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