Chapter 722 The Pain of Shattered Bones

Hearing Shui Yuncong ridicule Long Chen, Shui Wuhen said, “Long Chen has his own thoughts. He doesn’t meet the standards of a leader, but he definitely meets the standards of a cultivator. He treats each person by his side as a brother and is willing to entrust his back to any of those brothers. That kind of trust is something we can’t understand. For example, I can guarantee that Long Chen has his own goal with his current actions. Just because others can’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s foolish!”

Shui Yuncong’s expression sank. Shui Wuhen was becoming more and more unbridled, to actually say such a thing in front of everyone. She didn’t give him the slightest face.

The reason why Shui Wuhen could say such things was because she had a peerless genius like Long Chen by her side. It was also because of Long Chen that she had received the favor of the vice sect master. Now her wings had truly grown, and she no longer needed to care about her family head.

Shui Yuncong’s eyes were cold. “A young person always feels like they can do unrealistic things once they gain a bit of power. Does he really think he can defy the heavens? Does he think he can escape the restriction of the world’s laws?”

Shui Wuhen smiled disdainfully. In truth, Shui Yuncong was talking about her. He was saying it would be arrogant of her to think that she could escape the control of the Shui family. His meaning was that he was the family head, and she shouldn’t get carried away by her wishful thinking.

She smiled coldly inside. Was a pompous family head position so great? Did he think everyone wanted that kind of position where the only thing you did all day was scheme?

She couldn’t be bothered to say anything. Her previous words had simply been because she was dissatisfied with Shui Yuncong belittling Long Chen. It was unexpected that this old fellow would actually raise the conflict to a new level once she defended Long Chen with a few words. 

Suddenly, Zhou Tianyi interjected, “Brother Yuncong’s words are a bit wrong. A horse dislikes the narrow path, and the Great Peng hates how low the heavens are. Even the vice sect master has already said that this world belongs to these children. Could it be that brother Yuncong is calling into question the vice sect master’s words?”

“You…” Shui Yuncong raged. Zhou Tianyi was too evil to use the vice sect master to suppress him. Although he knew he was only helping Shui Wuhen to cause conflict between them, he couldn’t help feeling furious.


Suddenly, a miserable shriek rang out. That shriek was like the dying cries of a pig being butchered. It cut off their words, and they hastily looked at the Xuantian Sea.

At the edge of the storm zone, Long Chen stood while five others lay on the ground. Four of them were bitterly enduring as they constantly vomited blood.

But one person was vomiting blood while crazily shrieking. Those miserable sounds were incredibly unpleasant to listen to.

“Don’t worry, even if you break your throat screaming, no one will come to save you,” said Long Chen indifferently.

He knew Guo Ran was doing this on purpose. He was probing him, wanting to see if he would become softhearted and let him off. But Long Chen truly couldn’t let any of them off.

Once he had brought the five of them in, he had immediately withdrawn half his power. Although he had warned them, they had still been unable to endure it. They immediately collapsed on the ground, unable to move.

And even at this time, Long Chen didn’t let them off. He continued to slowly weaken his power. The pressure on them continued to increase.

“AHH!!! I’ll die!!!” Guo Ran was crazily screaming. But in the end, the pressure increased so much that he wasn’t even able to scream.

The unpleasant sound of bones breaking rang out. Everyone’s expressions changed and they felt a chill. The storm zone was truly too terrifying.

“Boss… I… can’t… endure… it…” Li Qi’s voice came from his clenched teeth. Even his ability to speak was quickly fading. He felt like he was about to be crushed flat. There wasn’t even room for air in his lungs.

“That’s alright. If you can’t endure it, then don’t,” said Long Chen.


Crack... The sound of bones breaking continued to ring out. Those who had been envious of the Dragonblood Legion no longer felt the slightest bit of envy.

Guo Ran had already fainted. Every single one of his bones had shattered. He had already passed out from the pain, and he had been squashed so flat that his surface area on the ground had increased quite a bit.

Even the monastery heads began to sweat from watching this. This was too vicious. What was Long Chen doing?

The pain of broken bones wasn’t so bad. But now, all of their bones had been shattered to pieces. That level of pain could make a person die. Even if they didn’t die, they would definitely go crazy. This was more vicious than any torture.

“Are you sure these people are Long Chen’s brothers?” asked an expert from the Shui family. “This is clearly sending them to their deaths. Even if they live, they’ll form a huge heart-devil and will never advance again. Is this how the thirty-sixth supermonastery raises its disciples?”

“Shut up! If you don’t understand, then don’t talk!” ordered the vice sect master. “Long Chen is giving them a huge opportunity. This Xuantian Sea is something our Xuantian Dao Sect used one hundred and eight thousand spirit gathering formations to form. Those formations extracted the five regions’ most primal energies to create this tide.

“Within it is a trace of heaven and earth’s purest form of energy. Long Chen is having these people completely rebuild their skeletons in hopes that they can absorb a trace of that primal energy in the process.

“That primal energy can increase their chances of becoming Celestials in the future. And even if they can’t become Celestials, they’ll still have unlimited prospects once they reach Sea Expansion. They’ll advance much easier than others.

“If you’re ignorant, then keep your mouths shut! As monastery heads, how can you not use your heads when speaking? It’s no wonder the disciples you raised are so stupid!”

Everyone trembled. This was their first time hearing the vice sect master explain the origin of the Xuantian Sea. They hadn’t known any of this before.

“Then vice sect master, doesn’t that mean we could use the Xuantian Sea to create more Celestials?” asked the Wang family head.

The vice sect master sighed, “How could it be so simple? First of all, ordinary disciples aren’t even able to get close to the storm zone. You can see that even rank one Celestials aren’t able to do so, let alone them.

“Only the storm zone’s energy is pure enough. Only that energy is able to allow the ordinary disciples to reforge completely new bones.

“Only rank two Celestials have the qualifications to enter that zone. If it were you, would you have your peerless geniuses waste their time on ordinary disciples? And even if you ordered it, would they really give up on such a huge opportunity to help others? It’s simply not possible.”

Hearing this, everyone became silent. People were selfish. People might do favors for others if the cost was low. But as for sacrificing themselves to only help out others, that would just be a joke.

“Even if rank two Celestials did sacrifice their time to help others, it still wouldn’t do anything,” said the vice sect master.

“Why not?”

“Because to use the energy here to reforge your bones completely requires you to endure the pain of all your bones shattering for a total of nine times. Without a strong enough will, a person will either die or go crazy!”

“Nine times?!” The experts here felt like they might go crazy. Just hearing this was frightening. This was too vicious.

“There’s no way around it. Without talent, without resources, without a powerful backer, those who want to have higher accomplishments than others must put in more effort than others.”

They now had a greater understanding of Long Chen and the others. They were all people who had nothing. The things they had were things they had risked their lives to obtain. Only by walking the line between life and death did they have their current ability. Although they were young, these people were worthy of respect.

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, even the one with the strongest physical body, Gu Yang, ended up fainting. Only then did Long Chen increase his power to help them block the pressure. He also gave them a healing pill.

An hour later, once they had awakened and their bones had healed, he once more put away his divine ring, having them undergo the pain of their bones shattering.

The distant Dragonblood warriors all trembled. This was their first time seeing Gu Yang and the others in such a miserable state. They were filled with gratitude.

When the Dragonblood Legion had been formed, Long Chen had said that getting stronger was so you could protect the things valuable to you. It was because of that goal that they had chosen to get stronger. As for Gu Yang and the others, the pain they were enduring was to protect all of them. It was to reduce casualties amongst them. Looking at the pain they were in, each of the Dragonblood warriors wished to endure it with them.

“Brothers, compared to the captains, we have it too easy. True brothers should go through hardships together!” One of the squad leaders waved his hand, and everyone began to force their way deeper into the sea.

When they were less than three miles away from the storm zone, they finally had no choice but to stop. Even rank one Celestials were only a mile or two ahead of them.

The pressure here caused their blood to churn. Some of them were vomiting blood, but their expressions were full of pride. They were sharing in the pain of the captains.

This scene deeply shook countless hearts. They were unable to understand how they could possess such sincere emotions toward each other. Quite a few eyes turned red as they watched this touching scene.

“Ahh…! Boss, I can’t endure it! I’m going to go crazy!” On the sixth cycle, Guo Ran suddenly began to cry, his eyes scarlet. This torture had brought his mind to the brink of insanity.

“Then let me ask you, do you want beauties?” asked Long Chen.


“Do you want to be a hero?”


“Do you want to show off in front of countless people?”


“What is your greatest dream?”

“I want to be a poser together with boss!” roared Guo Ran.

“Then do you want to continue?”


People didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This was both shocking as well as comedic. But only Long Chen knew that the thing Guo Ran liked to do the most was to show off. If it was in order to stand in the spotlight, he would be willing to suffer any pain.

Guo Ran’s mind had already reached its limit. When it came to will, he was greatly lacking compared to Gu Yang and the others. Only the thought of showing off allowed him to continue.

In front of everyone’s stunned gazes, Guo Ran really managed to endure having his bones shattered nine times. When he woke up, he wasn’t crazy.


Rumbling filled the air, and heaven and earth resonated with it. The tide suddenly came to a stop.

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