Chapter 722 The Pain of Shattered Bones (Teaser)

Hearing Shui Yuncong ridicule Long Chen, Shui Wuhen said, “Long Chen has his own thoughts. He doesn’t meet the standards of a leader, but he definitely meets the standards of a cultivator. He treats each person by his side as a brother and is willing to entrust his back to any of those brothers. That kind of trust is something we can’t understand. For example, I can guarantee that Long Chen has his own goal with his current actions. Just because others can’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s foolish!”

Shui Yuncong’s expression sank. Shui Wuhen was becoming more and more unbridled, to actually say such a thing in front of everyone. She didn’t give him the slightest face.

The reason why Shui Wuhen could say such things was because she had a peerless genius like Long Chen by her side. It was also because of Long Chen that she had received the favor of the vice sect master. Now her wings had truly grown, and she no longer needed to care about her family head.

Shui Yuncong’s eyes were cold. “A young person always feels like they can do unrealistic things once they gain a bit of power. Does he really think...

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