Chapter 721 Pulling People In (Teaser)

Long Chen ignored Shui Guanzhi. Although he had to admit that Shui Guanzhi was extremely powerful, he wasn’t afraid of him.

It was just that now, Long Chen was much more on guard toward the other rank two Celestials. Shui Guanzhi was a rather special case amongst the four of them.

His combat strength lay in his defense, not offense. Furthermore, with this fellow’s character, he definitely wouldn’t expose his true trump cards unless he had to.

Although he had heard that when the four of them had exchanged blows and they had been equally matched, that was simply because it hadn’t been a battle to the death. They had merely used probing blows.

Today, he had provoked Shui Guanzhi and found many abilities that he hadn’t used before. That meant the other rank two Celestials also had to be hiding terrifying trump cards.

Just Shui Guanzhi, who didn’t specialize in offense, was already able to push Long Chen to the point that he had no choice but to use all his trump cards. Then Zhao Wuji, who was widely...

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