Chapter 721 Pulling People In

Long Chen ignored Shui Guanzhi. Although he had to admit that Shui Guanzhi was extremely powerful, he wasn’t afraid of him.

It was just that now, Long Chen was much more on guard toward the other rank two Celestials. Shui Guanzhi was a rather special case amongst the four of them.

His combat strength lay in his defense, not offense. Furthermore, with this fellow’s character, he definitely wouldn’t expose his true trump cards unless he had to.

Although he had heard that when the four of them had exchanged blows and they had been equally matched, that was simply because it hadn’t been a battle to the death. They had merely used probing blows.

Today, he had provoked Shui Guanzhi and found many abilities that he hadn’t used before. That meant the other rank two Celestials also had to be hiding terrifying trump cards.

Just Shui Guanzhi, who didn’t specialize in offense, was already able to push Long Chen to the point that he had no choice but to use all his trump cards. Then Zhao Wuji, who was widely known for his offense, would definitely be much more terrifying.

Long Chen’s gaze roamed around. As expected, he saw overflowing battle intent coming from Zhao Wuji. It seemed he had an urge to fight Long Chen right now.

As for Yue Qianshan, his gaze was like a sword. He also seemed interested.

Only Zhong Wuyan’s expression was indifferent, making it impossible to tell what she was thinking. That made Long Chen snort. It seemed things would be very lively.

This was Long Chen’s first time encountering such powerful opponents. He felt his own blood boiling with battle intent.

Long Chen might not have an arrogant air, but he had a lofty and unyielding character. His arrogance was concealed in the depths of his soul. Thus, he also thirsted to fight with experts.

Currently, Zhao Wuji, Zhong Wuyan, Yue Qianshan, Shui Guanzhi, and Long Chen were going deeper into the storm zone from five different directions. They moved slowly, because the closer they got to the core of the storm zone, the stronger the current grew.

But Long Chen didn’t continue forward. Although the tide contained all the energies of heaven and earth, and any cultivator would gain huge benefits from it, he was different. He was not an elemental cultivator. He controlled flame energy and thunderforce, but he didn’t need to do anything to absorb those energies. Lei Long and Huo Long had already reached the core of the storm zone and were absorbing energy.

Although they had separated from him, he could sense their emotions. Those two were crazily devouring energy there with extreme joy.

Furthermore, the two of them listened to what he had said. They kept themselves small. They were only a few inches long, and outsiders were unable to sense their existence.

Of course, compressing their bodies meant they couldn’t absorb energy as easily. It was fortunate that the energy at the core had practically reached a solid state, and so it was compressed enough for them to devour their fill.

Shui Guanzhi and the others were doing their best, but they finally reached their limit a few miles from the core. They were unable to advance another inch.

But this place was already enough to give them endless benefits, benefits that surpassed their imaginations. They were doing their best to absorb their own specific energies from the current.

If Long Chen continued forward, the current’s energy could rapidly strengthen his body, and he would be able to release even greater strength in the future. But he decided not to do that. That was because he felt that doing that wouldn’t have any meaning. The body-strengthening aspect from the storm zone couldn’t compare to Enlightenment Palace Pills. There was no need to waste that time.

His energy was rapidly recovering in the current, and he was fully recovered in just two hours. That was too miraculous, as he would have required several days to do the same outside this sea.

Once he was recovered, in front of everyone’s uncomprehending gazes, he left the storm zone. He walked over to Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er.

“Long Chen…”

“Meng Qi, I’ll bring Wan-er into the storm zone. She’ll be able to gain even greater benefits there. But you…” said Long Chen apologetically.

“It’s fine. In truth, the Xuantian Sea isn’t too useful to me. A Beast Tamer’s body is just too weak. Even if it’s strengthened, there’s a limit. You should bring Wan-er along!” said Meng Qi.

“Meng Qi, can you endure it?” asked Long Chen worriedly.

“I’ll be fine. I’ve already grown accustomed to it. I told Wan-er to go ahead on her own before, but she refused. This opportunity is rare, so don’t waste time worrying about me.” Meng Qi smiled toward Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen nodded. He brought Tang Wan-er over to the storm zone. When they approached the border, Tang Wan-er was clearly under extremely great pressure. She was slightly pale.

Long Chen directly activated his divine ring, blocking the pressure for Tang Wan-er. She gratefully smiled toward Long Chen.

“Let’s go.”

He directly charged into the storm zone with her. With his assistance, Tang Wan-er easily entered. The majority of the pressure had been blocked by him.

“I’ll slowly withdraw my strength, so the pressure on you will gradually increase,” said Long Chen. Seeing Tang Wan-er nod, he began to pull back his strength.

Although she had been prepared, Tang Wan-er still jumped. The instant Long Chen began to withdraw his power, she felt like countless mountains had begun collapsing on her.

But Long Chen went slowly, giving her a great deal of time to accustom herself. Even so, it took Tang Wan-er two hours before she could just barely endure it.

“Alright, you can absorb the wind energy here. It will increase your comprehension as well as adaptability. I’ll come to find you later.” After setting up Tang Wan-er, Long Chen returned to the red zone.

Seeing Long Chen actually use his precious time to pull Tang Wan-er into the storm zone, countless Celestials were incredibly envious. As for the monastery heads, they were lost in thought. Long Chen was sacrificing much to do this. He was giving up his cultivation time. Was he not afraid of being surpassed by others?

It had to be known that the cultivation path was filled with struggles. No one would give up opportunities like this, not even if they were giving them up for a wife or a brother. In fact, to obtain such an opportunity, it was all too common for them to turn hostile against their own kin.

“Why did he go out again?”

No one understood. Because she was a member of the Three Peerless Beauties, practically everyone in the Xuantian Dao Sect knew that Meng Qi was a Beast Tamer. She couldn’t possibly enter the storm zone.

“He wouldn’t… Is he really…?” People were stunned to see that Long Chen was going toward Gu Yang and the others.

“Brothers, are you prepared?” Long Chen smiled.

“Boss, are you serious?” Gu Yang was startled and delighted.

“Yes. I’ll also drag you guys in. That place will multiply the benefits for you. I just don’t know if you dare to or not,” laughed Long Chen.

“Of course we dare! Boss, quickly bring us in!” cried Gu Yang and the others excitedly.

Even here, they felt themselves strengthening with every passing moment. But the storm zone was something only second rank Celestials could enter. Rank one Celestials didn’t even have the qualifications to get close. The benefits there could make a person drool.

“Alright, then the captains can follow me. As for the squad leaders and below, you won’t be able to enter,” said Long Chen.

The legion’s captains were Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Yue Zifeng. The Dragonblood Legion was composed of three hundred and sixty members. They were split into thirty-six squads, each with a squad leader. The four captains were each in charge of nine squads.

The squad leaders were the strongest of the squads. But compared to Gu Yang and the other captains, the difference was extremely great.

“Brothers, I’m cheering for you. Have a good trip, hahaha…” Seeing that Long Chen didn’t mention him, Guo Ran was extremely relieved.

But a single sentence from Long Chen made him turn green. “Guo Ran, you’re also coming.”

“Boss, my body’s too weak! It’s even weaker than one of our ordinary brothers! I should stay here and just cheer for you… Aiya! Boss, please, I don’t want to go… I’ll die if I go... Please boss, release me! I have a mother, and I want to have babies one day…” begged Guo Ran.

But Long Chen ignored him. He simply dragged him over. No matter how he begged, Guo Ran was unable to stop Long Chen’s footsteps.

“All four captains of the legion have come. As the head general, you can’t be excused. Even if you die, you have to die inside the storm zone,” said Long Chen as he dragged a wailing Guo Ran.


As Long Chen pushed his divine ring to its peak, the five of them forced their way through the current.

However, this time, Long Chen was under extremely great pressure. The tide’s strength would adjust itself according to a person’s power. Now that he was enduring the pressure for the five of them, he felt a powerful resistance. They weren’t Celestials, and so they couldn’t compare to Tang Wan-er. If he didn’t do this, they would be instantly crushed.

Seeing Long Chen bringing five people to the storm zone, countless jaws dropped. This was truly ruthless.

“What a fool. He’s wasting such a good opportunity. Pulling in Tang Wan-er was one thing. After all, she’s a Celestial and has plenty of room to grow. But to drag in five ordinary disciples is just a waste of time. Especially that crying fellow. He’s clearly just trash. No matter how good Long Chen’s talent is, if he just wastes his time like this, he’ll quickly be thrown into the distance!” said Shui Yuncong.

The other experts also nodded. Tang Wan-er was a wind cultivator, and pulling her into the storm zone gave her limitless prospects. Doing such a thing had been worthy of praise.

But pulling in five ordinary disciples made people speechless. Was he really so bored? Furthermore, wouldn’t those five people be crushed to death as soon as they entered?

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