Chapter 720 Defeating His Enemy With a Single Saber

“These movements are…” The vice sect master was shocked.

“It’s Split the Heavens,” said Shui Wuhen.

“What? How can Long Chen use the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s sacred ability?” cried the Wang family head.

“There’s nothing curious about it. In the Phoenix Cry Empire, Long Chen found the first form of Split the Heavens, and then in the Jiuli secret realm, he killed one of the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s disciples. Thanks to some people sending this news to the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect, one of their people came to give him permission. Who would have thought, right? What do you say, family head Zhou?” Shui Wuhen glanced at Zhou Tianyi’s bald head.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about?” Zhou Tianyi’s expression didn’t even twitch.

“Oh? There was such a thing? And the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s people didn’t take back Long Chen’s Battle Skill? How?” The vice sect master found this inconceivable. According to the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s crazy and unreasonable domineeringness, they definitely wouldn’t be so kindhearted.

“That person didn’t make things hard on Long Chen. He actually gave Long Chen some benefits.” Shui Wuhen smiled.

“Benefits? How is that possible?” cried a monastery head.

“Because Long Chen gave him a slap in the face, he gave Long Chen some benefits. I’m also not clear on the exact details.” Shui Wuhen shook her head. Thinking of that person from the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect, she couldn’t help finding it funny. She really was unable to understand his way of thinking.

People wanted to continue asking her questions, but in the end, they shut their mouths and focused on watching Long Chen. His aura was still growing.

“Even if Long Chen has learned Split the Heavens, so what? Guanzhi’s defense is unrivaled. No one within the same realm can break it,” said Shui Yuncong. He was clearly uncomfortable with how strong Long Chen was.

As the family head, he had made this strategy which had caused a genius to be treated as a random weed. That was equivalent to saying he had no vision. If Long Chen defeated Shui Guanzhi, he really would have no face left.

So in his heart, he still hoped for Shui Guanzhi to suppress Long Chen. Only then would it prove that he had made the right choice. If a leader couldn’t even properly appraise people, then they really should step down.

Long Chen’s saber was currently pointed toward the sky. An immense-saber image slowly condensed.

“Split the Heavens!”

The huge saber-image suddenly slashed down on Shui Guanzhi’s water barrier.

The barrier shook three times, but it didn’t break. Furthermore, there were three runic barriers. Long Chen’s attack hadn’t even broken the outer layer.

“This is the famous Split the Heavens?” The experts looked at each other in dismay. It seemed this was a far cry from the power rumored in legends.

“Hmph, it was just a bluff,” sneered Shui Yuncong.


Just as his sneer rang out, Long Chen once more raised his saber to the sky. An even larger saber-image pierced through the clouds.


When they saw that saber-image, the monastery heads all shot up, filled with shock. They found out that Long Chen’s previous attack had just been a practice blow.

The first attack had shaken heaven and earth’s natural energy. But the second attack had absorbed all the energy in the air.

In that instant, the entire world trembled with a murderous aura. Even from a distance, it was like this saber-image had locked them down. It was incomparably terrifying.

“This should be the second form of Split the Heavens.” Shui Wuhen was also filled with shock as she watched. But she could guess what this move was.

Shui Guanzhi was tightly locked down by a fierce sensation of death. He felt a chill throughout his whole body.

“Bastard, you won’t be able to break my defense!” He roared furiously and suddenly punched himself in the chest. He vomited blood, directly using his essence blood to form a seal. The barriers around him brightened.

Long Chen ignored his actions. He was completely focused on comprehending the will of Split the Heavens.

Although it wasn’t his first time using it, this time, he felt a kind of will that could break apart any and all restrictions, including heaven and earth. It actually greatly resembled his own will. He was currently trying to align his will with the essence of Split the Heavens.

Rumbling suddenly filled the air, and astral winds raged. A power was bursting forth like an erupting volcano.

Long Chen suddenly felt all his energy get sucked dry. He couldn’t help being startled. His tremendous spiritual yuan still wasn’t enough to completely satisfy Split the Heavens.

Furthermore, he found that his attack had already reached the point of an arrow flying off a bow. He had no choice but to follow through with it. It wasn’t under his control anymore.

The huge saber-image was like a bolt of lightning splitting apart heaven and earth, like a heavenly blade cutting apart the river of stars. It slashed down directly at Shui Guanzhi.


When it landed on his first layer of defenses, that water barrier instantly exploded. It continued to the second.

The second barrier didn’t even last for a breath, and it also exploded. Shui Guanzhi’s face turned as pale as paper.

With a furious roar, Shui Guanzhi poured all his spiritual yuan into his final barrier. If he still couldn’t block it, he would die.


The saber-image landed on the third barrier. The ground fiercely trembled, and even the disciples in the Xuantian Sea were blown into the air. As a result, they were blown into the distance by the current. Some were even blown directly to the edge.

This attack was too terrifying. It was lucky that this was a special place, or Long Chen’s attack might have completely destroyed this land.

When the dust scattered, people were horrified to see the ground had become covered in cracks. Long Chen was leaning on his saber, gasping for breath.

Shui Guanzhi had disappeared from his original location, and a long ditch had appeared there. Shui Guanzhi was lying at the end of that ditch, constantly coughing up blood.

“What? Shui Guanzhi was defeated?!”

Dragging his saber, Long Chen slowly walked over to Shui Guanzhi. His steps were a bit unsteady, but his imposingness shook people’s hearts.

When he arrived in front of him, Long Chen icily looked at the pale Shui Guanzhi. “Do you know? If you had just targeted me, this little competition would have ended here. Regretfully, you despicably sneak attacked my brothers.”

“What… are you planning? You… won’t dare to kill me!” said Shui Guanzhi icily.

Long Chen smiled. “In this world, there’s nothing I don’t dare to do. It’s just that you haven’t touched my bottom line yet, so I won’t kill you.”

Suddenly, Long Chen’s saber directly pierced through Shui Guanzhi’s chest. His blood splashed, shocking everyone.

“Long Chen, you’re courting death!” Shui Yuncong roared furiously.

Long Chen’s actions caused everyone to jump in fright. Was he really planning on killing someone here? Did he not want his life?

Long Chen didn’t even glance at Shui Yuncong. He indifferently looked at Shui Guanzhi. “This is for my brothers. Remember, next time you do something like this, then even if you have a god as a backer, I swear I will kill you!”

He flung his saber, sending Shui Guanzhi flying. He miserably tumbled, wildly vomiting blood.

Without a second glance, Long Chen began walking back toward the Xuantian Sea.

Everyone was deeply shaken by this. It was like they were watching a merciless devil god walking toward them. He was actually so powerful.

All of a sudden, the saber Long Chen was resting on his shoulder shattered. It was unable to endure the power from the second form of Split the Heavens.

“Damnit, can’t you wait until after I finish showing off?” Long Chen sighed helplessly. He flung away the hilt and went directly into the Xuantian Sea.

He felt his exhausted spiritual yuan rapidly recovering in the Xuantian Sea. It was even faster than recovering with medicinal pills.

“Vice sect master, Long Chen went too far this time-!” Shui Yuncong stood and bowed.

The vice sect master waved his hand. “All things have their reasons. If you want to play, then you have to be able to accept losing. If Long Chen had been defeated, what would have happened? Would you have felt that to be too far? Do you feel that because Shui Guanzhi is your family’s disciple, defeating him is going too far?”

Just at this moment, Zhou Tianyi interjected, “Family head Shui, being so biased toward one person isn’t good. Aren’t you afraid of your other disciples growing disillusioned?”


“I’m just judging the matter as it stands, aren’t I?”

Shui Yuncong’s mind was a bit chaotic now. It was not the time to fight, so he directly shut his mouth.

“Nice job, boss!”

When Long Chen passed by the Dragonblood Legion, Guo Ran and the others all looked at him worshipfully. Deciding to follow Long Chen had truly been the best decision of their lives.

Long Chen smiled at them and continued forward. Winking at Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er, he went straight toward the storm zone. The pressure was the greatest there, but his recovery speed would also be the fastest there.

Once he was in the violet zone, he didn’t continue forward. He just relied on the current’s practically limitless energy to recover his spiritual yuan.

At this time, the heavily injured Shui Guanzhi stood up and walked back to the Xuantian Sea. Long Chen had merely stabbed him, and that attack hadn’t contained any other forces. So while his injury had appeared frightening, it hadn’t been at all fatal. That was especially true since he was a water cultivator, and his natural recovery ability was greater than others.

Shui Guanzhi also entered the violet zone. This time, Long Chen didn’t stop him. A gentleman should be magnanimous and clearly understand enmities. He had already gotten his revenge for his brothers.

“Long Chen, I won’t let things off just like this. We still have a long time to play,” snorted Shui Guanzhi when he detoured around Long Chen. 

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