Chapter 719 Strongest Defense

Long Chen found himself trapped within a huge water prison. It was like a huge birdcage. Because it had come so fast and its scope was so big, he hadn’t had any opportunity to run.

This water cage was formed entirely of runes. These were Shui Guanzhi’s core runes. They were like water but not truly water. Their strength caused the void to twist.

Looking from the outside, Long Chen seemed like a bird caught in a cage. There was nowhere for him to run.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, let’s see how you run now!” Shui Guanzhi sneered and his hand seal suddenly changed. The prison began to rapidly shrink. As it shrank, heaven and earth rumbled.

“What… what kind of power is this?! How could it be so terrifying?” No one had expected this water prison to cause such intense rumbling. It was like heaven and earth were unable to bear its power.

Long Chen’s expression finally changed. He found that as the prison shrank, the pressure around him multiplied. It felt like the world around him was being compressed.

When it was compressed to the point of just a few miles, Long Chen felt like a huge mountain was crashing onto him from every direction. He had no choice but to resist with his full strength.

By the time the prison reached a width of three hundred meters, Long Chen estimated that the pressure could easily crush a rank one Celestial.

The pressure continued to increase as it shrank. Even Long Chen’s physical body was starting to become unable to bear it.

“Long Chen, now that you’re a bird caught in a cage, you should understand the difference between us. You’ll never be able to make up for that gap. If you kneel and beg me, if you say you’re a bumpkin, I will release you. Otherwise, even if I can’t kill you, I can crush you into a completely deformed state now,” said Shui Guanzhi.

“You’re a bumpkin? That’s all I have to say?” said Long Chen suddenly.

“Yes.” Shui Guanzhi thought he was conceding, and he sneered with disdain.

“Alright, I’ve said it, and you’ve also promised,” said Long Chen.

Shui Guanzhi immediately understood that he was cursing him. And he had actually fallen for it.

“Fuck off!” Shui Guanzhi furiously compressed the prison. He truly wanted to kill Long Chen now.

“Hmm, Long Chen is completely suppressed. This water prison looks so terrifying. It’s unexpected that Shui Guanzhi actually had such an ability,” said Yue Qianshan.

When they had exchanged blows with Shui Guanzhi, he had always used the water dragons to handle them. He had never faced them head-on.

So in truth, his scheming ability was profound. He had held back all his powerful techniques. If it hadn’t been for Long Chen, they wouldn’t have known that Shui Guanzhi had such terrifying abilities.

The water prison took only a moment to appear, and its scope was so great. If it was in a close-range battle, it really was impossible to defend against. The three of them all felt apprehensive.

They didn’t look favorably on Long Chen’s odds. Since Shui Guanzhi had abandoned his defense and placed all his core runes into this water prison, it meant that this was his strongest offensive ability.

Suddenly, an explosive sound rang out. Long Chen’s shoulder shattered. He was finally unable to bear that pressure.

“Truly worthy of being a rank two Celestial. This combat ability is truly shocking. It seems I’ve underestimated you,” said Long Chen lightly as he looked at the blood on his shoulder.

“You still want to act calm? I want to see just how long you can keep that up. You’ll quickly be crushed into a lump,” said Shui Guanzhi through clenched teeth.

Although he had imprisoned Long Chen, Shui Guanzhi was still infuriated. His strategy had always been to never reveal his true strength in front of others.

But this Skywater Prison was his strongest killing technique. He had once used this technique to bring down a rank two Celestial from the Corrupt path.

Long Chen had far surpassed the amount of time that rank two Celestial had lasted, and he had only just been injured. Just how terrifying was his physical body?

A cold light suddenly appeared in his eyes. He definitely couldn’t leave such a person alive. He decided to secretly concentrate all his power and instantly kill Long Chen.

Even if he did kill Long Chen, although it would displease the vice sect master, he could say that Long Chen refused to admit defeat as an excuse. His death was just an accident. At most, he would receive some punishment.

“You want to kill me?” said Long Chen suddenly. He smiled. He finally sensed that Shui Guanzhi had unleashed his killing intent.

“Three Star Battle Armor!”

Three stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. The primal chaos bead, which had been rapidly circulating, suddenly became still. A vast sea of energy poured out of the primal chaos space.

It was like explosives had been ignited in his body. A terrifying aura erupted and a will to decimate the nine heavens soared into the sky.


Everyone was horrified. Long Chen actually still had a trump card, and such a terrifying one. Everyone felt a burst of terror when Long Chen’s aura erupted.

It was like the revival of a devil god. In front of that will, they seemed so minute.

The water cage was like a balloon. It went from fifty meters to thirty miles, and it was still inflating.


The terrifying water cage directly exploded from Long Chen’s aura. Everyone’s jaws dropped.

“Do you still have any other techniques? If not, I’ll be attacking.” But Long Chen had already charged directly at a horrified Shui Guanzhi.

Shui Guanzhi awakened from his shock and quickly summoned back his runes. They formed a shield in front of him.

BANG! That incomparably tough runic shield instantly exploded. Shui Guanzhi vomited blood and flew back.

Even the late Sea Expansion experts watching had to gulp. They were all shocked by Long Chen’s combat ability.

It had to be known that Shui Guanzhi’s water shield was shockingly tough and supple. Other people’s attacks were unable to bring out any force against him, but now it had instantly exploded. That meant Long Chen’s current strength had reached a level that surpassed their imaginations.

“Is Long Chen a demon?” wondered a monastery head.

All the monastery heads were shaken. This kind of combat ability was inconceivable.

The vice sect master simply watched calmly. His gaze went from the divine ring to Long Chen’s gaze. He didn’t say anything, as even he had never seen this kind of magical art. It had already surpassed the scope of his understanding. Long Chen had to have huge secrets.

He couldn’t help but sigh. Everything Long Chen had was obtained through risking his life. Perhaps only such a brave warrior would be given the heaven’s blessing. All great opportunities were left to the brave.

It was unfortunate he didn’t know that Long Chen didn’t feel the slightest gratefulness toward the heavens. It was the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art that had given him everything he had.

Shui Guanzhi had borrowed Long Chen’s attack to fall back. Seeing him miserably falling back, even the other three heavenly geniuses were shocked. Zhong Wuyan covered her mouth, filled with disbelief.

They had all been tricked by Long Chen. Or perhaps it was better to say they had been tricked by Long Chen’s slovenliness. They had been misled by how he didn’t have any of the air of an expert.

Every genius, even rank one Celestials, would all possess an arrogant air and domineeringness.

But Long Chen didn’t possess that. He seemed just like an ordinary disciple. And so no one could tell he was truly a match for the Four Heavenly Geniuses.

“Hahaha, boss really is the boss.” Guo Ran and the others were all in the red zone watching Long Chen worshipfully.


Countless water runes once more condensed around Shui Guanzhi, shocking everyone. He truly was worthy of being one of the Four Heavenly Geniuses. He was capable of releasing consecutive ultimate moves, and there was no sign of his spiritual yuan running out. The disciples all had to acknowledge the Four Heavenly Geniuses. They were all practically monsters, unable to be judged through common sense.

“Seal the Heavens, Lock the Earth!”

Rumbling filled the air, and blood began to drip from Shui Guanzhi’s forehead. This fresh blood formed two different runes on his forehead. They corresponded to his two Heavenly Dao runes.

In that instant, all the runes around him became scarlet. They formed three translucent barriers around him.

“Long Chen, as a water cultivator, offense is my weak point. Now I’ve brought forth my strongest defense. If you have the guts, just try and break it,” provoked Shui Guanzhi.

“Are you stupid? You’re hiding in your turtle shell, and you want me to break it? Why would I waste the energy? I’ll just wait right here. Let me see just how long you can maintain this turtle shell.” Long Chen naturally wasn’t so stupid.

Furthermore, even before he touched these three barriers, just summoning them had made Shui Guanzhi pay a large price. Just from that, he knew this was his strongest technique.

This kind of magical art might have a shocking defense, but the exhaustion rate was also tremendous. There was no way he could maintain it for long. On the other hand, Long Chen had the divine ring giving him a constant stream of energy.

Shui Guanzhi was infuriated. He snorted, “If you don’t, then I’ll force out every single one of you from the Xuantian Sea!”

Countless expressions changed; even Shui Yuncong’s expression became ugly. This child had been pampered rotten. At this moment, he didn’t care the slightest bit about principles. He had made this threat twice now. He had completely lost the mannerism a large sect’s disciple should possess.

“Alright, since you want to die, I can only help you out.” Long Chen’s gaze seemed like two sharp blades. He slowly raised his saber, and a majestic aura slowly rose.

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