Chapter 718 Skywater Prison

Two water dragons had silently appeared behind Long Chen. They were slashed apart by his saber.


Long Chen was startled to see that the two water dragons had now become four. Recalling how he had previously cut Shui Guanzhi’s attack in two, he realized he hadn’t destroyed his attack. His slashes weren’t destroying his attack, but multiplying it.

Now, two had turned into four. Furthermore, he found that these dragons had actually absorbed some of his power. It was extremely strange.

The four water dragons once more came charging at him. With another slash of his saber, the four turned into eight. Everyone was shocked speechless.

This was the first time most of these disciples were seeing Shui Guanzhi’s fighting style. Such a strange technique was truly shocking. The more you killed, the more appeared. Wouldn’t you be exhausted to death by the end?

“My water runes are my core runes. When I awakened as a rank two Celestial, they all transformed into Heavenly Dao runes. Each time you attack, my water runes will absorb a portion of your strength and condense new water dragons. Your defeat is inevitable!” sneered Shui Guanzhi from a distance.

In the storm zone, Zhao Wuji, Zhong Wuyan, and Yue Qianshan all had disgusted expressions as they looked at the multiplying water dragons.

This was precisely one of the reasons they didn’t like fighting Shui Guanzhi. His techniques were truly too irritating. He didn’t face people head-on, instead releasing endless water dragons to attack people.

If you destroyed the water dragons, that would cause your spiritual yuan to leak and be absorbed by the water dragons, forming more water dragons. You would essentially be attacking yourself.

But if you didn’t destroy them, then it would turn into a battle of attrition. With Shui Guanzhi’s vast spiritual yuan, no one could beat him in that regard.

Out of the three, only Yue Qianshan had almost managed to beat Shui Guanzhi. He had immediately launched one of his ultimate moves at the start of the battle, instantly breaking through Shui Guanzhi’s blockade to arrive in front of him.

But the result was regretful. Shui Guanzhi had used a defensive secret art to block him. Although he had been injured, it hadn’t been a heavy injury. After that, Yue Qianshan hadn’t had an opportunity to approach him again. It had turned into a battle of attrition, and in the end, it was impossible to determine the winner.

Furthermore, he had only had that one chance. After that, Shui Guanzhi was on guard against him and didn’t give him any opportunity.

More and more water dragons were appearing around Long Chen. Each one was three hundred meters long. Now, there were actually thousands of water dragons, and Long Chen was surrounded. He was like a small boat floating on an angry sea. He might collapse at any moment.

“Long Chen’s defeat is inevitable,” sighed some monastery heads. No matter who was attacked with such an irritating attack, they would probably be stifled to the point of going crazy.

“Shui Guanzhi’s water magical arts are practically unrivaled,” praised others.

Shui Wuhen was watching curiously. Long Chen seemed to be going all-out against the countless water dragons surrounding him. She was curious as to why he was still attacking them. With his vast battle experience, he clearly should have seen through some clues.

How could there be any unrivaled magical arts in this world? The vice sect master wore a faint smile as he calmly watched. He couldn’t help but sigh. Perhaps he was the only one present who understood what Long Chen was thinking.

“Heavens, what’s going on? You can’t even see Long Chen anymore! He’s been buried by tens of thousands of water dragons!” The disciples in the current couldn’t help being appalled by the countless water dragons.

Long Chen and Shui Guanzhi had distanced themselves from the others. The only thing they could see was Water Qi and huge dragons surging. Previously, they had still been able to see Long Chen faintly through the water. But now they couldn’t see him at all.

“If this continues, Long Chen will directly exhaust himself to death. How foolish,” said Zhong Wuyan coldly.

Zhao Wuji said, “Hopefully Shui Guanzhi won’t torment him too badly, or I won’t have anything to play with. I want to personally crush him and snatch his two women.”

“With your face, no woman would take a fancy to you. Save yourself the effort.” Suddenly, Yue Qianshan, who hadn’t said a thing up to this point, opened his mouth. But his words were like a blade stabbing toward Zhao Wuji.

“Bastard, you want to die? If you’re not convinced, let’s fight right now!” raged Zhao Wuji. His aura soared and he took a battle posture. Seeing Long Chen and Shui Guanzhi fighting, he had long since started to get itchy for a fight.

“I’m not so bored. If you want to fight, there will be a chance in the future!” replied Yue Qianshan coldly. Then he no longer bothered with Zhao Wuji. He absorbed the storm zone’s energy as he watched the distant battle.

Most people didn’t think Long Chen had any chance of winning anymore. But the Dragonblood warriors were an exception. They didn’t believe there was anyone in the same realm that could defeat Long Chen, not even a rank two Celestial.

“Hahahaha, Long Chen, you won’t even be able to continue for a few hours before exhausting yourself like this,” laughed Shui Guanzhi.


Suddenly, over ten thousand water dragons exploded. A figure shot through the water, his saber landing on an astonished Shui Guanzhi.

Shui Guanzhi’s body was cleanly cut in two by Long Chen. Everyone let out startled cries. Shui Guanzhi had been killed?

The Shui family’s experts all stood up. Shui Yuncong’s killing intent erupted.

“SIT DOWN!” ordered the vice sect master.

Suddenly, people heard a faint sound in the distance. They hastily looked over to see Shui Guanzhi’s body explode. But the only thing coming out was water. There was no blood.

“A water clone?”

Everyone was shocked. They hastily looked around, finding Shui Guanzhi up in the air. His expression was exceedingly ugly. If he hadn’t used his water clone just now, he would have been killed.

This was his first time being forced to use his water clone. This clone was not a spiritual clone, nor was it a true clone.

It was simply a clone he had condensed with his runic energy. This clone could only exist within the domain of his runes. He would normally keep it hidden in his domain, and at a critical moment, he could instantly switch places with it.

This was one of his secret abilities. But now, it had been exposed by Long Chen. That made him extremely furious.

“How did you do this?” demanded Shui Guanzhi.

Long Chen flung the water off his saber. “I’m not your father. Why should I tell you?”

“You…!”  Shui Guanzhi almost exploded from rage.

Long Chen’s strongest point was his ability to enrage his opponents to death. But it wasn’t as if his words were wrong. Why would he have to tell Shui Guanzhi? Wouldn’t that just make it so he could defend against it in the future? Was he stupid?

“I understand. You were intentionally allowing the water dragons to absorb your spiritual yuan so that more would appear. Then, when they blocked my sight, you used a secret technique to detonate the spiritual yuan that belonged to you in the water dragons, and then took that chance to launch a sneak attack!” said Shui Guanzhi.

Everyone thought about it. It seemed Long Chen truly had intentionally allowed the water dragons to absorb his spiritual yuan, or their numbers wouldn’t have increased so quickly.

But how had Long Chen done this? All the experts, including Zhao Wuji and the others, didn’t understand.

The people who had exchanged blows with Shui Guanzhi all knew that as long as their spiritual yuan was absorbed by his attack, they would lose any connection to that spiritual yuan. They wouldn’t even be able to sense it anymore.

They didn’t know that when Long Chen had his divine ring out, he could still feel his spiritual yuan. Even when it had been absorbed by the water dragons, it had its own specific marking.

Previously, Long Chen had allowed the water dragons to absorb his spiritual yuan. Shui Guanzhi’s water dragons truly were bizarre, and they did isolate his spiritual yuan from his control. But with his divine ring, he could clearly sense his energy in the water dragons, and when his saber touched that energy, he could detonate it.

Even now, Long Chen didn’t completely understand the divine ring’s abilities. All he knew was that it could allow his aura to explosively grow and absorb energy for him. Now, he had found another ability.

But this ability didn’t seem to have any purpose outside of handling Shui Guanzhi’s water dragons now.

“I also required you to work together with me. If you weren’t so arrogant, you would have immediately reacted when your water runes exploded and immediately dodged. Now you should believe me, right? Bring out your full power, or you’ll die,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Hearing their words, everyone couldn’t help being alarmed inside. Just what kind of monster was Long Chen? He managed to see through the openings of any magical art in the shortest period.

It had to be known that Shui Guanzhi had fought with countless people, and they had all been completely helpless against his multiplying water dragons. It was completely unexpected for Long Chen to be able to break this technique.

The ones who were most shocked were naturally Zhao Wuji, Zhong Wuyan, and Yue Qianshan. They had always found themselves restrained by his magical arts, so they knew just how difficult Shui Guanzhi was to deal with.

However, his magical arts might be useful against others, but now they were useless against Long Chen. Shui Guanzhi was completely infuriated by this unexpected outcome.

Shui Yuncong’s expression was ugly. He also felt a bit regretful. If he had known Long Chen was this powerful, he wouldn’t have told Shui Guanzhi to suppress Long Chen. If his Shui family could have two such powerful geniuses, then they would definitely become the champion of the four families. But now… He felt extremely uneasy.

“Did you think that I only have this little ability? Did you think your little flukes can defeat me?! A bumpkin really is a bumpkin! I’ll let you experience my true abilities! Skywater Prison!”

The water runes surrounding Shui Guanzhi all scattered, instantly covering an area of dozens of miles.

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