Chapter 717 Fighting Shui Guanzhi

“A life and death match?”

Everyone was shocked. Long Chen wanted to kill? Did he really have the confidence to fight a rank two Celestial?

“Hmph, how ignorant!” snorted Shui Yuncong.

“Yes, truly ignorant.” Shui Wuhen nodded. But the same word had a different meaning in her mouth.

Shui Wuhen knew that Long Chen was truly furious. He could accept anything, but he couldn’t accept others hurting his comrades, especially not when they were someone impossible for them to defeat and when they used such despicable methods. Once that happened, Long Chen would become a completely different person.

“Do you think you’re fit to have a life and death match with me? I won’t kill you today, but I’ll crush every single one of your bones to dust!”

Seeing Long Chen walk out of the storm zone, Shui Guanzhi was delighted. As long as he wasn’t in the storm zone, then he didn’t have anything to worry about.

“Long Chen, I’ll make you regret provoking me!” Shui Guanzhi suddenly spread his hands. Countless runes appeared in the space between them, forming a huge arrow.

The arrow continued to grow, becoming hundreds of meters long. It was formed entirely of his runes, and a terrifying pressure spread that caused the other disciples’ expressions to change. This level of attack could instantly kill them.

The huge arrow shot toward Long Chen. It wasn’t fast, but it caused the void to rumble. Its powerful aura had locked down Long Chen.

“Don’t play this kind of senseless game. Bring out your full strength, or you’ll die.”

Suddenly, Long Chen completely disappeared. When he reappeared, he was right by Shui Guanzhi’s side, and his saber was slashing at him.

“What?!” Everyone was shocked that Long Chen could ignore Shui Guanzhi’s lock and escape this attack.

But was Shui Guanzhi trying to make a joke? If you wanted to lock down your opponent, you either needed stronger Spiritual Strength or a greater aura than your opponent. He had truly underestimated Long Chen.

Despite immediately summoning a water shield and retreating, Shui Guanzhi was still cut by Long Chen’s Saber Qi. Blood burst from his chest.

If he had been any slower, he would have been cleanly cut in two. Long Chen’s Netherworld Ghost Steps were too difficult to deal with. As his cultivation base had grown, he discovered just how exquisite this technique was.

His speed was too fast, so fast that others couldn’t even react. The Celestials were especially horrified. They would be killed without even realizing it.

The vice sect master narrowed his eyes upon seeing Long Chen’s footwork. He felt it was a bit familiar, but he wasn’t sure.

Shui Yuncong and the rest of the Shui family all jumped upon seeing Shui Guanzhi injured.

“Heavenly Dao Recovery!” Shui Guanzhi was also shocked. Just now, he had instinctively shot back upon sensing the danger. If he hadn’t, he would have died. Now, he no longer dared to be careless. He directly summoned his true Cry of the Heavenly Daos. Previously, he had only activated a portion of his runic power.

He had always thought that summoning the Cry of the Heavenly Daos would just be elevating Long Chen’s status. But now he finally realized that if he continued playing around like this, he might play himself to his grave.

BOOM! With Shui Guanzhi at the core, two kinds of Heavenly Dao runes erupted. Space trembled as they interweaved. Even the flow of the current was forced aside by his power.

For many people, this was their first time seeing the manifestation of a rank two Celestial. It was much more terrifying than ordinary Celestials. Even from a hundred miles away, this pressure made it hard for people to breathe.

“Are they really going to undergo a heaven-shaking battle?” The disciples were filled with anticipation. It was rare to witness a battle on this level.

Suddenly, Long Chen began to rush away, instantly disappearing from other people’s sights. People were at first astonished that he was running, but then Long Chen said, “Let’s switch locations.”

In order to not disturb others, Long Chen wanted to change the battlefield. That filled these disciples with gratitude.

Shui Guanzhi snorted and followed. Today, he was completely infuriated. This was his first time being slapped in the face. Although he couldn’t kill Long Chen in front of everyone like this, he could definitely humiliate him as much as he pleased to retrieve his dignity.

Now, he no longer even cared that much about the trial. If he didn’t defeat Long Chen, he would become the Xuantian Dao Sect’s laughingstock.

“Don’t just stand there. Even if you want to watch the fight, watch from inside,” said Long Chen to the Dragonblood Legion. Because he was following the current, he reached the edge of the basin in just a moment.

Gu Yang and the others hastily nodded. This trial was an extremely rare opportunity. They had already sensed immense benefits. The people who had been knocked unconscious had awoken, and they once more returned to their original location.

With their previous experience, their speed was much faster. By the time they reached their original location, Long Chen and Shui Guanzhi were already facing each other in the distance.

The vice sect master didn’t stop them, nor did he have any plans to. For a genius to rise within a sect was a good thing. But if multiple geniuses rose, they would definitely fight. Geniuses were all extremely self-confident. They only wanted to recognize themselves as geniuses. Each of them wanted to be king, to be the sole ruler.

That wasn’t a bad thing. Geniuses needed all kinds of motivation and passion to get stronger. If everything was peaceful and perfect, a genius would have no drive. It was an iron law of the world that competition was required. This was a rule that no one could change, and so the vice sect master only watched.

Whether it was the disciples in the Xuantian Sea or the four families’ experts, everyone’s focus was on Long Chen and Shui Guanzhi.

“Although I can’t kill you, I can return the humiliation you’ve given me a thousand times!” said Shui Guanzhi arrogantly.

“Then be careful. I, Long Chen, am not good at fighting. I’m only good at killing. If I accidentally kill you, don’t blame me!” Long Chen shook his head.

“Arrogant! I’ll let you experience the true power of a rank two Celestial, a power you can only look up to!”

BOOM! Shui Guanzhi’s runes suddenly blossomed with light as if they had come alive. A terrifying pressure crashed down on the ground, causing space to tremble.

The ground beneath Long Chen’s feet suddenly cracked. Although Shui Guanzhi hadn’t attacked yet, the aura he had released had already locked onto him.

Long Chen was under Shui Guanzhi’s terrifying pressure. Now that Shui Guanzhi had released his full strength and summoned the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, this pressure was no weaker than at the edge of the storm zone.

However, the storm zone’s power was spread throughout a large area, while Shui Guanzhi’s power was completely focused on Long Chen, which was the only reason it could match the storm zone.

“As expected, a true rank two Celestial is much more terrifying. That idiot Huo Wufang didn’t even have half this power.” Battle intent soared out of Long Chen. It had been a long time since he had exchanged blows with a true expert. It would be good to have a fight. “Divine ring!”

When the divine ring appeared, his powerful aura was like a dragon soaring into the sky. The divine ring had three colors, but on the edge, there was an incredibly indistinct color, one that was practically impossible to see.

“What magical art is that?!” asked a monastery head.

This divine ring possessed a will that could subdue the entire universe. Even heaven and earth would have to lower their heads.

Such a technique was something they had never seen or heard of. The most shocking thing was that this divine ring was actually able to resist Shui Guanzhi’s Cry of the Heavenly Daos.

“It wasn’t like this before! Why are there more colors now?” Some people had seen photographic jades of when Long Chen had previously summoned the divine ring.

But those images were from when Long Chen had fought in the Jiuli secret realm. The divine ring had completely transformed, and its new power had reached an inconceivable level.

“Long Chen, let me see just how strong you are.” Shui Wuhen was full of anticipation. Although she had known Long Chen for so long, she was never able to tell what his limit was.

When Long Chen summoned the divine ring, Shui Guanzhi immediately felt a great deal of pressure. That kind of feeling was something he had only sensed when he fought the other rank two Celestials. Did Long Chen truly possess the power of a rank two Celestial?

“If you keep hesitating, then I’ll have to attack first. Be careful. You’ve bullied my brothers, so I’m actually quite angry. If you don’t want to die, bring out your full strength!”


The ground beneath him crumbled. Long Chen shot forward, his saber mercilessly slashing down.

“I’ll make you pay for your arrogance!” Shui Guanzhi was infuriated by Long Chen. His words were a complete insult to him. Even a fellow rank two Celestial had never dared to say such a thing to him.

“Water Dragon Twister!” 

Endless runes lit up behind Shui Guanzhi, forming a huge water dragon that crashed toward Long Chen.

BANG! The huge water dragon was directly cut in two by Long Chen. Long Chen found it odd how easily he destroyed it, but then his heart clenched and he hastily swung his saber behind him.

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