Chapter 716 Despicable and Shameless

“Fuck off!”

Shui Guanzhi had only just taken a step into the storm zone when a huge saber-image carried by the current struck him.


Shui Guanzhi had yet to stabilize himself in the storm zone when he once more shot back like a shooting star.

This time, he was even faster than last time because Long Chen had taken advantage of the situation. He had merged the current’s power with his Saber Qi, and he didn’t give Shui Guanzhi any opportunity.

“Idiot, let me just say that with me here, don’t even think about getting in.”

Long Chen’s voice resounded throughout the whole region. Everyone’s hearts shook. Perhaps Long Chen was about to make Shui Guanzhi regret his actions.

“Too contemptible!” roared Shui Yuncong. With the storm zone’s power backing him, Long Chen had placed himself in an invincible position. Shui Guanzhi had no chance.

“Long Chen, you are courting death!”


Shui Guanzhi had just charged into the storm zone when Long Chen once more sent him flying.

There was no way around this. The storm zone was already extremely terrifying. Anyone who charged in would encounter an exceedingly terrifying pressure, and it would require their full strength to resist.

Long Chen was aware of that, and so he had immediately taken this advantage. When he combined his attacks with the current here, Shui Guanzhi was powerless.

“Haha, this Water Pipe should now understand how amazing our boss is. To have plotted against him, I really admire his courage,” laughed Guo Ran upon seeing the seventh time Shui Guanzhi was miserably blown back.

The other Dragonblood warriors also couldn’t help but clench their fists. Previously, Shui Guanzhi had targeted Long Chen. It was truly refreshing to see Long Chen suppress him like this.

Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi were also watching. Meng Qi shook her head. “Shui Guanzhi really is unlucky. He could have provoked anyone, but he decided to provoke Long Chen!”

Tang Wan-er hatefully said, “He deserves it. Even Zhao Wuji didn’t do anything, but he actually sneak attacked him. He should be crushed!”

On the seventh time, Long Chen’s power was even greater, resulting in Shui Guanzhi vomiting blood. His hair was a complete mess, and his expression was sinister. He seemed like a berserk Magical Beast.

He might be furious, but there was nothing he could do. As long as Long Chen had the terrain advantage and simply defended, none of his abilities would allow him to pass.

“Vice sect master, this matter is no good. If this continues, neither of them will be able to properly cultivate!” Shui Yuncong looked toward the vice sect master for help, hoping that he would stop this fight.

But the vice sect master merely said, “I’m unable to handle your Shui family’s internal conflict.”

All he had to do was make sure they didn’t fight to the point of death. Otherwise, they could fight as they pleased. When Shui Guanzhi had attacked Long Chen, he hadn’t said anything. 

Now that Shui Guanzhi was suppressed by Long Chen and Shui Yuncong was actually asking the vice sect master to interfere, it truly proved that Shui Yuncong was worthy of being the family head. His face was definitely thick enough.

However, the vice sect master didn’t want to interfere in their Shui family’s affairs. If he had to worry about this kind of minor affair, he would never have a moment of peace to cultivate.

“Wuhen, are you not going to control your disciple?!” shouted Shui Yuncong.

Shui Wuhen smiled coldly. “The matters of youngsters should be resolved by the youngsters. As the family head, do you not even possess that resolve?”

These words caused everyone’s expressions to become odd. Even a solemn person like the vice sect master had to hold back a smile.

These were almost the exact same words Shui Yuncong had said when Shui Guanzhi had sneak attacked Long Chen. Even the tone was the same.

It was like Shui Wuhen had used Shui Yuncong’s hand to slap him. It went without saying that this slap was very vicious.

“How impudent! Do you not place your family head in your eyes?!” roared Shui Yuncong.

“Let everyone take a step back. Monastery head Shui, advise Long Chen to stop. This isn’t good for either of them. There’s a time limit for the Xuantian Sea, and it may disappear at any time. It’s not good to mess around all day!” said the vice sect master.

“Alright, I’ll advise him. But as for whether or not he’ll listen, it’s not my problem,” said Shui Wuhen helplessly. After all, this was the vice sect master’s request, and she had to give him this face. “Long Chen, don’t mess around! There’s a time limit to the Xuantian Sea, and you have to cherish each moment.”

Long Chen was currently completely focused on Shui Guanzhi. He had to admit that Shui Guanzhi was extremely powerful. The reason he seemed so relaxed was entirely because he was relying on the storm zone’s power.

Now that Shui Wuhen tried to mediate the situation, he immediately understood that someone was forcing her.

Currently, the two dragon tattoos on his arms were shining as they went all-out absorbing the energy for themselves. Although it wasn’t as good as the energy from deeper within, Long Chen was unable to swallow his anger and thus didn’t proceed further.

“This idiot goes too far with bullying others. I can let him through, but he must give me an apology!” shouted Long Chen.

“You want me to apologize?! Keep dreaming! You’re the bumpkin idiot!” roared Shui Guanzhi before anyone else could reply.

“Fine, then we can just continue like this. If you can get past me, then I won’t be Long Chen!” sneered Long Chen. He was also full of rage.

He hadn’t provoked this fellow, and all he wanted was an apology, but this Shui Guanzhi acted as if he was thoroughly wronged. Since that was the case, then they could fight until the end. Just who was afraid of who?

“Well, I’ve done all I can.” Shui Wuhen shrugged.

“You aren’t even able to control a disciple. What qualifications do you have to be a monastery head?!” shouted an expert from the Shui family.

That person was precisely the monastery head of the fifth supermonastery and the one who would eventually succeed in the family head position. Back then, he had invited Shui Wuhen to join his side, but she had refused, which irritated him. Now his authority was growing greater and greater, and he was beginning to push her out.

“Yes, he is my disciple. But he is not my tool or puppet. He has the right to protect his own dignity.” Shui Wuhen’s expression sank.

“You… what sophistry!” he raged.

“Don’t fight. Shui Guanzhi is moving again. He… eh? Is he…?”

Everyone was startled to see Shui Guanzhi charge in a different direction this time.

“Heavens, he wouldn’t!”

Quite a few expressions of disbelief appeared. Shui Guanzhi was actually rushing toward the Dragonblood Legion.

“Scram!” Shui Guanzhi roared and a huge blade fell on them. The Dragonblood warriors were alarmed and hastily defended. 

BOOM! A huge wind shield appeared in front of the Dragonblood warriors. But this shield merely lasted for an instant before shattering. As for the Dragonblood warriors, they were knocked back but didn’t get sent flying.

That was Tang Wan-er’s shield. As soon as she had seen Shui Guanzhi charging over at everyone, she had had a bad feeling and rushed back with Meng Qi.

“Netherworld Soul Arrow!”

A translucent arrow filled with endless soul energy shot toward Shui Guanzhi.

“A spiritual attack?” Shui Guanzhi’s expression changed. Spiritual attacks were the most terrifying attacks. If he was struck, it truly would be troublesome.

Buzz! The Heavenly Dao runes behind him suddenly transformed into a huge shield. Two kinds of runes were constantly flickering, looking like the eyes of millions of ghouls. It appeared extremely strange.

This strange shield blocked Meng Qi’s attack. But Shui Guanzhi felt a burst of pain in his soul. Meng Qi’s spiritual attack was too powerful, and a portion of it reached him.

“Fuck off!” Shui Guanzhi formed a hand seal, and the Water Qi around him surged. His runes rumbled with them, and a huge water hammer appeared in the air. 

“Get back!” cried Tang Wan-er. She rapidly formed hand seals, summoning all her energy. A huge wind shield formed in front of her, and she retreated along with everyone else.


Her wind shield exploded. Terrifying water energy slammed into them. It felt like a mountain had crashed into them, and they all vomited blood.

They were engulfed in a powerful flood and unable to say a word. Shui Guanzhi’s attack blew back Tang Wan-er and the others. They directly slammed into the edge of the basin.

But no one cheered for him; they all looked down on him. Unable to defeat Long Chen, he actually released his anger on people from the same sect as him. That wasn’t what a true expert should do.

Everyone was silent for a moment. Around half of the Dragonblood Legion had fallen unconscious from this attack. After all, that was the attack of a rank two Celestial.

Seeing the Dragonblood warriors begin to carry their injured brothers to the shore and give them medical care, everyone felt an indescribable feeling inside. Each of the Dragonblood warriors was worthy of respect, but now they had been humiliated like this.

“Long Chen, since you won’t let me cultivate, then none of your thirty-sixth supermonastery’s people should think about cultivating either!” Shui Guanzhi completely ignored everyone’s gazes.

In the storm zone, Long Chen’s eyes were icy cold, and his arms suddenly shook. A blue and violet light shot out.

Originally, people thought he was preparing some ultimate attack, but those two lights didn’t go forward. They went toward the core of the storm zone instead.

Long Chen had decided to let Lei Long and Huo Long go to the core on their own. He told them to make themselves as small as possible so that they wouldn’t be noticed, but it still drew people’s suspicions. However, Long Chen didn’t care.

“Shui Guanzhi, do you have any interest in having a life and death match?” shouted Long Chen from the storm region, shocking everyone.

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