Chapter 714 Resounding Face-Slap

Seeing that Long Chen had been plotted against, the Dragonblood warriors were enraged. They all took out their weapons, about to charge their way into the storm zone.

“Don’t cause trouble!” shouted Gu Yang. “It’s already hard enough for us to be here. You won’t even advance a few miles before being blown back. As for the storm zone, you won’t be able to enter. Acting like this is just inviting humiliation!”

“Then what are we supposed to do?!” raged a Dragonblood warrior.

“You guys, really? As your cultivation bases grew, it seems your brains have become dumber. Do you think boss is someone who will suffer without retaliating? Just obediently cultivate and wait to watch the show. Remember, boss is unrivaled!” said Guo Ran.

Long Chen had already charged back into the white zone. What shocked everyone was that he was practically a bolt of lightning.

“Heavens, that’s way too fast!” The disciples in the trial watched as Long Chen sped by. This speed was even greater than the Four Heavenly Geniuses when they had charged forward. He was out of the white zone in just a few breaths.

Even in the blue zone, his speed didn’t decrease. He directly pierced through to the red zone. Upon reaching there, Long Chen let out a furious roar, and his aura erupted.

Space trembled, but Long Chen’s speed still didn’t decrease. He was like a flying arrow, and he even became faster.


Long Chen used the most direct, most barbaric method to barge right into the storm zone. This was too ruthless. He didn’t even give himself time to breathe or adjust. 

The spectators were dumbfounded. Of course, this included Shui Yuncong. He had a bad premonition. 

The four families’ experts could all tell that Long Chen’s current mood wasn’t good. Since Shui Guanzhi had plotted against him, it seemed he wasn’t willing to be struck without striking him back.

Only Shui Wuhen’s expression was calm. She knew Long Chen was completely infuriated.

With his previous experience, Long Chen merely trembled slightly upon entering the storm zone. He took half a step back. This half step was truly excellent. Originally, when you entered a new zone, there would be a powerful impact force. But now, the impact striking him had dropped thirty to forty percent, so he wasn’t injured.

Then with a cold snort, he began moving toward Shui Guanzhi.

Although his speed wasn’t fast anymore, in less than two hours, he was less than a mile from him.

Shui Guanzhi once more turned back with a disdainful expression. “This isn’t a place you can stay. But since you are so obstinate, I can only help you scram again.”

A large fist suddenly condensed in the air and shot toward Long Chen.

This time, Long Chen managed to see it. Shui Guanzhi was truly a sinister person. He might have turned his head back, but he didn’t turn the rest of his body. He had actually been forming hand seals in front of him to secretly set up an attack. That was how Long Chen had been struck last time.

Furthermore, Long Chen was at a disadvantage. With the tide’s power behind him, Shui Guanzhi’s attack was much stronger.

His power was increased by the current, while Long Chen was forcing his way through the current. Of course he would be the one to suffer.

Suddenly, a saber appeared in Long Chen’s hands. That was an Enchanted item he had obtained from someone else’s hands.

His Blooddrinker was still crazily absorbing the Phoenix Blood Black Gold’s energy to heal itself. Long Chen didn’t want to disturb it.

Saber Qi soared into the sky. With a slash of his saber, the fist was cleanly cut in half. Furthermore, the leftover power continued toward Shui Guanzhi.

Shui Guanzhi hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so strong. His hand seal suddenly changed, and a curtain of water appeared in the air.

Long Chen’s saber-image landed on the curtain of water. The water curtain trembled a few times, but it still completely dispelled Long Chen’s attack.

“Fuck off!”

Suddenly, a cold shout rang out. Long Chen had already crossed the mile that had separated them. Holding his saber with both hands, he mercilessly slashed it down.

Long Chen’s previous attack hadn’t just split apart Shui Guanzhi’s attack, but it had also cut a channel in front of him, one that greatly reduced the pressure of the current. He had taken advantage of that to charge right up to Shui Guanzhi.

This time, his attack was even stronger. His saber caused a spatial-tearing sound that caused Shui Guanzhi’s expression to change.

“Skywater Shield!”

Shui Guanzhi hastily formed a hand seal, and runic energy formed a three-meter-wide shield in front of him.

This shield was condensed from countless water element runes. It appeared as if it was made of water.

BOOM! Powerful qi waves erupted. Zhong Wuyan and Yue Qianshan frowned. They were affected by the shockwaves.

The two of them slowly moved further away. Although they weren’t afraid, that didn’t mean they would stupidly waste such a good cultivation opportunity.

As for Zhao Wuji, he sneered. This was the best possible show for him.

He represented the Zhou family, while Shui Guanzhi represented the Shui family. The two families were like fire and water. He had exchanged blows with Shui Guanzhi many times, but it had always ended up in a draw.

Shui Guanzhi’s water element cultivation technique was too abnormal, and it restricted him. He was an earth element expert. Shui Guanzhi’s water technique might not specialize in offense, but it was unrivaled when it came to softness and flexibility.

Each time Zhao Wuji’s fists tried to hit him, it would be like hitting cotton. The feeling of his fists landing on nothing was so irritating that it almost made him puke.

Shui Guanzhi rarely fought head-on with others. He used his endless water magical arts to exhaust his opponents to death. So Zhao Wuji hated fighting him the most.

Long Chen’s saber landed on Shui Guanzhi’s water shield. He found that this water shield was constantly rippling. Each time it rippled, it erased part of his power. It was extremely strange.

The two of them were deadlocked for a moment. Shui Guanzhi sneered, “You’re just a country bumpkin and have no qualifications to be here. You should leave while you still can. Stay in the red zone.”

Shui Guanzhi had long since heard of Long Chen, but he had never taken him seriously. He considered him nothing more than a slightly strong bumpkin who had come from the mountains.

He and the other rank two Celestials had all been found to have an innate Dao mark by the time they were five years old. They were innate rank two Celestials.

There were two kinds of rank two Celestials. One kind had advanced from the first rank. But that was extremely difficult.

For example, Yin Wushang had been a powerful figure amongst rank one Celestials. If he could have perfectly merged his true body with his clone, then he would have had at least a thirty percent chance of becoming a rank two Celestial.

Not all Celestials would have a chance of advancing. It would depend on their Heavenly Dao runes, as well as their talent. The most important thing was that it required an ocean’s worth of resources. Amongst one hundred rank one Celestials, less than one might advance to the second rank.

Most rank two Celestials were innate. They simply had to awaken their Heavenly Dao runes. That was what made Shui Guanzhi, Zhao Wuji, Zhong Wuyan, and Yue Qianshan supreme existences in the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Their arrogance was natural. They didn’t place any rank one Celestials in their eyes, let alone Long Chen who wasn’t even a Celestial.

“Hehe, Long Chen really has struck an iron board. Shui Guanzhi has never been defeated by someone in the same realm. His water magical arts are something even late Sea Expansion experts are helpless against,” sneered one of the Shui family’s experts.

A rank two Celestial’s Heavenly Dao runes could help them activate magical arts. Through training, they would be able to unleash incredible power. Rank two Celestials could truly dominate the Sea Expansion realm. But rank one Xiantian Celestials were only able to fight the early Sea Expansion realm.

Amongst rank one Celestials, ninety-nine percent of them didn’t have any attributes. So the only thing they could depend on was their Heavenly Dao manifestations. But rank two Celestials were blessed by the Heavenly Daos and had higher chances of having an affinity with an element. That created a huge chasm between rank one and rank two Celestials.

So no matter how monstrous Long Chen was, no matter how heaven-defying he was, no one had a favorable opinion of his chances against a rank two Celestial.

Shui Yuncong smiled. Shui Guanzhi was a descendant of the Shui family, and that was much more dependable than an outsider. Just having Shui Guanzhi in the Shui family was enough. As for Long Chen, he would at most be fit to be Shui Guanzhi’s servant.

Of course, if Long Chen was willing to be Shui Guanzhi’s servant, he definitely wouldn’t mistreat him. But if Long Chen wasn’t willing, then there was no way around it. Shui Guanzhi would ruthlessly suppress him.

The sky did not have two suns. The people didn’t have two masters. A family couldn’t contain two pinnacle figures. One had to suppress the other.

Shui Yuncong glanced at Shui Wuhen. But seeing her cold smile made him furious. Shui Wuhen was becoming more and more unreliable. Since that was the case, then he would just allow Shui Guanzhi to properly beat Long Chen up.

As for Zhou Tianyi, his expression was calm, but he was laughing with delight inside. He had never expected that he wouldn’t even need Zhao Wuji to do anything. The Shui family’s own people were helping him out.

Zhou Tianyi hated Long Chen to the core. He hated him so much that he wished Long Chen would die in the trial. It was because of him that his Zhou family had lost so miserably.

The vice sect master frowned slightly. He was unable to understand what Long Chen was doing. He was clearly exceedingly powerful, but he still refused to release that power. Were all the youngsters these days so low-key?

“In front of me, you are just an ant. You are helpless against me.” Shui Guanzhi continued to block Long Chen’s saber. Although Long Chen was constantly increasing his power, his water shield was dispelling it at the same time. Long Chen was just wasting his time. He was unable to threaten him.

“Is that so? Then I want to see whether or not I can threaten you.”

Long Chen suddenly smiled. His saber fiercely cut down. What flabbergasted everyone was that Shui Guanzhi’s incomparably tenacious shield was directly cut apart.

Shui Guanzhi was dumbfounded. This was something that had never happened before. But before he could react, a hand came from a strange angle. It made an intimate connection with his handsome face.


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