Chapter 713 Don’t Regret It

Everyone’s attention was drawn to Long Chen. That was especially true of the Celestials who were also in the red zone.

“It doesn’t seem like he finds it difficult at all! Is he really planning on entering the storm zone?”

Up to now, only the Four Heavenly Geniuses had entered the storm zone. But it seemed Long Chen really was planning on joining them.

Long Chen quickly bypassed Celestial after Celestial. Seeing him walk past them, they were shocked. What kind of monster was he?

“Does he really have the same level of strength as the Four Heavenly Geniuses?” This was the question on everyone’s mind. Those four were unrivaled second rank Celestials, while Long Chen wasn’t even a Celestial.

In truth, Long Chen also felt a great deal of pressure. When he got close to the storm zone, he was forced to slow down, because the pressure here was too great.

He was less than a mile from the storm zone. But this mile was too terrifying. The pressure would double every thirty meters.

Even Long Chen felt like his blood was churning within him. But he also felt the tide constantly strengthening his physical body.

However, this strengthening was too slow. Perhaps the other Celestials felt that their physical bodies were rapidly advancing, but Long Chen’s body had already reached a terrifying level. He didn’t particularly care about this level of strengthening.

He had the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. As long as he condensed the fourth star, his physical strength would immediately multiply. How could he care about this little bit?

His target was the storm zone. That was where the purest energy of the Xuantian Sea was located. He knew this for sure because Huo Long and Lei Long were both expressing their desires to him loudly and repeatedly.

There was something in the storm zone that they wanted. Huo Long was especially agitated. It seemed like a monster than had been starving for tens of thousands of years and was now seeing meat before it. It practically went crazy.

As Long Chen advanced, the current began to rumble. The storm zone was right in front of him.

Long Chen felt extremely uncomfortable with the intense pressure here. Taking a deep breath, his spiritual yuan began to surge. His aura erupted to fight against the current. If he still didn’t do this, then just his physical body would be unable to endure it.

At this moment, everyone’s gazes were on him. They wanted to see whether he truly had the ability to challenge the storm zone.

Long Chen had stopped. He was adjusting his aura. Previously, the Four Heavenly Geniuses had also adjusted themselves for an incense stick’s worth of time.

Shui Wuhen was nervous. Long Chen had always been her greatest pride, but even she didn’t know how powerful he really was. The fact that he wanted to compete with the Four Heavenly Geniuses made her worry. If he failed, she would become a laughingstock.


Suddenly, the Xuantian Sea shook slightly. Long Chen had merely paused for a few breaths before taking a step into the storm zone.

“He’s crazy!”

The spectators were appalled. Even the Four Heavenly Geniuses had had to summon their manifestations to enter the storm zone. 

But Long Chen was merely circulating his spiritual yuan. That was the simplest, most ordinary defense possible. In front of the storm zone, he would immediately be blown back.

The violet storm zone was like a hurricane. Loud rumbling filled Long Chen’s ears.

Long Chen’s body suddenly trembled, and if felt like he had been smashed by countless hammers. His blood churned, and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Long Chen was surprised to see that his shoulder had dislocated because of the tearing force here. This storm seemed like wind but also not like wind. It seemed like water but was not water. It contained every single kind of energy found within heaven and earth.

But Long Chen found that all those various energies contained a berserk, destructive force along with a powerful nourishing force. When he recovered from his injuries, he sensed that the energy here was of great assistance, and it saved him a great deal of life energy from the primal chaos space when he healed.

“How mysterious.” Long Chen sighed inside. The Xuantian Sea was absolutely inexplicable.

While Long Chen was surprised, the outside world had practically gone crazy. Long Chen had actually charged his way through. Although he was a bit miserable at the start and had suffered an injury, he had completely adapted in just a few breaths. That was too monstrous.

Shui Wuhen finally relaxed. At the same time, she was also shocked.

“What a powerful physical body.” The vice sect master couldn't help being moved. It was his first time seeing such a physical body.

He was a Foundation Forging expert, and he could tell that Long Chen wasn’t relying on any technique. His physical body was not backed by something like Zhao Wuji’s earth energy.

The four family heads were also shocked. They had heard Long Chen was a monster and powerful, but they hadn’t really taken it to heart. No matter how strong he was, how could he compare to a rank two Celestial?

But now, he had forced his way into the storm zone. That was especially shocking to Zhou Tianyi and Shui Yuncong.

The former regretted not caring enough about him before. Such a person had to either be drawn to their side or stealthily killed. Now, the Shui family had two peerless geniuses. The situation was not good for his Zhou family.

As for Shui Yuncong, he also regretted not listening when Shui Wuhen told him Long Chen was a peerless genius and should be given the same treatment as Shui Guanzhi. Instead of listening, he had treated him as a game piece to use against the Zhou family. Now that Long Chen had displayed such power, he didn’t know what to do.

Furthermore, Shui Yuncong suddenly thought of a certain something, and his expression twitched. But there was nothing he could do now.

Long Chen stood in the storm zone for a full incense stick’s worth of time before gradually coming to an understanding of the rules here. Then he began to slowly advance. The pressure here was so immense, even steel would be instantly crushed.

Long Chen could only advance step by step. He quickly saw four figures in front of him. The four of them were in a row and maintaining a distance of around a mile from each other as they slowly advanced toward the center.

Long Chen was right in the middle of the four.

Zhao Wuji was the one furthest to the left, while the one furthest to the right was carrying a sword on his back. Because it was his back facing him, Long Chen couldn’t see his face, but he knew it had to be the sword cultivator, Yue Qianshan.

Of the two in the middle, the lithe figure was most definitely Zhong Wuyan, while the other had long hair that fell loosely on his back. He had to be the Shui family’s genius, Shui Guanzhi.

Long Chen frowned slightly. His position was rather awkward. But if he were to detour around them with this snail-like pace, it would waste too much time.

Furthermore, he wanted to charge to the very center of the sea. So he had to pass by two of them.

The two most suited for him to pass were Zhong Wuyan and Shui Guanzhi. There was a mile between them, which was enough to safely pass through.

The four of them had also noticed Long Chen, and they were extremely shocked. The most shocking fact was that after entering the storm zone, he had reached their current position even faster than them.

In less than a few hours, Long Chen was less than half a mile away. He would quickly be standing shoulder to shoulder with them.

Now that he got closer, he saw their faces. Everything about Yue Qianshan was sword-like. His eyebrows were sword-like, and his gaze seemed like two sharp blades. That gaze contained the specific arrogance of a sword cultivator.

On the other hand, Shui Guanzhi was more handsome. But he was a bit too handsome, making him appear almost feminine. Long Chen disliked his appearance a great deal. He quickly realized the reason: he looked a bit similar to Marquis Ying.

Just at this moment, Shui Guanzhi turned toward Long Chen and shook his head. “Scram. You don’t have the qualifications to be here!”

Alarm bells suddenly rang in Long Chen’s heart, but it was too late. An invisible fluctuation struck him.

Within the current, it was practically impossible to sense a transparent fist. By the time Long Chen noticed it, he had been struck.

He felt like a huge hammer had smashed into him. He pierced straight through the red, blue, and white zones like a shooting star. When he crashed into the edge of the basin, the entire land trembled slightly.

Shui Wuhen shot up, her expression dark. “Did you set this up?!”

“How brazen Shui Wuhen! Don’t be so rude to the family head!” Another expert from the Shui family immediately retorted.

Shui Yuncong glanced at Shui Wuhen. “The matters of youngsters should be resolved by the youngsters. As the monastery head, do you not even possess that resolve?”

Shui Wuhen trembled from rage. She knew that Shui Yuncong had set this up in order to punish her for going against the family. He was trying to force her to lower her head.

“Good! Hahaha, good! These are your own words. Don’t regret it!” Shui Wuhen sat back down.

Long Chen miserably crawled up. He wiped away the blood from his mouth, and a smile appeared on his face. That smile was chilling to the bone.

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