Chapter 712 The Core Storm Zone

When Gu Yang entered the red zone, his entire body shuddered as if he were on the verge of collapse. But he still managed to bear it in the end.

This startled the spectators. Previously, quite a few experts had tried charging into the red zone. But anyone who was not a Celestial had been blown back, and many had even suffered heavy injuries.

It had to be known that those who had dared to attempt entering the red zone were amongst the strongest Xiantian disciples here. Although they might not compare to Celestials, they were outstanding elites.

Even they had failed, which had caused many people to give up. They all formed an assumption that only Celestials could enter the red zone.

But Gu Yang had used his actions to prove them wrong.

Following Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng also entered. His aura seemed like an unsheathed sword that stabbed into the tide. He actually seemed even more relaxed than Gu Yang.

“A sword cultivator? Not bad.” The vice sect master nodded with praise. He saw that Yue Zifeng had reached a profound comprehension of the Sword Dao.

Following the two of them, Li Qi also entered. But he had only just entered when he coughed up blood.

The two different forces were extremely difficult to deal with. One pushed you back, while the other pushed you down. He felt like his body was being twisted, and he suffered an injury.

But although he appeared extremely miserable, after tottering several times, he still managed to endure it. He wasn’t forced out.

The last one was Song Mingyuan. Song Mingyuan’s cultivation base was around the same as Li Qi's. He also coughed up blood and just narrowly managed to endure it.

Once the four of them entered, everyone’s gazes fell on Guo Ran. Guo Ran immediately felt a chill. His physical body wasn’t strong. It wasn’t even on the same level as an ordinary Dragonblood warrior. This could be fatal to him.


“Don’t spout nonsense. Hurry up. The worst case is you’ll fly out and come back,” said Long Chen impatiently. This little fellow always liked to act slippery. But now wasn’t the time.

“Fine. I’m going, boss.” Guo Ran looked at Long Chen tender-heartedly. That scene gave Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er goosebumps.

“Go in peace!” sighed Long Chen with a mournful expression.

“I’m not dying! Why are you jinxing me!”

“If you stall any longer, I’ll kick you inside. Hurry up!”

Guo Ran took a deep breath. Clenching his teeth, he took a few steps and then fiercely jumped into the red zone.

The spectators let out startled cries. Was he an idiot? If a person’s feet left the ground, how would they be able to stabilize themselves? Wouldn’t he be immediately blown out?

Guo Ran immediately vomited three mouthfuls of blood. But he actually managed to stay in the red zone. He wasn’t blown back.

Everyone was dumbfounded. This didn’t make any sense. Even the four families’ experts were stunned.

But when they looked at Guo Ran’s feet, they came to a sudden comprehension. At some point, Guo Ran had put on large metallic boots.

He had relied on the weight of the boots to keep himself steady. Of course, these people were unaware that these were part of his armor. Furthermore, it wasn’t just their weight that was shocking. There were hidden mechanisms at the bottom of the boots to keep him stuck to the ground. Otherwise, just the weight of the boots wouldn’t be able to keep him standing here.

“Alright, we’ll line up to block the pressure a bit.” Gu Yang and the other four lined up so that it would be a bit easier for the others.

This red zone was too terrifying. Even Gu Yang and the others were at their limit. Perhaps only a few others would be able to endure it if no one helped them. Now, the five of them were not only helping the Dragonblood warriors share their burden, they were also encouraging them, as well as telling them that they weren’t fighting alone. They had everyone to help them.

One Dragonblood warrior tried to enter the red zone. He immediately vomited blood, but with a furious roar, he erupted with his full strength, fighting against the pressure. He tottered back and forth, but in the end, with a supreme effort, he managed to endure it.

The strongest impact was when you entered a new zone. Once you managed to endure it, you would rapidly adapt.

Seeing him succeed, the others were filled with confidence, and they tried it.

But not every person succeeded; some were blown back. Long Chen had long since been prepared and he immediately caught them. He had them rest before trying again.

With Long Chen present, they didn’t need to worry about being blown back to the outer zone. Without that worry, they could go all-out in their attempt to enter the red zone.

This was a very miserable trial. Each person who tried to enter the red zone paid a heavy price. They would definitely vomit blood, and in the struggle, some people’s legs even broke directly. Later, they relied on crawling with their arms to advance.

The tenacious will they displayed shook all the experts watching. They were absolutely ruthless to themselves.

“Without going through pain and suffering, one cannot achieve success. This doesn’t just apply to ordinary mortals, but also cultivators. Although the effort you put in isn’t always directly proportional to your gains, if two people were of the same talent and luck, the one who puts in the most effort will obtain the most.

“In order to increase your odds by just a bit, you have to put in ten times the effort of others. This is what it means to have resolve,” said the vice sect master.

The four families’ experts all nodded. The majority of them were on the level of monastery heads and had high statuses. But they had rarely seen disciples as determined as the Dragonblood warriors. Each one of these three hundred people had such perseverance and refused to accept defeat.

One of the Dragonblood warriors had even failed seventeen times. It was unknown how many times his bones broke. Blood had dyed his body, but he refused to accept help. On his eighteenth try, relying on his own strength, he managed to succeed.

As a result, after six hours, all the Dragonblood warriors managed to enter the red zone. Although it was just the edge, the other disciples all felt a profound veneration for them.

If their positions were switched, they wouldn’t have had that kind of perseverance. And even if they did, they wouldn’t have this kind of resolve. This was a conviction, conviction that they would definitely succeed. This conviction was in themselves.

Although they suffered failure after failure, they still believed in themselves. They believed that they could definitely charge through. This kind of belief was especially important to a martial cultivator.

“What a lesson!” sighed one of the monastery heads.

Compared to the Dragonblood warriors, they found that their own disciples were lacking that kind of will and resolve. In comparison, their disciples were like greenhouse flowers.

Shui Wuhen said, “From the 108th monastery, starting with the Righteous and Corrupt battle, they slaughtered out their own path with Long Chen. They have crawled out from mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Each one of them is hot-blooded. When they were framed and their sect leader was captured, Long Chen charged into the first monastery on his own.

“At that time, these people were nothing more than rookies. Despite knowing their enemies were strong, so strong that even their sect leader couldn’t resist, they were still willing to follow Long Chen into death.

“The feelings between them can withstand any trials. As long as Long Chen ordered it, they would follow him to their deaths. In the same way, if any of them were in danger, Long Chen would sacrifice his own life to save them. Although they are young, they understand the true meaning of cultivation.”

Hearing Shui Wuhen’s words, everyone was deeply moved. They recalled how their blood used to burn with passion when they were young. But at some unknown point, that hot blood and their fearlessness had faded. All day, all they did was scheme against each other. They were lost in thought.

Only Zhou Tianyi’s expression was ugly. To him, Shui Wuhen’s words were antagonistic, because the matter from back then had been related to his Zhou family. It was a result of the battle between the Zhou and Shui families.

But her words made it seem like all the fault lay with the Zhou family when it had clearly been a competition between the two. How could she set up the Zhou family as the villain?

But he couldn’t say anything. After all, she hadn’t directly accused his Zhou family. So he couldn’t explain, because then the vice sect master’s impression of the Zhou family would worsen further.

“Zhao Wuji has entered the core zone!” exclaimed a monastery head suddenly.

Everyone hastily turned to see Zhao Wuji surrounded by runes. He had charged into the violet storm zone.

When he entered, he crouched slightly, his legs trembling. It was obvious he was enduring a terrifying pressure right now.

“That child Wuji truly has grown up. It’s been many generations of this trial since our supermonasteries have given rise to a disciple who could enter the storm zone.” Zhou Tianyi could not conceal his pride.

“Shui Guanzhi is also moving! Oh, all of them are!”

It wasn’t just Shui Guanzhi. Yue Qianshan and Zhong Wuyan had also entered the storm zone.

Shui Guanzhi’s body was releasing waves of runes. Yue Qianshan seemed to be enveloped by a huge sword-image. And a blood-red mark had appeared on Zhong Wuyan’s forehead, one that released a power that disrupted the flow of the violet storm zone.

Seeing those four fighting against the storm zone, the vice sect master smiled with gratification.

Then his gaze turned to the Dragonblood Legion. They were currently standing on the edge of the red zone, calmly cultivating. This was their current limit.

Suddenly, over ten new figures appeared in the red zone. These were ordinary disciples who had been influenced by the Dragonblood warriors and charged in, using their own resolve as proof of their existence.

As for Long Chen, he was currently moving deeper into the red zone with Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er.

“Long Chen, you should continue on your own. Meng Qi has already reached her limit. I’ll accompany her here,” said Tang Wan-er. Meng Qi couldn’t advance any further, while Tang Wan-er had to look after her. Without Tang Wan-er, Meng Qi wouldn’t have even been able to enter the red zone. Beast Tamers were just too physically weak.

“Alright.” Long Chen nodded. Leaving them in the middle of the red zone, he rushed off to the storm zone. Light was racing across Long Chen’s arms as Huo Long and Lei Long were already about to rush off without him.

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