Chapter 711 Red Zone

Tang Wan-er closely followed Long Chen while holding Meng Qi’s hand.

As a soul cultivator, Meng Qi’s constitution was extremely weak. But Tang Wan-er was like a fish in water here, and she helped Meng Qi block most of the pressure.

Seeing Long Chen rush forward, the Dragonblood warriors also quickened their steps. With Long Chen as the tip, they were like a huge arrow shooting through the sea.

The thirty-sixth supermonastery’s disciples all jumped in shock upon seeing this speed. To them, this powerful current might blow them away as soon as they were the slightest bit careless.

But Long Chen and the others went against the tide as quickly as lightning, as if they didn’t feel any pressure at all.

Even the distant experts were shocked. The fact that Long Chen could go against the tide like this wasn’t surprising. After all, they knew he was powerful enough to fight against Zhao Wuji.

But other than Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er, the others were just ordinary Xiantian disciples. How could they also be strong enough to resist such a powerful pressure?

This pressure was not just physical pressure. It was a comprehensive pressure composed of multiple facets. It included a pressure to their wills and also a kind of law. That was why they were so shocked.

“It seems monastery head Shui truly spared no effort to nurture her disciples. You’ve created such a powerful group,” said Zhou Tianyi.

He was irritated. His Zhou family had paid such a huge amount of resources to her. Now seeing the Dragonblood warriors’ display, he immediately connected it to that compensation he had paid. 

Shui Wuhen smiled indifferently. “It’s all thanks to family head Zhou. If it weren’t for your selfless support, they probably wouldn’t be able to advance so quickly.”

She sneered inside. How did this old fox become so stupid now? Hadn’t he just stuck out his face to be slapped?

“Haha, that’s fine. Any supermonastery’s disciple should get resources. It’s just that I’ve heard that these people have called themselves the Dragonblood Legion and only listen to Long Chen. After enjoying everything the Xuantian Dao Sect has given them, they actually want to form a private group and separate from the sect? Don't you think that’s going a bit too far?” Zhou Tianyi laughed, extremely pleased.

Shui Wuhen’s expression changed. Old foxes truly were wily; all of their words contained traps. He had intentionally brought up this matter in front of the vice sect master.

According to reason, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples all had to listen to the sect’s orders. It was not permitted to create private powers. Now Shui Wuhen had no reply.

But it was vice sect master who suddenly said, “I’ve previously said that the matters of the junior generation are things us old fellows shouldn’t interfere in. Zhou Tianyi, has your memory degenerated from old age?”

His expression was somewhat dark, and his tone was extremely discourteous. Zhou Tianyi was immediately stuck in a hard position, unable to reply.

“Private groups? Your Shui, Zhou, Qu, and Wang families all control nine supermonasteries. Don’t those count as private groups? Should I tell the sect master that you want me to disband your four families?” The vice sect master’s voice was icy.

“I…” Zhou Tianyi was dumbfounded. How was the vice sect master so rude to him today? This was clearly a slap in the face.

“I’ve never said anything about your four families’ open and hidden fights. Because of that, did you really think I’m an idiot and didn’t see any of it?

“Struggle is an important aspect of a sect’s development. Of course, it’s impossible to guarantee that all struggles will have a positive effect. So as long as your little fights didn’t affect the Xuantian Dao Sect’s development, no one was bored enough to say anything to you.

“But Zhou Tianyi, I’m sure you’re the most aware of what you’ve done. Although that matter has passed, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. If you dare to try something like that again, I guarantee I will be the first to bring my blade down on your Zhou family, understood?” The vice sect master’s final words caused Zhou Tianyi to tremble.

He and the other family heads were shocked. They had always thought that their fights had remained hidden from the higher-ups.

However, it wasn’t that they didn’t know. In fact, they were probably even clearer about what was going on than them. The truth was that they simply couldn’t be bothered with them. But if they really ended up causing damage to the Xuantian Dao Sect, then the merciless butcher’s knife would immediately fall.

Shui Wuhen hadn’t expected that the vice sect master would defend her so much today. She couldn’t help sighing inside. If people wanted the authority to speak, then they truly did need power.

She knew that the vice sect master was looking after her because he had sensed the change in her. After all, he was a Foundation Forging expert.

This was the importance of power. Compared to someone in charge of nine supermonasteries, a Foundation Forging expert was even more important.

An administrator could be replaced with any somewhat powerful family. But a Foundation Forging expert was too hard to come by.

It was laughable how these people spent all day scheming against each other. Even when they were sleeping, they were pondering the best way to suppress their opponents.

They had forgotten their status. A martial cultivator had to focus on getting stronger. In front of absolute strength, any schemes were useless.

“How fast! Long Chen’s about to reach the red zone!” said one of the Shui family’s monastery heads.

Everyone looked over. While they had been talking, Long Chen had already led his people to the border of the red zone.

By now, there were quite a few outstanding disciples who had managed to enter the blue zone. But currently, only Celestials had managed to enter the red zone.

No matter how outstanding the disciple, no matter how great their talent, no matter how high their cultivation base, all the non-Celestials were stuck outside the red zone.

Some unconvinced people had tried charging in, but as a result, they had been sent flying by the terrifying tide. They had been like shooting stars and directly blown to the furthest edge of the sea. They hadn’t even been able to stop midway, and had been injured.

Even in the blue zone, the tide grew stronger as you advanced. At the border of the red zone, the pressure of the tide was tens of times greater than where they had entered the blue zone.

Even the powerful Dragonblood warriors were somewhat unable to endure it. They felt like their bones were about to be crushed.

“Stay here. I’ll test it.” Long Chen took the final step into the red zone.

As soon as he did, a terrifying pressure caused his foot to sink. He felt like he was pressing into a spring, and that spring was about to shoot him back.

Furthermore, a powerful force descended from above. It was like a mountain had smashed into him.

“Hmph.” Long Chen snorted and his spiritual yuan circulated, resisting these two different forces. He immediately felt much more relaxed.

These forces were too strange. Most likely, the people who had tried barging in hadn’t even understood what was happening before being blown back. Only Celestials could rely on the energy of their Heavenly Dao runes to resist the first impact. 

Long Chen looked forward and saw twenty-seven Celestials. They were only a few miles ahead.

They had long since entered the deeper part of the red zone where the pressure had grown to a terrifying point. However, they found out that the greater the pressure, the greater the benefits would be. Whether it was the tempering of their physical bodies, the comprehension of their elemental attributes, or the increase in their realms, the effect would multiply.

So everyone was doing their best to charge as deep into the sea as possible. At the front of these Celestials, Long Chen saw four figures.

Those were the so-called Four Heavenly Geniuses. Currently, they had already reached the border of the core violet zone where a huge whirlpool could be seen. The four of them had all paused at the border. Most likely, they felt the pressure was too great, and it would be too difficult to enter without adjusting themselves first.

Long Chen returned to the blue zone. He said, “When you enter the red zone, you will encounter two different kinds of forces. The pressure will multiply by around fifteen to seventeen times.”

The Dragonblood warriors’ expressions all changed. They already felt that the pressure here was their limit. If it immediately increased by over ten times, wouldn’t they be crushed flat?

“Don’t worry, you won’t die. But once you enter, you’ll probably be sent into a half-dead state.

“However, it’ll all be worth it. The bitterness you suffer now is so you can survive on the battlefields in the future. It’s so you can protect the things in your heart.

“I could directly pull you in with my power, but I won’t do that. You’ll have to enter on your own. This isn’t just a competition of force, but a competition against your own will.

“I could help you once, but I won’t be able to help you for a lifetime. You’ll have to rely on yourselves. So brothers, think about your motivation. On the battlefield, if you see your brothers die to the enemies’ merciless blades, will you feel regret? Regret that you weren’t strong enough?

“If you would, then don’t hesitate now. Grab hold of this chance to carve out all your potential and advance into the red zone!” said Long Chen.

The Dragonblood warriors looked at each other. A heaven-shaking battle intent soared out of them.

They were people who had slaughtered out a path of blood with Long Chen. In the first Righteous and Corrupt battle they had experienced, many of those brothers that had eaten, drunk, and laughed with them had fallen one by one. Some had died right beside them while they had been powerless to save them. When they thought back about it now, it felt like it had only happened yesterday.

So just a few words from Long Chen immediately brought out all their thirst. They thirsted for power! Only with power could they protect the things most important to them!

Gu Yang was the first to charge into the red zone. He had only just entered when he let out a furious roar and his ancestral mark lit upon his forehead. His fierce aura erupted.

“He wasn’t blown back!”

The distant spectators all let out a startled cry.

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