Chapter 710 The Mysterious Tide

“Monastery head Shui, your disciples really are courteous. You really brought them up well.” Zhou Tianyi turned to look at Shui Wuhen.

With the formation here, everything happening within the Xuantian Sea was being broadcast in front of them. They could clearly see and hear everything. This way they could get a clear read of every disciple’s true potential.

So Tang Wan-er’s words were heard by all of them, and many of them felt displeased. Most of these people were extremely old.

But most of them didn’t say anything. When it came to being old, the four at the front took the prize. Even the vice sect master only appeared to be in his fifties or sixties.

In truth, they could sacrifice some of their longevity to make themselves appear more youthful. But none of them were willing. As for the vice sect master, he could make himself appear younger just by circulating his energy. But he didn’t do so because then it would make him seem like he had no experience, as if he was just a junior.

The vice sect master was a Foundation Forging expert. He made it so he appeared to be in his fifties. If it weren’t for his white hair, others might even think he was only in his forties.

So although they were all old, they hadn’t reached the level of being fossils. The only ones that could receive that resounding title were the four family heads. Only they had those qualifications.

That was why it was the four family heads that were offended. Shui Yuncong couldn’t say anything since this disciple was technically on his side, while the Wang and Qu family heads didn’t say anything, as quibbling with a junior was a loss of status. However, Zhou Tianyi wouldn’t give up any chance to target the Shui family, so he immediately made it difficult on them, saying that Long Chen had no upbringing, which insinuated the Shui family hadn’t raised him properly.

Shui Yuncong was caught in a difficult position. Although he was dissatisfied with Shui Wuhen, this wasn’t targeting her, but the entire Shui family.

He decided to open his mouth and say, “An old person should act like a senior. If a senior quibbled with a child over a slip of the tongue, it would be unworthy of their age.”

His words were even more vicious, directly saying that Zhou Tianyi was acting like a child. Zhou Tianyi’s expression sank. This slap had been a bit too much, and he was clearly just twisting words.

Suddenly, the vice sect master interrupted, “Everyone here is old. Don’t argue about such senseless questions. The world is constantly changing and the era is constantly advancing. People grow old; this is the law of all things. The cycle of the Heavenly Daos is something no one can resist.

“This world will always be the world of the young. Don’t use our standards for ourselves to judge the world of youngsters.

“The only thing we have to give to our disciples is an environment, to make it as convenient for them as possible. As for how they choose to grow, we don’t need to interfere.

“According to my experience, if we try to raise them into our ideal disciples, then their accomplishments will never surpass ours. A Blood Condensation master will only be able to raise a Blood Condensation disciple. It will be impossible to raise a King.

“So giving youngsters some space and giving them room to make their own decisions is the only way for them to grow to their peak.

“The nonsense your four families do when you’re bored is something I can’t be bothered to deal with. But don’t let that nonsense affect our Xuantian Dao Sect’s development; otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless. I can always report to the head sect that certain families should be abolished!

“We’ve all coexisted for so many years. I don’t want us to reach a point of either you die or I die. You can fight amongst yourselves, but don’t go too far!”

Everyone’s hearts shook. The vice sect master rarely spoke, but now he had suddenly said so much. Furthermore, it was such a severe warning. That was very rare.

“We understand!” The four family heads hastily bowed.

The vice sect master nodded. “This time, our branch sect has given rise to four heavenly geniuses, and even an unexpected fellow like Long Chen has joined in. This is our branch sect’s most flourishing period in the last few millennia.

“Perhaps our branch sect will finally be able to shine during the Immemorial Path, increasing the prestige of our Xuantian Dao Sect.

“Even the sect master views the Immemorial Path as extremely important. So this is me warning you not to go overboard.

“It would be best for us not to stick our hands in a struggle between children. If you really feel like you can’t hold back, bind your hand to your leg, or don’t blame me for the consequences.”

“The sect master?!”

Everyone let out a startled cry. The sect master had always been a mysterious existence. Even the four family heads had never seen this sect master. 

It was unexpected that the sect master would be paying attention to the trial this time. They knew the vice sect master wasn’t trying to scare them; the sect master had to have intentionally told him to say this. If someone dared to cause trouble now, they really would be asking to die.

“There’s no need to encourage the struggle between the youngsters, but there’s also no need to intentionally resolve it. Each person has their own fate, so let them do as they please,” said the vice sect master.

“Understood!” Everyone hastily responded. They all understood that for him to give such a solemn warning, this matter was probably bigger than they had imagined. But why? Was the sect master personally watching?

During this exchange of words, Long Chen had been leading everyone from the thirty-sixth supermonastery into the Xuantian Sea.

Although they didn’t travel quickly, they kept their speed constant. They never took a break, so they still advanced rapidly.

They arrived right before the blue zone in just two hours. The pressure was even greater here, and some of the ordinary disciples turned pale, almost unable to endure it.

But the Dragonblood warriors’ expressions didn’t change. This pressure couldn’t count as anything. They had endured far worse during their terrifying heavenly tribulation.

However, the other disciples from their supermonastery were unable to endure it. They were just ordinary disciples. And originally, they shouldn’t have been able to advance this far so quickly.

It was only because Long Chen was at the very front. A portion of the pressure was blocked by him, and then behind him were the Dragonblood warriors who blocked another portion of the pressure. That was the only reason why they managed to reach this point.

Currently, the ordinary Xiantian disciples were still near the edge of the Xuantian Sea and slowly advancing.

That was because each supermonastery’s expert had long since rushed off, using their greatest speed to reach their limit. Who would waste their time helping others?

The only supermonastery that was advancing as a group was the thirty-sixth supermonastery. That flabbergasted quite a few people, but it also made them feel admiration for Long Chen.

News that Long Chen and Zhao Wuji had exchanged blows without either side taking the advantage had already spread. Everyone in the Xuantian Dao Sect knew Long Chen’s name now.

Many people thought that even if he wasn’t on the same level as the Four Heavenly Geniuses, he should at least have some ability to fight them. That was already very amazing. Most importantly, Long Chen was not even a Celestial.

Now seeing Long Chen actually looking after others while the other supermonasteries' experts rushed off on their own, it was deeply moving. At the same time, many people felt envious of the thirty-sixth supermonastery’s disciples.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, we can’t endure it any longer. You should continue onwards with the others. Don’t bother with us,” said one of the ordinary disciples.

Long Chen looked back at that person. “Don’t be so pessimistic. This is not your limit. If you want to become an expert, you have to force yourself to your breaking point. The benefits here surpass your imagination, and if you miss this opportunity, you’ll never get it again. You’re all people who have drunk and eaten at the same table as me, so don’t embarrass me. Keep quiet and follow closely.”

These people were extremely moved. Long Chen didn’t have much of a relationship with them, but to look after them, he had actually given up his chance to compete with the heavenly geniuses.

Long Chen was the first to enter the blue zone. As soon as he entered, he felt the tide’s strength multiply by ten times.

Following him, the other Dragonblood warriors also entered. Their bodies trembled, but they quickly adapted.

That startled the four families’ experts. Currently, the only ones that had managed to enter the blue zone were Celestials. There had yet to be ordinary disciples who had entered.

Even Celestials would feel quite a bit of pressure. But the Dragonblood warriors adapted so quickly.

“Monastery head Shui, you’ve really hidden your blade well. Oh…?” The vice sect master suddenly turned to look at Shui Wuhen. His slight shock became disbelief.

“Vice sect master overpraises me.” Shui Wuhen smiled.

From Shui Wuhen’s smile, the vice sect master seemed to understand something. He nodded and continued watching.

The others were confused by this. What was the meaning behind this strange exchange?

But the vice sect master didn’t say more, and Shui Wuhen didn’t even look at them. They could only mull over this question inside.

The thirty-sixth supermonastery’s ordinary disciples immediately vomited blood upon entering the blue zone. They felt like their bodies were being torn apart.

“Don’t be afraid. Once you endure this first wave, you’ll be able to cultivate here.”

Long Chen paused and had the Dragonblood warriors spread out in order to help these people block the pressure.

This pressure was coming from the center of the sea, so they were able to block quite a bit of it. An incense stick’s worth of time later, these people finally managed to endure it on their own.

The hardest part about entering the blue zone was enduring the first wave. As soon as you entered, the power multiplied, and if you weren’t able to bear it, you would be sent flying. If you were careless, then you would follow the tide all the way to the shore and have to start all over.

Although these people were now pale and somewhat tottering, they were able to keep themselves stable in this place. They wouldn’t be blown back.

“This place is your current limit. Cultivate here. Brothers, let’s keep going.” Long Chen waved his hand to the Dragonblood warriors and rushed forward.

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