Chapter 709 Xuantian Sea

The person who had come was the vice sect master. Following his arrival, the somewhat noisy plaza immediately became silent.

The vice sect master’s gaze roved around everyone. “It’s time. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s martial trial will soon begin.

“But before that, let me warn you all. This trial is a huge opportunity for all of you. Cherish it properly!”

Long Chen’s heart shook. Shui Wuhen had also emphasized that this was an opportunity, the greatest benefit the Xuantian Dao Sect bestowed on its disciples. But she hadn’t directly said what it was.

The vice sect master slowly formed a hand seal, and space began to tremble intensely. Long Chen saw the hundreds of huge stone pillars around the plaza light up with runes. The scene around him instantly changed.

“This… this is a formation?!” Long Chen was shocked. The entire plaza had actually been an enormous transportation formation.

The sky became dusky, and the blazing sun had completely disappeared. They appeared on the edge of a huge basin.

This basin had a diameter of tens of thousands of miles. The land was a shiny rock that looked as if it had been meticulously polished. It actually looked like a huge wok. What was this for? Were they supposed to cook some kind of giant stir-fry here?

“This is the first part of the trial, the Xuantian Sea!” announced the vice sect master from midair.

“Sea?” The disciples were all flabbergasted. Where was the sea?


Suddenly, heaven and earth began to tremble. Everyone hastily looked toward the basin, only to see a huge whirlpool appear. A terrifying pressure caused their hearts to tremble.

The whirlpool grew larger and larger. Endless astral winds crazily billowed out like ocean waves. Even from the edge, they felt like it was hard to breathe. They involuntarily retreated a few steps.

“This wind…” Long Chen’s heart shook.

“Now you understand why this is called the Xuantian Sea. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s trial isn’t taking place just here. The Eastern Wasteland, Western Desert, Southern Sea, and Northern Source’s branch sects are all undergoing the trial at the same time.

“The time between martial gatherings differs each time. It is decided by the head sect in the Central Plains. Sometimes it will only happen once every ten years, sometimes it will happen once every fifty years. The fact that you coincided with it this time is your luck.

“This trial is only open to Xiantian disciples. As for what the benefits are, according to the rules, you’ll have to experience and test it out for yourselves. This isn’t because we don’t want to tell you, but because this trial is too miraculous. Each person will obtain different things, and for us to try to guide you based on other people’s standards would only harm you.

“So in this trial, you’ll have to grope around yourselves. As for what benefits you can obtain, it’ll be up to your luck.”

The whirlpool at the basin grew larger as the vice sect master spoke. The wind was like a tide. It truly appeared like a vast sea.

“Long Chen, this tide contains endless wind energy. It’s a priceless treasure to me.” Tang Wan-er pulled on Long Chen’s hand excitedly.

“This tide contains the will of the Sword Dao. I can sense a majestic sword intent within it that is of great assistance to me!” said Yue Zifeng.

The others were also extremely excited. They could all sense things for themselves. But Long Chen was startled. Why couldn’t he sense anything?

After another hour, everyone saw that the tide had become extremely clear. Furthermore, it was now split into different colors. The outer region was white, and then it was blue, red, and then the very core was violet.

Gradually, the wind transformed into sea waves. However, this sea wasn’t made of water, but wind. Everyone finally understood how the glossy ground had come about.

“Alright, the Xuantian Sea has formed. You can choose for yourselves what region of the sea you want to stay in,” announced the vice sect master.

Following his words, several people immediately went in to take a path. But they had only just entered when they were blown back by the wild winds. Those who were stronger merely vomited a mouthful of blood, while those that were weaker directly fainted.

“With their intelligence, it really is amazing they’re still alive,” sighed Long Chen. Long Chen really wondered how these people had managed to reach this level of cultivation.

One of those people had actually put on a dashing posture of diving into water, as if these waves were ordinary waves. As a result, just by trying to enter the edge of the whirlpool, he almost directly blew apart. People sympathized, but they were also speechless.

As for the vice sect master and the other experts, they simply watched without the slightest emotion. Most likely, they had held this trial so many times that they had long since grown indifferent to this situation.

Following a few dozen unlucky fellows who paid a miserable price, the others became smarter and entered the waves carefully.

As soon as they entered, quite a few people’s expressions changed. These waves contained a powerful pressure that was exerting a constant force on their bodies, making it feel like the waves were trying to tear them apart.

Just carefully entering little by little took everything they had. They couldn’t help feeling admiration for those ‘brave warriors’ who had tested it just now for them.

The people who managed to enter all had expressions of delight. It was obvious they had to be obtaining great benefits right now.

Following the first few people, the others no longer hesitated. Some experts even forced their way past the pressure and rushed in. That was because the deeper they went, the greater the pressure and the greater the benefits.

“Let’s go too.”

Long Chen led the thirty-sixth supermonastery’s disciples into the basin. When the waves landed on his body, he finally understood why those people were all so excited.

Within these waves were all the various energies of heaven and earth. Huo Long and Lei Long almost charged out on their own.

“Don’t fuss. I’ll help you absorb it as much as possible.” Long Chen hastily tried to control them. If they charged out, they would be too frightening, especially Lei Long.

During the tribulation last time, Lei Long had absorbed all the human-shaped lightnings. Its strength had reached a level that even Long Chen found terrifying. Although Huo Long had beast flames to absorb energy from, compared to Lei Long, the difference was immense. There was no way around it. Lei Long had had far too much food to consume.

To compare, Lei Long had eaten meat, while Huo Long was consuming tree bark and grass. One was so fat that oil was about to come out of it, while the other was skin and bones. They were not on the same level.

“What dense wind energy!” exclaimed Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen knew that this ‘sea’ contained endless benefits. And the deeper you went, the greater the benefits.

Even cultivators without an element could use the energy here to temper the physical body, stabilize the foundation, and comprehend the Heavenly Daos. Shui Wuhen had been entirely correct when she said that this was an immense opportunity.

This kind of opportunity was something only an enormous existence like the Xuantian Dao Sect had the qualifications to give. This was the power of a huge sect, power that other sects could never hope to obtain.

“Heavens, Yue Qianshan has already reached the blue region!”

The Xuantian Sea’s outer region took up tens of thousands of miles, while the core region was only a few hundred miles. That core was the violet region.

Outside the core region was a red region. This region was three thousand miles wide. Then there was the blue region which was ten thousand miles wide.

The rest was the white region. This was the largest region, and it was because it was all white that it looked more like coastal waters. This was the weakest region.

However, for these people, going through this white region would require pausing every now and then in order to adjust to the new pressure. Only then could they continue.

Long Chen raised his head to see a back with a sword on it in the distance. That figure had just charged into the blue region.

“How fast. His movement technique seems extremely powerful, and…” Long Chen’s heart suddenly shook.

That figure was like a shadow as it advanced, completely ignoring this terrifying pressure. It was like he himself was a sword cutting through the resistance.

“What a powerful sword intent. It has already condensed into a solid state,” praised Yue Zifeng as he looked at that figure.

“There’s no need to be envious. He’s not your target.” Long Chen patted Yue Zifeng on the shoulder.

Yue Zifeng nodded. He understood what Long Chen meant. Since he followed Long Chen, then any powerful opponents were only there for him to surpass. While he had been shaken by Yue Qianshan’s power just now, he immediately returned to his calm and confident state.

“Zhao Wuji has also gotten through!”

“Shui Guanzhi as well!”

“Oh, Zhong Wuyan refuses to fall behind. They truly are worthy of being the Four Heavenly Geniuses.” Some disciples couldn’t help praising them, as they were filled with worship.

The ordinary disciples hadn’t even advanced three thousand miles into the white region, but the heavenly geniuses had already charged into the blue region. That was a show of their power.

“Long Chen, how about you go as well? I can lead the others,” said Tang Wan-er.

She knew that if Long Chen were to charge forward as well, he definitely wouldn’t be any lacking compared to them. It was just that he was looking after the others.

“What’s the point of competing with a bunch of children? Let’s just slowly continue forward. I’ve long since surpassed the age of wanting to show off like that.” Long Chen shook his head.

“If you put it like that, you’ll seem just like those old fossils up there,” laughed Tang Wan-er.

“Foolish girl, they can hear everything that’s happening here. Don’t you see the formation around them? That’s to observe us,” warned Long Chen. There was no way that anything happening here could escape their eyes.

But it was already too late. Long Chen saw that the family heads’ expressions grew ugly. The vice sect master’s expression became a bit odd as well, while Shui Wuhen had an expression between laughter and tears.

Tang Wan-er stuck out her tongue and nervously asked, “What should I do?”

“It’s fine. Saying that I’m like those old fossils is praising them. They should feel happy about it, not offended. I’m sure big figures like them are very magnanimous, or they would have wasted all their years. Let’s keep going.” Long Chen didn’t particularly care. In any case, the vice sect master at least appeared slightly younger than the family heads. It was fine as long as they didn’t offend him.

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