Chapter 708 War of Words (Teaser)

In front of the ancestral statue of the Xuantian Dao Sect, the thirty-six supermonasteries’ people had all lined up. Long Chen and the others from the thirty-sixth supermonastery were all at the very back.

Long Chen carefully sized up these people. It was as Shui Wuhen had said, the thirty-sixth supermonastery’s numbers truly were the lowest of all the supermonasteries, and pitifully low.

Because he was standing at the back, Long Chen was unable to catch a glimpse of Zhao Wuji and the others. Furthermore, it wasn’t suitable to use his Spiritual Strength to nose around here. That was especially true since there were women here too. This kind of spiritual probing was no different than peeping at them. He would definitely be cursed.

There were almost one hundred thousand elite disciples here who had all reached the Xiantian realm. That was truly shocking. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s four families’ experts had also gathered. They were atop a large stage at the front.

There was still an empty spot on that stage, and that was for the vice sect master. He hadn’t arrived yet, but the four families had already gathered.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. At the front of the four families were four ancient elders that were currently discussing something. Long Chen...

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