Chapter 706 Pleasant Surprise

“Zhong Wuyan!” cried Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er.

She was Zhong Wuyan? Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. How could there be something this coincidental?

“You are Long Chen?” Zhong Wuyan icily looked at Long Chen and then shook her head. “Truly two flowers stuck in manure.”

“At least it’s better than being stuck nowhere,” raged Long Chen. What mental illness did this woman have? It wasn’t as if he had provoked her.

Zhong Wuyan merely snorted and entered to sign in.

“What happened, Long Chen? Why would you fight here?” asked Meng Qi.

“Only a ghost would know. My guess is that she didn’t take her medicine before leaving the house, or perhaps she took the wrong medicine. Just wait here while I get my seal,” said Long Chen.

“I think we should go with you. With your temperament, when you run into Zhao Wuji, if he doesn’t attack you first, you’ll probably be the one to attack him.” Meng Qi shook her head. If they really let Long Chen go alone, then in his furious state, if Zhao Wuji provoked him even slightly, he might explode. Meng Qi really understood Long Chen the best. It was better to be safe.

When they had finally gotten the supermonastery seal and returned, Zhong Wuyan had already left, allowing Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er to sigh a breath of relief.

“Long Chen, do you think Zhong Wuyan is beautiful?” Tang Wan-er suddenly asked on the way back.

“Just barely.” Although he disliked her as a person, he had no choice but to admit that she truly was beautiful. A person had to discuss things without bias.

“Then would you like her?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“Like her? Why would I like her?”

“Don’t mess around. I’m being serious.”

“Fine, then I’ll tell the truth. I don’t like her,” said Long Chen.

“Why not? She’s very beautiful.” Tang Wan-er continued in her questioning, refusing to let Long Chen off just like this.

“What? Do I have to like someone just because they look beautiful?” Long Chen was practically speechless. What kind of logic was this?

“Don’t change the subject. Is she as beautiful as me and sister Meng Qi?”

“Wan-er!” Meng Qi was blushing. Who asked people questions like this?

Long Chen laughed, “When it comes to beauty, she might barely be able to stand on the same level as you. But when it comes to the vastness of her heart, she is too lacking.”

“The vastness of her heart?”

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er didn’t understand what he was saying at first, but following his gaze to their chests, the two of them immediately blushed.

“Long Chen, you pervert! How dare you say something like that!”

Long Chen laughed and ran off. Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er shot off in hot pursuit. It had been a long time since Long Chen had felt this relaxed, laughing and talking with his beauties.

Although he liked this kind of feeling, once they got back, he had to get down to business. He gave Huo Wufang’s spatial ring to Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er so they could organize what was inside.

At the same time, he thought of what he had won for taking first place at the Pill Emperor Competition. He hastily looked inside that golden spatial ring.

This was also a huge life ring, and it was even vaster than Huo Wufang’s.

“A pill furnace!”

Long Chen saw three things in the ring. One was a golden pill furnace. The runes carved onto it gave it an elegant aura.

“It’s actually a pill furnace on the Enchanted item level.” Long Chen was shocked. Pill furnaces were a must-have for alchemists, second only to Pill Flames. But pill furnaces were no ordinary items, and not just anyone could create them.

An ordinary Forging Master might be able to create all kinds of weapons, but they would be unable to create a furnace. That was because forging a pill furnace required the usage of a Pill Flame.

Only through the usage of Pill Flame would the furnace possess its own spirituality. Then, refining more pills wouldn’t cause it to wear down, but would instead nourish it. As it refined more pills, its quality would increase.

The more a pill furnace was used, the more valuable it became. So true alchemists would always pass on their pill furnace to their most beloved disciple before dying.

However, to have this kind of effect, the pill furnace had to have reached the Enchanted level. Other pill furnaces could also possess a slight nourishing effect, but that effect was essentially negligible.

Pill furnaces on the Enchanted level had special formation runes carved into them. When refining pills, those runes would draw the surrounding natural energy into the pills to raise their quality.

The alchemist could also use their Spiritual Strength to multiply the effects of those runes, but not every alchemist had that qualification. That was because just refining the pill would be very taxing on their Spiritual Strength, and they wouldn’t have any leftover energy to activate the runes.

But Long Chen was different. His Spiritual Strength was incredibly vast, and he wasn’t even able to finish using it all. This furnace was practically tailor-made for him.

“Hehe, a treasure, definitely a treasure! I’ll be able to refine twice as fast with half the effort now!” Long Chen was delighted.

In Huo Wufang’s spatial ring, he had found a sixth tier pill furnace. It was definitely peak grade amongst sixth tier furnaces. At that time, he had directly thrown it into the primal chaos space.

But compared to this Enchanted level pill furnace, that sixth tier furnace was absolute trash.

Just this pill furnace completely satisfied him. Currently, he had consumed close to a thousand Enlightenment Palace Pills, but the cyclone had still not reached its peak state. He estimated he would need close to another thousand to reach that point.

The main problem was that the pills he was consuming weren’t high enough quality. Huo Long was only able to refine one-ring pills. That was much lower quality than the pills he refined personally. 

But he didn’t have enough time to refine. This Enchanted level pill furnace solved one of his urgent needs.

Although the quality of the pills wouldn’t immediately be much higher, as time passed, under an Earth Flame and the medicinal pills’ nourishing, this pill furnace would become better and better, allowing the quality to gradually increase. The more the furnace was used, the better.

He directly tossed the pill furnace to Huo Long, having it continue refining Enlightenment Palace Pills. He would need to trouble Huo Long during this time. Normally, when Huo Long wasn’t refining pills, it was devouring the energy from the beast flames. Once it got full, it would continue working. 

Long Chen moved on to the next item. It was a prayer mat.

“It was woven out of Nine Yang Heavenly Unicorn Grass. What money!” Long Chen was shocked. This was a kind of extremely magical grass that could nourish a person’s soul. A single stalk of it could be used for a hundred years.

But this entire mat was woven out of it. There had to be at least hundreds of stalks.

“Unfortunately, although it’s a good treasure and practically a divine item to alchemists, it’s useless for me. But Meng Qi and Wan-er can use it, and it’ll be especially beneficial to Meng Qi since she’s a pure soul cultivator. She has no suitable housepets right now, and so she has to rely entirely on soul arts.

“With this prayer mat, her cultivation will definitely advance rapidly, and there’s no worry of her foundation growing unstable as a soul cultivator. I suppose I’ll first take out a stalk and plant it in the primal chaos space.”

After that, he moved on to the third and final item.

“This is… damnit, they really cheated me!”

The last item was a medicinal pill. It was known as an ancient pill, something that had flowed down from the ancient era.

The Pill Dao was filled with variations. Although the majority of medicinal pills were supposed to be consumed immediately or within a certain amount of time, some weren’t. They were to be stored over long periods of time.

These pills were covered in a special layer called a pill veil that allowed them to absorb energy from the sun and the moon to nourish the pill. This nourishing effect was very slow.

The method to refine such pills had already been lost. Thus, such pills were normally only found when exploring ancient ruins.

But not all pills could be stored for so long. Some pills would eventually become toxic, and as soon as you consumed them, you could ascend.

Although this pill was covered in a pill veil, Long Chen could tell what pill it was. It was a seventh tier pill: the Hidden Glyph Tiger Soul Pill. Its main ingredient was a seventh rank Hidden Glyph Tiger’s soul.

The Hidden Glyph Tiger was a Magical Beast from the ancient era. But even back then, it had been extremely rare.

The Hidden Glyph Tiger had a set of lines on its body. Those lines weren’t set at their birth. Instead, those lines would constantly change as their cultivation base grew.

It was rumored that the Hidden Glyph Tiger was no ordinary Magical Beast. It actually relied on comprehending the Heavenly Daos in order to cultivate. That sounded like absolute nonsense; if Magical Beasts relied on comprehending the Heavenly Daos, would they even be Magical Beasts?

However, this kind of backwards Magical Beast did exist. The Hidden Glyph Tiger’s essence soul contained extremely dense Heavenly Dao energy. That kind of energy was very miraculous, and could help a person comprehend the Heavenly Daos and allow them to break through a bottleneck.

After absorbing the sun and moon’s essence for countless years, its rings had disappeared. Instead, a figure could be seen on the outside of the pill. That figure moved about as if it were alive.

This pill had already broken through the limit of high grade pills to reach the top grade classification. If Long Chen were to use a top grade seventh tier Hidden Glyph Tiger Soul Pill to break through to Sea Expansion, it would be an absolute waste of a treasure.

More importantly, this thing was essentially useless to Long Chen. He cultivated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. His cultivation path was different from others, and this pill would have no effect on him.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just that he couldn’t use it. The others had no need of it either. Everyone’s foundations in the Xiantian realm were incomparably solid. Even without this pill, they would smoothly reach the Sea Expansion realm.

“Hm, if I add some material to this pill, I could give it to big sister. If she’s lucky, she’ll have a definite chance of breaking through to Foundation Forging.

“Then with an Ancestor-level expert backing me, couldn’t I be as crazy as I wanted to be in the Xuantian Dao Sect? I could slap whoever I want… I could snatch whoever’s women I wanted…”

For a Sea Expansion expert, this pill’s effect would be a bit lacking. But Long Chen found a very complicated formula within the Pill Sovereign memories. That night, he refined a bowl of medicinal liquid.

This medicinal liquid had no use on its own, but when consumed with the Hidden Glyph Tiger Soul Pill, the combined medicinal effect would be ten times greater. Even Shui Wuhen, a late Sea Expansion expert, would have a good chance of advancing.

Just like that, holding the bowl of medicinal liquid, Long Chen rushed off towards Shui Wuhen’s residence.

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