Chapter 705 Running Into Zhong Wuyan (Teaser)

Everyone drank quickly with how excited they were, and in less than a few hours, they collapsed from intoxication.

Long Chen also drank quickly, because it had been a long time since he had relaxed like this. In his drunken, collapsed state, all he could remember was that someone helped him back to his room.

Lying on his bed, Long Chen could recall two soft bodies and fragrant scents being present. He felt like he was floating in the clouds as he descended into a deep slumber.

“Long Chen, get up! It’s morning, and we have to go sign in.”

Long Chen was still deep in his slumber when Tang Wan-er’s voice woke him up. He really didn’t want to get up. He hadn’t slept this well in a long time.

With his eyes closed, he tried to pull Tang Wan-er into his embrace. But as a result, his hand ended up touching a soft and bouncy place.

“AHH!” Tang Wan-er shrieked, and seeing Long Chen’s butt facing her, she viciously aimed a slap there.

In his drowsy state, Long Chen still didn’t know what was...

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