Chapter 705 Running Into Zhong Wuyan

Everyone drank quickly with how excited they were, and in less than a few hours, they collapsed from intoxication.

Long Chen also drank quickly, because it had been a long time since he had relaxed like this. In his drunken, collapsed state, all he could remember was that someone helped him back to his room.

Lying on his bed, Long Chen could recall two soft bodies and fragrant scents being present. He felt like he was floating in the clouds as he descended into a deep slumber.

“Long Chen, get up! It’s morning, and we have to go sign in.”

Long Chen was still deep in his slumber when Tang Wan-er’s voice woke him up. He really didn’t want to get up. He hadn’t slept this well in a long time.

With his eyes closed, he tried to pull Tang Wan-er into his embrace. But as a result, his hand ended up touching a soft and bouncy place.

“AHH!” Tang Wan-er shrieked, and seeing Long Chen’s butt facing her, she viciously aimed a slap there.

In his drowsy state, Long Chen still didn’t know what was happening. He turned, muttering, “Let me sleep… AH!”

He had only just turned when Tang Wan-er’s hand landed on his crotch. Long Chen instantly shot up.

“Ah! Sorry! I… I didn’t do it on purpose!” Seeing Long Chen holding his crotch with a pained expression, Tang Wan-er panicked.

“Are… are you trying to cripple me?!”

Long Chen was sweating from the pain. He finally understood what the pain of the balls was. So those people he had hit there had actually been in this much pain.

This location was definitely fatal. But it was a good thing Tang Wan-er’s physical strength wasn’t too high, or he would have been done for.

“I… I can… help you massage it,” said Tang Wan-er in her panic.

“Ah… fine, let’s start now.” Long Chen let go of his crotch.

“Bastard, I knew you were just faking!” raged Tang Wan-er. Her panicked expression had long since vanished to be replaced with a crafty smile.

Damnit, she completely sees through this now. Looks like I’ll need to switch up my ways in the future. Long Chen was speechless. After being with him so much, Tang Wan-er had completely adapted to his little tricks. However, it was true that that slap hadn’t been painless.

“You two, don’t mess around. It’s time to sign in.” Meng Qi walked in, speechless at what she was seeing. “Here, these are the disciple robes I got for you.”

Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi helped to take off Long Chen’s black robes.

“Why do I have to wear white? Ugh, it looks like I’m going to my funeral or something.” Long Chen didn’t like wearing white. The main thing was that this color got dirty the easiest. With his character, it would probably change color in just a day, most likely to red.

“Don’t fuss. If the law enforcement disciples heard that, you would be punished,” warned Meng Qi.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er helped him put on his new robes. This was his first time experiencing such a pleasure. Just what a blessing was it for two peerless beauties to help him change his robes? Now, Meng Qi was helping him straighten his collar with a tender expression.

“Meng Qi, you really are beautiful. I missed you so much, let me kiss you.”

“Aiya, don’t joke around.” Meng Qi lightly hit Long Chen. She was both embarrassed and vexed, but that gave her an even more intoxicating look to Long Chen.

“Sigh, Wan-er, Meng Qi doesn’t want my gift. Quickly come over here, and I’ll bestow it to you- aiya, can you not be more gentle?!”

Long Chen hadn’t even finished speaking when a fist beat his back. Tang Wan-er was much fiercer than Meng Qi.

In the end, the two women were satisfied with his white robes. He appeared exceptionally dashing like this.

“Yup, with these looks, you could definitely entice more beauties,” teased Tang Wan-er.

“Miss beauty, please entice me,” laughed Long Chen.

“Dislikable. Let’s go sign in. Previously, when the others signed in, they always had to sneak over to avoid others finding trouble for them. As for me and sister Meng Qi, it was always inconvenient for us to go out. Now that you’ve arrived, let’s go together and see just who dares to find trouble for us!” said Tang Wan-er.

Although Long Chen was sometimes too obstinate and domineering, in her heart, Long Chen was always the most dependable existence. With Long Chen present, she wouldn’t fear anything.

The three confidently walked through the plaza. Previously, the others had always snuck their way through.

“Oh, not bad, the work’s almost finished.”

From a distance, Long Chen saw a large man sitting on his butt, laying bricks. It was the rank two Celestial he had exchanged blows with yesterday, Zhao Wuji.

At this time, Zhao Wuji had finished most of the work. After a couple hundred more bricks, it would be finished. There was a large crowd of people watching him work.

“Long Chen!”

Seeing Long Chen arrive, Zhao Wuji was completely infuriated. That bastard had given him all the work. He had spent all night fixing these bricks, but he had heard from others that Long Chen had gotten completely drunk last night. Now he had an urge to immediately throttle him.

He was a peerless heavenly genius. When would he have ever had to do such work? But this was the order of the vice sect master. With the kind of person he was, Zhao Wuji knew the vice sect master wouldn’t go back on his orders.

Even his monastery head had personally come to warn him to endure this. Otherwise, he really would be screwed. Zhao Wuji had no choice but to swallow his anger.

Seeing Long Chen with Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er on his arms, looking as if they were flaunting their relationship in front of him, that anger almost drove him crazy.

“Tch, you really are narrow-minded. Isn’t it just some small work? Are you mad I didn’t pay you? Here.” Long Chen disdainfully tossed him a purse and left just like that.

Zhao Wuji instinctively received the purse. He thought the inside was empty, but when he tilted it, a copper coin fell out and landed on the ground. As it spun on the ground, it seemed like it was laughing at him.

“Long Chen!”

Zhao Wuji roared and was about to charge at him.

“Senior apprentice-brother Zhao, you can’t!” Several of the Celestials immediately went to hold him back.

But Zhao Wuji was too strong, and these people were actually unable to physically stop him. One of them shouted, “Senior apprentice-brother Zhao, if you fight, you won’t be able to attend the trial!!!”

Only then did he calm down slightly. He forcibly suppressed his rage. Seeing Long Chen brazenly swagger away, he suddenly let out a furious roar. This was his only way of releasing his anger, or he would definitely go crazy.

“Haha, Long Chen, you really are evil. But I like it.” Tang Wan-er was holding Long Chen’s arm, laughing. “That person looks just like a bear, but he actually dares to say he’ll ‘take’ me and sister Meng Qi. Truly courting death.”

“Exactly, exactly. To dare have the thought of snatching my, Long Chen’s, women, he definitely is courting death. Tch, leaving things like this really ends with me being the one to lose out.” Long Chen suddenly shook his head.

“What do you want to do? Do you want to fight him?” asked Meng Qi worriedly.

“No. I was thinking that I should go snatch his woman,” said Long Chen.

“Scoundrel, his woman is definitely a giant female bear. Your taste couldn’t have changed that drastically, right?” raged Tang Wan-er.

“Ah, you’re right. Then let’s forget about it,” laughed Long Chen.

“You two… When will you grow up? Don’t you see others looking at you? Pay attention to your status. Also, Wan-er, don’t keep calling Long Chen bastard and scoundrel. That’s not good, and it is harmful to his prestige,” advised Meng Qi.

“Oh, I understand, sister.” Tang Wan-er obediently nodded. She often listened to Meng Qi, as she was older than her.

“Hehe, it’s fine. This is Wan-er’s term of endearment for me. That’s because my goal has always been to be a new and improved scoundrel,” laughed Long Chen. When others called him scoundrel, that was an insult. But when Tang Wan-er called him that, it reminded the two of them of their first time together.

“Long Chen…” Tang Wan-er was moved by this.

“Foolish girl, what do you want?”

“Long Chen, you scoundrel!”


Meng Qi was speechless. She quickened their pace. Being together with these two required a face impervious to blade or spear, and she didn’t have that. She couldn’t ignore everyone’s strange gazes.

The two of them really were a match made in heaven. Wherever they went, they would fight. They never took a break.

They quickly reached the registration hall. Meng Qi said, “Long Chen, bring out your supermonastery seal and place it on the registration book.”

“Supermonastery seal? What’s that?” asked Long Chen.

Meng Qi asked, “Didn’t someone give it to you yesterday? Have you forgotten?”

“Aiya, I drank so much yesterday! I think I placed it on the table and forgot about it!” Long Chen slapped his leg.

Now he had to run back. But he didn’t make Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er come with him. He rushed back on his own.

He had only just rushed out of the door when he collided with someone who had coincidentally been coming in. When they collided, a layer of light suddenly appeared out of that person and sent Long Chen flying back. But that person also stumbled back.

“Are you blind?!”

The newcomer was a woman. She was slender and beautiful. Her long hair was like a waterfall rippling to her waist. 

She was very beautiful, and she even possessed a grand charm. She was a beauty who possessed both looks and elegance. But there was also a great arrogance that came from her. Her words were especially vexing to a person.

Long Chen had been about to apologize, but hearing her chiding, he was irritated. “If you weren’t blind, you wouldn’t have walked into me. Don’t try to put all the blame on one side. Don’t be the pot calling the kettle black!”

“Long Chen, what is it?” Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er hastily came out to take a look upon hearing Long Chen’s words. When they did, they were both startled.

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