Chapter 702 Xuantian Dao Sect’s Martial Gathering

Long Chen had just been laughing inside, but now he was stunned. The vice sect master wanted him to be a bricklayer? How was he supposed to know how to do that?

“Long Chen, I really have to admire you. When it comes to causing trouble, no one beneath the heavens can compare to you. You’ve just arrived at the Xuantian Dao Sect, but you’ve already brought trouble for yourself. Truly competent!” Shui Wuhen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Long Chen had never been a peaceful person. After causing all that trouble for the Pill Tower, he had come here to cause trouble. Did he not get tired?

“Monastery head, I really can’t agree with what you just said. How did I provoke trouble? It was others who came to bully me, and I was simply forced to counterattack. Do you think I’m someone who intentionally provokes dogs into attacking me?” Long Chen spread his arms, seeming wronged.

“Who are you saying is the dog?!” raged Zhao Wuji.

“It’s not like I said it was you. Furthermore, in this world, what dog looks as bear-like as you?” Long Chen shook his head.

“You!” Zhao Wuji almost went berserk and attacked.

“Come at me. Just now, we didn’t have a chance to determine the winner. Since you dare to place your sights on my women, you really must not care about your life.” Long Chen narrowed his eyes and took a battle posture. He wanted to know just how terrifying a true rank two Celestial was.

Furthermore, this idiot dared to place his sights on Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. That was the greatest provocation to Long Chen. As long as he dared to attack, Long Chen would accompany him.

“Long Chen, don’t make a fuss. If you two continue like this, you’ll both be imprisoned and lose your right to participate in the trial.” Seeing Long Chen like this, Shui Wuhen jumped in fright. With her understanding of Long Chen, she knew that there was nothing he didn’t dare to do.

As for Zhao Wuji, he was the very definition of an explosive person. He never thought about the consequences of his actions, so it was all too possible for them to fight.

“I don’t care about the trial. Zhao Bear, if you have the guts, then let’s continue our fight.” Long Chen was undaunted, cursing right at Zhao Wuji.

Everyone was startled. This Long Chen was practically a demon. Was he afraid his previous actions hadn’t infuriated Zhao Wuji enough?

As expected, Zhao Wuji was enraged. His hair stood on end, making him look just like a furious lion. His eyes almost seemed to spit flames.

But everyone was surprised to see that the incomparably explosive Zhao Wuji decided to swallow his anger in the end.

“Long Chen! At the trial, I will definitely crush you!”

After saying that, Zhao Wuji ordered someone to get new bricks from the storeroom, while he knelt and began to pick up the broken pieces. He intentionally left Long Chen with half the space to clean. Since the two of them had been punished together, it was naturally split half and half.

“Tch, I can’t be bothered to deal with you. Well, you can busy yourself here. I’ll be leaving.” Long Chen turned to leave.

“Bastard, if you don’t finish your half, you’ll be imprisoned and lose your right to participate in the trial. Do you want to run like this, you coward?” roared Zhao Wuji. He thought Long Chen was running so that he couldn’t do anything to him.

“Idiot, did you not hear the vice sect master? He’s punishing the two of us together. Let me repeat what he said for you: the two of you must repair all the bricks here perfectly, or don’t even think about attending the trial. 

“Are you deaf? In case you still don’t understand, let me explain it even clearer for you. If these bricks aren’t tidied up perfectly, neither of us will be able to attend the trial.

“As for me, I never had any intentions of attending. So if you want to attend, hehe, you understand!” Long Chen laughed as he left with Shui Wuhen and the two Dragonblood warriors.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Zhao Wuji was about to go crazy. He threw the brick in his hand to the ground in his fit of anger. The thunderous sound revealed just how furious he was.

Shui Wuhen was bitterly holding back a smile. Long Chen was too evil to give Zhao Wuji all the work. As for Zhao Wuji, he really did have no choice but to do it, and he also couldn’t have other people help him.

A rank two Celestial, an unrivaled existence here, was forced to be a bricklayer. Shui Wuhen was practically unable to believe it.

They returned to the thirty-sixth supermonastery’s region. This was a huge palace, and although it was just a temporary residence, it was still extremely grand.

“Boss! Boss has returned!”

As soon as they entered, a familiar cry rang out. Guo Ran was the first to sense Long Chen’s arrival.

This large hall was filled with many people calmly cultivating. But that peace was immediately broken. The Dragonblood warriors were especially emotional, and all their eyes turned red.

Long Chen was a god in their hearts, someone they practically worshipped. They were unable to hold back their excitement upon seeing him again.

“Hahaha, brothers, tonight, none of us will go home until we’re drunk. Wait, that’s wrong, this place is home. So we’ll drink until we collapse,” laughed Long Chen.

Seeing these familiar faces, sensing the kind of trust between brothers, Long Chen felt a warm feeling well up within him.

After experiencing the betrayal of Fang Mingyuan and Chai Gaoyang, this kind of trust and feeling could heal the wound in his heart.

Although he might be a powerful expert, an undefeatable war god in other people’s hearts, he had his weaknesses. And his greatest weakness was being betrayed by people he trusted. That kind of pain was something that could only be understood through experience.

“Boss, we missed you!” Guo Ran gave Long Chen a fierce hug. His eyes were red. This time, they had truly been parted for a long time.

Not to mention that Long Chen had been stalling so many powerful enemies the last time they had seen him. They had even thought that they might not see him again. It felt like a lifetime had passed.

“Haha, you were overthinking things. Who do you think I, Long Chen, am? Even the heavens can’t put me away,” laughed Long Chen. He had a fierce hug one by one with Gu Yang, Li Qi, Yue Zifeng, and Song Mingyuan.

Song Mingyuan and Fang Mingyuan had the same name. Most likely, the person who had come up with their name hoped for them to have a far-reaching vision and foresight.[1]

But Fang Mingyuan had still been blinded by his greed and lost that foresight. He had ended up losing his life from that. Just thinking about it made a person lament.

“Has Wilde still not returned?” Long Chen asked suddenly.

“For now, there’s still no news from him or his master.” Shui Wuhen shook her head.

Long Chen’s heart shook. He hoped nothing had happened to them. But then thinking about it, the two had only gone hunting. It didn’t seem likely for something to happen. However, the fact that they hadn’t returned after all this time was a bit worrying.

“Long Chen!”

Suddenly, a disbelieving cry rang out. Long Chen hastily turned back. Before he could see anything, a burst of fragrance enveloped him, and a maiden tightly held him.

“Long Chen, you giant scoundrel… how could you only return now?!” Tang Wan-er was in Long Chen’s embrace, her face stained with tears.

After being teleported out of the chaos region, she had always been worried. When Shui Wuhen had led an army over, each hour had felt as long as a year to her. That kind of bitter torment was something outsiders couldn’t comprehend.

But when Shui Wuhen had returned, she had refused to see her. That had made her heart sink to an all-time low.

It was a good thing that Long Chen’s letter had arrived quickly. That letter had been marked with his specific spiritual mark, and it could not be faked. Her worried heart had finally managed to get a rest.

“Girl, did you miss me? But even if you want to hug me, you should find a place with no one else present to do it. There are so many single people watching. Your actions are giving them a big blow, a blow big enough to kill them,” laughed Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er immediately turned red and gave Long Chen a vicious pinch. She turned, not daring to look at the others.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. As single people, we can take this chance to observe and learn. We have to learn a little bit of everything from boss Long Chen.” Guo Ran also laughed wickedly. That wretched expression was also quite similar to Long Chen’s.

Shui Wuhen was speechless. The people that Long Chen led were definitely not good. They were a bunch of hooligans like him.

“Dear Meng Qi, come. Give your husband a hug.”

Long Chen pulled Meng Qi into his embrace. Meng Qi had just been standing to the side without saying anything, but her eyes were already wet.

Her temperament was the exact opposite of Tang Wan-er’s. One was outspoken and forthright, while the other was elegant and subdued. Tang Wan-er said whatever she wanted. She was unable to keep any secrets. But Meng Qi was like water, and she wouldn’t easily display her emotions. Now that Long Chen pulled her into his embrace, she couldn’t hold back any longer and her tears began to drip down.

Long Chen’s embrace felt so warm and comforting to her. Her arms pulled against Long Chen’s waist as she sobbed.

“Sorry, I’ve caused you to worry.” Long Chen was a bit ashamed, but he also felt helpless.

Meng Qi shook her head. She raised it and saw that Long Chen’s expression was the same, but he could not conceal the weariness coming from deep within him.

“Long Chen, you’re the one who has it hard. In order to keep us safe, you suffer so much. But you conceal that suffering from us. We are always in your heart, but we… we are powerless to share your burden,” said Meng Qi.

This time, the Dragonblood warriors couldn’t help but turn silent. They had always treated Long Chen as an idol they worshipped. He was an undefeatable legend, an unrivaled commander.

But they had forgotten that Long Chen was even a bit younger than them. He was also human, and he also had times of weakness.

It was just that Long Chen only showed them his strongest, bravest side. In battle, he always took on the most dangerous fight.

Now that Meng Qi said this, everyone’s hearts became emotional. Long Chen had paid so much for them, but they were only able to help him so little.

Long Chen also felt his emotions well up, and his tears almost fell. It truly was Meng Qi who understood him the best.

“It’s fine, everything’s over now. Now that we’ve reunited, we should be happy.” Long Chen did his best to steady his emotions. Smiling, he wiped away Meng Qi’s tears.

Even tear-stained, Meng Qi’s beauty was still absolutely incomparable. It was like crystal drops sprinkled over jade.

“Tch, it’s no wonder that Zhao Bear wants to take my wife. If others also had such a beautiful wife, I would also want to snatch them.”

Long Chen’s sudden joke caused everyone to laugh. Even Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er couldn’t help laughing.

“Alright, it was difficult for everyone to gather again. I’ve already sent people to prepare the food. We can talk as we feast. I’ll give you an explanation of what will be happening during this martial gathering.” Shui Wuhen’s solemn words caused everyone’s ears to perk up.

[1] 明远 clear and distant.

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